FREE SPEECH NOW A FELONY – Obama gives Secret Service Power to Limit Free Speech

President Obama signed bipartisan legislation that might make your first amendment rights of free speech a felony

The legislation, H.R. 347,  now allows Secret Service agents to decide where and when you have the right to speak freely. This legislation, supported by both parties, gives the Secret Service the ability to set up “NO FREE SPEECH ZONES”. In these zones, it would become a felony punishable by up to one year in jail to protest against the government.

Your right to protest, your right to petition the government and your right to assemble with others have now been taken away thanks to our federal government.

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  1. So, on New Years Eve, a secret law was passed taking our right to due process, and now our Right to Free Speech?? Wake up America! It is fast becoming too late. The alarm is going off and we keep hitting snooze.

    • what the hell? why are we letting him do this? we need to ALL put OUR foot down and get him THE HELL out of there!!! there’s more of us then him…this is OUR country, supposedly a free country, and it’s going right to being a communist hell hole!!!

      • And what would (we Do) sheena? the government has invested decades assuring the separation of people with strong morals and work ethic, no matter your race if you attempt to organize on the side of ethics, resposibility and accountability you will be immediatley assaulted by the media and branded as a cultist, racist or crazy radical. Our degraded educational system has guaranteed millions of mindless drones that belive whatever the media says, (thanks DOE)
        I personally do not have the funds or resources to restore a constitutional republic, do you? The country you knew as America is no more than a memory now in pictures and print, we are on borrowed time in the new country of amerika and all I can say is enjoy your illusion of freedom while it still exists, all the pieces are almost in place, cameras everywhere, online keyword scanning, there are currently near 30K requests for local and fed agencies to launch UAV’s into civillian airspace for surveillance, Is the crime really that bad where we live??
        No my friend stop stressing out and revell in the nostalgia of what used to be and invest your time more wisely on an exit strategy for your future family members, they’ll need it.

      • hes not the only one thats doing this i know its BS and just plan out crazy…….. but u cant just blame one person when there all doing it

    • What’s interesting is the way it’s worded, it clearly can be interpreted by ANY law enforcement officer to arrest you for occupy, or if you are standing on a corner holding a sign, etc., isn’t that free speech as well?

      The Secret Service has offices in every major city in the United States and it’s Territories. They are also to protect the Treasury of the U.S. Amongst other things, mail fraud, tax fraud, etc.

      In theory, if you protest in say Seattle; since the USSS office is there, can’t they arrest you and charge you with a felony?

      The First Amendment has been EO’d out of existence. Among 6 or seven others I can think of. If this clown wins in November expect a shitstorm unlike any in history in the next 2 years. Prepare, Be Aware, Beware.

      May our majestic flag that has stood as a foundation of this country, the unity, the passion and the fortitude of those who established this country 238 years ago, fly again proudly as sign of our fortitude in support of OUR country and may we be the generation to save this country.

      Appropriate lyrics:
      Silent Running, Mike and the Mechanics:

    • Life as we knew it is gone. In this time it sounds as the power of the people is no more. It also sounds as if the SS is here and the government is run by them. We have the right to stay quiet and smile or be picked up for questioning. We also can be detained until futher notice. Is this sounding like WWII??? Please someone tell I am wrong!!!

      • Petitions!!! we need to sign petitions against the Obama administration, impeach Obama, it was giong to be done to Nixon, Obama should be no exception!! Wake up people and get with the program, before ALL of our constitutional rights are gone!!


    • Can the above persons commenting upon this matter READ? Clearly stated is “PASSED BY BOTH PARTIES!” I do not agree with limiting free speech anywhere, anytime, for any reason, unless the failure to do so may cause injury. But it isn’t “THAT ONE MAN!” There are so many who want A PERSON to blame for all the ills of society, and the black man, Obama, usually the one such persons did not vote for, is the obvious target. WE SHOULD ACT AS ADULTS HERE! OUT COUNTRY IS AT STAKE, NOT SOMEONE’S FAMILY PREJUDICES OF NINE GENERATIONS! WHO CREATED OUR PRESENT SITUATION IN LARGE PART? GEORGE BUSH — FOR EIGHT YEARS. AND THERE WERE OTHERS BEFORE HIM SETTING UP. I’M SURE SOME, AT LEAST, MEANT WELL, BUT NOT ALL. IT’S CALLED GREED! GREED! AND MORE GREED! PLEASE, PLEASE, CHECK YOUR “FACTS” BEFORE EVEN CONSIDERING YOUR THOUGHTS TO BE CALLED SUCH!

      • yep blame it on bush when that piece of shit oboho is setting us up for what ever he wants, This man is looking for a good reason to declare marshall law, when he see that his 2nd term is slipping away he will act even if he has to call on his buddies …the new black pansies he would love nothing more then a race war…. be careful what you wish for oboho…you will not like the end results you will be crushed and ran out of this Country

      • it is interesting that this was started years ago, and it just happens that during president obamas time in office all of these guaranteed rights are taken away, and are still being taken away as we speak.

      • Janet:

        Apparently you don’t understand how things become law. When Congress (House and Senate) approves a bill they send it to the POTUS to sign it INTO LAW. Without the POTUS’s signature it cannot become law. Our current POTUS has passed three significant laws (with his signature) without VETO to send it back. The NDAA was passed, no fanfare no VETO, I read it on an underground web site when it happened, then the various other media outlets from there. This was not reported on the lamesteam news stations (the alphabet media), beause they are told WHAT to say & HOW to say it by the Government. Who owns the Goverment? BIG CORPORATIONS. The next bill he passed was the NDRP, which he again signed into law as written. Then this frontal attack on our 1st Amendment rights. Understand all of these actions are AGAINST THE LAW. Period. That is why we have the Constitution, to protect OUR rights. Our Government for the first time in history is fearful of it’s citizen’s. Stalin once said that; “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its Patriotism, its Morality, and its Spiritual Life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” There have been Muslim Extremists put into very high places in our Federal Government, one of them is in the top brass at DHS. Obama was chosen by the string pullers to pull off the most daring feat ever attempted: OVERTHROWING the United States Government. I can guarantee you that even if EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN who is eligible to vote this year votes against Obama, he will win and will be the last President of the United States. America is the ONLY REASON why the NWO hasn’t taken full power yet. Once WE are destroyed by imposters in ALL government branches, throwing us in FEMA hard labor camps, we will see a holocaust like never before seen. The next feat on their list is to ban guns. Remember Fast and Furious? Well, that was a plan to ban guns. Our government sold thousands of guns of all types to the cartels, then wanted to link those guns to murders that they can link to the U.S. so they can ban them. Also, interestingly enough is the fact that DHS has also placed a massive order for 450 Million .40 cal Hollow point bullets. They have also made deals with over 1000 gun manufacturers to not sell to the public because DHS is BUYING all the stock of every manufacturer. Ammo is even hard to come by – esp .40 cal hollow point. Hollow point is meant for one thing and one thing only…

        It get’s worse, there was $12.9 trillion dollars of OUR money transferred from the Fed to the IMF, the World Bank, and others.

        Our government is planning something big. The question is; what is it?

      • I agree. This bill was initiated by the Republican House, passed by a 233 – 3 margin and then unanimously passed by the Senate. The Secret Service can now interpret it as loosely as the police in Arizona interpret the need to see immigration papers.

      • You are absolutely correct, America is the only nation keeping the Evil NWO from taking full power, If the ACA is ruled constitutional, everyone will be injected with an RFID chip on your right hand that has all of your medical records from birth to death. Eventually, these chips (if not implemented at the same time) will be the way we pay for items. Go to the cashier, she scans your hand, your bank balance is there, SSN#, address DOB, names of associates, other info. Scary times, if you DON’T take the chip. Within 5 years in AmeriKa our population will be drastically cut as the majority of people in the US identify as Christians. remember that the government has very little data on us, but private companies make a killing off selling your name to the government for the right price If you don’t take the chip, you will be tortured brutally, perhaps for days, then shot en masse, and either buried in mass graves or put in incinerators as a form of “Green Energy………………..

    • As usual, FOX News has twisted & left certain truths/facts out. I still don’t agree with it & also don’t believe Obama is 100% responsible. The fact is that it is for on white house & congressional steps for protection, but we are owned by corporations & the few that own the world. This has all been in the making long before Obama & was truly set forth by Bush 1 & 2. There is way more to it than blaming Obama. See Creature From Jekyll Island about the Federal Reserve on You Tube. Excellent book…

      • What part don’t you understand about Obama being president? The guy came into office offering hope and change and instead he turned out to be worse than both bush’s together. Yes Bush was Bad but Bush isn’t the President anymore.

        Hate to burst your bubble but since Obama is the one who is in power he is the one who is responsible for this. There comes a time when you have to stop blaming Bush for everything and look at the guy who has the power NOW.

        • So does everyone finally realize that he was only elected president because he’s black and we though it would make us look good as a country? Get him the f@#k out of office!!

        • HE has had nothing but a stone wall from the right they have blocked anything that would be good for America in order to feed their hate for that black guy they so want to get rid of. It has been witch hunt from day one – they have done and admitted to be doing any and everything to “make Obama a one term president” that is their ONE GOAL – America be darned they do not care as long as they feed their hate……….

          • They have not done a very good job of blocking anything it appears to me. con gress is the major problem anyway government has the ameikan people right where they want them, (arguing about parties R & D) they are both resposible and if term limits are not enacted we are finished.
            I personally have the resources to leave amerika if things get too dodgey but it would be nice to see amerika return to constitutional rule where laws were not created for the sole purpose of repression.

    • Yes well in Arkansas they make there own laws up if your poor yiu go to prison such law as terrostic threating freedom of speech here in this bullshit state doesn’t exist they play god it can be a felony or misdeamoner we must rise up as a nation protect the constitution of the United States are president needs to do something about the southern states to see they spit on federal law to keep a watchful eye on the state of Arkansas

  3. People keep grabbing at political sides but what everyone needs to realize is that we are at a place in time where we should band together and stop this screwed up Government. I quit my job with the Federal Government because I could handle the crap that went on there. I served my country and ended my contract because I want to use my trained skills for something I choose whether than for someone that thinks I should carry out their agenda. Why don’t we come together as AMERICANS and realize we have to TAKE BACK our rights before they are all gone. I’m ready ladies and gentlemen, I wish to find a group where I”m at that takes this as serious as I do and think we should really prepare because free speech is getting over ran and soon the rest of our civil liberties will be gone!

      • Thank you Nathan! Agreed. It has been setup very well indeed to have everyone against each other & blinded by what’s really going on! And stop watching Corporate Infotainment! All these guys are just political agendas for the worst of the Corporatocratic evil! If u cannot see thru that, then u are blinded by lack of information & hatred which is exactly where they want u to be…

  4. we’ve long lost any representation on Capital Hill, rather what we elect now are “law-makers”, “legislators” who do nothing but find ways to further enslave us – and people actually wonder how this happens… BECAUSE WE LET IT

  5. There are a lot of clueless people making stupid comments here. Probably for no other reason than rabble rousing. Firstly, there have always been limits on free speech, just as there have always been limits on 2nd amendment rights. Try yelling “Fire!” in a cinema, or “Hijack!” on an airplane, or “Bomb!” in an office building, and you can expect a five year stay in the grey bar motel, with the tag “Felon” attached to your name. H.R. 347 does NOT limit free speech, it limits, temporarily, an area where you cannot say what you like, just like the movies, planes and office buildings. When people start thinking, instead of just listening to party line baloney and accepting as though it were quoted from the bible, you might just be in a position to make a more informed comment on laws being passed.

    • Yes there are rabble rousers here but the point that you are missing about this H.R. 347 is that it is designed to create an even greater separation between the people and their government reprehensive which it is their job to listen to the comments of the people. Just like any weapon there are the right and wrong way to use it. Your examples are the wrong way to use free speech but this law now inhibits the right way. The constitution did not mean for the people to be ruled but to be in control of our rulers. The laws are gradually evolving to cut out the people access to that control and now they are squelching the people’s voice because they don’t like what they would hear. Well that isn’t their decision or right as an elected official. They are required to hear the people’s voice, good and bad, and they take an oath to uphold the constitution and its laws.
      Our officials have taken it upon themselves to decide what is best for us and treat us like children, who should be seen and not heard. This new law is disarming the main and most constitutionally supported weapon given to the American people. This is the reason the founding fathers left England and its oppressing government. The next step in the direction this is going is to declare it treason not just a felony to speak against your government and its policies. If they see that threatening jail time for speaking out quiets the crowds, then why not quiet everyone. If no one has a voice then what will be the point of the elected officials when they don’t have to answer to the people they now rule. It will be a group of self appointed leaders that will thrive off the backs of their subjects.
      So yes rabble rouse and let your voice be heard while it still can. If we go down at least go down fighting.

      • Well there a old saying words are words action speak louder than words free speech is exactly what that meens are founding fathers didn’t say you can say this you can’t say that it’s these states fat cats siting there making goofy laws up Arkansas is one of the poorest states but they have 16 prisons and still building them and one of the money making crimes is terrostic threating well we the people must stand up against this corrupt system

    • Yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theater creates a panic that will cause injury to others unnecessarily. There is a BIG difference between that and peaceful protest. What are you, an idiot? I’m so happy that there are people like you walking around that support these kind of authoritarian policies. You’re a complete traitor to the Bill of Rights.

  6. If you check your facts you will find that it is actually the Bush’s and Mr. Pickens that are purchasing our reservoirs and or passing laws that gives the land owners rights to the water they are trying to steal.

  7. Someone said in a movie once…. “So this is how liberty dies… With thunderous applause.”

    Seems pretty fitting

  8. Let’s not forget who we are and what we stand for. We are survivors and we do hard things everyday! We are the one’s on these web-sites looking to already make positive changes, prepare, protect loved ones, and live to have a thriving life so the future can be bright for our posterity. There are countless examples in history that shows us that when those in power enslave or take away the freedoms and rights of others, there are always a humble group of people who carry with them a vision of a better tomorrow and who do all they can to make those changes – which often times requires great effort and sacrifice. Yet, they achieve it and we will too. There are many of us from various Countries who have have lost faith in the people we had hoped would lead us (whatever their name or position), but whatever you do don’t loose faith in yourself and those that support the Constitution in its purity and beauty. There is always hope when even just a few believe and live what is truly and morally right.

  9. What has been allowed, happened! The only ones to blame are ourselves. Our Founding Fathers would tell us “You made your bed, now lie in it!” Our Founders would have tarred and feathered D.C. by now!

  10. it is becoming more apparent who Obama if our freedom of speech is taken away then that should apply to OWS..

  11. i have caught the democrats saying passed by both parties, but the fail to tell you it was only one republican, i want the figures and i want to know who signed it

  12. Well I can say doesn’t surprise me, it really doesn’t any man who watches television and doesn’t really get involved is going to fall by the wayside in everything love, marriage, happiness, government, and peace. We all are to blame we all mostly sit on our asses and watch television as if that’s going to do anything I mean the people on wall street are more productive than probably more than half of us online. Then again they aren’t really doing anything but walking around if they knew anything they’d occupy congress and the senate and everyone else who isn’t involved would be talking to their local governments and getting involved trying to help out. We lost are ways big time when the 21st century hit, now I think it’s almost too late seeing how they are going to limit everything we can do.

  13. @ Anne, he has already passed that law.. He only has to sign the paper saying do it.. That was One Of The First He Passed Anne..

  14. One of the first bill he passed was to Implement Marial Law. He Knows Zhes Going To Do It. Maybe just B4 election time. That sy No Election and He Retains his position
    As Fraud Inchief. They have It All Fig. Out..

  15. I feel so sorry for the people of the US, I gave 6 years of my life to the US Army, they made me believe I was going there to do good for the country, meanwhile I did not understand that we don’t fight for the people anymore. I did not realize that the government, including president and the Senate were just mere pawns of the ones that have the command of everything in the Nation. Fools that we are, we blame the gov’t, yes, the gov’t is part of he problem, because they are the traitors that hand us down to the caprices and vices of the corporate wolves. We do not matter to the gov’t. The gov’t is only friendly towards the people till they pay taxes, and when they need soldiers to defend the interest of the elite. After that, the armies that are used to “defend” the country would be used against the people if they rebel against the ever-increasing tyranny of the gov’t and the elite. I am fed up from seeing abuse of power, I am not going to fight against the people,nor am I going to stand up and give the best I have for those that are willing to allow their liberties to be taken away out of cowardice and lack of conscience. We need unity, but not with just anyone. Don’t expect it to get any better because the transition is not going to go so smoothly for many. The American public was fooled by the media and by a terrorist attack that, even- though they knew what was coming, they let it happen and prepared a very meticulous plan to introduce an agenda that was to be the most crucial step for something even bigger. (I don’t believe the attacks were crried out by the Gov’t.) Do not expect any information from main-stream media, they are not there for your benefit. The are just a vehicle to take the public mind to the desired direction.

  16. I want to personally hunt down and punch the living shit out of each and every one of you gullible bastards. With rolls of Quarters.

    • Not only for insisting that Obama is more likely to pull some shit like this than Romney, but for acting like this conspiracy theory HASN’T existed since the fucking 1800’s. I hope all of you choke on the vomit you’ll doubtless be forcing through your oral cavities this weekend.

  17. To put the entire accepted legal definition would be very long. Here is a much shorter version. You can find this information in its entirety in any good law dictionary. Know what you are shouting. Freedom of speech by law, does carry these meanings.

    Freedom of speech. Right guaranteed by First Amendment of the U.S. constitution to express one’s thoughts and views without governmental restrictions. See also Fighting words doctrine; Liberty (Liberty of speech, Speech or debate clause.

    Fighting words doctrine. The First Amendment doctrine that holds that certain utterances are not constitutionally protected as free speech if they are inherently likely to provoke a violent response from the audience. N.A.A.C.P. v. Clairborne Hardware Co., Miss., 458 U.S. 886, 102 S.Ct. 3409, 73 L.Ed.2d 1215 (1982).

    Words which by their very utterances inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace, having direct tendency to cause acts of violence by the person to whom, individually, remark is addressed. The test is what persons of common intelligence would understand to be words likely to cause an average addressee to fight. City of Seattle v. Camby, 104 Wash.2d 49, 701 P.2d 499, 500.

    The “freedom of speech” protected by the Constitution is not absolute at all times and under all circumstances and there are narrowly limited classes of speech, the prevention and punishment of which does not raise any constitutional problem, including the lewd and obscene, the profane, the libelous, and the insulting or “fighting words” which by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace. Chaplinisky v. New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568, 62 S.Ct. 766, 86 L.Ed. 1031.

    Freedom of religion. Freedom to individually believe and to practice or exercise one’s belief. In re Elwell, 55Misc.2d 252, 284 N.Y.2d 924,938. The first Amendment protection embraces the concept of freedom to believe or freedom to act, the first of which is absolute, but the second of which remains subject to regulation for protection of society. Oney v. Oklahoma City, C.C.A. Okl., 120 F.2d 861, 865. Such freedom means not only that civil authorities may not intervene in affairs of church; it also prevents church from exercising its authority through state. Eastern Conference of Original Free Will Baptist of N. C. v. Piner, 267 N.C. 74, 147 S.E.2d 581, 583 See also Establishment clause; Free exercise clause; Liberty (Religious liberty).

    • Thank you Real Law for these explanations, very helpful. What should bother the h*ll out of everyone is “giving” the Secret Service the power to decide where and when one can exercise the rest of our freedom of speech – – who might they be to do this? Are they lawmakers? no. They are people tasked with protecting the president among other things, and it makes their jobs and lives easier if they can decide who can do or say what and where. So what if it makes their jobs easier? Constitution didn’t add clauses saying “freedom of speech as long as it is convenient for someone else.”

      Creeping tyranny – it is already upon us more than most want to believe, and these things are passed behind our backs – the average person simply cannot sit and keep track of everything Congress and the administration – any administration, any Congress – are doing every minute. At some point we have to elect people and send them to DC and trust them. And more and more these people were either not trustworthy from the start or are corrupted once they get there and get a whiff off power or the promise of power, money, etc. Disgusting.

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