Frontline Doctors Starting to Warn Coronavirus is Far Less Deadly than You Were Told!

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Since this so-called pandemic started, we have been relentlessly attacked by left-wing stay-at-home mantra repeating idiots for telling people not to panic and for reporting the actual numbers and data. From the start, we warned that the coronavirus hysteria was going to be far more dangerous to the average person than the threat posed by the virus itself.

For months we have continued to report the data and report on the real threat – the crackdown on civil liberties, the attack on small business owners, the corporate takeover of the world, and the economic disaster caused by hysterical lunatics that just seemed to figure out that people sometimes die from viruses.

Today, in the latest bit of real-world data that will be instantly attacked from the psychopaths who want to pretend they are cosplaying a real-life walking dead survival situation, a doctor from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has gone on record to want that the models we were shown, and the death fatality rates the mainstream media and the government claimed, are all essentially bullshit.

The Pandemic that never was…

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Dr. Donald Yealy said on Thursday that he thinks the COVID-19 death rate is actually much lower than they feared.

“We’ve learned that way more people, far, far more people have actually been exposed to the infection without any knowledge of it,” Dr. Yealy, chair of emergency medicine explained during an extended conversation with reporters. “That makes the overall death rate much lower. Many people just didn’t feel sick at all and recovered without difficulty.”

Yealy went on to tell reporters that the overwhelmed hospitals that they have been using to push the lockdowns never actually panned out. In fact, the doctor said that only “2% percent of the UPMC system’s 5,500 beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients,” and the hospital is seeing a decline in new cases.

Dr. Rachel Sackrowitz, the chief medical officer for UPMC’s intensive care units, told reporters that 234 COVID-19 patients have recovered and been released. “This is very good news. It means people are getting better and we’re all on the right track together,” she said.

The Hysterical Stay-at Home Useful idiots and the Scamdemic that has Crashed our Economy

When we first started reporting on this so-called pandemic, and warning people that the virus was not the global killer they were trying to claim it to be, the hysterical morons attacked us claiming we knew nothing about preparedness.

So when we pointed out that we have been writing about pandemics and preparedness for 12+ years on OFFGRID, not to mention that I dedicated an entire chapter in my book to the topic, a book that was published on October 21, 2014 – before most of these people ever heard the phrase flatten the curve – then they started screaming well you aren’t scientists this is a science issue.

So when they started screaming at us, “you need to look at the science,” we did just that. We posted link after link of real-world scientific studies, studies that used real-world data instead of the theoretical models that were used to sell the shut down of our country and our economy.

These real-world studies destroyed the models. When the modelers started quietly updating the models, lowering the projections, the mainstream media barely mentioned the fact that the models that were used to crash our economy are now all inline with seasonal flu type models.

But then they started screaming about death counts and infection rates!

So then we posted the real numbers. We posted the numerous real-world scientific studies that showed how low that actual death rates are – somewhere on par with the seasonal flu numbers.

We took the raw data, gathered the official death totals, looked at the global population, and surprise surprise….

As of today, the COVID-19 “pandemic” has only killed .0016% of the population – and that’s even with us generously keeping fake numbers like the New York death count that included almost 4,000 people who were never tested for the virus but somehow found themselves included in the death numbers.

So then they started screaming, well you need to talk to the doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines watching people die.

 So we present the overwhelmed doctors and nurses….

Dancing while pretending to carry a dead COVID patient…

Turning the Hospital in a Strip Club….

And hell, they even have time to coordinate with drug dealing rappers and Good Morning America as they are “overwhelmed” at the hospitals…

Funny how they claim there is a PPE shortage, but they can all find protective gear for their videos!

And before the nutjobs start saying we are attacking healthcare workers, THERE ARE A LOT OF HEALTHCARE WORKERS WHO ARE FED UP WITH THE LIES! Most of them are sickened by what is going on, want the hoax to be exposed, and are beyond disgusted by the unprofessional people in these videos.

The Real Survival Threat: Loss of Liberty, the Destruction of Our Economy, and the Death of the American Dream

In our opinion, this was never about a virus. The virus was simply the vehicle used to takedown western culture, the American Dream, and our livelihoods. It is an attack on our liberty and it is being used to push the socialist new world order dream.

Everything they have been pushing through their global warming hoax and their new green energy deals has been implemented with record speed. We have an entire population of wimps who have accepted the idea of staying inside indefinitely, so they can receive their universal income (welfare) as they sit on their fat asses watching Netflix and shoveling food into their fat mouths. You literally have 40% of people who now say they may not leave their houses even if the so-called pandemic ends!

Our country has turned into a de facto police state, thanks in large part to a bunch of narcissistic millennials who have sold out our country.

Here are just a few examples we’ve covered over the last couple of months:

Preparedness Resources:

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. This is fucking bullshit. Time to dance in full protective gear that we’ve been told they don’t have in hospitals they told us we’re so full they had to build temporary hospitals for overflow patients.

    This whole fucking thing is a scam.

  2. How are some of these fat disgusting dumpster beasts considered healthcare workers? These obese piles of shit can’t even keep themselves healthy yet people willingly trust their lives to these fat fucking disgustoids?

    The real pandemic is the fat asses in those videos! How do they even find the hole to wipe? Now that’s a public health hazard! Imagine the feces fumes that follow those dumpsters!

  3. This is the only survival site that I have not unfollowed. Thank you for not selling out and pushing the fear pandemic like the rest of these scumbags. I appreciate everything you have done for the last couple of months and for the years that I have been following you. Because of this site we were prepared for this fake pandemic and didn’t have to go get stuck in 5 hour lines at Costco for TP. Because we took your advice I have not had to leave the house one time. Not because I fear the fake virus, but because I am not putting my family in a position to be around the chaos it has caused.

    And thank you for getting us ready for what is coming. I agree that the real threat is still to come and we are more than prepared for it.

  4. If your not one of the classes of people with serious preexisting health Issues that COVID19 can and does attack leading to in many cases To premature death or worse health issues like my S/O and I are, I suppose You Can strut and yell all you want about it being bullshit! I’m taking it seriously until a vaccine is found. Where the fuck is your empathy for the over 60,000 who have died and the million plus infected?

    If my memory serves me, YOU in the beginning we’re a Top Supporter of the Sky is Falling before you switched into I got fucked about the whole thing? What, you didn’t get enough of clickbait money or payments for survival stuff you were pushing? I’m really disappointed in your change of tact! Oh well, just goes to show you, trust no one!

    • Hey mental midget,

      Sorry that we ruined your Walking Dead Cosplay Fantasy, but unlike other survival sites we haven’t changed a single piece of advice that we have been giving for the last 12 years on OFFGRID because of some phony ass pandemic that can’t even reach seasonal flu levels. And I’m sure as hell not changing anything I am saying cause some whinny little bitch has his cosplay fantasy ruined with facts!

      As for clickbaits and payments, WRONG again dipshit! What “survival stuff” do you think we are pushing? For the most part we have been telling people to stock up on food for the coming supply chain problems that hysterical retards like you helped usher in. Do you think Costco and your local grocery stores are sending us checks?

      If we wanted to make money on this we would have jumped on the fear train like the other survival sites who are run by internet marketers! Do you see us pushing pandemic potions and all the bullshit they are pushing? I didn’t think so! We actually had to pull most the ads off the site because hysterical little narcs like yourself report us to Google for hate speech or because the truth is now offensive! So, all that leaves is ads to my t-shirt shop and my book from 2014 so looks like we are not really pushing anything new as far as ads and we sure as hell are not profiting from the fake pandemic!

      You seem not to understand how this work; pushing fear would have made us a shit ton of money — hell we could have just sold masks to panicky little bitches like you and racked in the money; but this site has always been about the truth and helping people prepare so unlike the other sites you follow who are making money of off panicky little bitches like you, we will continue to help people prepare for the REAL dangers and threats.

      And as for our empathy for the 60,000 dead. Who the fuck said we didn’t have empathy? That sucks for those people, but how many of them would have dies from the Flu? How many already had severe heart disease and other problems that were about to kill them? Where would your empathy be when they died a month from now anyway? See you people are fucking hypocrites who never gave two shits about peoples’ lives until it could help you crash our country! ( I know who you are, I’ve seen your other braindead ramblings about the President on here, so I know why you are loving this shit!)

      Where is your empathy for the 80,000 who died form the flu in 2017? Where is your empathy for the 62,000 who died of the flu this year until the CDC stopped counting on April 5th because they couldn’t have the numbers passing a so-called pandemic?

      Did you cry like a little bitch and yell at people to stay home for all those flu deaths? If not, you’re just another brainwashed, hypocrite asshole helping destroy our country.

      • Damn, most cussing out I’ve seen on the internet yet!

        However I too am in your boat. and if we look to Michigan, things are coming to the line, that once crossed, will be open war between citizens and government if this keeps going, people are getting pissed.

        another thing to mention is the CDC projected death versus actual, we are trending lower then projected, that alone should say something.

        and to spout MORE truth.
        if you think your masks will save you, WRONG. even n95’s have a 5% chance of infection. any masks not meeting N95 standard are essentially USELESS.
        well.. covid 19 is a .125 micron sized virus, the other masks that aren’t N95 that everyone is buying is 3.0 microns in size, or roughly 24 times larger then the virus,
        that’s like takign someone my size ( about 6 feet tall and four feet shoulder to shoulder) and walking through a door that is 144 feet tall and 96 feet wide.. think about that for a sec.. 144 tall and 96 feet wide.. to stop someone 6 feet tall and 4′ feet wide at the shoulders, that’s gonna be SUPER effective right?

        your cloth masks made at home are even WORSE! why I don’t wear a mask, and frankly, if your going to live in fear without facing it, then why are you living? your dead already and don’t even know it, you’re not out their crossing off your bucket list, your not out there getting the rich and vibrant experiences life can offer and makes it worth living, your friendships are no longer face to face and enriching. so again, you might be breathing and surviving, but you aren’t living.

  5. We all were told at the beginning of this “Plandemic” that we were going to lose millions of people here in the the USA, and so far, they were wrong.
    We were told that we all needed to “self quarantine” and it wouldn’t be so bad, but it was for the benefit of the country. That didn’t pan out either.
    Now we are being told that it will be back, with a vengeance, I guess we will have to see about that too.
    I disbelieve all the hype of how it is going to kill us all, and is so much worse than the Seasonal Flu.
    Yes, people have died, but with all the people who are dying, how many have really died of this virus, and how many have died from other problems, but are being tallied for the Corona Virus, so the hospitals can reap all the extra money that the government is paying to the hospitals?
    Also, how many have died from car crashes, and abortions, and cancer since all of this virus crap has been reported? We never hear about those anymore, all we really hear about is Covid-19. Pretty sad too, for our world is being run by fear, and everyone is forgetting the most important fact of all, WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS WORLD ALIVE, not one of us will. Not even Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci, No one.

  6. First time visitor here (probably because I switched from google to Duckduckgo some *days* ago)
    Fantastic Website and quite informative on COVID, survival etc
    I haven’t read much as you see I’m a first timer. BUT already VERY impressed. Almost gives the HAM radio feel on the net
    Do you have a do it yourself kit for others who wish to espouse their own thoughts ? I have NO coding skills, ‘am a Windows user, but willing to invest time and some reasonable money to have my thought save & heard
    UnixHat (Pen Name)

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