Is the Internet Dead? The Take down of GAB, Free Speech, and Alternative Media

Over the last week, it’s become quite clear that the free and open internet is dead; sadly, this is due to a handful of so-called “American” corporations who despise and detest the freedoms this country was founded upon.

Yesterday, GAB, an alternative social media platform built upon giving people their first amendment rights to speak freely, was systematically targeted and taken down by the companies that run the infrastructure of the internet.

This was all done because a single user on their platform allegedly committed a horrific act of violence against a Jewish synagogue. So to save the world from hatred and bigotry, the internet elites decided free-speech could no longer be allowed on the internet and set their crosshairs on GAB.

GAB takedown

PayPal and Stripe, two of the company’s payment providers, dropped them making it impossible for GAB to process payments. Then, Joyent, their internet server provider, suspended theirs servers making their website and social media platform unavailable on the internet.

“When a site is allowing the perpetuation of hate, violence or discriminatory intolerance, we take immediate and decisive action,” said PayPal spokesman Justin Higgs in a statement.

But the internet elites weren’t done. After GAB refused to be intimidated and started looking into other hosting options — they were already thrown of Microsoft’s Azure servers week’s earlier — GoDaddy, the site’s domain registrar, which provides the address, gave GAB 24 hours notice of its suspension, threatening to take away their .com name.

“We have been systematically no-platformed by App Stores, multiple hosting providers, and several payment processors,” GAB said in a statement posted to its site. “We have been smeared by the mainstream media for defending free expression and individual liberty for all people and for working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in Pittsburgh.”

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

This has nothing to do with safety; it is about killing the internet and shredding the first amendment. After all, the alleged shooter in Pittsburgh had a profile on Facebook and Twitter, yet nobody is going after them. Hell, the alleged “hoax bomber” exclusively used Twitter to spread his ideology;

The New York Times found numerous instances of the so-called “MAGA Bomber” Cesar Sayoc sending Twitter threats. And at least one person reported these threats to the company but was ignored.

Oddly, no one is threatening to cut off Twitters ability to function as a company?

Meanwhile on Twitter and Facebook

It’s worth pointing out that Twitter and Facebook both host terrorists such as Hamas on their platforms and both refuse to take action. In fact, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have even allowed their services to be used to stream active shooters, suicides and pedophile content.

Here is just a small sample of what Twitter allows: ( I guess hate and threats against some skin colors is acceptable on Twitter)

Twitter Posts

For years, this site has warned this was coming.

We went through our own blacklisting years ago, and quite frankly the site really never recovered. We were suspended from Facebook, shadow-banned on Twitter, demonetized by Google, and had our name stolen and our content copied by a large media conglomerate. A few in the so-called alternative media wrote about it; most ignored it either fearing it would happen to them next, or because they were part of the problem — Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!

Welcome to America; A land now run by a handful of corporations who have successfully killed the First Amendment!

The most ironic, and frankly sad part of this whole thing was summed up by GAB in a single Tweet…

Gab’s official statement:

GAB Banned

Gab has spent the past 48 hours proudly working with the DOJ and FBI to bring justice to an alleged terrorist. Because of the data we provided, they now have plenty of evidence for their case. In the midst of this Gab has been no-platformed by essential internet infrastructure providers at every level. We are the most censored, smeared, and no-platformed startup in history, which means we are a threat to the media and to the Silicon Valley Oligarchy.

Gab isn’t going anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what you write. It doesn’t matter what the sophist talking heads say on TV. It doesn’t matter what verified nobodies say on Twitter. We have plenty of options, resources, and support. We will exercise every possible avenue to keep Gab online and defend free speech and individual liberty for all people.

You have all just made Gab a nationally recognized brand as the home of free speech online at a time when Silicon Valley is stifling political speech they disagree with to interfere in a US election.

The internet is not reality. TV is not reality. 80% of normal everyday people agree with Gab and support free expression and liberty. The online outrage mob and mainstream media spin machine are the minority opinion. People are waking up, so please keep pointing the finger at a social network instead of pointing the finger at the alleged shooter who holds sole responsibility for his actions.

No-platform us all you want. Ban us all you want. Smear us all you want.

You can’t stop an idea.

As we transition to a new hosting provider Gab will be inaccessible for a period of time. We are working around the clock to get back online. Thank you and remember to speak freely.

Andrew Torba, CEO

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  1. I’ve never gone into any racist rooms or Twitter groups. I’m shocked, even horrified to read what these animals are saying. Sadness is the only thing I feel over the companies that allow this to go on daily. Why? How? When did it get to the point that one skin color is a free pass to demonic thoughts and written threats, and another is vilified for pointing out the corrupted thinking itself?

  2. Personally I never visit radical websites. I am upset to a point the site is being shut down but I think the bigger problem is the liberal left demonizing all things Trump, and Conservative. The violent rhetoric from sites like Gab shouldn’t be allowed, as you can go to far. Agree on Twitter being guilty of violent radical speech which Ned’s to stop also. Free speech is not an open license to incite violence!

    • You DO realize free speech led to a small group forming that later turned into a big group, that then won it’s independence from a militant monarchy in 1776 right? there is nothing radical about the idea of free speech and using it as intended. the fact is free speech also opens up to consequence, this was visible on the internet, it should have led to preemptive defense, but no one took action until AFTER it was too late, that is a problem with the people, not the site.

  3. If a idiot or group of idiots goes out of their way (on purpose) and abuse “Free Speech” by spreading hatred… what do they expect normal people to do?! Sit and do nothing but cringe in fear? Shake their heads and do nothing? People pushing Hate speech will force people to push back.

    • If an idiot group goes on their idiot mission, they will face the consequences at some point in their useless, violent lives. People will rejoice.

  4. “Hate speech”? Really? Here’s a box of tissues: dry up, grow up, and get over it. More than that, wake up and realize the real issue here: today someone else’s opinion is being called “hate speech” and that label is used as justification not only for eliminating that person’s right to speak, but to vilify an entire internet service because they didn’t do… whatever it was they were supposed to have done. Suppose it’s YOUR opinion on something tomorrow that some other self-appointed judge decides shouldn’t be allowed. Do you honestly believe you’d be ok with this? Of course not, because it’s wrong no matter which side of the coin you happen to be on.
    Bottom line: either you have free speech or you don’t. If it’s “freedom of speech unless you have a different viewpoint than I do” then it’s pretty obvious we’re no longer talking about something that’s “free”.

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