Government Buying up More Ammo: TSA Now Wants 3.5 Million Rounds

After placing purchase orders for almost 2 billion rounds of ammunition, it seems the federal government is up to its old games of trying to manipulate the county’s ammo supplies. The latest government agency to place a purchase order for a large amount of ammo, is an agency that doesn’t even arm most of its agents – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

TSA AgentThe TSA is seeking to purchase 3,454,000 rounds of .347 SIG Caliber training ammunition. The Agency placed a solicitation for bids on the government’s FBO Website on August 16th. Since the TSA technically falls under the Department of Homeland Security, it’s hard to believe the agency needs even more ammunition. Isn’t 2 billion rounds enough?

Even more bizarre, is the fact that this is actually the second time the TSA has tried to get their hands on a large amount of Ammo. Earlier this year we reported the Department of Homeland Security attempts to arm TSA Agents. It seems like this ammo purchase confirms that earlier story.

When are people going to wake up? The Feds are building their own private homeland military force, and no one seems to be asking any questions as to why DHS needs so much ammo.

Homeland Security’s  Private Military

As we keep pointing out, the federal government is spending billions upon billions of your tax dollars in an effort to build their own private military. From turning your local police departments into de facto military forces, to arming just about every agency in the federal government, something just isn’t right with this picture.

I posted this video earlier this week, but in light of today’s news, I think it’s appropriate to post it again.

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    • If you click into the FBO Government bidding website the government bid request says .347 SIG but I suspect that they probably meant .357…. This is the government after all!

  1. I was wondering why it said .347. How funny, these government idiots don’t even know what it is they’re buying. Pretty scary that these people are going to be armed.

    • It is the TSA after all…what do you think she’s going to do with it? Probably throw it at a senior citizen with a walker. Do they make good calls ever?

  2. I think the whole police thing is stupid. I am an officer in Oklahoma and most the guys I know are aware of the crap the government is doing too. I know many and myself included will stand up with everyone against these idiots.

    • You are probably local police. You can at least trust some local police. The higher up you get in the chain (local, state, federal) the more corrupt and fascist you get. Federal and state police are essentially Wehrmacht/Gestapo, and SOME local police aren’t much better. You are the exception, and thanks for being one (:

      • Have you heard anything about the 15K Russian troops obutthead has invited to assist FEMA in any “MASS” situations? I don’t think Russian troops would have any problem pulling the trigger on Americans. Just asking?

  3. anyone know were i can get some ammo. looked everywere i could think of but know that there is more i havent thought off…can anyone help?

    • Able Ammo, but you might have to preorder,I got five cases of 223 but it took about two weeks.the price was good,the service was great

  4. Four months ago I saw for the first time here (DFW area in Texas) an SUV marked “POLICE” in large letters and with DHS markings in small letters down low on one fender. A few weeks later I saw another with small obscure letterng saying “Federal Protectve Servces”. Since then I have seen growing numbers of cars and SUVs marked only “POLICE” that do not identify the jurisdiction they represent. Yesterday there were four, one of which had emergency lights flashing, parked near a single, remote intersecton for over two hours.

    What is gong on?

  5. Howdy folks, I’ve been paying attention to stories like this and some like it for a very long time now and its really starting to set in for a lot of us Canadians that the government is not doing the jobs that we and you are PAYING them to do, but still, unfortunately all you need to vote is a piece of paper with a birthdate on it, No common sense or brain power…

  6. What you are saying is 100% correct except that it’s not the TSA but the Dept of Homeland Security that is buying the Ammo. The TSA is part of DHS as is the Coast Guard, the Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, FEMA, ICE, and the National Protection Directorate (which provides security and law enforcement services for more than 9,000 Federal facilities and their 1.1 million occupants nationwide). When you add up all the law enforcement personnel in DHS, it works out to about 1,500 rounds per law enforcement officer in DHS. Given that they have to use part about 1,300 rounds to practice quarterly and get re-certified annually, that leaves about 200 “extra” rounds each which they are going to use to build, as you say, their own private military. Stupid libs think a military army with only 200 rounds each is pretty weak.

    Also, how dare the gov’t try to hoard Ammo, under the Constitution, only private citizens have the right to buy 10x the amount of Ammo they normally need.

    • I have been a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 21 years. And a Small Arms Instructor. NOBODY shoots 1300 rounds a year at the range. you may shoot as much as a 100rnds a Qtr. that’s 400rnds a year. this is your duty weapon. 9mm or 40cal

  7. The bureacracy which is no longer the government of this country is preparing to take away what few freedoms the citizens of this country has left. The only way that can be done is if we let them do that. The current so-called elected leaders are impotent, weak, and cowardly. If the people can’t see and understand that then this country is in real trouble and will soon fail miserably.

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