Federal Government Seeks to Take Over Oceans and Waterways

In the Federal Governments latest attempt to regulate everything we do the Obama administration in the process of implementing an executive order to take over our waterways and oceans.

The Obama’s administration bold new plan to take control of our oceans and waterways is starting to pick up steam. In what some see as an attempt to take over the nation’s energy resources, fisheries, and recreational areas; this administration is in the middle of an unprecedented power grab like nothing we have seen.

Executive Order 13547 – “Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes”, was signed by President Obama in 2010. The Executive Order, which is about to go into effect, established yet another government bureaucracy called The National Ocean Council (Links to the Government Website). What this administration did by establishing the National Ocean Council, was to basically create a national zoning board that could regulate any activity that may affect our waterways, inland communities and oceans. It will effectively dictate what activities can and can’t take place on our waterways.

Land Ownership, Property Rights & Recreational Activities under Attack via The National Ocean Council
The massive power grab includes our Great Lakes, oceans, key inland waterways and rivers and even our land.

Rep. Bill Flores of Texas warned, “This one to me could be the sleeping power grab that Americans will wake up to one day and wonder what the heck hit them,” said Rep. Bill Flores (R –Texas).

He went on to say that, “The order says they shall develop a scheme for oversight of oceans and all the sources thereof,” Flores said. “So you could have a snowflake land on Pikes Peak and ultimately it’s going to wind up in the water, so as a result they could regulate on every square inch of U.S. soil.”

And you better believe that this order will eventually affect our land and property rights. After all, the EPA has already used these waterway acts to regulate land ownership by declaring dry land as “protected wetlands”. And it seems that the Obama administration, through the Department of Homeland Security, has already set up an agency to police these policies.

dhs property graphic

Earlier this week, we ran an article exposing the Department of Homeland Securities Green Police Force.  This new task force was formed to combat what the government is calling “environmental inequities”. According to DHS their new mandate will have them partnering with local and state governments to solve environmental problems and promote environmental justice. This new green police force has the power police anything they see as an environmental issue including our oceans.

The effects of the National Ocean Policy will be felt by a number of industries including energy, shipping, fishing, marine commerce, and even industries that have little to do with our waterways. It’s also expected to heavily impact recreational activities through policies that will further regulate fishing, hunting, boating, and other water related recreational activities.

The administration is currently putting final touches on its National Ocean Policy, and is expected to roll out implementation sometime shortly after the elections. These policies have received very little media attention and for the most part have largely flown under the radar. There are a few people in congress who are trying to block all funding for the implementation of a National Ocean Policy, but even that has received very little attention.

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    • The 2 favorite words of liberals/statists – “Prohibit”, and “Mandate.” Meaning they want to take everything and give nothing in return.

    • And how exactly will this policy infringe on your rights? What is it you will NOT be able to do that you have enjoyed in the past?

    • Ignorance is bliss. The waterways in question have been under federal jurisdiction for decades — some centuries.

  1. So this is why the TVA is showing up on our property ….telling us what we can and can not do….all hell is going to BUST LOOSE…and I am ready for it!!!

    • 5 times in the last year I have been fined for bullsh*t zoning related issues. Never had a single problem the previous twenty years on my property. I’m sick of these damn regulations and officials trying to tell us how to live our lives on our own land.

  2. Good it’s about time. I’m sick of people in America thinking they can destroy the environment and melt the icecaps. Who cares about the great lakes or the oceans anyways? Those are for rich folks I ain’t ever used no darn ocean or great lake for recreation.

      • he is speaking tongue in cheek faceously or truly is an idiot. . this is only the beginning as the big “O” is only into his 4th month of his second term. Get ready. he is here to stay. He has lots of pens and power

    • WOW This is what 50 years of the public school system has produced. How this country has survived this long with this type of thinking is unbelievable. People have been brainwashed into accepting every environmental piece of propaganda that’s shoved down their throat.

      What’s even more troubling is the fact that the environmentalists are often the biggest polluters are offenders of them all.

    • BP destroyed the Gulf of Mexico while your hero Obozo was busy golfing. Guess you forgot all about that, didn’t you?

        • lolo, Go away you troll!!! How was bush in office during the gulf spill in 2010??? Take a long walk off a short cliff. One more thing, don’t breed, we don’t need your stupid offspring polluting America!

          • I second that, the public school system has produced nothing but brainwashed “free-thinkers”

      • If you look into this Gulf BP Oil Spill you will find that the required fire booms to protect against this type of disaster were cut from the budget by Obama. If the fire booms had not been cut the fire booms would have consumed all the oil spill and the damage would have been much less.

    • wow, tell me this retard was joking ! oooops I meant to mentally challenged .
      it’s pin heads like this that allow the gov to swoop in and dump on us all.

  3. i guess few of you have ever seen a troll in action before…

    in terms of the topic at hand, any E.O. can be and often are neutralized by an in-coming president… if the People make enough noise they can be countered by an E.O. which cancells it and/or Congress takes the funding away.. this one too can be reversed by those same processes – if not, we will have to live with it

  4. history is repeating itself… many innocent will pass bc the greed of the rich American man- to me they are a disgrace to this country..Hitler…Bush…now Obama and Romney…. seriously the American Government is a total dissappointment and it will destroy our country all for a f***ing rich group of people to get richer…if they cared at all about this country they would give back instead of taking everything… look at all our vets,elderly and children they are ALL being punished bc of these rich remedial pricks…yet our children, elderly and our vets are being stole from- look how many vets are homeless look at how the american children are becoming dull and lazy bc of things like spongebob and educational funds are being decreased so they can jst put more paper in their pocket..its sad whn you cant say anythign really positive about our government bc it destroys lifes of innocents…its jst repulsive to be honest.

  5. Rep. Bill Flores, the govt. could find themselves wondering what hit them, when they get no rain or snow anywhere at all. They could wonder what the heck’s going on, when their lakes and oceans and rivers turn to blood (even the underground aquifers). The could find themselves losing control when their ports are nuked and their lands split into pieces and slide forever downwards.

    They could find themselves helpless and impotent against the Power that’s coming for them. The same One who built them up can take them down. He’s setting up many Pharohs, like bowling pins, for the strikes. He’ll make Himself known to this generation through what befalls these jokers.

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