Government at Every Level Failed to Stop Florida School Shooting, But they want you to Give Up Your Guns and Trust Them

If someone fails you time after time, is it not the mark of insanity to keep trusting them?

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In the week or so since the Parkland, Florida School Shooting, we have learned that governments from the local and state level all the way up to the federal government had multiple chances to stop the shooting but instead choose to do nothing. Now, these same government officials who refused to stand up and protect the students of Parkland, Florida want to take away your right to protect yourself, your family, and those you love.

This week we learned a couple of shocking facts about the Florida School Shooting.

  1. In February of 2016, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office received a tip warning that Nikolas Cruz planned to shoot up the school. They did nothing!
  2. Records show a concerned citizen called the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in November of 2017 to report that the Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making.” Broward County said that no report was initiated in response to the call.
  3. In September of 2017, the FBI was warned by a YouTube user that Cruz was leaving comments on YouTube stating, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI did NOTHING.
  4. A person close to Nikolas Cruz called the FBI concerned he would “get into a school and just shoot the place up.” She told the FBI “I know he’s—he’s going to explode.” The FBI ignored the threat.
  5. Broward County deputies received at least 18 calls warning them about Nikolas Cruz from 2008 to 2017, and police responded to his home 39 times over a seven-year period. Despite all of these calls and visits from police, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office DID NOTHING to stop the shooter.
  6. After missing dozens of tips over the last couple of years, the most disturbing story of law enforcement failure comes from the day of the shooting. On the day of the Parkland massacre, an armed officer stood outside the Florida high school while the shooting was happening and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP IT. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office admitted a video exists showing Deputy Scot Peterson standing outside the school for a full four minutes while the shooting was happening, doing NOTHING to stop the shooting, He just stood there and let it happen!
  7. Updated: It’s now coming out, from CNN of all sources, that not only did Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson stand outside the school and allow children to be slaughtered, but according to Coral Springs police officers THREE other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies also stayed outside the school and REFUSED to Enter. They stood there, listened to kids being shot, and like COWARDS they did nothing!

The list above is just a small number of the actual times these government assholes failed you.

So after racking up failure stacked on top of failure from law enforcement and government officials at every level, they all seem to be starting to agree on the solution. No, it’s not fixing the incompetence in government that lead to this; instead, they want to take away your right to legally defend yourself in the face of this type of attack.

The Latest Push to Ban Guns

Scott Israel, the criminally incompetent Broward County Sherriff who let his department ignore at least 40 different times where they could have stopped this madman, including numerous reports from people who said that Nikolas Cruz was planning to shoot up a school, is now is calling for a complete assault weapons ban. Never mind the fact that the word “assault weapon” is a made up term to stoke public fear, and the fact there is no actual difference between a typical hunting rifle, an AR15, or whatever the hell it is they are claiming are “assault weapons.”

Broward County Sheriff Scott Isreal with Hillary Clinton

But that’s really to be expected. First, the guy is a raving lunatic liberal who has been pushing this kind of crap for years, all the while ignoring actual crimes and threats.

But now, it seems even the Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon.

As we reported earlier in the week, President Donald Trump is throwing his support, with the shocking help of the sellouts at the NRA, behind the Bump Stock Ban – weird, since bump stocks have never been used in a school shooting, including the shooting in Florida.

And this week, during a staged CNN townhall event, emotionally unstable teenagers threw a hissy fit and convinced the effeminate wimp, I mean the esteemed Senator Marco Rubio, to say he supported a ban on Bump Stocks, a ban on “high-capacity magazines”, and raising the minimum legal age of long gun purchases to 21.

Today, Rick Scott, the spineless Governor of Florida, bowed down to liberals and announced Florida would move the age at which people can buy a gun to 21.

So after seeing these failure, and hearing there solutions, do you really think these people can be trusted to keep you safe? Taking away law-abiding citizens firearms does nothing to change the fact that there are criminals out there who cannot be stopped by law enforcement. These Criminals are loving this, and they cannot wait for these politicians to leave you defenseless, just like how they left those kids defenceless in the GUN-FREE Zone that allowed the shooter to go on his rampage unchallenged!

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  1. So if you cannot buy a gun at 18, then you should not be able to join the service at 18…You are just as stupid as a civilian as you would be a service member…

    If you set on your behind and heard kids being shot and you did nothing…You have no business breathing air in this country..

    • I agree, but let’s go one step further. 18 yr old kids/ teenagers/ young adults shouldn’t be allowed to vote until age 21

  2. You’re good at complaining, but what solutions do you offer? Who’s to say that any blowhard with a gun wouldn’t be just as cowardly in a similar situation? Or worse yet, that same blowhard with an ego the size of his large capacity clip running in to save the day with their assault rifle, shooting into the crowd of children they so desperately want to save? Take a look at the shooting accuracy of trained professionals in a fire fight and then tell me you’d want a weekend warrior in there ‘defending’ your children.

    • Beats a ‘gun free zone’
      The JROTC kid seemed completely confident that the coach would have ended this incident if he had been armed.
      ‘Trained officers’ is largely bullshit. Most can barely meet the pathetic standards to ‘qualify’
      All four ‘deputies’ and the political hack sheriff should face charges and be named personally in lawsuits. The whole department should be disbanded. Stinks to high Heaven. How does ANY county sheriff afford a Lamborghini?
      Courts have ruled numerous times that the police have NO DUTY to protect any of us. They carry a gun to protect themselves, NOT YOU!

  3. Well solenoid let me tell you as a prior military policemen who was also trained in srt which is the same as swatt. I shoot more as a civilian then I did in the military because of spending cuts. My friends in law enforcement in the civilian forces qualifie once a year with 50 rounds that the department gives them. Any other range time is on them at there own expense so how often do you think they practice. I can tell you 80 to 90% never practice. So I would trust some brave qualified and trained teachers to protect my kids more then I would these loCal lazy law enforcement officers we have. Don’t get me wrong I support police 100% but they are lacking the training and physical fitness needed in today’s time. Most of them would die of a heart attack if they had to run after someone because they are fat and out of shape. There needs to be standards for them same as the military fitness test. But hey I’m sure your anti gun and nothing would change your mind anyway.

    • Thanks for you insight, Curt. Contrary to what you may think, I am not anti-gun, I am anti-stupidity. If the police won’t invest in their skills outside of their underfunded position, why would any red-blooded teacher whose job it is to teach (not to protect and serve)? We all know the public school system is woefully underfunded as it currently stands, and if a police department won’t fund their own officer’s weapons training, I highly doubt a school system would fund a teacher’s. My main point is, unless a person is combat trained and tested, they are substantially underprepared for a confrontation where gunfire is being exchanged.
      Perhaps a solution is to stop preaching the gospel of violence solving violence? Maybe start living by the gospel that so many brandish around (New Testament style)? Maybe use the power of voting to get the right leadership in the position to hone more qualified police resources? Maybe stop complaining about paying taxes and how underfunded government organizations are in the same breath?
      In short, your argument is just another complaint and still offers no solutions. But hey, be sure to always end with a defeatist statement to make sure everyone knows you don’t care about what anyone else has to say.

  4. When America was an almost completely White country, and our government was in the hands of American representatives who were statemen, we rarely had to worry very much. In case no one has noticed, that has changed.

    We are not in a melting pot. We are in the middle of a powder keg with more irregular and volitile powder being added.

    With all of the importations and the subversions of American culture by leftists with an agenda, they are going to make certain that we have no peace. They try to delude us with extravagant promises. They are promises that they know they are not going to keep. We had better remember that, too. Otherwise, they and their imported peoples and criminals will be the only ones with guns. We will be their victims if this were to occur.

    Some may have little knowledge about how communism works these days since it has been declared to be dead. I do have experience with it and have observed it’s deadly, torturous effects on individuals and countries, and I assure you that it is not dead. It’s merely operating underground, and some of it’s domain presently resides in governmental circles and in organizations and movements designed to convince free people who should know better to give up their guns, and to rely on government for their protection. Some of them are schoolteachers, politicians and ministers and they would not be caught dead with a communist party card, so they never use that.

    Some of those smile at you today from behind your television screen, and you know them as being “American”. They are very patient and charming with you, and some of what they say seems to make sense, sometimes very much sense. When emotions run high after some particularly gruesome event which they are quick to capitalize on.

    You most likely do know some of them – or at least some of their names. You have little idea about how they intend to torture you and your children in view of your neighbors, who merely await their turn to have their tongues cut out, and worse, before being allowed death.

    Be very careful about your decision to give up your guns. Your firearms may one day be the only things that keep you alive and your country free from militarized invaders – or from domestic enemies.

  5. [Edit 1]: volatile

    [Edit 2]: When emotions run high after some particularly gruesome event which they are quick to capitalize on, it somehow seems to make even more sense.

  6. There was public opinion cartoon out sometime ago that went something like this, ” a group of 3 or 4 students said ” we saw something “; a second group of students said ” we said something “; and then there was a group of LEOs and school officials saying ” maybe we should have done something “, this being after the Parkland shooting. Because somebody dropped the ball, I’m suppose to trust them. Yeah right

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