Government Planning to Evacuate Chicago

Blackhawk HelicoptersA couple of weeks ago we reported on the Urban Warfare training that was going on in Downtown Chicago. Now there are growing fears that those drills were in preparation for major problems during next months NATO Summit. A leaked email, from the Milwaukee Red Cross, is warning  that government officials are actually planning to evacuate Chicago in the event of trouble.

As unlikely as it may sound, CBS 2 News in Chicago is reporting that government officials, in the Secret Services and the Department of Homeland Security, are secretly planning for the possibility of having to evacuate Chicago.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of an e-mail sent to volunteers from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross.

The email warns volunteers that the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

The Red Cross claims that the directive came directly from the “City of Chicago and the Secret Service.”


Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications called last weeks urban warfare drills a  “routine training exercise”, but with this new information coming out of the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross, you really have to wonder what’s going on in Chicago. Were last weeks drills really “routine”, or was it part of a larger plan that includes the evacuation of Chicago?

Chicago was already on edge after news broke earlier this week that a number of residents had been asked to leave their condos in preparation for major rioting.

A number of local residents received letters that read:

“We are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.”

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter continues. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

As we draw closer to the NATO summit in Chicago, a number of prominent government officials are also starting to warn people to get out of Chicago. Alderman Bob Fioretti, whose district will be most affected by security efforts, was warning residents to leave town during the summit.  He told local reporters “I’ve been advising people, if they can afford it, leave town.”

What should you do?

Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical in any situation.  If things go bad during the summit, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard. If I lived in Chicago, I would immediately start planning for the worst case scenario. (it’s better to be safe than sorry)

  • If you can, leave ahead of time. Why take the chance of being caught up in something that could quickly turn into a life threatening situation.
  • If you do stay, you need to have a plan of action. Keep in mind that during a disaster most of the major highways are going to be completely clogged with people trying to get out. Plan now, and map out as many escape routes as possible.
  • Be aware that riots can spark off in an instant. Make sure to have plan of action in case you find yourself in the middle of a full blown riot.
  • Put together an emergency bug out bag – A Bug out bag is basically a large survival kit filled with everything you need to survive.  The government often recommends that you need at least 72 hours worth of supplies on hand at all times.  Since most major disasters usually last longer than 72 hours, we think it’s a good idea to pack your bag for an indefinite period of time.
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    • Right! Thats where Obummer and his supporters came from anyway! To hell with them! For God’s sake, they better not dump them off in Texas like New Orleans did after Katrina!

      • What is wrong with you ? You call yourself an American ? There are MILLIONS of hard working people living in this city. Husbands, wives,brothers,sisters,daughter,sons,grandchildren,military members etc etc. The media/government plan of divide and conquer has worked on you apparently. That’s right, hate your fellow citizens…be a good little hate filled zombie.

          • I’m with Tiana.. well said Chad.. and honestly.. they are thinking of having green bay fans evacuate Bears fans? That’ll be a bloody riot all on it’s own!

        • good for you Chad, you are the one with brains..Those other two, can’t wait till their judgement day…

          Try and talk your way out of that one!!

          • Hah, I’m sitting in A&M’s library right now procrastinating writing a paper. Good to see fellow Aggies browsing the inter-webs.

        • Chad, I think you just have a chip on your shoulder. Sensible people from all over the country can see the corruption and hardships that Chicago is having to deal with, and the rest of us just don’t want to be shouldered with the burden of having to deal with the consequences of a catastrophe that could have been avoided in the first place. It’s not that we’re divided; it’s not that we hate our fellow citizens. You apparently are convinced that everyone is out to get you, but we’re not. Justiceman was out of line for saying “who cares” (we do care) and Candy was out of line for wishing Obama and his supporters (or anyone else from Chicago) to go to Hell (because it’s going to be awful for anyone who ends up going there), but she did have a point about all the people who were dumped into Texas after Katrina…most of those people haven’t even tried to go back to New Orleans, and many of the ones who stayed are just living off of hard-working tax payers like you and me. Not everyone who is NOT enamored with the city of Chicago hates you…They might hate the circumstances, and the fact that that kind of stuff goes on there, but they most likely don’t hate you (or even know who you, period). That just isn’t true, so PLEASE stop trying to make that case. We just don’t want to be forced to deal with Chicago’s problems on top of the ones we ALREADY have, and I hardly think that mindset classifies me as a hate-filled zombie. People who dislike the economic and political circumstances that are constantly perpetuated in Chicago have nothing against you personally, and I think I speak for most in saying that we wish the best for you and the rest of the upstanding citizens of Chicago, so I just wish you would chill your roll a little bit and open your eyes to understand what people are talking about.

          • there are bad people in EVERY city. To place the MASS on alert because of the FEW is wrong..and unconstitutional.

          • You’re talking about people being sectioned off by their state, that some how invisible lines make us separate or different. You’re talking about the people of Chicago, me, as if we were born from the corruption in our city. That’s just not true, Chicago is not a hive of tax embezzling Queens, and we are not their worker bees. The people that would be displaced, if there ever had to be an evacuation, I can assure you are not the people you’re basing your opinions off of. Just stating that you don’t hate, or feel a way about a group of people, and then saying hateful statements does not cancel each other out. There is something wrong here that as soon as there is a threat of other people, whether they be fellow Americans, or really anybody displaced, we instantly think of our happiness, family, our friends and ourselves. This is not the way evolved beings work, clinging on to the familiar and press back, blowing away, the ideas, people, places that don’t fit your own or who ever you follow, idea of goodness, is not humane, it’s what animals do. Humans have evolved a frontal lobe, humans can see the future, and the past, and then determine the most beneficial outcome. People have compassion, sympathy, knowledge, and logic. Boldly stating that, the people of one city are not good enough to be helped because you don’t like the politics, is not utilizing any evolved and/or higher thinking, just the gut instincts of our ancestors. Yes OUR ancestors, as much as anyone dislikes it, we are all one, human race. I’d tell you, don’t hate, use your brain, but that would imply the capacity for thought, which I don’t believe you’ve come to yet, but maybe one day. “I just wish you would chill your roll a little bit and open your eyes to understand what people are talking about.”

          • I found the main article and video strange. also found the first few comments by some red neck retards who seriously need their faces beaten in. I am completely disgusted at their attitudes. cant stand bigoted people, its no wonder our nation gets so divided

          • Wow… looks like we’ve just spotted a huge problem with the people of this nation: “We just don’t want to be shouldered with the burden”… of taking care of your fellow man, who’s in pain, suffered tragedy, lost homes and families? IMHO, there is nothing more noble than helping out those who have ALSO been f$#^d by our own government. Every man for himself is the death of us. God forbid you should help someone else out… I undersatnd that might cut into your bottled-water budget or even that you might not be able to take that luxury vacay this year. I understand though, it’s a tough decision… helping a hurting human or going to Fiji… it’s a toss up. Jerks.

          • Ty, I agree with most of what you said. But, I don’t think anyone deserves this. Not even Chicago. yes, Chicago has had it’s many issues. It’s after all the Communist capital of the USA. But folks think about this… Obummer has created over 72 fema camps. Why? Anyone wonder this? This is the tip of the iceberg I’m telling ya. There is more than just Chicago that is being evacuated. They have many states on “stand by” for evacuation as well. Of course this is all hush hush. I have family in military. I was also told the water, is being ummmm poisoned. Call me crazy, fear driven what ever you want. I pray it’s not true. But, when you’ve seen the things I’ve seen in my job alone nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing. Riots will break out. That’s a given.

          • Dumped into Texas? Are we not all human-beings here. Life happens and occasional we need to step in as on society and help one another out. There are many corrupt people all over the world, not just chicago. And even still how many are those out of the the millions. These types of responses are sad. We should all be able with open arms to help anyone in need, especially in times of crises.

        • Good for you Chad as few can see that the Internet chat forums are full of Zombies spewing hatred and dividing our people one against another. Jesus loves you.

          • As a native Houstonian I saw the crime rate explode when they evacuated New Orleans here! Yes there are good people in NO and Chicago, but when the evacuation is over they go home, the teet suckers and gangsters don’t care where they are as long as they get their check or have crime to commit. But I’d personally love to see a Chicago gangbanger come down and try to mug someone in Texas and get a gun pulled on them! Welcome to Texas have a hot lead sammich on the house!

          • my home is not the best but it has always been opened to whoever was in need,,been doing this in mn chicago fla and now ky and yes 3 sons in the service and one can only say so much but america had better get ready to unite like we did at 9/11

          • C’mon you’re all playing into the hands of a Government that is out to cause a division between us. I’m from Chicago and due to Ovomit I’m ashamed to say it sometimes. The Chicago Politics is corrupt and the politicians are all corruptible. I have many good friends still living there and would like to see this thing blow over if for no other reason than to disappoint our President and his plans for a dry run to shut down every City in the United States. I know you are all computer savvy and have read most of the Nazi History and should be able to see what the post American world will look like. There is only one reason why this NATO Summit was set in Chicago. That’s because the Administration is trying to recreate another ’68 Democratic Conventions disaster. If the White House can precipitate the violence there may not even be an election in November. With some of the comments in these replies, I’m sure the White house is wringing their hands in delight. See this for what it is and Vote in November. At least vote for the lesser of two evils even if it’s Romney. If Chicago people were relocated to Texas, be assured they would not be the same dog asses that stuck around for the Hurricane Party so they could loot after the storm. They will still be in Chicago. In New Orleans they were fooled and all they could do then was rape and kill each other. I would like to see every true American stand up for themselves and each other. That’s not to say there is no free loading no-load taking advantage of the free s#1t. These people have to understand that just like in New Orleans City Administration; this Administration will have no use for them after the election. They will be the first ones to go under the bus. We should stand together and support each other as true Americans.

          • Lovie, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m so glad to know that more and more Americans are getting wise to the tactics of this rogue government.

        • Chad, you obviously haven’t been to Shitcago.

          Certainly there are *SOME* but the majority are either crooked politicians, welfare teet suckers or ganstas.

          While I would really love to see the place swallowed up into a black hole, you are correct. There may be a FEW people that are good and decent. Shitcago and most other city of that size is a blight upon the earth. At the same time liberals scream about this and that, they also turn to the big cities for votes. Oh, wait! Another reason to pull the tick from out neck: socioliberalbigovermentism. It will be the death of America. (…assuming, in my warped view that we even have an America now, with all the abuse she’s taken.)

          • I used to think the same, until I spent time in Chicago and realized that the enormous amount of organizational work being done here makes it possible for the hard working farmers and plant workers in small rural communities to sell their goods all over the US and world. small towns have their proportion of lazy subsidized bums too. The 80/20 rule is everywhere. There are takers and doers. Cities are necessary to civilization unless you want to live a tribal lifestyle.

          • Are you kidding?? You’re referring to the people at the “top” running the city.. there are those of us (many) who are hard working, God fearing, residents of the City of Chicago that far outnumber the scum in office.. So please watch what you say as far as wanting CHIcago to be wiped off the map! We’re trying to do the work of the Lord here and see people saved! Geez!

          • Yep, you’re from Indiana. Guess what? I got of Indiana when I was 22. Why? People like you. The disgusting cesspool of idiots who attempt to think, but due to a lack of intelligence and inbreeding, often arrive at a conclusion that is hate-filled. The only shit I see is you. Good luck in life, you’re pretty much worthless.

          • Hell of a lot more good, honest hard work gets done in Chicago than in Indianapolis. Red states are the ones suckling that guv’mint teat, fella.

          • Ranger, it’s the opposite. Chicago is mostly good people, hard working and contributing. Then there are the ghettos where the majority of the murders are committed, and where most of the criminals come from. It is, however, the most politically corrupt city in the country. It’s been run for decades by democrats, stealing money for their friends and raising taxes to pay for the dependent class to keep them voting democrat.

          • Any city you go to is going to have it’s corruption..any small town you go to is going to have it’s corruption. How can you wish that a city and the people in it would be “swallowed into a black hole” i HAVE been to CHIcago, i have lived in the suburbs my whole life and used to work for a lady on Cicero and Foster for a long time.

          • What are “ganstas”?

            Also, in your grammatically challenged message, “city” should have been pluralized in the following sentence: “Shitcago and most other city of that size”

            It’s nice to see how all of that fine, Indiana public schooling has done you well!

            You were right about one thing, though… you do have a warped viewpoint. But what else can you expect when dealing with a white trash, possibly inebriated, inbred idiot from Indiana? (Alliteration is super fun! Do you know what that is? Did you even graduate form High School?)

            A College Educated Female from “Shitcago”… a Place that Doesn’t Smell like Rotten Eggs (Indiana) while Driving through it.

          • @Cotton…wow…you got out of Indiana because of “inbreeding and hate filled conclusions”?!?! Like what you posted is just oozing with love!??! LMAO!! Glad you left our state!

          • Hoosier you are exactly right. They are also the communist capital of the USA. That says it all.

          • Obviously, Hoosier, you haven’t seen much of Chicago yourself. You are a disgrace of a human being. To generalize an entire city of good people is pathetic and shallow. There are millions of people at risk and concerned for their well-being. Just because there are things that go on here that you dont agree with doesnt mean that there arent plenty of people here who are working and trying to make a living just like yourself, that have NOTHING to do with the things you dont like about the city. It’s really sad to see people like you so self-centered and sad.

        • What I’d like to know is who is supposed to be doing the rioting and why? The article neglected to mention that,unless I missed it. I mean really, what’s the beef?Sounds a bit nefarious and strange to me.And I agree that there are people with families, hard working and law abiding citizens all. Just because OBYSMAL and some of his people are,or were from Chicago doesn’t mean they’re deserving of having their reputations besmirched.Shame on any who think those evil things about people they don’t know who are being treated this way with no explanation.

          • I don’t really get this whole trend of making words up like: “shitcago”, “obummer”, and “obysmal” came from… You’re not clever, you’re not funny, you just sound silly. I find it funny these…I don’t really know what to call them (portmanteau?)… are always thrown around by people on the right. Just comes off as dumb.

          • Lisa, they are the Occupy protesters on steroids. Just go to Youtube and look up Nato or G8. These are people who are against the wealthy and the world powers. They are the people who believe the democrat class envy crap. They destroy property everywhere they go, and do everything they can to harm the police.

          • nato is going to be there and there are alot of different groups coming into protest i know ows i do know the teaparty will not be there,,they are just asking people to leave for a few days for their own safty

        • We here in Chicago are a microcosm of the current state of the nation. We conservatives vote Republican but are victimized by the Democrats: voter fraud, higher taxes to support the huge welfare class here, highest gas prices in the nation, fearfulness because of the high crime rates……

          • everyone stop look what is happening,this country has never been more devided then it is now people from chicago does not have to leave ill they can go anyother place in the state

        • I agree with Tianna as well. Very well said Chad. The above bozos who are hating on their fellow americans are doing exactly what this rogue government wants them to do. They make me sick.

      • Who in the hell would even think of going to Texas ?? That’s one of the racist states in the country. Everyone in that state should be Nuked !!

        • Mr. Kennedy,
          I’m sorry if you ever had a bad experience in Texas. I’m sure there is racism somewhere down here; I’m not denying that racism exists, but I have never seen anyone denied anything down here on account of race. Many towns here in Texas are primarily hispanic, and when it comes to college financial aid, middle-class white kids “qualify” far less often than any sort of minority, so that would make them the ones being discriminated against on account of race. I like where I live in Texas. We do a lot for the country (like a whoooole lot economically), and most of us are pretty good people if you get to know us, so please don’t wish that I (and the rest of my friends and family and acquaintances and fellow Texans) should be nuked… That’s just not very nice, and you never know, you might need one of us to save your bacon some day.

          • I totally enjoyed reading each word you had to say Ty. You stood up for yourself without being rude or arrogant. I can tell you have a good heart. GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!!!!

          • The financial aid formula created by congress doesn’t account for race. It’s the same accross the board. You’re obviously ignorant of it. It’s strictly based on tax information. So maybe the supposed ‘middle class white’ kids you’re talking about aren’t so middle class because it’s very easy to qualify for financial aid. I am a middle class white kid, and I made $30,000 in income last year and I still qualify for grants that pay for the entirety of my public-based education. That’s free money. So, why don’t you rethink your baseless conclusions.

      • HEY…I live outside Chicago.
        While that may not mean a lot to you…it is fairly important to me. Hopefully any riots downtown wipe out half the bureaucrats and politicians…that would help the deplorable state the Illinois political machine is in.

        • I hear you completely on this one. I live in Indianapolis, and if it gets bad enough they could start heading this way also.

          • Indianapolis? there are small cities in Illinois with better living conditions and less crime rate and even have a higher population than Indianapolis. that would be last on my list of places to go. well not last…green bay would be last..

          • I’m not sure about what everybody else is thinking about but the whole idea of America is ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Certain people in this country needs to realize that. It is not ONE NATION DIVIDED BY RACE AND RELIGION AND HOW YOU TALK.

      • “Shame on u” is an understatement, this is the time to support Chicago, we are standing up+voicing what everyone is feeling, we just have the guts to stand up and say something. So u two embarrassments can keep living your little lives…

      • Hmmmm…. I live in New Orleans….. Was here during Katrina… I know that Tx opened it’s doors to us and welcomed most of us…. As we have for Texans during times of need. Not EVERYONE who came there were asses… And I CAN tell you that almost the same amount that caused trouble there during the storm cause trouble here during our festivals like Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest or spring break. I was thankful to everyone who helped me in my time of need…. And would still return the favor. I moved to New Orleans 19 years ago to get away from hateful Podunk hicks. I moved to New Orleans from, go figure, Texas.

      • @ Candy If there is every a dissaster in Texas, i hope you’re the first to go! America doesn’t need people like you.

      • Yeah that’s right Candy, to hell with everyone in Chicago because Obama came from there. I live in Chicago, I don’t support Obama, I carry guns, and I was born in Texas. The problem with America today? IDIOTS LIKE YOU.

        • Hell yeah! I live in Chicago, I believe in the 2nd amendment and I exercise my rights! Screw Obama and his administration, not all of us that live here agree with Obama. Oh and btw… I used to live in Texas too! There are morons in every state and every city across America. Chicago sucks, but it’s not the peanut gallery’s fault.

      • Seriously?!? Pls. next time you have a thought, forget it. There are millions of really good people here in Chicago who don’t need NATO, the accompanying protests or the fascist gov’t clampdown that comes with it. For those of us who live in the neighborhoods from Rogers Park to Morgan Park and from Lincoln Park to W. Garfield Park, we have to deal with the fallout from this Neo-Con clusterfuck of imperial over-reach.
        Also, anyone who points to the problems we have as ANYthing to do with Obama is so seriously deluded they should be hospitalized. BHO has continued the exact same fucking policies that GWB, Clinton, GHWB, and Reagan had in place.

        • Obama and his minions, Rahm Emmanuel, are using the protesters for the political gain of the Democrat party. They are inciting racism and are doing all they can to foment violent rioting.
          Those helicopters, etc. may not be to keep the crowds under control, but to declare martial law. They can use the excuse that Chicago is the DNC headquarters and must be “kept safe”. Our safety is not Obama’s concern.

          • WOW! if you think that you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHATS GOING on in the world and in your own country my friend. Protesters are from the “Occupy movement” like occupy wallstreet. And consist of (mostly) people who fight for freedom that has been seriously threatened lately by many bills that passed and ones that are about to pass, by our corrupt congress.

      • You 2 are truly horrible people for saying such things. Have fun in hell and candy have fun being rascist with ur damn redneck cults in Texas. Chicago has more culture on 1 alley way than the whole state of Texas currently does, besides BBQ.

      • Obummer is not from Chicago or Illinois. To say “to hell with people from Chicago, you gotta be an idiot and im sure your parents regretted ever birthing you! You’re an embarrassment to not only Texas but the United States of America and everything it/we stand for. You’re prejudice in every manner of the word and should be politely asked to leave Texas and the USA! For your information, Texans offered their hands in many more ways then just some dry land for the drowning communities as many people/States did and people were not just “dumped” there.

    • My sister and her sons live there, real people, hardworking, non-corrupt…they should move the NATO summit at the last minute….not the people who love and grew up there, and support the tax lickers.

    • If any of you live in or near this city , I am hear to let you know i will be praying for you.what ever you decide to do .im praying you will all be ok…God loves you and so do I….

    • This. is. so. f*cking. stupid. Why is the summit being held in a major city? Why dont they go meet in a hotel in Anchorage (Alaska) or some other place alike? Stupid.

    • I agree with Justiceman. Forget Chicago, watch your own ass. If SHTF, you’d better be ready to take care of yourself. The Government won’t do it. It’s a false sense of security to think they will. I hope Chicago gets wiped off the map.

      • Remember, some of us Chicagoans come to the aide of those around the World IE; Katrina, Oklahoma, etc.., and continue to do so. We have served our city, our state, and our Country!
        Sad to see how some ignorant people comment here..,
        WE Chicagoans have gone to NY after 9/11, went No, TX, and OK after their disasters, and you say this about Chicagoans?
        Also, WE here in Chicago, aren’t like those in your area, that tuck tail and run, nor are we like the LA cops who abandoned their people during riots.
        to those who wish us well, God Bless you, we appreciate your support.
        We are the ones living here.., we know our politicians are corrupt, and we have to survive regardless, and we do!
        We are prepared, ready to protect OUR city, and No one, I repeat, No one is evacuating Chicago.
        If the protesters think they are going to take over our city.., they got another thing comin’!
        There will be skulls cracked open and it won’t only come from the Police defending themselves against these Hippie wannabes, it will be from the rest of us who will defend our city.
        So piss off and we’ll remember you sentiments Candy!
        Nice name.., go back to walking the streets!

        • Right on Mike!! I got your back brother and i know i’m not going anywhere. I’ll be on the streets helping out anyone i can of any race, creed, or color. I have worked too hard to get where I am in this city, just like the the other few million citizens here who have done the same. We know who we are. We know what we stand for. I’m chicago born and raised. I love my city. I love the ppl in my city. I love my country. I love the ppl in my country. and its extremely sad to think that ppl in other parts of America, who (i’m sure) work just as hard, could care less about ppl elsewhere. I was in ny after 9/11. I was in new orleans after katrina. I’ll go help in gary, indiana if they need it. I’ll go help in texas if they need it. Even if i do have to deal with a few racist, uneducated pricks who dont have the brains nor the heart to understand whats important. And if i gotta.. I’ll be crackin skulls right next to you. But then I’ll fix em and take them to the hospital. boom. these hippies are gonna keep me in business.

          • Hippie wannabes? You were doing good ’til you got to that phrase. People are people…you’re right; but, then you throw a classification like that into the meilou? I was busy during the Hippie movement but respected the peace and love ideologies put forth by them. I’ve KNOWN a few…just as I have known a few from a lot of stereotyped groups. They all have a common message if one looks for it….”Unity.” Isn’t that just one of the things America is about? Geez…I wish these “Call to Action” ne’er-do-wells would just cool their jets! Put some of that energy into improving the state of humanity…not dividing it.

    • If the government moves into chicago to take their arms that would a direct violation of our second amendment rights. It all starts with chicago as their first city then if goes smoothly why wouldn’t they take the rest of our arms. We should not tolerate any such action, with the patriot act, DHS, 72 fusion center listening to our calls,emails, and watching what we do online enough is enough. Any attempt to take guns would be the wrong move

    • That’s not true! Why don’t you write about reality…….the fact that so many people are being blackmailed and set up for things they didn’t do or say. Or how about that people are being drugged into saying things they would never say. Or how people can stalk or blackmail you, your family, friends, and coworkers and then run away and blackmail other people for what they did. How about writing about something important like the fact that veterans are treated like crap in this country which has become overrun by the illuminati? Think, then write.

    • This is a thoughtless and false statement. It’s like saying New York or every big city is corrupt when in reality these cities are filled with hard working people. Just a thought……you could write about the corruption of the illuminati and the damage they are doing to the United States of America……a country so many of our ancestors fought to keep safe. Or you could write about how innocent civilians can be drugged and set up for things like brainwashing, blackmail, gangs stalking, etc etc.

    • Yep. This is being carefully crafted to usher in the official police state. The bad guys see this as a win/win. If folks protest, there will be agent provacateurs(false flags) to turn things viloent. Citizens demand “protection”. Boom, here come the storm troopers. Instant martial law. If NATO really wanted to avoid conflict. they’d have their meeting in Davo, Switzerland where Bildergergers meet.

      • Actually, if NATO wanted to be safe they would have their meeting at an undisclosed military facility.

        This is all pre-planning for a staged event, period.

        • Wonder who they’ll(gov) blame this one on? To gain citizen support for thier actions..I do agree with Billy T

        • Personally, I see all this being staged…so the obam trick or treators can somehow come in to save the day…great policital plus…but useless….like TT’s on a bull.

      • It doesn’t matter who takes office America has been a puppet for a long time. Do you really think you have a choice who is President? It’s just a face.

      • Have you considered that if this is the false flag setup to martial law, then the “election” might never happen under the guise of a national security precedent and/or precaution? So, his “Jed Clampett self” is appointed to a life term without the “election”.

      • Ok…I’ll bite…personally, Obama has not effected my life one ioda. No news is good news. At least I can sleep nights. How do you think he is screwing YOU up? I really want to know as I voted for him!
        I’m 65 and alive.

    • Isn’t it a shame that the American people(the ones that are awake)realize that there is trickery and deceit in everything the Government does?!?!?

  1. Good Way to have a practice run at Marshall law….

    Highly unlikely that it will occur in Chicago during an election year.

      • I been saying thos for months now! BOTH sides woukd like martial law so they can suspend elections and everyone gets to stay in office! It’s being planned and no I’m not a conspiracy nut. The writing is on the wall. They are getting multiple groups fighting with each other and this very message board shows how good of a job they’re doing. People hating people building up to a civil war in our country. Which suspends that pesky constitution and everyones rights and elections. It’s time to wake up! If anyone thinks could never happen? It HAS happened in several places. Germany was a great country prior to the 1930’s.

        • ron i agree with you this has all been in the plan they know we have woke up so they have to speed there plans up,,most people will not sit around and give up without a fight

    • They’ve been planning crap like this for well over 20 years… or trying to. What they can’t get past is that the American Citizen is often armed, and thank God for that!

      • Yea the people of New Orleans were armed too until the Jack Boots showed up. I seriously doubt there are enough armed citizens who will return fire for the government to worry about.

        • I can assure you we are armed here in Chicago, and unlike gang bangers.., WE know how to use them!
          I don’t know how it all went down in NO with the Fed’s coming in and taking citizens weapons, but I can assure you.., it won’t happen here!
          Don’t know why those did give them up?
          Once it was known what they were doing should of been all the preparedness one needs to unify and their stance against it.
          The Gov’t intimidates for response.
          When one intimidates the Gov’t back in numbers.., it checks itself.
          There will be NO martial law here friends..,and the Mayor, Alderman, and anyone else who has made similar comments about evacuation has already raised their voice over this, and has shouted them down for it.
          The only people leaving Chicago are the wealthy who would run anyway.
          The common man is staying put, and laughing at how you all think the protesters are going to reek havoc, when we know that love them or leave them, OUR Police Department is made of better stuff than that, and will handle their business, and we citizens will handle OURS!
          If need be, with bad intentions to those that threaten us.

          • I sent a letter to our governor here in Indiana a couple years back when a bill was coming up to pass a law that would prevent what happened in NO from happening here. And I actually got a responce. And the bill passed that the government would not come take our guns. Of course that probably wouldn’t stop the federal government from trying it but according to Indiana law they would be in violation of that law. And SHOULD NOT get any support from Indiana law enforcement. I seen the videos and read all the storys from NO about that and they’re NOT taking my guns!

    • “If only” what ? Do you actually want to see millions of your fellow Americans hit with an atomic weapon ? Do you really yearn for the death and suffering of men, women, children, infants and animals ? What’s wrong with you ?

      • He’s a frickin Republican. That’s how they all think. If your a lib & Dem they wish death on you. So sad

        • “Frickin Republicans” don’t all think that way. I guess I’ll call myself a Republican, but I’m probably more of a Libertarian. However you cut it, Mr. Kennedy, to say that “they” (meaning Republicans) wish death on anyone is a misguided and judgmental assessment. Who knows where this Glass eye person is coming from?… He/she just seems like an insensitive and misled INDIVIDUAL, but I don’t think a political label has any sort of bearing on what he/she said. Obviously you are a liberal and a Democrat, and you and I probably don’t agree on much, but I don’t think that makes you a bad person, and I would hope that you wouldn’t place me or any other “Republican” in the same category as someone like this Glass eye person strictly on the basis that we don’t share your views.

        • So you are a Republican John F Kennedy? Must be because I noticed you were the first one wish death by nuke on Texas. LOL Idiot Left can’t even follow his own comments. I myself am unconcerned with Rep/Dem crap as the entire Government wants to keep us all fighting over race, class and anything else that will distact attention while they prepare to take over. And John, unless you are a very powerful person (and I don’t think you would be wasting your time on here if you were) you should start planning on how to save your bacon. It doesn’t matter if you are in Chicago or anywhere else. It will happen fast. Everywhere.

      • Miiiike,
        I totally agree. Wishing for the death of millions of Americans IS insane. I’d just encourage you to make sure of Glass eye’s intent before taking to the keyboard and calling him/her an idiot… maybe he/she was just making a very poorly-chosen metaphor. In any case, your rebuttal is fitting, but I think you might could use the opportunity to teach rational thinking rather than just being rash and calling names.

  2. Two things to remember when evacuating Chicago. Electric sliding gates have been installed on the main highway going North/Northwest out of city. This will block the blue collar areas ability to entrance the highway to get out of Chicago before the downtown area/CME/lawyers + politicians leave. This was done 10 years ago. Look for sliding gates at Diversey Ave, Belmont, Irving Park Ave. etc.

    Second, Chicago has bragged about having the technology to block off areas affected so that phone, cell, etc. access is denied to keep the lines and towers from becoming overloaded as well as block off what really happened there. This may also include the ability to take photos, etc.

  3. If Chicago is going to protest then they should at least do it by either full city work stoppage or silent seated protest. Otherwise accept the crap the government is trying dump in your collective lap.
    A violent protest will have citizens on house arrest and in cells or dead in nanoseconds. Which is exactly what Obama wants. That way the politicians can manipulate the elections and misappropriate tax dollars to war efforts by yammering about riots.

    This could all be over really quickly if American adults would stop acting like cowards. Stop moving to escape social problems, stop trying to ship people away that you don’t like, stop incarcerating what scares you, and stop making excuses. This nation is corrupt and every citizen in it is either passively or actively allowing it to continue.
    Learn and change or sit and die.

        • most of our military does not like obama and said they took an oath to follow the constitution and would not turn on american citizenss state gov caan stop him from doing in their states

    • Gbird, Just youtube it once. Some scary shit. The have built over 1,000 detention camps in the U.S over the last 20 yrs. In fact most of them will hold up to a Million people.

  4. They need to rent a giant pressure washer and douche that whole place down while everyone is gone. Just sayin.

  5. for anybody to sit back and say that nothing will happen to chicago durning this summit is a closed minded person. its dose not matter if its an election year or not if people see a opening to bring mass chaos or terrorism then they will. did everybody forget that outta no where with no warning 9/11 happened. well this might be their chance to do some major damaged to the u.s aging seeing how a lot of politicians and press will be here.

      • have to agree 100% Chad with people walking around still unaware of the events of 911 no wonder it is so easy for these guys to keep running roughshod over the taxpayer scary almost as scary as the person asking what ‘marshall law” was. Hoping they were very very young.

      • They did know 9/11 was being planed for Bush and his cronies did not think it would realy happen here it’s all on record

    • close minded? Seriously? If anything happens it’s going to be because it was orchestrated by the far left.

  6. Good practice for what is to come in the future, and from there to the FEMA camps.

    They will do to you only what you allowed them to do to you……….WAKE UP.

  7. Great situation to have a “false flag” attack by some middle east “terrorists” of course. They have been trying for years to sell a war with iran unsuccessfully. At least this time they are going to reduce the collateral damage…kind of them no ?

  8. Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—(usually) only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread.

  9. And just exactly how do they plan to do this? And do they think that the entire city is going to go along? This is fucking insane. If they even have to think about something like this, then I have a question. Why in Hell would they be planning this summit in the first place, and why would the city government tolerate it?

    Oh, one more question. Why in Hell is NATO still around in the first place, when the USSR closed up shop over 20 years ago? I actually know the answer, but does anybody else?

    • “Why in Hell would they be planning this summit in the first place, and why would the city government tolerate it?”

      Here’s you answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • There are millions of hard working AMERICANS here, raising their families and paying their taxes, just like you . Divide and Conquer… you walked right into it.

        • I think it’s a bit rash to declare someone “ignorant” for making an observation. The presence of incorruption, or “hard working AMERICANS raising their families and paying their taxes” does not negate the presence of incorruption. Ryan obviously wasn’t talking about you, or Chad for that matter, so be proud of NOT being part of the “scum and villainy,” continue to fight the good fight, and don’t go spitting venom at someone who’s not talking about you.

          • Ya boob, It was about him ? If someone said everyone that lives in Madison Wi are drug dealers or anything like that that is towards me since ” I live in that town. ” get it ?

          • Hahahaha,
            The name calling humorously annoying, but not a big deal. I do get it. You obviously don’t. Ryan didn’t say “everyone that lives in Chicago is scum and a villain.” Read it again. He just mentioned that Chicago itself is a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” meaning it is a LOCATION where those sorts of things take place. He didn’t condemn every individual person from Chicago; he just made the observation that if you wanted to find villainy and scum, Chicago would be a reasonable PLACE in general to find those things. Now do you get it? It gets old when people are constantly looking for something to which they can take offense.

    • Really? Because I live in Chicago and I seen the exact news report that they posted on CBS. I also heard the Alderman warning people to get out on the radio, and I saw the choppers fly by my office windows last week. So everything in this report is very true and DHS is everywhere in Chicago right now.

      People are worried that some extremist group will attack during the summit or that there may be some sort of false flag. Occupy people are already starting to show up.

      • Trina, your statement just made every single hair on my body stand straight up.. I have so many friends in Chicago, I worried. This is insane.

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