Government Planning to Evacuate Chicago

Blackhawk HelicoptersA couple of weeks ago we reported on the Urban Warfare training that was going on in Downtown Chicago. Now there are growing fears that those drills were in preparation for major problems during next months NATO Summit. A leaked email, from the Milwaukee Red Cross, is warning  that government officials are actually planning to evacuate Chicago in the event of trouble.

As unlikely as it may sound, CBS 2 News in Chicago is reporting that government officials, in the Secret Services and the Department of Homeland Security, are secretly planning for the possibility of having to evacuate Chicago.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of an e-mail sent to volunteers from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross.

The email warns volunteers that the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

The Red Cross claims that the directive came directly from the “City of Chicago and the Secret Service.”


Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications called last weeks urban warfare drills a  “routine training exercise”, but with this new information coming out of the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross, you really have to wonder what’s going on in Chicago. Were last weeks drills really “routine”, or was it part of a larger plan that includes the evacuation of Chicago?

Chicago was already on edge after news broke earlier this week that a number of residents had been asked to leave their condos in preparation for major rioting.

A number of local residents received letters that read:

“We are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.”

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter continues. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

As we draw closer to the NATO summit in Chicago, a number of prominent government officials are also starting to warn people to get out of Chicago. Alderman Bob Fioretti, whose district will be most affected by security efforts, was warning residents to leave town during the summit.  He told local reporters “I’ve been advising people, if they can afford it, leave town.”

What should you do?

Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical in any situation.  If things go bad during the summit, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard. If I lived in Chicago, I would immediately start planning for the worst case scenario. (it’s better to be safe than sorry)

  • If you can, leave ahead of time. Why take the chance of being caught up in something that could quickly turn into a life threatening situation.
  • If you do stay, you need to have a plan of action. Keep in mind that during a disaster most of the major highways are going to be completely clogged with people trying to get out. Plan now, and map out as many escape routes as possible.
  • Be aware that riots can spark off in an instant. Make sure to have plan of action in case you find yourself in the middle of a full blown riot.
  • Put together an emergency bug out bag – A Bug out bag is basically a large survival kit filled with everything you need to survive.  The government often recommends that you need at least 72 hours worth of supplies on hand at all times.  Since most major disasters usually last longer than 72 hours, we think it’s a good idea to pack your bag for an indefinite period of time.
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  1. Yeah, there WERE helicopters flying drills and there IS a large ramp-up in security presence in the city. I work downtown on Michigan Avenue and our building sent out a release suggesting that folks plan to either work from home during the NATO summit or plan to have a hotel nearby to spend the night in if needed.

    IMO, it’s all just a boatload of ass-covering going on by both the government and the private sector so people can’t say “I told ya so” IF anything big happens (which I doubt will)…

  2. Im with Rosco1776!

    Chicago is like everyone elses town on this post. Suck-ass politicians & good ppl livin in the thick of it.
    oh yeah, thats the whole damn country!

    • Thanks…. we just uploaded it again.
      Not exactly sure what happened to the first video. At first the sound wasn’t syncing up with the video (which may have been our problem, we are looking into getting some new equipment to capture video) and then the video vanished. I just re-uploaded it. Hopefully it should be working again.

  3. I dont live there,but Im not far away. I have alot of family there, and they are good hard working people. I understand alot of hate and harsh feelings with things like this but wishing harm on people is not a good way to handle it. People that are worried about prepping should be making friends and keeping them close, not making people mad and pushing them away!

    • our home is always open so come on down,,oh i was raised in aurora and alwaays lived in military towns when i got married but i now live in a very very small town 2 churches 1 room post office,vol fire dept and a ball diamond,i really love slowing my life down

  4. Remember there are no weapons in that city for the people to protect themselves. Only the criminals have the guns. Illinois one of 2 states with no concealed carry.

    • Actually, you CAN legally own both long guns and handguns in Chicago now since the city’s ban on handguns was overturned in 2010. Yes, there’s no concealed carry, but if the crazy hypothetical end-of-the-world “Red Dawn” revolutionary scenarios some folks think are gonna occur actually happen then who cares about concealed carry?

      Also, there are tons of illegal weapons in the city of Chicago.

    • Dude.., stop reading about Chicago and come here!
      The bad guys are NOT the only ones with guns.
      Eric is correct.., and believe me, we citizens get over on the bad guy too!
      Just had a 80+ year old guy dust off a punk who was trying to rob him.
      Lit him up like a Christmas tree!
      Most of us are fully prepared for many things, and as this Nato summit grows near, we are fully prepared.
      No one will be coming to our doors for our guns.
      Only the cowards and ignorant will “Evacuate” Chicago.

      Respectfully, this title is incorrect, since they weren’t talking about evacuating the entire city, but folks that live in and around the “Red zone”, since it will be on lock down if anything does happen.
      Believe me.., the protesters that peacefully protest will be respected, our cops proved that when Occupy was here.., they’re (occupy) admission!
      But if “others” decide, as some did back in 68′, that they want to use this opportunity to create chaos, violence, and any other illegal activity to provoke a riot.., we’ll be ready for them, and then if you are caught up in it, shame on you!
      When I’m out with my family, I am ALWAYS armed in one capacity or other.
      It won’t be exposed to arguments, disagreements, or road rage.., just as a last resort to stopping a threat of great bodily harm/threat of death to my family, innocent citizens, or myself.
      Then it’s your ass!
      Otherwise.., come to Chicago, good people, great restaurants/bars, and solid upstanding people who come to the aid of their fellow man, no matter where they are from, (even Green Bay, *LOL ),
      and WE don’t run from anyone.
      Yeah, our teams often suck, but we have a winning season every now and again, but we party with the best of them!
      ” Come on over by Der’ and have a samich! “

  5. All we need to do to better this country is removed all of the politicians in office and get rid of Flori-duh, Commie-fornia and those criminals in New York. Problem solved!

  6. your setting up a precondition for this to happen. If you didn’t expect a riot to happen then it won’t happen.

  7. Don’t cry now if you live in Chicago. Everyone has had the chance to open their eyes and still some of you choose to blindly walk the zombie slave over employed consumer walk. Become a part of the solution or get your asses run over by the REVOLUTION.

  8. This whole thing could be a setup to legitimize foreign troops on US soil.

    Ponder this scenario for a moment, a few NATO foreign representatives are badly hurt following a false-flag blamed on “domestic terrorists” via a low-yield nuclear device supplied to them by “Iran”. Affected NATO member nations demand “justice” for this “atrocity” and Obama “regretfully” concedes to letting those particular nations conduct “limited” military activities on US soil to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice – they’d probably give it some fancy, non-confrontational name as to not frighten the ‘sleepwalkers’ too much.

    Obama declaring “Marshal Law” would still keep the country under US jurisdiction (albeit, a military one), but this scenario would have the Marshal Law under foreign jurisdiction – think of it as ‘Foreign Marshal Law’.

    We all known that the desired One World Government has to bring all the world underneath a singular financial, military, and environmental umbrella, so this could be a way to finally subvert the US’s sovereign nation status via an armed foreign troop invasion that would actually be sanctioned by the US government.

    Naturally, the foreign troops presence in this country would be anything but “limited”, because the “terrorists” can never be found (because they don’t exist); which would lead to the accusations of “aiding and abiding” from the foreign nations that would lead to Obama conceding even more power by turning all federal agencies and local police agencies over to foreign jurisdiction.

    The US military would be useless in this scenario since resources and personal are exhausted and spread all over the planet. There will be no one ‘home’ to stop this invasion from within. Perhaps this has been the true purpose of all these wars; to exhaust the US military to near uselessness.

    Oh yes my friends. Things are starting to get very hairy indeed. Positivity is being backed into a corner more and more each and every day – so much so that many are conceding defeat and losing hope. But, positivity IS NOT defenseless; just very, very patient. There is a ‘monkey wrench’ waiting to be thrown into the plans of the corrupt and wicked (if it hasn’t been already), and this game is going to get a whole lot more interesting in the coming months; and depending on which side of the spectrum one resides, that could be a good thing, or a very bad and painful thing.

    Choose wisely.

    • This is really getting annoying. The correct spelling is “MARTIAL LAW”. If you want to sound credible then spell the term correctly. Marshall is a person’s name. Martial is law enforcement by military.

      • …and if that is all you gleaned from what I typed, I believe you need to get your priorities straight. ‘Creditability’ wasn’t not my objective here. Just giving some food for thought, which you would have understood if you had bothered to comprehend what I was trying to say rather than stewing over diction errors.

        A little English comprehension lesson for you. My point wasn’t about “Martial Law”, it was about a foreign military invasion and treason. I only used the term ‘Marshal Law’ to give a limited example of what to expect, so in this respect my misuse of the word ‘Marshal’ would have been overlooked by a more reasonable human being. Which you apparently are not.

        Anyway, good day to you sir. And please continue on your never ending quest of COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT.

  9. ok i currently live in chicago with my new born and 4 year old I was born and raised here my childs father and his family is all from texas his 96 yr old grandmother is here I am in shock with some of you people shame on yous the citizens of this city has very little to do with anything that goes on here and contrary to most belief there is little we can do a lot of us do what we can by protesting and gathering signatures but not only this city but this government is corrupt unfortunately this is no longer a free country governed by the people we are only victims I will not b surprised if in the future the us becomes similar to a third world country our rights are being takin away slowly but surely the u.s is on the brink of caos and we the people are turning on our fellow man in time of need I would gladly walk into on coming traffic b4 I would turn away some1 in need if I could help I have even givin car rides to countless elderly strangers I seen walkin in the snow were as many of u would have drivin by and none of the plentiful tourists who come to chicago every year and make it near impossible to get around durring the summer complain but boast about thier vacation chicago is a beautiful city and wonderful city to grow up in unfortunately people in power not only the obama has made things so ugly and I am nither for or againts obama but if you all forgot he doesnt make all decisons he may not like a bill but it can still pass cuz he is not our king!!!everything that is going on is not only him but all that r in power we r governed by a group of people not just one person these are somethings most have forgotten

    • praying for you and yours Vanessa. my first grandbaby is in Chicago. I am praying God makes a way for them to get to the country and you too

      this gave me chills “Really? Because I live in Chicago and I seen the exact news report that they posted on CBS. I also heard the Alderman warning people to get out on the radio, and I saw the choppers fly by my office windows last week. So everything in this report is very true and DHS is everywhere in Chicago right now.

      People are worried that some extremist group will attack during the summit or that there may be some sort of false flag. Occupy people are already starting to show up.”

  10. Wake up call! If what I have been hearing on all these sites and bloggs is unity of the people. Then the craps yous are spewing is poison! How we the people react to these situations is going to dictate the outcomes of all these events. Because if its every man for himself. Than I believe we have no hope! I am not nieve either, I prep and prepare. And I also live outside Chicago!
    I so believe if moat of tou needed help we would help you.
    If it gets serious , you don’t want to burn bridges. It’s a good community that we are looking for. You choose your enemy, they don’t choose you!

  11. Earlier tonight at his speech in TX, Ron Paul warned the crowd: “Be on the lookout for another False Flag soon”… I wonder if this has anything to do with it. After all…. he is all about calling out corruption within the government

  12. One reason I could see for having this in Chicago is the strict gun laws! It’s sad we have strict gun laws anywhere. I had rather have a armed neighbor then a helpless one. Chicago you are in my prayers!

  13. OK, I don’t get it, why would they worry about a riot for a NATO meeting ?.
    The only reason I can see they would be worried is if something is going to come out of this meeting thats bad and is going to piss most of us off, like taking away our Guns, martial law, or getting us involved in another war.

    • This is all blown out of proportion, it amazes me how an email (which I would like to see myself) supposedly states an evacuation event, then the fires start. Oh ya , here comes the next false flag, martial law, oh whats next RFID for all Chicago citizens? Trust me Im just as every bit patriotic as G. Washington himself. And I wouldn’t put anything past this Gov, so I prepared. But when you get on these type of sites and see the fear mongering by the comments, how can anyone take this seriously? I’ve been hearing about martial law since the first Bush was in office. Oh ya Clinton was going to declare martial law to suspend the elections so they can infiltrate the neighborhoods and take away our guns. I know , I know now Im a sheep and not awake, sorry just isnt true. im very awake and prepared for the worst. Im currently active in my community and state educating people on their Constitutional rights and how executive orders (which pertain solely to military) are going to affect them, and how to legally fight them in court. So hit me with your best shot. We all know this government is out of control, but spinning our wheels in the same direction, gets us nowhere.

  14. I can’t think of a nation that has been pushed into so much paranoia. If it were a person it would be a shivering nervous wreck waiting in fear for someone to say Bo!. It has become the very nightmare it was afraid of, a dictatorship not from Russia but from within. It’s people completely controlled and helpless.

  15. I think a lot of the people posting to this site are either delusional or paranoid schizophrenic… at least I get my daily quota of laffs..

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