Government Planning to Evacuate Chicago

Blackhawk HelicoptersA couple of weeks ago we reported on the Urban Warfare training that was going on in Downtown Chicago. Now there are growing fears that those drills were in preparation for major problems during next months NATO Summit. A leaked email, from the Milwaukee Red Cross, is warning  that government officials are actually planning to evacuate Chicago in the event of trouble.

As unlikely as it may sound, CBS 2 News in Chicago is reporting that government officials, in the Secret Services and the Department of Homeland Security, are secretly planning for the possibility of having to evacuate Chicago.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of an e-mail sent to volunteers from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross.

The email warns volunteers that the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

The Red Cross claims that the directive came directly from the “City of Chicago and the Secret Service.”


Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications called last weeks urban warfare drills a  “routine training exercise”, but with this new information coming out of the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross, you really have to wonder what’s going on in Chicago. Were last weeks drills really “routine”, or was it part of a larger plan that includes the evacuation of Chicago?

Chicago was already on edge after news broke earlier this week that a number of residents had been asked to leave their condos in preparation for major rioting.

A number of local residents received letters that read:

“We are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.”

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter continues. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

As we draw closer to the NATO summit in Chicago, a number of prominent government officials are also starting to warn people to get out of Chicago. Alderman Bob Fioretti, whose district will be most affected by security efforts, was warning residents to leave town during the summit.  He told local reporters “I’ve been advising people, if they can afford it, leave town.”

What should you do?

Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical in any situation.  If things go bad during the summit, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard. If I lived in Chicago, I would immediately start planning for the worst case scenario. (it’s better to be safe than sorry)

  • If you can, leave ahead of time. Why take the chance of being caught up in something that could quickly turn into a life threatening situation.
  • If you do stay, you need to have a plan of action. Keep in mind that during a disaster most of the major highways are going to be completely clogged with people trying to get out. Plan now, and map out as many escape routes as possible.
  • Be aware that riots can spark off in an instant. Make sure to have plan of action in case you find yourself in the middle of a full blown riot.
  • Put together an emergency bug out bag – A Bug out bag is basically a large survival kit filled with everything you need to survive.  The government often recommends that you need at least 72 hours worth of supplies on hand at all times.  Since most major disasters usually last longer than 72 hours, we think it’s a good idea to pack your bag for an indefinite period of time.
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  1. The only people who plan violence is OWS/SOROS/OTPOR/CIA imported revolution…

    It’s a false flag so there will be a excuse to create martial law.

  2. If Chicago citizens banded together and just got rid of the fascist Emanuel and the other totalitarian imperialists in NATO once they arrive, the whole world would be a lot more peaceful. There would be no plans to “evacuate” since none of the warlords would be using the city to stage more of their war crimes, to plan further attacks against the citizens of the world. NATO leaders should learn the hard way that their unforgivable crimes against humanity make them fair game for retribution in America. NATO: wanted – dead, as soon as possible.

  3. I believe this will be the site where the true patriots of America stand up for the rights of every red,white and blue USA loving citizens of this great nation I believe there wil be millions flocking to chicago to begin our fight to take back our country LOCK AND LOAD MY FRIENDS we are AMERICANS and if our govt is unwilling to take care of its own then we will do it ourselves WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH

  4. Government hard at work causing terror in its people. Got to love this country. Instead of protecting our country from this happening in the first place, our military is spread all over the world worrying about getting its nose involved in other country’s affairs. How can the American people expect government to protect its people if there is no one here to protect? Keep your guns my friends, you will soon need them. Slowly that right to have a fire arm will be taken from you as well.

  5. See what happens when you give up your guns? Now the government can do as they please to you. I believe that many homes will be raided while you’re out. You all gave away all of your rights and now are going to pay very dearly for it.Prepare to be rounded up and hauled off to a FEMA INTERNMENT CAMP…?

  6. Chicago.. the best city in the country hands down. I am sure all of us Chicagoans will be just fine- we’re a tough bunch.

  7. Chicagoans can Take Care of Themselves. Just cause there is a Ban on Guns in Chicago doesn’t Mean they Don’t Have any.They Will Protect what is theirs.

  8. You people are all way too paranoid and looking into this way too much. The G20 was in Toronto recently and fuck all happened, except a few riots. Three people were arrested in the end. Unless your country is that much more fucked up than ours, there is literally nothing anybody has to be worred about. Also stop bitching ateach other its riduculous. who gives a shit which part of the country you live in. Are you all American or all forms of nationalities that that reside in different states thatjustwant to kill each other?


  9. Chicago is a disgrace to us who live in central Illinois. Due to the fact that they continue to elect corrupt democraps we have to suffer down here. It’s the only placed in the country where they can have a protest outside a gun store cause a honest business to loose money the corrupt cops do nothing to stop it and the local idiot newscast act as if they are doing a great thing. And they wonder why they and not welcome in central southern and western Illinois. So keep vacationing in Wisconsin we like are guns better than you northern city trash.

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