Massive Government Drill Planned to Test Possibility of U.S. Electric Grid Going Down

The U.S. Government is gearing up for a major Preparedness Drill that will simulate a Grid Down Scenario, one that will examine what would happen if the county’s electric grid was taken down by both physical and cyber-attacks.

powerlinesThe threat is very real and is something that we’ve covered in great detail in the past. Our electric grid is extremely vulnerable to an attack that could leave our country in the dark for weeks, maybe even months.

In preparation for this type of attack, our government is going to test the grids vulnerabilities, as thousands of utility workers team up with anti-terrorism experts, Homeland Security, the F.B.I. and other governmental agencies.

On November 13 – 14, 2013, the United States; Canada; and Mexico, along with more than 150 companies and organizations in all three countries, will take part in the GridEx 2013 Preparedness Drill –  one of the largest preparedness drills in our country’s history. They will practice for an event unlike anything this country has ever seen, one experts fear is only a matter of time away from happening.

The drill will look at how the three governments react to the loss of the power grid, and a crippled supply chain that would inevitably follow the event.

Most people don’t realize how important the grid is to almost everything in today’s world.

cell towerIt basically runs everything from our communication infrastructure, to our drinking water and our food distribution systems. But that’s really just the start. The economy, our hospitals and everything people depend on in today’s modern world would be gone.

If the grid goes down, this country will see mass panic and chaos like nothing we’ve ever experienced. And this is why we keep talking about personal preparedness.

The fact is, during a grid down situation you will be on your own. The government simply doesn’t have the ability, or the resources to help you survive. If you don’t have adequate training, emergency supplies, and the ability to survive this type of situation, your timing might be running out.

I would take this drill as a warning that you need to run your own drills, and figure out how you’ll respond to the chaos that will likely come after the grid goes down. Check out our Preparedness Resources, and learn everything you can while you still have the chance to do something about it.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Time is running out on those who sit by and get fat watching TV. If the government is planning for this you better plan for it too.

      • is that anything like the Flux Capacitor , I can use it to escape this time to go back into the past or sideways into an other dimension and play with all the actresses want

      • it was planned to coincide with the meteor, that way, when ,not if, but when they screw it up, obamamama can blame ISON, instead of Bush or his lastest,CHRISTIANS and the GOP

    • how dumb can you all get. its a DRILL. did they start a fire when you did the fire drill in school???? do you know how many would die if they ever did shut down all the juice. ITS A DRILL WAKE UP. has your power ever gone off??? have you never had a storm shut you down for a couple of hours. what kind of a world do you live in??? DRILL!!!

      • yeah, that’s what they said in Boston. Don’t worry folks, it’s just a drill. That was minutes before the bombs went off. Just a DRILL!!

      • yes my power was off for 2 weeks in 1994 quake in Los Angeles. Very ignorant statement to make John. My power did go off. I was prepared.

        • Parents went without power for over 4 wks in Houston after hurricane Ike, I believe. They survived. One side of many streets had power while the other side did not. It was not unusual to see very long extension cords crossings every streets. Family and neighbors worked together. When power was restored to one neighborhood, those with generators would take the generators to those with that need. What you saw on television was the worst of a really bad situation and it was not par for the course. ONE item you need to have in this type of situation: a gas can. And then you hide what you have. I live two hundred miles away and there were no gas cans to be found here or in Austin, north of us.

      • A Screwed up one-There is nothing like a drill I had in school-Just a total AFU situation-Get real shithead!!

    • Kenya power grid went down last year and they lost millions of dollars in just five hours if America power grid goes down just for 2 or 3 days it will cost billions maybe even trillions which will result in the end of our dollar congratulations this is it. Lol

  2. Things are spiraling down the drain. Hacker attacks, street thugs going crazy, the Syria crap that will probably start WW3 and now this. I’m glad I started preparing for this years ago.

  3. What the hell am I gonna do without the internet? Expect millions of people to have withdrawal symptoms and go batshit crazy.

  4. I was in a training class this week for a company that contracts out to power plants. The man said the work load was going to be high this nov and that it is odd that they would have that many plants offline at once. HMMMmmm maybe we are going dark? lol

      • pretty much, I just heard of it now, it would pretty bad if they decide to this drill. cause they dont let the people know. Alot of people panic pretty bad, which would not be a good thing especially for crowded cities like LA,NY,Chicago and other huge cities.

        • I have a camp stove with extra fuel, kerosene heater with 20 of kerosene, and a month’s worth of food and medicine, including dog food. Adding to stockpile every month.

          • But maybe they are not evil, maybe they have come to restore the natural order to the planet in order to insure the survival of humanity, because to be honest things are terribly out of balance and if “they” dont do anything, nature might just wipe us out completly, we have done nothing but harm and pollute the earth, we are like a virus taking to many resources and over populating, we dont live in accordance with nature, doomsday preping is not going to help you, only prolong your demise

  5. I lived in Phoenix, AZ and I think it was in the 90’s the power went out broad daylight on a sunny day. I think I remember hearing it was out in 4 states. I don’t remember much about it except being at work and going straight home to get my kids to keep them close and safe. Luckily it was only about 2 blocks. It was a very eerie feeling.

  6. I actually hope it goes down for good and we can reboot this shameful country and get back to how we started. The only bad part is the powers that be probably have that plan as well except their change is not going to be the change we want.

    • I agree with you. Our government will have a plan to survive without helping the American people. And if i live through this chaos, i will go and hunt these people (government) down myself and bring justice back to the people. Sure hope i get help from others who share my thoughts.

      • B.Carter…

        There are many people that would be right beside you. Anonymous is one of them. As far as our power grid going down and what the Government has planned, have you heard of Agenda 21, Marshall Law, Fema Camps. If you live in a city, get out. That will be a death trap. Find a spot in the hills or mountains. Pay attention to your surroundings. Does your spot have water near by? What kind of trees are overhead? The kind that lose their leaves in the winter? Do you have hills surrounding you to help keep out the wind? If you are not prepared for the worse now….do so!

      • Its not the governments fault, its the peoples fault they cry out for this and that like babies, and the government gives them what they want, and then when things go to shyt, they always have a scapegoat to blame which takes responsibility off of themselves, this is why humanity hasnt evolved to govern themselves, so that we dont need a government to do it

    • So you hope it goes down why? Do you have even the slightest idea how many people this will effect and how many will die? Have you really thought that comment through. Do you know anyone on oxygen,life support or any other mechanical device that needs power to run? Have you thought of the children that will die or suffer or the people that will freeze to death? IMHO you are an idiot. I prep for disaster but hope I will never need to use anything I have.

        • I was in a coma and “hooked” up. For 2 weeks the doctors told my family to make my funeral arrangements. Almost 2 months went by, during that time I improved, then God woke me up. That was 6 years ago, I had to learn to walk again, and returned to work. And I’m still here, because God pulled me through. We need to put our faith in Him and He will supply all our needs.

          • You are very correct. I am glad that God healed you and that you give him the glory. Bless you!

          • Amen BECKY! I’m not worried about anything, you know why? I know who has the control to end my life, or live it, and if I live it according to his will, I will do everything and trust that HE has a plan for me, and my family. Bless you and your true faith, that unfortunately a lot of people don’t have, nor understand. But it’s our job to witness and show them that there is something better out there, our creator, someone who will love us and not suffer in the world. I have a NOTW (Not of this world) sticker, as I am NOT of this world, I fear nothing of man, what can they do besides end my physical life? I know who I will be beside for eternity.

        • I’ll have to look up that one too. I am currently reading a book called The Survivors:Book One. It’s very good and makes me think about all the crap going on these days and what we’re headed for.

      • why is a shutdown planned in the winter? I see it was done in 2011 in November. On Purpose? Just Stupid? or maybe Diabolical? They fit all 3 categories! In my observation *__^

    • word I totally agree it would give ppl a chance to start over an live right but what im trying to figure out is what cities are going to be part of this test and how do I find out more I been looking but have found nothing on what states are going to be part of this I seen nothing yesterday and im kinda pulling for it today lol

  7. What about those on life support systems? Or those in need of dialysis? Or the elders who need heat in Nov? What’s the drill plans for them? Most of those folks are not well enough off to afford or maintain back up equipment and generators.

    • I’m not sure that they are actually powering the entire country off…. although there are a lot of utility workers out there chattering about some odd orders. I guess you never can tell with the wackos that are currently in charge.

    • Donna,

      The sad and brutal (but true)answer to your question is that in any real-life lengthy full-on grid down scenario, once the fuel runs out for whatever back-up generators exist; once the cars, trucks, buses, planes run dry with no more fuel coming through the pipelines…they’re all screwed! Unless folks have prepared to revert to some type of previously establised alternative power system that will get them by, they are in the long run, quite simply DEAD MEAT! If things get really that ugly? I’d estimate a die off upwards of 50% nationally, maybe more. I will not be pretty, folks.

      • They actually refer to the elder and handicapped as useless eaters (or something like that). They see them as a burden and will get rid of them. They are planning to depopulate this earth. I forget the numbers now but it’s over half they plan on getting rid of. I have food stored up and plenty of water to last perhaps 4 months but I’m thinking all that means is I’m dead in 5.

        • The first message carved on the Georgia Guidestones is, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”
          The world’s population is currently in excess of 7 billion – so they want rid of 90% of humanity.

        • Sheri, check out verticle growing pots and get some seeds. Try to stock up more food and have a water supply at hand or develope one. If you can grow your own, you can eat and trade the surplus for other things. Like meds and ammo.

    • While it’s unfortunate that people living off electricity may die and loved ones will be sad, when it comes down to it nature will always take its course. Either our whole country lives off electricity and fake life support systems, fake medicine, fake food and eventually dies as a whole OR the weak people die, the strong people live and have a chance at creating a better, more environmentally friendly, life sustaining way of living. That’s just the way it is. I hope the power goes out. I hope our species has to learn to take care of themselves again. I hope future generations have a chance at REAL health and REAL independence. We can’t grow without growing pains.

  8. They still do not have any plans for the nuclear power plants if the grid goes down more then two weeks.

    Look at what has happened in Japan! If the grid goes down for more then two weeks nuclear fallout will be almost all of the U. S.

    This is the first thing they need to work on since if they do not do something about the nuclear fallout problem then it does not matter how much we all prepare because we will all get the fallout from the nuclear power plants.

      • I have already asked that question and was enlightened to a shutdown process that happens automatically with out people on reserve gas before it runs out it basically buried the material almost permanently.

    • What the hell are you talking about?? Nuclear plants are designed for loss of offsite power and have onsite diesel generators with onsite fuel. In Japan, the offsite power and emergency power were both wiped out by the tsunami. In a blackout event, the plant still has the capability to safely shutdown.

    • I guess this is why the government bought those millions and millions of pre-packaged meals and those billions of bullet…

  9. The government is just now testing what would happen in the event of a national blackout? Ever since i hear the definition to EMP I have researched power and how to make it i sujest you do the same.

  10. Why in mid-November? Everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving, businesses will be running full bore for the holidays, gearing up for black Friday, etc. In addition, in the northern tier states it can be very cold during that time. What are they thinking? Or, is that part of their thinking? Crazy. Someone suggested a black swan event – who knows? Maybe.


    • If this is the governments plan to take over and disarm/imprison us then that’s why it will be in November. Colder months make for harder travel for those not prepared. Plus the holidays work as a distraction, most will be caught off guard by this event anyways, holidays just make that list bigger. I know what I’m doing when it all goes down.. and I will pray for those who suffer greatly when their fantasy bubble they live in POPS!!

      • Possible. I am quite scared to be honest. But you never know, we may be lucky… Or they may be feeling nice.
        But this was from NERC, the actual report anyway. I REALLY doubt they would put that information on the web for people to find and be ready for (And alert others about it). They’d most likely just knock it out.
        But, I hope not, but I could be wrong, or you could too.
        And it’s not necessarily going to happen either, or to the extent we think. And November could have been chosen BECAUSE it was cold, and as a test to see what the governments would do in the cold. If traveling is harder, it could be the same for the scenario. And the holidays could to make it MORE chaotic, making it harder. I wonder why it ISN’T on Black Friday. THAT would make it bad, and easy to takeover. But now buisnesses won’t lose that holiday money. Maybe it’s a buisness strategy, making people cherish electronics more, having them buy more ipods and xboxes and crud. I really do not know. But 2 days for the entire continent? Umm… depends. If the military is protesting (Or whatever it was) about Syria, they may not let a takeover go through.
        Sure the DoD and so have armoured vehicles and big guns, but the power for it to happen rests with the people in that position.
        Will there be a takeover? I don’t know. But the least I can say it is (from my view) seemingly unlikely. We just have to wait and see…
        If they’ve been doing it since 2011 (Like the report says), they probably would have done it sooner. When people wouldn’t expect it. Now we’re warned.
        Good luck to you all.

    • They dgaf about buisnesses, they are already trying to crash the dollar, really though try to get your head out of the box, Thanksgiving? R u serious? Wow people are stupid

  11. Actually, it’s a beta-test for our governments’ masters at the House of Rothschild to perfect taking down the grid, under the false-flag of “solar flares” . . .

    If the Rothschilds can take down the grid – and they can – then there’s no need to worry about a public critique of a war on Syria, or a war on Iran or America, for that matter.

  12. Will they be testing the backup generators of nuclear power plants that would be forced off-line by this scenario? You know, the ones that keep them from going all Chernobyl-ish on us? Which under previous circumstances [Mississippi river nuclear plant] have completely failed?
    Those honorable nuclear profiteers who would NEVER abandon a nuclear plant to its catastrophe under civilization collapse. Yeah, right.

  13. I was told that in a small city in Texas where I used to live that the water went out. Within 2 hrs all the water in stores was already gone and fights breaking out. Can you imagine what would happen to society if the grid went down even for a while!? Frightening!

    • If truck drivers stopped delivering today store shelves would be empty in 3days at the most. Add no water into the mix, plus no heat in November.. it will make every “end of the world” movie look like a Disney show.

  14. I’m not worried about nuclear plants; they all have diesel backup generators, as do major bank hubs, hospitals, 911 command centers, etc. The worry is going to be about food and water to survive for any length of time. The stores will be looted empty, as they were in New Orleans during Katrina. Water will cease to be pumped through the piping grid as power runs out. Unless you have a well with a manual pump, you won’t be receiving any additional water. So, you better have a stock of food and water already in place and an arsenal to protect it, which I have; been preparing for it since 2008. But I’m an old man and my stuff will go to my kids/grandkids. I’ll just quit taking my meds, which won’t be aavailable anyway, and quietly pass on into the heavens. Good luck to all!!

  15. I’m freaking out! What if it lasts longer than 2 days? What states is it going to effect? How am I suppose to keep my 2 year old warm!? We live in VA and November can be cold! Omg I’m actually scared!!!

    • Have you ever heard of layers. Stop with the whining. Have you never been camping? Just make sure you have plenty of food and water on hand, also flashlights and candles, a portable radio, charcoal for the grill (outside of course) a weapon to protect yourself with, good locks on the doors, unplug all your favorite electronics and plan to play with the two yr. old a lot.

      • FYI for ALL: 1 crayon will burn for 30 min, place a gallon of water near the light and it will magnify your lighting around the room better. This would be a backup to you if you ran out of candles, lamp oil, ect. Just do some research and get prepared for your childs sake!!

    • Your reaction is scaring me if its any indication of how most people will react, people are spoiled as hell! Omg! No electricity how am i going to stay warm without my heater! Biotch its called blankets! This is why homeless people will survive and you spoiled brats wont

    • The same way they survived and stayed warm before the invention of electricity, you know one of those natural ways to create heat? I think its called fire. :o)

    • I understand where you are coming from- I hope that you’ve taken this time to put some extra food and water away, and pull out the clothes for layering. We live in a cold state too.. I guess if we have to hang around the house in our snowpants to stay warm.. that’s what we have to do. :) Hang in there, we will all get through this.

  16. Ok the grid is vanurable, has been for years,,, let’s see, let’s not fix the issue, how about we just shut it down and see what’s happens,,, yup, that’s the ticket,,,, this is so government thinking ,,,

  17. This is scheduled to be a table top scenario, NOT an actual grid shutdown! They wouldn’t expose themselves to such a high level of damage liability by actually shutting down the grid. They’re doing this to identify their weak points so they can develop more reliable solutions. I think it will provide valuable information to keep the grid UP, at least for awhile, when something tries to affect it in the future.

    • I do hope you are right, I would not think it is an attack either, they would never tell us and the danger they would America in for two days could be devastating, all these mmillionaires are not going to let their businesses crash and all thier money go down the drain . I hope you are right.

    • I hope it’s a “tabletop “scenario, but it coincidentally is coinciding with the FEMA region 3 buildup.That is what is worrisome.All those supplies, troops, trainings, weapons, all to be ready by Oct. 1. Makes you go , “Hrmmmmmm”!

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