Massive Government Drill Planned to Test Possibility of U.S. Electric Grid Going Down

The U.S. Government is gearing up for a major Preparedness Drill that will simulate a Grid Down Scenario, one that will examine what would happen if the county’s electric grid was taken down by both physical and cyber-attacks.

powerlinesThe threat is very real and is something that we’ve covered in great detail in the past. Our electric grid is extremely vulnerable to an attack that could leave our country in the dark for weeks, maybe even months.

In preparation for this type of attack, our government is going to test the grids vulnerabilities, as thousands of utility workers team up with anti-terrorism experts, Homeland Security, the F.B.I. and other governmental agencies.

On November 13 – 14, 2013, the United States; Canada; and Mexico, along with more than 150 companies and organizations in all three countries, will take part in the GridEx 2013 Preparedness Drill –  one of the largest preparedness drills in our country’s history. They will practice for an event unlike anything this country has ever seen, one experts fear is only a matter of time away from happening.

The drill will look at how the three governments react to the loss of the power grid, and a crippled supply chain that would inevitably follow the event.

Most people don’t realize how important the grid is to almost everything in today’s world.

cell towerIt basically runs everything from our communication infrastructure, to our drinking water and our food distribution systems. But that’s really just the start. The economy, our hospitals and everything people depend on in today’s modern world would be gone.

If the grid goes down, this country will see mass panic and chaos like nothing we’ve ever experienced. And this is why we keep talking about personal preparedness.

The fact is, during a grid down situation you will be on your own. The government simply doesn’t have the ability, or the resources to help you survive. If you don’t have adequate training, emergency supplies, and the ability to survive this type of situation, your timing might be running out.

I would take this drill as a warning that you need to run your own drills, and figure out how you’ll respond to the chaos that will likely come after the grid goes down. Check out our Preparedness Resources, and learn everything you can while you still have the chance to do something about it.

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  1. why don’t we tell our enemies how vulnerable we are!!!!!!! Saying stuff like this for anybody to read….. this blows my mind!

  2. You mean they are so heartless that they will leave hospitals and home with out power for freezers, oxygen , and let all the food supple ruin that people have worked and paid for , for later use. There will probably be looting and robbery , murder and no telling what for people just to survive ,they only will be thinking of them selves and their family. This will have the world with more dead people than any war. There should be some way of evaluating a possible problem like this with out the actual drill.

  3. They can not even get a health care plan off the ground without it crashing what makes them think they can do this?

  4. this is it folks the dictator is going to make his ‘power grab’ good america i hope to see when its over sans liberals and communists.. God Speed to you all.

  5. First of all, hospitals and some shopping malls have their own back up generators. But why do this in the winter time? Better to do it in the spring when if they do shut the power down, we’re not going to be freezing our asses off for their stupidity.

  6. This will mot be a drill as they say…two comets fully charged will be in our vicinity ant the same time of this so-called drill…BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING

  7. Just a side thought didn’t we have one of these in 2011?

    NERC Announces Grid Security Exercise

    WASHINGTON, DC – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) announced it will conduct a cybersecurity incident readiness exercise, called GridEx 2011, in November as part of its ongoing cyber readiness program. The grid security exercise, scheduled for November 15-17, will test NERC’s and the electricity industry’s crisis response plans, and validate current readiness in response to a cyber incident. The exercise also will serve as an opportunity to enhance collaboration and strengthen industry security processes and capabilities.


    Posted On: 05/03/2011

  8. Fear is satan’s game and it loves to freak everyone out. Stop being nervous and let God lead you to what is right. satan is a liar..

  9. Everyone remember y2k..yeah right, had everyone worried. Oh what about the mayan calender predicting the end of the world? Oh here is a doozy, the meteor that was supposed to strike the earth? Oops..Relax yall..

    • Remember Hurricane Sandy, Katrina and countless other natural disasters? What about 9/11 and Fukushima? What about the collapse in Egypt that is bound to happen here?

      Being prepared is wise, so instead of focusing on doomsday events maybe you should look at what’s really happening to this world.

      By the way this site has written countless article debunking all the idiot doomsday people and often tells people to focus on the most likely disasters not the end of world garbage.

    • Because it was the most expensive remediation in history. I was part of it. Companies all of the world spent a trillion $ to fix the code so idiots like you could say “nothing happened derp.”

      Please educate yourself before you type again.

      • Amen Brother. It chaps my hide to hear people say Y2K was a farce/hoax/etc. IT folks around the world worked their butts off so nothing would happen. Businesses spent boatloads of money updating software and hardware. Y2K was a flipping VICTORY.

  10. That’s right folks, it’s GridEx II, from the people that brought you GridEx I, Y2k, The Zombie Appocolypse, Armageddon, and many more. Guaranteed to have you stocking up on flashlights, generators, canned food, camping gear, bomb shelters and much, much more useless equipment. And say, don’t forget to stock up on the new and improved Twinkee. That’s right, new Twinkees, with a shelf life of 100 years, resistant to nucleur blasts and much much more…

    Just another tall tale from conspiracy nutz to make tons of money from overprised “survival” equipment. How many times will America fall for this propaganda.

  11. If they do this for even just the 2 days and so many people know nothing about this its gonna be bad,my daughter works in a elderly care and didnt know anything about this i told her,and she was no way,the elderly peoople are gonna be scared and not just them this will throw alot of people in a panic,we will be fine,just as long as they only do this for 2 days we shall be ok God bless us all.

  12. I live in Killeen Tx. and I am a war veteran so I understand what you the government is trying to do. Is there anyway we can find out what states or cities are going to be affected by this shutdown?

  13. Show me where one single shut has ever happened!!!! These guys are playing you all for fools!!! Have you ever missed a meal, do you think someone will support you dumb asses!!!!

  14. I live in the northeast and have not noticed any power outage as of 1440, 13 November. I will notify if I notice any power problems.

  15. I wish you would not post things that you are just assuming are going to happen. Obvious it was a false alarm because it did not happen. When I posted this on FB my brother replied “sounds like Y2K to me.

  16. Stop playing with shit you know nothing about what so ever I thought you were somewhat amusing but you be come tiresome an small buy you after all human made with built in flaws an imperfections I truly am amazed that this species made it as long as it had


  18. Maybe we should just go back to the analog meters since the smart meter system can be hacked. Not to mention there are cliches in the system where people are ending up with neighbors electricity usage on their meters because the meters communicate with each other that meter was at the end of the communication line. Not to mention. The WHO has released the smart meter as a possible carcinogen due to radio frequencies and the effect on the body. Including cancer, leukemia, seizures, nausea and headaches

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