Ron Paul asks Who Else is on Obama’s Secret Kill List?

The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution says that Americans are never to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. But some think that this shouldn’t apply to certain people.

In fact, according to anonymous Obama administration officials, they can now approve the killing of American citizens through a secret government committee, not subject to congressional oversight or judicial review. The news was reported last week by Reuters who found out recommendations for this new secret kill list are drawn up by a committee of mid-level National Security Council and agency officials.

After the White House ordered killing of two terrorists, who were American citizens, Ron Paul, and many other Americans, are starting to wonder who’s on the Governments secret Kill list, and what’s the criteria that puts someone on this list?

And another interesting opinion from Michael Savage….

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  1. Trial in absentia is the most “proper” way to do this.

    I’m not happy that “executive order” has taken on a new meaning.

  2. Murder is murder no matter how you try to spin it or what committee sanctions it ESPECIALLY WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. Oh but they can do anything they want all they have to do is invoke 2 little words “National Security” WHAT A JOKE!!!! I have a huge problem with all this secret and top secret nonsense. It is our government, WE ARE THE BOSS, not them. It is about time they start realizing that. If we the BOSS want information it is the duty of the employee to be transparent or the employee should be fired. Having all these secret programs and such only promotes distrust, dissent, and corruption. While I do understand that some information does need to be prevented from entering foreign hands to protect and benefit our domestic populace, there needs to be a balance to promote the trust necessary for a nation’s citizens to have in the government that is supposed to benefit them. I do not trust them or their corporate masters.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with both these guys.

    Just one more to add to the list of 1984 Big Brother craziness, along with the Patriot act, the no fly list, the guns purchasing information roundup, and so many more.

    I love Savage’s “it’s not like the guy died of eating a falafal sandwich” quip @ 13:30…priceless.

    Thanks for posting OGS.

  4. If you recall the case of Paul Walker Lindh, the “American Taliban,” he was an American citizen, actively engaged in trying to kill American soldiers. Al-Alwalki was actively trying to destroy the duly elected government of the United States of America, kill its citizens, and was actively involved in treason. He had not renounced his citizenship only to prevent his assassination, or to further his cause if it happened. He was operating abroad and giving material support for our enemies. If Paul Walker Lindh had been killed in Afghanistan in combat, it would not have been an issue. If he had led a group inside the United States that was in open rebellion against the government, under the law of the land, the president would have been authorized to use military force to kill this man. It is not to say that Al-Alwaki fell into either category, but there are some parallels. Also, although I believe that the president’s actions to be justifiable, this sets a dangerous precedent. It is not just a matter of what Obama might do, but any future government. Remember, the Fourteenth Amendment was initially designed to protect the rights of citizens in general, and blacks in specific; but it was not used like that for the better part of a century. It was first used by the government to say that corporations were to have (most of) the same rights as you or me. Again how this event might be used tomorrow, or ten or fifty years from now is very scary. I seriously doubt that Obama is out to kill of political foes, in fact I think that it’s likely that Obama, and many presidents before him are under mortal threat from the powers that be. But what this could be used to justify to the people later on… that worries me greatly.

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