Is the government tracking survival websites and survivalists?

Government AgenciesAfter reading an article over at The Blaze, about the government tracking their website after a reader posted a comment about the Zombie Apocalypse, I figured I would take a look at my stats and found some very interesting things.

It seems that our federal government is really interested in Survival Topics; so much so, that a number of federal agencies seem to be coming to my site on a daily basis. While I don’t know if they are tracking survival websites – after all maybe they’re just big fans – I do know that they seem to have a huge interest in what we are doing and saying lately.

Here are a couple of screenshots that show some of the agencies who seem to love this site:

Department of Homeland Security (68 Visits in the last month)

DHS Tracking

So what was the Spike on September 6th?
Well from what I can tell in my stats, it looks like they were really interested in my Off Grid Living article on how local governments were actively going after people who are living off the grid, and even throwing some in jail.

So What exactly is the government so interested in?

In the article from The Blaze, the tracking started when a reader made a comment about the “Zombie Apocalypse” Right after that happened, the Department of Homeland Security, the CDC, the Department of Defense, the Navy Network Information Center and 754th Electronic Systems Group all started showing up at their site.

Here’s the screenshot from the Blaze:

But it’s not just websites that are being tracked; remember our article from last month on how Homeland Security was encouraging Gun Shops and Military Surplus stores to spy on, and track preppers and survivalists?

So why is the government so interested in anything that has to do with survival, prepping, and now apparently the zombie apocalypse? 

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  1. The hopeful thought might be that there are people working in the government that wanna know how to survive. Or in the case of the “Living Off the Grid” article, wanna know WTF?

    The paranoid thought (not saying it isn’t right) might be they’re gathering intel on where to find the folks that have the cache.

    There are probably dozens of answers in between, too. Still, it’s something to make you say “hmmmmm”.

  2. Very odd that they are taking such an interest in survival and emergency preparedness lately. It makes you wonder what is coming.

    Do they know somethings gonna happen and they are trying to do damage control? Are they totally clueless and maybe just trying to figure our how to save themselves?

    My guess is they don’t like anyone who can fend for themselves or anyone who doesn’t need Uncle Sam’s Handouts. It’s a threat to their control and their power!

  3. The reference of a zombie apocalypse might be a HTML marked tag left by someone who is paid to visit survival websites and grade them as a threat for those behind the curtain pulling the world’s strings. Zombie Apocalypse is a very unusual term and could be the red flag placed there as a place of interest to investigate and monitor by Big Brother.

  4. I just hope that they do not try to shut all of us down. We are only trying to look out for our familys and friends by getting prepared.

  5. the HLS at the top is of interest..the others look to me as if they’re followers of the site…but who knows the more technology one uses the easier it is to track them….so much for pen & paper……

  6. Hope for the best- you have actual, genuine Fed Gov’t fans, realize reality, they may have other interests in your site, but you are not advocating anything the Fed. alphabet agencies aren’t already saying- you saying it more eloquently than them.

    Realize the dark reality, according to DHS doctrine- we are defined as potential security threats. The DHS document is published on the web, I don’t have the URL handy, just Google it and it will show up.

    Protect yourself like other sites that are concerned about being disappeared- include your site address (###.###.###…) on every page. That address will keep you visible. Under that address include the Internet Archives ( address too. You’ve protected yourself about as well as possible.

    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. dr

  7. Not really to worried about it….. Find it more interesting than anything that DHS would have the time to come visit my site.

  8. First off, I’m a proud prepper, and above that a proud American. If our government is looking at these sites, it makes me happy because then I know that they are doing their job—trying to protect the people. For those that worry that Big Brother is watching, they’re usually worried because they have something to hide. The government isn’t the big bad boogy-man. Don’t get me wrong, our government isn’t perfect by no means, but they’re not out to do us in either. This site is a good site. It’s on the up and up to help good Americans prep for what ever may come. But there obviously are sites out there that are questionable, because if there wasn’t then the government wouldn’t be checking into it. They are just doing their job. And no, I’m not a politician.

  9. The problem with these IP trackers is that they don’t actually show who the user is. For example, I work for a branch of the military. At lunch, I often eat at my desk and am able to go through Google Reader and read the blogs that I subscribe to (this being one). If I click over to this site, the IP tracker would show up as some version of one of the “Unique Visitors” listed above. I’m not tracking what this website is doing. I’m not doing anything nefarious. I’m just some civilian that is reading this blog on my lunch break. It’s that simple.

    • DL… I’m not to worried about the military hit’s… We have a ton of military people that come to the site and a few of them contribute material from time to time. The one that’s interesting to me is the DHS hits since they seem to have a problem lately with preppers.

  10. I am in the ARMY. When I surf your site from work it will show up as a military visit. Could be DOD or some other depending on what computer I am at. I love your site and imagine that you and your users are probably being track by someone. Being well prepared is uncommon and looks suspicious to the government. It is nothing to worry about though. Just about everything you do is being tracked by the government and logged for later use.

  11. I’m going to stay positive today and venture that they’re actually trying to learn something useful. Have a wonderful day. :)

  12. I am a first time visitor to your site. I am also working for a government agency (the VA). I am like the rest of you, trying to be better prepared for any eventuality. Learn from everyone and take what best works for you in your situation.

  13. I am sure just about everything we do related to survival is being tracked. The Internet is one big pipe line to the powers that want to control us.

  14. Probably those visits are from some civilian at their lunch time or other break. When they want to track, you can be sure their visit will appear like something else, or better, they will make google or other big company do the actual feeding for them.

  15. I don’t think the sudden interest is particularly insidious. If I were homeland security, I’d want to get a feel for public opinion. They probably track number of visits and sentiment analysis to see how scared or hacked off people are.

    A certain number of them, however, may just be wanting to take care of their families, and have access to information the rest of us don’t. I’d treat the spike in visitors as a yellow alert.

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