Gun Restrictions Coming after the Election.

ar15 with ammo in the backgroundAnytime you start talking about a coming bans on firearms, people come out of the woodwork to tell you how crazy you are and how that could never happen in America. Well if you watched last night’s presidential debate, it should be painfully obvious that this is no conspiracy theory. Come election time, gun owners are going to be under attack from new federal legislation that will severely limit what you can and can’t purchase.

Anyone who believes in the right to bear arms, needs to start paying serious attention to what’s going on. In a very telling sign of what’s to come, both candidates seemed to indicate that the so-called “assault weapons ban” could be again rearing its ugly head.

While Romney didn’t say that he would outright introduce the ban nationally, he did admit that he supported a ban on these firearms while Governor of Massachusetts. On the other hand, President Barack Obama admitted that during a second term his agenda would include, reintroducing a ban on what he calls, “assault weapons”. This legislation would ban firearms like, AR15’s, AK47’s and numerous other rifles and shotguns.

In the debate Obama said:

…”What I’m trying to do is to get a broader conversation about how do we reduce the violence generally. Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.”

As we’ve pointed our numerous times in the past, we have two of the most anti-gun presidential candidates in history running for office. While one candidate, President Obama, has now come out and telegraphed his intentions for the world to hear; the other candidate also has a pretty shady gun record that we must be aware of.

When Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney passed the nation’s first ban on so-called “assault weapons” and then increased fees on Massachusetts gun owners by over 400%. While campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun control laws, pushed for a five-day waiting period for gun purchases, and joked that his positions did not “line up with the NRA.”

As we said in the previous article on this topic, when election time rolls around, gun owners are going to have a lot to watch out for.

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  1. Sickening that this is what we have to choose from. One guy who admits he will take our guns and the other who has taken them in the past.

  2. I guess to those that didn’t watch the debate they missed where Romney said He didn’t want any kind of gun ban….he wanted to change the our culture of violence. Which is NOT the same thing. Stop all the fear nonvoting over this. Romney has said over and over in this campaign he will not sign a gun ban of any kind. What he did in the state he was gov. Was wanted by a majority of the people that live there he also made a way for honest folks to get a ccw in that same bill.

    • I guess to those who believe everything they hear politicians say in a debate; all I can say is look at what they’ve done in the past.

      If you still choose to ignore their actual history then there’s really not much else I can say to you on the subject.

      • So from the article and your reply I guess I can assume we should vote for …..third party huh. The truth is people can change their minds….and beliefs….but to assert whenever a candidate is talking its a lie is childish. Real people do it all the time grown folks can realize errors in their positions. I am sure if I look back enough this website will have conflicting articles ! We don’t elect perfect people because WE ourselves are not perfect.

        • I’m not telling anyone who to vote for, I’m just pointing out the facts as they’ve happened.

          I believe peoples action are a far better indicator of what they’ll do in the future than what they say out on the campaign trail.

          • I get what your saying….but in this election given our choices we all need to come together and do what is right for our way of life. Obama is not now saying nor has he ever said he cares about our 2nd amend. Right. Romney is a political person…which given the right votes WE can control. Obama is a socialist at his core….WE can’t do four more years of this ! I respect what you are saying and am glad you post these articles for us. I am not a Romney fan….by no means but WE have no option. I hate we are forced in this corner but we need to pull together or OUR way of life will be gone in four more years of Obama.

          • Do you actually think that its obama doing all of these things? the answer is no. The people who are controlling this county are the powers that be, the rich and wealthy, the people that they never speak about. those are the people who decide the law and make the rules. when ever it comes to an election, its those people who decide rather the president should be president or not …. they dont care about the peoples votes.

        • You can change your mind about the clothes you wear or your hair style, but core beliefs for any body I would vote for will never change. The right to self defense is fundamental to a free society. If you waiver on that at any point in your existence you are a fraud.

    • I used to live in Ma when Romney was Governor, He Raised the prices of LTC to an outrageous amount and they make it extremely difficult to get a gun in Mass!

      • Mass SUCKS, it has the worst crew of gun grabbing, corrupt, scumbag politicians in the country. Google “big dig” and “Mass three speakers indicted” if there are any doubts.

        Romney has ONE thing going for him over Obama. He’s more susceptible to public pressure. This didn’t mean much in a moonbat state like Mass, but nationally most people DO NOT support gun control; if enough people scream loud and long enough on that issue he will back down. Obama as a lame duck will not back down, not having to worry about re-election he will have nothing to lose and will try pushing through the crappiest gun laws he can.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT a big Romney fan, he’s just the best you can get out of an overall raw deal.

        • “Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT a big Romney fan, he’s just the best you can get out of an overall raw deal.”

          Really? Ever hear the name Ron Paul?

          Stop buying into this antiquated two party system that we have proven doesn’t work, instead vote for who YOU want, not who THEY tell you to choose.

          I can only hope that all the real Americans that read this site are planning to vote for the next real American President, Ron Paul 2012

          Let’s bring the Constitution back to where it belongs

          • I would agree that Dr. Ron Paul would be “the best candidate”to be president at the 2012 election. However, since his funding did not allow him to continue further, he did not make the party’s sponsorship.

            Even if he were on the ballot, I believe a vote for Ron Paul would not come close based on a percentage of voters that will be voting for the other candidates. This in essence would almost equate to a vote for Fearless Leader as it takes a vote away from Romney, the leading contender against the current ‘rat bastard.’

      • I’m sure Romney was a bad Governor, I really think that as a president he will stick too. But given the two I’ll take Romney. I hate having to vote for the lesser of two idiots

  3. I didn’t think sweeping gun controll was possible. then i watched the news footage of 3 new orleans police wrestling a little old ladie to the floor to take her pistol. She was holding at her side taking to them. When i heard about it, at first i thought it was a rumor by KOOKs our government wouldn’t do that. Now i wouldn’ put any thing by them, and don’t intend giving them the benifit of the doubt any more.

  4. Obama signed into law the right to carry concealed in national parks (which I take advantage of often) and allowed individuals to transport in carry-on luggage weapons.

    • My apologies…I’ve had a couple of drinks…

      *and allowed individuals to transport weapons in carry-on luggage on Amtrak trains.

  5. No matter what who said what or this arguing over politics. The article was to make us aware that we should be mindful of what is really going on in our lives outside of just daily work routines. I for one feel that if any president signed a bill that confiscated weapons, I’m sure there would be a large push back.

  6. As all of this is being discussed right now, most gun stores are seeing dollar signs. Every AR and AK will jump up in price along with the ammo. Thank you BIG BROTHER!!!

  7. Total BS. The gun lobby is spreading fear and it is very profitable for gun shops and ammo sales. They did this same thing leading into the last election. I could not believe the price of ammo, it skyrocketed due to the FEAR that “they is gonna take our guns away from us”. Absolutely ridiculous folks….come on wake up. This is all about money for the gun industry, they will make it hand over fist as everyone surges demand for gun products. Do you really think the people will allow this? NOT! Stop spreading the fear, I am so sick of this kind of BS.

    • So the gun lobby got Obama to say that he was going to “reintroduce the Assault weapons ban” so they could sell more guns?

      • Gun lobby, Congress, President, it doesnt matter who creates the scare its here. No matter what the prices are going to sky-rocket because most gun stores see nothing but huge profits from a scared public. Im all for making a profit but to “rape” the public because of a ban scare is as wrong as a priest watching 2 boys f*** on the church lawn

      • No, the politics are about making people (like women) feel safer in order to secure votes prior to the election. The gun lobby is using the fear of our guns being taken away to increase profits. Everyone thought O was going to take the guns away after 2008, that never happened. This is a replay. Everyone should just chill and wait about 6 months for the prices to come back down. My 2 cents.

        • Wait on prices to go down? Its just like gas. When you see the ultra high prices for so long you dont mind paying the small reduction in price later on.

    • Obama said it on National TV. Right after the absurd AK- 47 question were you watching ? The gun market is an easy Target for those sheep who get their facts from media sound bites. To infer this is some how a vast conspiracy by anyone to boost revenue is giving them too much credit. If you put five politicians in a room and ask a question on an issue you will get five seperate opinions….do really think they ALL got together to help raise the price of ammo or AR 15s ? Look at where Obama is from…Chicago where they have some of the most restrictive guns laws around…but yet they are confused why they can’t stop the killings. People who believe gun control is the answer to crime are simple cell organisms that have never walked a mile in one of out inner city war zones.

  8. Now as we all know no matter who gets elected we are going to be in a sh*t storm either way.It is already easier for a criminal to pick up a gun off the street than for me to go through my back round check as a law abiding citizen.They will be banning ar-15’s and ak’s so if you have wanted one now is the time to buy because you might not get another chance!!!they will also be putting higher taxes on ammo and brass in general……………so good luck guys buy as much as you can now

  9. on the issues of:
    gun control – more is coming regardless who gets purchased into office;
    presidential election: our choice is between 0bamination or his white, Vitalis counterpart – it will make no difference;
    prepping – do it now, do it fast, do it broadly, focus on it, read about it, live it, and above all keep your mouth shut about it; use cash whenever possible to reduce the paper trail.. get ready, get prepped…
    redundant..?? yes because i can’t be emphatic enough…

  10. i think there needs to be a law against assualt weapons, there is no reason an average person needs a gun that is capable of shooting several rounds a minute with high capacity mags. theses weapons were built for military and police applacations not for joe public. this will probably upset some people and before you start on me let me first say that im a ferm believer in my rights to own guns and i own several different guns ranging from rifles to pistols but will never own or support the selling of assault weapons

    • You better keep a close eye on your rifles because the term assault weapon applies to far more types of weapons than the media would like you to believe. In terms of shotguns it could mean anything that hold more than 5 rounds. How is that high capacity?

      If a group of thugs breaks into your house you’re going to wish you had one of those evil “high capacity” clips because you can be damn sure that they will. No law will ever stop the criminals from obtaining these or any other weapons.

    • Have you even read the 2nd Ammendment! There is nothing about hunting, Target shooting, or sport. It is for arming yourself as a militia if needed. That is why it is there. Do you really think When the time comes to defend your family they’ll change the law back so you can arm yourself. ( pretty sure they’ll take apass on that )

    • I can think of a reason the average person needs a gun that is capable of shooting several rounds a minute with high capacity mags. Self-defense against criminals that will have these weapons whether they are legal or not. Even if you don’t accept that, the 2nd amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. It doesn’t specify pistols, rifles, assault rifles, bb guns, or slingshots. Ban assault weapons and it’s just a sliding scale of which weapons are “justified” or “too dangerous” or “unnecessary”. Shot guns can do a lot of collateral damage with how they spray out. Why have a shotgun when a single-shot .22 with absolute perfect aim will work? I’ll tell you why. Because when somebody breaks into your home in the middle of the night and your adrenaline is surging, your aim won’t be anything near like it is at the gun range. I would rather have all the chances (bullets) I can get to stop the intruder.

  11. It has been said many times before and will be said many times again in the future.

    While the Second Amendment states “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” any effort to introduce, reintroduce or otherwise restrict gun ownership will only burden law abiding citizens because criminals will always be able to obtain firearms no matter how ‘illegal’ it will be to own them; DUH, they are criminals, does anyone trying to push these efforts not realize this?!?

    By restricting citizen that can [currently] own firearms, this will place them further into a situation where they would be unable to defend themselves, and if they did defend their person and property, then ‘they’ would become criminals… this is ludicrous.

    One of these days, if and when those legislators moving in this direction in one felt swoop pull their collective heads out of their @$$es it would be a loud noise of that vacuum being filled.

  12. everyone here complains about not being able to buy ak 47s when nobody here has a real use for one. if a group of people break in youre screwed if the government takes over youre screwed the only way you arent is if you have enough space between you and everyone else in which case youre grann daddys bolt action will work fine

  13. Why you scared?
    Protect your rights and stop being cowards. Also neither of these presidents are gonna take guns. If they do it will be their biggest mistake. Good luck getting them.

  14. I HAVE the RIGHT to own a GUN.
    Guns DON’T KILL, PEOPLE do the Killing.
    Have the proses and paper work,give more info about the Person appling. IT’S the PERSON!!
    The BAD GUY will always get a GUN!!!
    THINK, do the right thing for everyone!!!

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