Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work? Chicago more Dangerous than Afghanistan Warzone

According to an analysis by WND, Chicagoans are at a greater risk of being murdered than soldiers in the middle of Afghanistan. Over the past ten years, more people have been murdered on the streets of Chicago than the number of American forces that have died in Afghanistan.

In a city that makes it impossible for law-abiding citizens to own a gun, the death toll from those murdered with a gun is almost beyond belief. In fact, it’s not unheard of for the city to routinely see over 50 shooting in a single weekend.

According to the WND review, from 2003 to 2011, 4,265 people were murdered in Chicago; compare that with the 2,166 military members who been have killed since Oct. 7, 2001 in Afghanistan, and you really have to ask yourself how anyone could think these gun control laws are working.

chicago crime stats

Assault Weapon Ban would do Nothing to Stop the Killings

When you look at the current assault weapons ban legislation that is being proposed by the Senate, you quickly realize how little this legislation would do to curb the violence. According to the numbers compiled by the Chicago police department, which line up with the national numbers, less than 1 percent of the murders in the last ten years were committed by the semi-automatic rifles that the AWB bill goes after.

Despite what the idiots in Washington would like the public to believe; guns save innocent people’s lives. I know this is an inconvenient truth for the morons who keep pushing their gun control agenda, but there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to support these facts.

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  1. This is exactly why we need not just gun control but gun confiscation. If we actually took everyone’s guns away then we wouldn’t have this senseless violence. It’s time they start arresting members of the NRA and put an end to this nonsense. I can guarantee most of this is done by the NRA

    • You take away all the guns huh and that will cause world peace? Have you just lost all your marbles? These killings do not happen BY REGISTERED GUN OWNERS YOU TWIT but by thugs who could give a rats poop what the LAW says. As long as these wolves know the sheep are too stupid to have guns they will continue to kill the sheep. Idiots like you give theses thugs reason to keep killing.

    • O2012: Senseless violence won’t be curbed by taking guns away! Especially, by taking gun’s away from law abiding citizens who could save your life one day. But, if your gonna be like that, then I’ll just let the criminals stomp on you while they rape and kill your children in front of you! News Flash: It doesn’t take a gun for Senseless violence to be committed!

      History Proves that man has always inflicted senseless violence. Religious Leaders and Governments have been our Breeder’s and Mentors for centuries. We can choose to be Minion’s, Slaves or Rebels. Those are your choices other then to “Die and decrease the Surplus Population”!

    • there is no way this is committed by what you are calling thugs. that’s just a convenient way for tea party people to pin this on poor minorities who always end up taking the blame for everything. some of it may be gang violence but it’s a small amount and is a result of the tea party people defunding programs in the inner city

      • “Thug” is a general term, genius, that does not decree race nor socioeconomic standing. ANYONE, from ANYWHERE can be a thug….YOU are the one who just labeled “thug” as a “minority” thing.

      • Thats right blame the tea party or wait want to blame bush to. you dumb .ss libs always make excuses for the thug minorities and not hold them responsible for there own actions. that’s right I said it I’m tired of all this pc crap. They keep killing each other over turf or drugs or just because they don’t like someone. and they know you bleeding heart libs will make excuses for them.

        • If there were no minorities then there would be no majority.because they exist is the only reason you can feel good about your place in existence in life. If we were all given the same opportunities in life then there would be no emotional turmoil and struggle that leads to the search for answers that come with violence and distinction that are so readily available in minorities neiborhoods. These destructive solutions are not put in the boat loads in the majorities neiborhoods because they are given great opportunities. It would be pointless to put bad opportunities in neiborhoods of the majorities live when they have so many great opportunities to succeed. No matter what the majorities will always be a step above because then have had generations of success prior to them who have paved the way and have taught them success and even if they know nothing they can learn and have no trouble applying what they learn by being offered career that they apply for minorities can learn but very few are given the jobs to apply what they learn. Most majorities are offered employment before graduation. Minorities are given pats on the back and told good job good luck with that. This type of treatment leads to anger cold hearted destruction to those with in reach.

      • Wow. That is all i can say. So murder just started once guns came around?? Lets take all the guns from the law abiding people in the country so that the criminals will be able to rob us without having to worry about being shot themselves…. I dont like calling people names but pull your head out of your ass and read about the truth. The propaganda that you see on the News is what they want you to know…..

    • If you confiscate guns then people will buy them illegally and then they will not be able to defend themselves if they need to.

    • Man I am going to be honest with you MR. if they started arresting NRA members there would be another civil war in our country. I am with the NRA. There are more deaths from alcohol than by guns. They need to go after alcohol first and make pot legal. How many people have died from smoking pot and driving?
      To be honest people can get guns illegally quicker than the government. If we have to give our guns up so should the military. Cops and federal agents are crooks.
      Also the FBI has ordered more hits on people than anyone else.
      The last thing I have to say is if they try too take our guns around here it will be war.

    • Have we stopped drugs from coming into this Country with some many laws that we have for drugs? We we only have criminals export guns just like drugs come into this Country so only they have guns?

      Will then any Government take control of the peoples freedoms since the people do not have any way to defend them self?

      There will always be guns and there will always be a way to kill. The FBI report on crimes says that hammers and bats killed more people then guns did so are you for banning them too?

      • Actually just Assault Rifles. Ilegal weapons comprise most shootings. Drunk drivers and car accidents are much higher. Maybe a Ban on all cars!!! that will save us all!!!!

    • You are blithering idiot. Cities that have outlawed guns have higher crime rates that cities that have not. Why? Criminals. Do you expect a gang banger to surrender weapons just because some limp wristed liberal wants them too? Guns should be in the hands of every American. You level the playing field, you come as close to peace as possible.

    • Gun confiscation would do nothing, as the site shows how many *illeagle* crimes have been committed, not how many law abiding citizens killed people (as this would be contradictory) you think criminals would hand over their weapons voluntarily? They should allow guns into law abiding citizens hand’s so they have the chance to protect others, and themselves.

  2. According to the FBI, more people are murdered with hammers and baseball bats than firearms. So why doesn’t it make the evening national news everytime one happens? It’s not sensational enough. You will never hear of a movement to ban the manufacture and sale of baseball bats. There’s no Constitutional right to own a bat and since they are so leathal, they should be banned. They serve no useful purpose in modern society.

    • There is no way that is accurate. These assault machine guns can kill hundreds and hundreds of people in seconds all with one gun. one shooting alone could get hundreds of people these things and all guns should be banned and made illegal.

      • Stop trolling these forums. There is no way someone can be as ignorant as you, and if you are truly speaking your mind, then god help this country if people like you can vote. “Assault machine guns”? Those already are illegal. “Hundreds and hundreds of people in seconds?” That’s barely possible with a minigun let alone a semi-automatic. Please desist from speaking your ignorant tirades.

        • bahahahahahaha…… know, I’m a liberal democrat, HOWEVER, that has always been a discussion I do not agree on with my fellow liberals (Gun control that is). Seriously, O2012, I agree with marine. You really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, so why troll this forum with your lack of knowledge about this discussion? Banning any kind of gun is ridiculous. It won’t stop the violence. The violence isn’t in the gun, it’s in the person who’s finger is on the trigger. If I want an AR15 that is MY RIGHT as a citizen of a somewhat still FREE country to have one.

      • The FBI also doesn’t break down the killing into their proper categories.
        justifiable homicides are included in that data I bet. As well as cops that killed people.
        Anything to beef those numbers up.

      • O2012 I see you do not like the facts! Yes CNN, MSNBC, CBS they also do not like the facts. Fact: Chicago, New York City have the strongest gun controls in the U. S. and they also have the highest crimes in the Nation. Fact: FBI report says hammers and Bats kill more people then guns!

        Fact there are 100’s of laws banning drugs from coming into the U. S.. Fact they keep on coming into this country no matter how many laws we put on the books.

        Now you do not like though facts do you, you like lies!

  3. o2012 you should go see your dr. maybe he can help you out … O wait they can’t fix stupidity yet maybe one day they will be able to help you out . I doubt it !!!!

  4. O2012: You might want to stop regurgitating and read up on some history, war tactics and psychology! The best knowledge is self sought! The gun issue is not black and white. It’s not as simple as remove the guns, remove the problem. But, I guess you will find that out soon, once the herd has been corralled and finds it’s Shepard has left them for slaughter.

  5. looks like we have a troll!

    why would any body who is completely against guns even be here? obviously in their mind nothing bad will ever happen and if it does you will have the gov’t and local law enforcement there to hold your hand.

    the majority of people live with an extreme normalcy bias. 02012 would do well to read some history and see how people are treated in countries where no one has guns except the gov’t. not only that but some american history.

  6. Actually a LOT more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan. They don’t count all the casualties. Remember it’s govt accounting. For instance, when someone is mortally wounded, they put them on a plane to Landstuhl AFB for medical treatment and when they are declared dead in Germany or elsewhere they are not counted as war dead. Crazy but true. Kinda like people who don’t have jobs but aren’t counted as unemployed.

    BUY SILVER. Take possession.

  7. Where the heck is cjohnson now, to defend his / her Chicago? Hello? Cj?

    (sound of crickets chirping. chirp………chirp…)

  8. o2012 Google Kennesaw Gergia. Kennesaw Georgia enacted a law that required every head of household to own a gun and ammunition for it. The very first year the crime rate dropped 95% and continued to drop even further after that. It is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in in the United States. Now there are some facts for you.

  9. according to the stats above we don’t need t send these people to Afganistan. Send them to Chicago then ask them if they think guns should be taken away from law biding citizens.
    according to Fox News audio leaks from gov. officials Drone Strikes can be used on Americans if Americans take up with the Enemy. Who do you think the Enemy is? Law Biding Citizen that own guns!
    Tyranny, That is why we need guns. To protect ourselves against the government. Also an FYI The Conn.State Police released a report that the Newtown murders were done by GLOCKS!The Buschmaster AR15 was never remver from the shooters car. Why is not the press reporting that.

  10. come on world! by taking guns away from all citizens is like saying that everyone that owns a firearm is going to use it wrongly. but what about the citizens that need to protect themselves from the pointless murders rapes and robberies!?!? you will never take my firearms away from be because your not leaving my family defenseless from all the cruelty this world has to offer

  11. How about the people of Venezuela. They have no guns & little hope. Are starving to death & can’t remove Communist Maduro!!!!!

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