GUN CONTROL: Obama administration issues two executive actions defining who can buy a gun.

The Obama administration quietly released a press statement, confirming President Obama will be signing two new executive actions defining who can buy a gun based on mental health issues.

The restrictions will try to limit who can buy a gun, based on past mental health issues. The new mental health restrictions, which are being enforced as regulations through the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services, will allow the government to get around certain privacy laws so they can access your private medical records. It also allows them to yet again sidestep congress.

One of the regulations allows the feds to access your private medical records to determine your “mental stability” in relation to owning a firearm. If you are found to be mentally unstable, the Justice Department can then deny your right to own a firearm.  But the problem really comes from who’s defining what “mentally unstable” actually means.

While most people would probably agree that mentally ill people with a history of violence shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm, the new regulations aren’t quite that simple. In fact, under these laws – as we’ve seen happen recently in New York – pretty much anyone can be declared mentally unfit.

Earlier this year, the State of New York used similar mental health regulations to classify anxiety as a mental health issue. Because of that, anyone who has ever reported feeling anxious could be at risk of losing their 2nd amendment rights. In fact, there are already a number of cases making their way through the court system in New York, where people actually lost their rights because they were prescribed anti-anxiety medications.

Since almost 25% of the population now takes anti-anxiety / depression medications, almost a quarter of the country could be at risk of being labeled mentally unfit to own a firearm if these same policies take hold at a federal level.

They’ve already started going after Vets with these regulations.

Anyone who thinks these regulations are about stopping mentally violent people from owning a gun, should take a look at what the federal government is doing to returning vets who have been injured during battle.

Last month we reported on how veterans with financial troubles were being labeled Mental Defectives, thus stripping them of their ability to own a firearm. As part of a new U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) process, any injured veteran who is unable to personally manage their own disability benefits is being entered into the F.B.I. NICS System, and told they will no longer legally be able to own or buy a firearm.

If this can be done to returning veterans, what do you think is going to happen once these regulations are let loose on the general public?


    • And just think of the millions of children who have been “diagnosed” with all manor of mental health problems: ADD, ADHD, Depression, etc,. etc. This tsunami has been building for years. It’s about to engulf the 2nd. Amendment, at the very least. Insidious.

      • So be sure to sign up to Obamacare! That way they know who all has been prescribed ADD / ADHD, sleep medication, depression.. (Sarcasm emphasized!)

      • Both my children have server ADHD and Chronic insomnia with sleeping. I was filing under them disability. But they love to hunt with me and as I started doing more research under what Obama doing with All his executive Orders. The State has been pushing me to do there appointments, now I know why. I have cancelled there appointments and I suggest anyone that has theirTHE ORDER children on anti-anxiety medication TAKE THEM OFF & CANCEL THERE APPOINTMENTS WITH THEIR INTERVIEW WITH THE STATE APPLYING FOR DISABILITY. We as citizens have to stand up for not only our rights but OUR CHILDREN. PLEASE COPY THIS AND SEND IT TO EVERY ONE YOU KNOW. Thomas Brantley.

        • Research the health benefits of Tumeric in capsule form, 95% curcumin. Doctors over prescribe due to having their cut of big Pharma profits … praying for your kids.

      • The people who wish to control everybody will stop at nothing to get what they want. Obama has turned our America into a zoo by his actions and do nothing attitude. I believe his group will always think of ways to dominate us. Gun control will not stop as long as the left wing gang are in power. They can write all the laws they wish, but no one is ever going to take away my firearm.

    • The people that had committed those horrible crimes in the schools did not purchase the guns. The guns were taken from by law abiding people with no mental health issues.So your laws have holes in it already.

      • They don’t care as “gun control” laws are about control, not guns. Ovomit and his criminal traitors in DC will say and do anything to steal our weapons, for they know they can never accomplish the complete destruction of America as long as free people have weapons to defend themselves.

    • Makes sense to me. Stop giving guns to those unstable.

      You say guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Well, this helps reduce that.

      Love the troops, but vets with PTSD shouldnt be owning firearms.

      This just seems like common sense.

          • It is amazing how many people think that the president actually has some sort of power to act as dictator. If you want to place the blame place it on Congress. We don’t have a dictatorship we have an oligarchy. Our government is run by Congress. Congress is the only entity in our government that can authorize the spending of money. Only Congress can declare war.our Congress is clearly the problem.personally, I am opposed to gun control. I am a retired veteran and I enjoy my firearms. I like to hunt & I like to target shoot.I just wish that people understood didn’t order to make real changes to the way our government is being operated we need to vote out congressman and women who are not representing the views of their constituents. we need to remove the crooks from our Congress as well. we also have a Supreme Court that it’s made rulings that they know are not correct but they rule in ways that are incorrect anyway because too many of the justices on the Supreme Court are making decisions based on their own political affiliations instead of the letter of the law. It is a betrayalof the trust that has been placed with those individuals on the Supreme Court. In fact it has not been very long ago that the Supreme Court rendered a ruling that allows the extremely rich and corporations to effectively buy our elections through unlimited anonymous campaign contributions. Corruption has takenour government of the people by the people and for the people away from the people. each day I watch more and more of our rights being taken away from us.they have played with the citizens fear of terrorism in order to make people more agreeable to surrendering their rights. Then they tell the citizens that if they want to be safe it is necessary for us to surrender rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights. This is a shortcut to thinking and way to Subvert the Constitution. Congress did this to us in the guise of protecting us from terrorism which George W. Bush promptly signed into law. in order for this law to be removed or modified the Supreme Court would have to declare it unconstitutional or Congress would have to write new legislation.I believethat the politicians who benefit from this type of scare tactics legislation are members of Congress who have no term limits.think about it.the current Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has been in office for 36 years. Now it seems to me that the more time a politician has in a given office, the more power and influence he or she can accumulate and exert. our school children all the way through high school should be given an extensive education in the details of how the United States government works, who has what powers,and the best ways for a citizen toexercise the rightsto freedom guaranteed to us by our Constitution. For example, voting rights. Currently 40% of our population can not point out The United States on a globe. this lack of education is inexcusable. If people are so poorly educated, then how can we research candidates, issues, laws, and duties of each elected official without these tools? The problem is that a person who doesn’t have proper instruction in the workings of the Constitution and duties of the US Government can not possibly evaluate candidates for various offices,yet,the majority of voters do this nation a disservice by being uninformed AND misinformed. They wind up voting for candidates that they do not know anything about, and/or supporting issues that they do not fully understand. our government has a lot of problems And I don’t believe that one person owns all of the blame. Trust me. It’s a group effort. Support the Constitution and Bill of Rights and we will have the right to keep and bear arms. One person can not take that away.

        • If the house was not dysfunctional he would not need to use executive orders.

          Obama has used executive orders less then emperor george while cleaning up the mess GW made.

          How many more of our boys would have died if McCain had work?

          • What mess did emperor George make again? Oh yes, he amassed 5% of the debt we currently have.

            Look at the big picture….

            The house is dysfunctional
            The senate is dysfunctional
            Both parties are dysfunctional

            Americans need to realize this.

          • LOL, look at the substance of the executive orders not just the number….but OBTW Obama will have done more than Bush did by the time he is out of office.

        • Damn right Obama may be trying to either fuck up the American way or causing unrest theoughout the world and understand this( constitution has been the law for 200 or so years it’s not a living document . )

      • You do realize there are already laws against the mentally Ill possessing guns…they just are trying to expand it to the ridiculous so that they have more control on who can have guns

      • Im a iraq veteran and ptsd doesn’t mean ur unstable so thats a very broad statement saying they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. You should really look into all the different forms of PTSD out there cuz I have PTSD but its very mild form. Theres probably more civilians with PTSD in the United states then there are veterans and at least a veteran with ptsd understands the responsibility behind owning a firearm unlike alot of civilians.

        • Mike, Rgr that, especially when a corrupt government wants to be the entity that determines who has PTSD or any other issue. This is just another attempt to steal weapons from We the People. It is wrong, regardless of whether someone has PTSD as people cannot be prevented from exercising their God given rights because a corrupt, treasonous government THINKS they MIGHT be a danger.

      • your so right !
        Give the soldier a gun, let him defend Americans, then when he comes home, take his guns away and tell him he is unfit to protect his family or even just go hunting !
        hmmmmm what an awesome strategy. Then again Im just one person what do I know ? Im sure those who have never served in the armed forces know so much more and know better than anyone how to combat this ongoing attack against the second amendment.

        • By the way… as we debate (not take action) but debate this issue…. lets not forget our police officers, the CIA the FBI the Secret Service… they all carry guns they all take retirement and they have all had to kill at one point in time in their career. Let’s make sure they don’t have any rights to purchase weapons they just might go nuts and kill us all. sound ridiculous ? Well maybe if it does it is. Sound like Marshall Law ? hmmm maybe it is. Sound like dictatorship ? maybe it is. Anything is possible for dreamers without experience. Stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights ? Now why would we want to do that ?

      • You sir are an idiot. Along with everyone elsecwho supports this. Ptsd is a diagnosis that anyone can receive. I guess a cop who is involved in a shoot out that gets diagnosed with ptsd should not get to be an officer. Stupid right? I served in the corp and have ptsd. Guess what my guns stay in my cabinet and are properly used so you should go poke your head up your but and fight for air.

      • It doesn’t make sense, if you want a mental screen there should be one specific to firearm ownership. I teach firearms safety and I have met many vets who have ptsd and actually enjoy safe shooting. This is a ridiculous idea and it sickens me that our “fellow Americans” blindly follow this man and mindlessly hand over their rights and agree to take the rights of their neighbors.

      • Hey first I need to point out YOUR WRONG and right I’ve had ADHD since 1992 and dad said at 2nd grade school wanted me on ritalin. My parents refused me to have informed consent instead years later went to California so called shrink instead of pulling School records and put me on meds we she refused. And diagnosed bipolar. (Which mimics ADHD) put me on bipolar meds when those no help added a party of diagnosis. I ended up hospitalized 3-5 times never danger to others ended up on 30 different meds I was literally a zombie. Anyway year ago had Dr recognized ADHD and some depression. Put me on Ritalin night and day difference. They say firearms so dangerous well I’ve never harmed anyone I own crossbow and could get six more in a hour I’m highly accurate shot with 175# draw I can reach 150+ yards repeatedly but yet again never harmed anyone however I can buy or get crossbows all day legally and plus no noise from it kinda hard hear it coming yet just not willing to fight unless of course someone intent on harm of my family or self breaking down door its anyone’s guess what I’d grab considering I’m also expert grade martial artist just so you know black belt+ tier sorry only few know what stage it is not open to everyone and uncle sams to have knowledge so what do you propose should we do even though I’m paraplegic do you what to cut my arms off cause I’m able to apply more than 15 pounds of force needed to stop a persons specific spot on a persons body to stop there hart. Should we require mental problems from self defense martial arts as well hmmmmm.

      • Very polite of you Dru,to want the soldiers who gave up so much to lose the rights they fought for.Very few cases of soldiers doing the shootings,but ALOT of them kids that needed a good old fashioned ass whipping instead of letting them run rampant and filling their daily diet with meds with numerous side effects.Then blame the guns,not the parents who abused,mistreated,ignored them,or the meds that were shoved down their throats afterwards,but yea the guns.No one is making ANY EFFORT AT ALL to remove the guns from the gangbangers,robbers,rapists and thieves,but only the law abiding legal citizens guns.How exactly does that make us safer?

      • You are a retard because I have PTSD and own several guns but have not ever or will not ever use them the wrong way. There many different types of PTSD so don’t be ignorant and spit out garbage. I fought for those and you think myself and my military family shouldn’t have them? I am ashamed of you.

      • Brilliant idea, so anyone with PTSD should be striped of their 2nd amendment rights. To include all law enforsment, fire fighters, First responders and all ER personnel. Medical Malpractice kills more people than all gun violence but you don’t see tighter restrictions forced on careless Dr’s. Nor do you see it on the news period. If you diagnose everyone with a mental disorder, Who’s left Criminals and Politicians

      • Your a fucking retard, to thank that.. So should we take cars away from people because people drink and drive? Or take alcohol away because people then drive while intoxicated? And having PTSD should not effect your ability to protect yourself or your family.

      • Man I take sleep mess and have occasional anxiety the doc says I’m depressed but don’t have a record of violence or any record at all. I’m very mentally fit to own a gun it’s really bad how far there taking this schizophrenics shouldn’t be able to get guns not anxious people

      • Here is the problem with this. If something like anti-anxiety medication prohibits you from owning a gun. Then there are going to be a lot of people not seeking help for their illnesses because they don’t want to lose their rights.

        What’s mote dangetous? Someone being treated for anxiety with a gun or someone with severe anxiety untreated with a gun?

      • You are so wrong I no alot of mental disabled friends and I trust them more with a gun than I would anyone else it’s not about the mentality I’ll it’s about people’s believes and relegion cause my friends that are mentally ill believe in God’s law Thou shalt not kill are you want enter into heaven. Friends that are single fathers and their mental illness has nothing to do with them being crazy their mental illness makes them too weak to work because when they do simple things they get exhausted and they have to sleep for 2 days because their brain gets so exhausted but their belief system is amazing they do not believe in harming anyone else or their self they believe if you kill someone you will go to hell because they believe in God and they believed in his Commandments. I know them and their mental illness surely makes them very highly intelligent now there are some mentally ill out there that do not have a religious belief and they believe in harming their cells they are the ones to be concerned about and people that are not even seen a doctor I’ve had 4 people that have put their guns in my face that have caring permit and they are not mentally ill they think they are badasses with guns people that have been through traumatic accident and has almost died or even died and came back they are very humble and very smart and they would not want to take someone’s wife because they have been suffering their whole life with a mental illness and they know what life means. But people that have never been through a sickness don’t know how precious life is you do not know what you’re talking about go and talk to a mentally ill person that does not want to harm no one in that believes in God they are very humble and they care about life I have a friend that wants to own a gun and he has post traumatic stress syndrome and he won’t even kill a roach on the floor because of his beliefs. You got all these people out there and all these Democrats that are trying to take away people’s gun rights. And no matter how many guns they take away law-abiding citizens that have never committed any crime and all them soldiers that have never committed any crimes that have protected our country. Is fucking stupid because no matter how many guns they take away from people there will always be gangs and underground Black Market that sell guns two gang members if they cannot stop the flow of drugs coming in this country how can they stop the flood of illegal guns from coming in this country by taking away people’s gun laws all they will be doing is taking guns away from law-abiding citizens and putting guns in the hands of gang members because gang members do not go get permits that would be a flood of illegal guns in America that are not registered because people will be buying unregistered guns why don’t you think about that for a minute. And over in Australia when they took away people’s gun rights gun violence went up and a flood of undocumented guns came into the country and they was more violets and home invasions. Look it up do your research taking away people’s guns are very very irresponsible would you rather the mentally ill and law-abiding citizens have guns that are registered or have a flood of unregistered guns in the hands of gang members that will invade your home because they will know that you will not have a gun. And they will rub you at the store because they know that you do not have a gun which one do you think is safer. Registered guns and knowing who has them or unregistered guns and law-abiding citizens not having guns so gang members can rub them rape them and do home invasions. If they take away guns in America crime will go up

        • Sorry some of my comments are misspelled cause voice talk I no people that will not even kill a bug are take someone’s life cause of there religious beliefs and because they have been humbled because of their mental illness and they believe wife is very precious gun violence do not work in Australia all that did was raise crime home invasions rape robberies look it up. Gun control will not keep guns out of America all that will do is bring undocumented guns into America and it’s better to give people their guns then to have guns out there that are not even registered and to let people have their guns just in case they are robbed at the store or a woman can protect yourself from being raped are people could stop home invasions. With their registered gun. People that commit crimes are waiting for the government to take away people’s gun rights because they will commit more crimes more robberies more rapes more home invasions more murders because they know people will not have their guns has anyone ever thought about this. That people commit crimes waiting for the government to take away their guns so that they can commit crimes it would be a free-for-all for gang members and people that commit crimes because the gang members and people that commit crimes they would know 80% of houses that they go in people would not have their guns. Has anyone ever thought about this the government is so damn stupid Obama is very stupid he obviously has no intelligence crime would go up just like crime went up in Australia and Australia had more crime when they took away law-abiding citizens guns and were they took guns away from their soldiers crime went up and Australia had a flood of illegal guns into their country. That’s why our stralia stop their gun laws and gave people back their guns but the news doesn’t report on this. People have their guns to protect yourself from the government from foreign and domestic people from trying to take over. Hasn’t anyone thought out there the reason why our forefathers made the gun laws was four people to protect yourself from the government that’s why they truly made it because in their day England was trying to take over America. It was during the war when America was rising up against the crown of England. Our forefathers put the gun laws in our constitution so that people can protect yourself from the government and for criminals and from other countries invading America. People that agree with gun laws what do you think would happen if another country comes over here to America trying to start a war it would help America for law-abiding citizens to have their guns even the police officers in America said that it’s best for people to have their own gun Because by the time the police officers get there the crime would be over. Criminals are waiting for the government to take away people’s guns it would be a free-for-all for the criminals because they would know that 80% of people would not have their guns so they would grow more balls to do home invasions and do a lot more criminal Acts because they would know people wouldn’t have guns and they would also bring an unregistered guns and sell them hasn’t people thought about this what is wrong with people and no that saying is not right guns don’t kill people people kill people that’s not right criminals kill people people don’t kill people criminals kill people poverty kills people not guns and not our soldiers with PSD. Are Soldiers with PSD knows how precious life is and they’re also so humble from their accident that they do not want to harm anybody have you ever been so close the death are ever been so sick that your eyes were open to notice how precious life is and every Christian that I know they believe in the Commandments of God Thou shalt not kill and a lot of them have depression it really all stems on their religious beliefs because I know Buddhist that will not even kill a roach in their house or any kind of other bug because they believe it’s their ancestors and they believe that they will be punished if they kill a bug and they do a lot of medications because they have depression anxiety and other mental disorders 80% of people in America has a mental disorder or depression law-abiding citizens and people with mental disorder does not kill people terrorists and criminals kill people and people’s radical religious beliefs kill people and poverty kills people. So that phrase guns don’t kill people people kill people or wrong it’s very wrong that phrase is not right. Criminals terrorists in certain religious beliefs kill people. Most every war is about religion. People do not kill people like I said religious belief and criminals and terrorists kill people. Guns do not kill people and people do not kill people people’s beliefs and religious beliefs and hatred and poverty kills people. Everytime I look around it seems like no one is educated especially our government if they take away our guns crime will go up just like it did in Australia and people that want to take away our guns they need to think about their children and their grandchildren because their children and their grandchildren my end up having depression and they might be walking in the middle of the night and they do not have a gun because the government took it away and the grandparents of these children will already be dead and gone but they signed in a paper to take away their own grandchildren and ancestors guns. Before the government thinks about taking away people’s guns they need to think about their children and their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren and their future because they’re future children my end up with depression because 80% of people in the world have depression and if a Democrat or Republican decides to take away people’s guns what are the Democrats or Republicans going to do when their grandchild ends up with depression and they are not allowed to own a fire arm and they end up in a situation where they need a gun. But they have it took it away from their grandfather or their grandmother. People need to think about their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren before they take away Americans citizens guns because it will hurt their future grandchildren and it will hurt their future children and it will hurt their future great-grandchildren if they want to make gun law they need to see what people’s religious beliefs are not with their mental illness is.

    • It’s really not a shame I have a mental condition and I want a gun but I have sense enough to know I’m not stable enough…so cudos to president Obama and the vets not

    • As a woman who lives alone, whosought mental health care of my own accord, and voluntarily am in therapy, at one point I was committed, but it was during years during a drug addiction, long ago. I am not allowed to own a gun to protect myself, tho I am mentally competent . I need to feel as tho I can protect myself.

      • This forces folks to have to go out and seek illegal firearms and not be registered, which is stupid for this very reason. This world is clearly not safe enough to be out in society unarmed anymore. Tho sad, it’s a fact. Legal or not, I’m not plannin on being a sitting duck for the criminals when they break in

  1. Well, first of all, I personally hate guns and refuse to own any. I prefer bows and crossbows because they’re silent and I can always make the arrows/bolts for them. That said, I don’t believe the government has the right to determine who has the right to own guns. The Second Amendment has no exclusions written into it. So, therefore, even the laws that prevent convicted felons from owning guns is a violation of the Second Amendment.

    • the government is also going after bows and cross bows do some more research your rights are being infringed upon also

  2. This is going too far. To define mental illness as anything under the sun thus implying that anyone who suffers from anxiety attacks are a risk. Living in the desert it is necessary to have protection from 4 legged predators as well as protect ones property. it is time to knock some sense into our president and anyone else who thinks they can write laws that are too broad and harm those who really have respect for firearms. This needs to go to the supreme court since our second amendment rights are being trashed.

    • supreme court justices were handpicks of the regime. the average person or group no longer can depend on the law as it is the greatest weapon against the people. anyone who cant see that isn’t paying attention.

  3. Let the revolt begin ! This is going way out of hand ! Its ridiculous that he can get around congress to put this kind of crap into play !

      • I’m so sick of seeing people talk and talk and talk and talk about how something is coming and they’re supposedly gonna do something and blah blah BLAH!!! FRIGGIN DO SOMETHING! STOP TALKING AND FRIGGIN ACT!! I can’t take this crap anymore!!!

        • ProudAfghanVet:
          I agree… problem is it takes bravery and it takes courage and backbone to take a stand…Oh its the ones that protest against, and have never served in the Armed Services that has the intelligence to protest the 2nd amendment. America… beware..your balls are dropping and Im worried your not picking them up fast enough to make a difference in your future and the future of your family. Bet if someone came after your woman your momma or kid…and you could get a gun…hmmmm bet ya dont tickle them to death with it. Oh yes.. your right right right… what does an uneducated person like me know. ;(

        • ProudAfghanVet, thanks for your service.

          As for doing something, I propose that you and the others here do what a friend of mine, who is a retired Naval officer, did. He filed charges of Treason against Ovomit, filing it with the FBI, the WH, and his reps. I and many others have followed his lead, and so can we all. Once we file treason charges, we then need to notify our elected serpents in congress that they will be guilty of Misprision of Treason if they do not press charges.
          Here is how:

          This is just a start but it is action, so get to it. If enough people do it and spread the word, we may bring enough fear to the serpents to turn on Ovomit simply to save their own treasonous carcasses.

        • @ ProudAfganVet
          It sounds like you are one of the ones that does not need a firearm of any sort. On the serious side though: I understand completely how you feel in your post. So many people talk about what they are going to do but then on the very off chance that gun confiscation or severe outlawing of most firearms happens in our lifetime then they are going to be the first ones to say see ya and head for the mountains or say “here ya go, would you like all the accessories that go with them?”

  4. This is horrible! I have Major Depressive Disorder and Severe Panic Disorder. I’ve had these conditions since I was around 6 or 7. I have NEVER HURT ANYONE! I was a FF/EMT-P for nearly 10 years. I owned a gun, a Wilson Combat Sentinel from around 2000-2006 until my house was broken into and it was stolen. I have been hospitalized for a mental illness last year for a week for cutting myself. My dog was dying of cancer and since I have no relatives or my own family, that dog was my world. Under these actions, I will not be allowed to own guns. I am moving to a remote location in Georgia where there are a ton of snakes and bears and whatever else they have that can kill you. So, since I cannot purchase a firearm of any type, I have no defense if I encounter a bear. Nice…..

    • friend, there is a way around it… :-)
      just “rent” a firearm from someone you trust. say, for a reasonable price… like (for example)
      $300 for the first decade with another $10 a decade thereafter. That way the “owner” is still the “owner” and you are just “taking care of” the gun. And occassionally firing it to see if it still works properly. ;-D see?

      These dam’ Executife odors (misspelling deliberate) always begin “by the power vested in me by the US Constitution…” well we know this doofus is not Constitutionally eligible to be Prz. Therefore the Cosntitution does NOT give him any authority whatsoever. Therefore we are not bound to go along with said e-o’s.
      stick to your… you-know-whats, my friend.

      My sympathies regarding the loss of your canine buddy… please try to get another soon; they can make such a difference. God bless you.

  5. Our veterans were sent to war to defend our countries and our rights but it seems in America as in Australia the real enemy is in our own governments, so in the end what did our diggers fight and die for?

  6. This would also take any Veteran who has been treated for PTSD while or after serving and make it illegal for them to own a firearm. Is THAT really the America we want? Is that the liberty these men and women fought for?? Who the hell does Obama think he is, sidestepping the Congress and setting down dictatorial policies that abrogate citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights???

  7. Chris Kyle, America’s most prolific sniper states in his biography he enjoyed killing savages to save American lives. Is that a mental disorder and could he be excluded from firearms ownership? This is not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. I’m seriously thinking about burying some weapons systems and keeping the rest clean, cocked and locked.

    • Unfortunately, our wonderful Government would probably make his death the Poster Child for these laws since he was killed by a soldier suffering from PTSD :(

    • Who is gonna check his mental ability,after him shooting off his mouth and getting law abiding people hurt with his bullshit.

    • He enjoyed killing savages? It’s funny how we demonize the government when they touch our rights…we call them Big Brother,evil, etc. But when they point at someone and says…they’re our enemy…we blindly believe them.

      I call for enemy by evidence. For e.g. the Taliban. Proven enemy of America

  8. The announcement was made while he was off on vacation in Hawaii, because he cares so much for the American people. What a leader!

  9. Who cares. I care more about losing my child to someone toting a damn giun that shouldn’t be. Get the fuck over it people. Your not losing losing your 2 nd amendment rights. This is just another scare tactic from the Conservatives. If they can keep you scared then apparently it’s working. I wish that is all I had to worry about was me me me. Fuck everyone else. Let’s all make sure that your rights are not violated. Whatever!!

    • I think you are mistaking anger and outrage for fear. I will fight for my rights as an American citizen. If they want my guns, they are going to have a hell of a fight on their hands!
      And its not just my right, its your right and your childrens’ rights that we all want to protect. It most certainly is not a me me me. It’s people like you who just step aside and allow the government to do as it pleases in the name of “public safety”,that have ruined this country. People kill people, guns are just the instruments. If I killed ten people with a frying pan, would we ban those too? How many people in this country have been killed with baseball bats? I can still go down to the good old Wal-Mart and buy those too…. Do you get the picture? Mental health issues need to be handled. Health laws need to be changed to allow for proper care of people with mental illnesses. Out schools needs to be made safer. Taking away gun rights is not the answer

    • Becky, ALL of these school shooting have been commited by young teenage boys who attend the schools with the exception of Adam Lanza, who after being denied the ability to purchase a gun because of his mental illness, stole his mothers guns and used them instead. There have been no adult women or men that have gone to these schools with guns and shot the children. The already strict gun control measures are effective enough. What is happening now is the Government is changing the wording of mental health treatment so it can include things like Xanax and Clonopin for anxiety, and them lableing(sp?) anxiety as a serious enough mental illness to warrant being denied a gun. They are giving themselves the power to diagnose people themselves as opposed to a medical professional like a Psychiatrist who specializes in mental health to make the diagnosis. You are 100% wrong in your post, and your frame of mind, and your argument! And that “me me me” attitude you love is the exact same thing shooters are thinking of when they shoot…..

    • Becky,

      This is America. The whole point of the country is our rights. If you don’t like it, there are lots of other places to live where no one has any rights.

      Personally, I like my rights, particularly the one where I can defend my family against an attack.

      You should really clean up your mouth, particularly if you are raising children.

    • Easy Becky, take a pill and relax,,,It sounds to me that you are one of the far far left thinking people whom thinks big brother is the answer to all problems, stay off the cool-aid for a few weeks, clear your head and read something besides what they send you to read,,don’t watch so much msnbc and cnn,,,,,

    • Becky-
      Scare tactic? have you lost your mind?
      All of this is by design.
      You know this. If you have a hard time wrapping your small brain around the concept, study HISTORY.

    • Gee Becky, you seem to have some anger management issues. I think you should not be able to drive as you may lose control and run over someone in a fit of rage. Just looking at your language, one can see you are out of control now, so what are you like when your weed runs out? Taken your pills today? You need counseling.

      BTW, I have children and grandchildren, and they are being raised around guns as I was so they know how to use them when the time comes to protect themselves from corrupt government and other insane liberals.

    • Becky you sound like a complete idiot, driven by a mad sense of being. You represent the reason why America does not need a foolish female in charge of anything, especially the highest office in the land.

  10. I work in a ER and we put people on involuntary 72 hour holds because they are drunk and have no one to come take care of them. They are held until they are sober. Will this mean they cant buy a gun?

  11. Make your laws lie cheat steal take the guns we can build bigger and better ones or just take yours you have make the general population criminals just rember the tax money that funds you comes from us you will be cut off

  12. So does this mean that there will be more disability checks taken out of our Social Security funds, Our leaders can be STUPID at times!

  13. Count me in on the NON-violent protest, May 26 to force Obama, Pelosi, et al’s resignation!!!! They got to go!! I hope all the serious out there will join in this fight to take our nation back. Obama wants a reason to declare martial law, he is a proven illegal president and if we don’t take the opportunity before us to force him out in an American Spring, he wins.

  14. I suffer from mental illness, since I was 3 years old..raped from 3 to 11..finally taken… but severely traumatized, both mentally & physically.. bleeding ulcers and could never have kids..I learned to was a therapy of build I would never be hurt you want to take that away…because I have a mental illness??? Just try…I have a right to defend myself.

    • Katie,
      So sorry for what you suffered. I support your right to defend yourself, and the rights of the soldiers with PTSD. If we were all prepared to defend ourselves and our families, the criminals would sulk away.

  15. I see this as a way for the powers at large, to remove guns from trained soldiers thus allowing them an easier path to remove all of our rights and make our country into what the far left has been heading us toward for years and years.
    They must take small steps to change us, as not to cause an uprising.
    It’s like the frog in cold water, heat it slow and he never knows he is being cooked.

  16. I say if that dic. Obama wants to take our guns, then he can take a bullet. If this post is taken off I will consider suing because the constitution gives me the right to express my opinion. BTW dic. stands for both dictator and dick.

  17. well first of all everything going wrong is there fault because of poison in are foods waters drugs every aspect of are life’s they have been trying to poison us and now they don’t want to help unless they take away your rights I say fuck the rich man we don’t need them so this time if we have to do this we take them all out and get Reid of the greedy fucker once and for all so we can have peace again.

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