Anti-Gun Groups use Tragedy in Colorado to Push Gun Control Agendas

Late last night a man dressed as the Joker went into a midnight showing of the movie Batman and opened fire on the crowd. The gunman reportedly entered a Century 16 theater in Aurora Colorado, only minutes from where the Columbine shooting happened, and shot over 70 people in the theater.

Predictably the Media and Politicians are using the Tragedy to push their Anti-Gun Agendas

Within moments of the horrific shooting, Anti-Gun groups and politicians pounced on the opportunity to use the tragedy to push for gun control.

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Are Guns Really the Problem?

Think about it, why are these types of events becoming so common in America? If the problem was simply limiting access to guns, cities like Chicago and New York would be utopias filled with peace and love.

Maybe the problem has a little more to do with our current culture of violence and immortality.

While I don’t usually buy into the whole video games and movies lead to violence line of thinking, I do think it’s something that needs to be at least talked about. I mean if the idiots in the media are going to use this tragedy to blame guns, shouldn’t they at least mention the extreme violence in the movie that was playing during the tragedy?

violent movie The Dark Knight, the movie that was playing during the shooting, is filled with disgusting examples of how Hollywood celebrates violence and debauchery. The movie includes scenes like a man’s face being filleted by a knife, another man’s face being burned off and someones eye being slammed into a pencil. Worse yet, this movie is being directly marketed to our kids!

Instead of focusing on how evil guns are, maybe the idiots in the media need to start asking why America is so prone to violence.

As we have pointed out numerous times in the past – take the epidemic level of shootings in Chicago as a good example – guns aren’t the problem, our sick culture seems to be the problem. Until the problems with our culture is addressed, this problem will continue to happen.

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  1. its funny how no1 mentions that a similar incident occured in florida 3 days proior to the aurora shooting. except a single man with a conceled carry licence took out the 2 would be robbers(and possibly murders) before any innocent person was harmed, but noooo this doesnt make people say “more people should have guns” only when a lunitic kills a bunch of people every1 says “guns are bad!!” just shows how the media focuses on the negative thus leading to a more violent america. just my opinion.

  2. 2007 Vigrina Tech Campus Massacre
    1991 Luby’s in Texas Massacre
    2009 Fort Hood Massacre
    1999 Columbine High School Massacre
    2012 Aurora Colorado Massacure

    What do these all have in common… They all happened where the good guy was not ALLOWED to have his gun. Guns dont kill people… People kill poeple. Guns are just a tool. People get killed by car, by knife, by rocks, by bottles, by electricity… By removing the guns you just make easier for Bad guys to do more harm.

  3. This is such an obvious false flag.

    Where is this supposed girlfriend that he recently broke up with?

    How did he kick in the exit door? Those doors are designed to only be opened from the inside.

    Was it him who answered the phone or another person who then got up to open then door for Holmes?

    He’s found by his car — whacked out on drugs, with body armor, his guns, and a bunch of bullets — after shooting all those people for “no apparent reason”, and he just gives up with not even the slightest struggle?

    Then he let’s the cops know that his apartment is rigged with booby-traps and explosives. Why bother going through all the effort to create what was called “highly sophisticated” traps and explosive devices, and then warn the people they were meant to kill about their existence?

    Why did previous news articles mention that “Public records indicate that Holmes lived with two roommates, also from California, in the Aurora building where police have found explosives…”, and now those same articles have been modified to exclude that tidbit of information?

    How did this guy who was supposedly unemployed and going to school via a grant have all the money needed to buy an AR-15, .40 caliber pistol, 7000 rounds of ammunition, body armor, tear gas, explosives, etc?

  4. Hi im a 21 year old english guy and you americans seriously need to see the bigger picture 911= tight controls an observation on civilian activity also an excuse to invade iraq.
    The colorado shooting was a big ploy against the second amendment civilian shoots someone= tighter gun control laws. they will host a false flag attac k to gain more control its right there in front of your noses. we all have to prepare for war against our governments as they are royally taking the piss.

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