Armed Robber Shot by Gun Owner, Media wants to know Why Hero Gun Owner was allowed to have gun!

We the people

Urban Thug and human piece of garbage, Roosevelt Rappley, 23, of Dayton, Ohio, attempted to rob a Dollar General at Gunpoint. Luckily, the cashier was armed and shot this piece of crap and killed him before he could harm anyone in the store.

Instead of recognizing the clerk’s heroic bravery, the douchebags in the media want to know why the clerk was allowed to have a gun at work. They are literally harassing the corporate office at Dollar General, demanding to know “the company’s policy regarding armed employees.”

And then we all knew this was coming: The family of the fine upstanding citizen who robs people for a living, are blaming the store for allowing their employees to defend themselves.

This is what we are up against.

The stupidity of the anti-gun crowd is amazing! We have such stupid people in the world that the mainstream media now routinely attacks law-abiding gun owners who use their firearms in self-defense.

Sadly, this poor guy will probably lose his job for doing the right thing. In fact, we have major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger who have all basically declared that the only ones in their stores that should be armed are the criminals.

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  1. The hero shooter will be charged with something pending an investigation and hopefully he will keep his mouth shut after giving his statement. Then ask for a lawyer. It’s too bad that this would happen but times are changing and a law abiding person has the right to defend himself. An example statement: “the robber pointed a gun at me and told me to give it up….I then shot him in the face in FEAR FOR MY LIFE”

    • This person will need a new job if he/she manages to avoid prison. Perhaps intelligent people in the area could start working on that problem?

  2. America needs to learn from South Africa. They have been disarmed and the criminals get away with virtually everything. And if you dare shoot a criminal then you are thrown in jail for violating his human rights. Think on that.

  3. Don’t point guns at people and they won’t shoot you.
    Anyone that would rob a Dollar General shouldn’t be in the gene pool anyway.

  4. The dead scumbag and his family live in a different world than the rest of us. In their world the dollar store clerk broke the rules.

    1. Scumbag threatens victim with a weapon and says “give it up”
    2. Victim hands over valuables
    3. Scumbag leaves and nobody gets hurt

    – Victims not having enough money or other valuables is against their rules
    – Fighting back is against their rules. Hence the complaint.

    Fortunately the clerk had his own rule for such people.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword

  5. Thank God america is waking up to the fact the evil democrats use race, gender, etc. as a weapon to destroy American society. That clapping hyena ( and her whole scumbag family) belong anywhere else but a western country. They choose not or unable to be civilized and thats the bottom line. And even tho her intelligence is at the very bottom shes smart enough to call people racist because for 60 years no american could say ” thats your opinion” and not back down from right and wrong. God bless the NRA

  6. Did she really just say he has “some of the responsibility, but not all of it”… Uhh.. SAY WHAT!!??? where the injection of ” bitch you dumb, thats realy dumb” clip for that statement?

    The responsibility lied COMPLETELY with your douchebagg slimeball scumbucket brother you two ignorant f***wits! He is dead as a resulting consequence OF HIS OWN ACTIONS. I mean wow.. Momma should have swallowed those two loads, damn.

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