Gun Sales see Major Increase across the Country

gun on constitutionAfter a week of relentless media propaganda and numerous politicians calling for an all-out ban on firearms, Americans are fighting back with their pocket books. According to the Denver Post, gun sales across the country have skyrocketed in the wake of the Colorado shootings. In fact, the state of Colorado seen a 40% jump in sales from the previous week.

The demand is so high in some stores that people are actually lining up in front of gun shops waiting for them to open their doors in the morning. Gun stores are also reporting a huge increase in people signing up for self-defense classes, and a number of stores are reporting ammunition shortages.

With so many politicians and people in the media calling for an all-out ban on firearms, many Americans have decided that now might be the time to stock up. Although it’s still highly unlikely that either of the presidential candidates will actually take a stand on the issue, what happens after the election has many gun owners worried.

The fact is, we have two of the most Anti-Gun Candidates in the country running for office. On one hand, it’s pretty easy to figure out where President Obama comes down on gun control issues. Most people are pretty certain, that should he be reelected, we will likely see a major clamp down on the right to bear arms.

But one not so talked about issue, is how Anti-Gun the Republican Candidate actually is. Although those in the conservative media would like the gloss over the issue; the fact is Mitt Romney has one of the worst gun records in the country.

When Governor of Massachusetts, he passed the nation’s first ban on so called “assault weapons” and then sharply increased fees on gun owners by over 400%. While campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun control laws, pushed for a five-day waiting period for gun purchases, and joked that his positions did not “line up with the NRA.”

I know this issue is pretty inconvenient for those who are entrenched in their political ideologies; I REALLY DON’T CARE! We have two Anti-Gun Candidates running for office and politics is what got us into this mess. Once election time rolls around, gun owners are going to have a lot to watch out for.

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  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I’m so sick of politically driven websites and media outlets who fail to report the truth when it doesn’t fit their agenda. This guy being elected as the conservative candidate just shows how brainwashed the public has become.

    This is the same guy who designed the blueprint for Obamacare, helped push the assault weapons ban and now we are supposed to believe that he supports conservative values?

    I blame people like Glenn Beck, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh just the same as I do MSNBC and every other liberal moron in the media. It’s people like them that allow this fraud to be perpetrated on the American Public.

    • Testify brother….

      The moment your eyes are open you see clearly, sadly once open you can never go back.

  2. a vote for the white, Vitalis version of 0bamination is a vote for 4 more years of the same crap… just review is taxachussettes history for the facts concerning his politics…

  3. Personally I’m less worried about Romney than Obama. Not because I think Romney is a good choice, but because he seems to be pretty consistent with what those that elect him want. Yes he enacted the AWB and basis of Obamacare for his state, but the majority of his state wanted those things (and on a state level one could potentially argue that something like Obamacare is Constitutional, depending on what the state Constitution says). Now that most of the US are against such things he has come out against them. Not that I blindly trust him or think that he will really “help” the 2A community, but I think he is less likely to work against the community either covertly or overtly because the country as a whole is more for these things.

    • That’s even scarier. At least with Obama you know what your getting and can prepare for it. With Romney you just never know.

      To me someone who changes with the wind like that is just plain scary and like the article says, “it’s why we are in this mess”. There should be no compromising on the morals and laws that this country was founded on. The issues are cut and dry that’s why we have a Constitution.

      • I agree that it is why we are in this mess and it can be scary (what is he going to change to next?), I was simply stating that I’m not as concerned about Romney because our country has been seeing basically a 2A/Constitutional revival.

        This compared to Obama who forces his will upon the country in any way he can followed by basically telling the People that they just don’t understand. Whether it’s Obamacare, his comment about “under the radar” gun control, how he has dismantled immigration enforcement, his executive orders, etc I think Obama is more of a threat to the country because he is so willing to go against both the Constitution and the will of the people (compared to Romney who seems to less follow the Constitution, but appears to at least follow the will of the people).

        It’s kind of like choosing between week old expired milk vs 30 day expired milk that’s been out in the sun. Both are bad choices, but one is clearly worse.

      • I see this is an old tread, but I just wanted (needed) to say, yes, we finally had one who actually spoke rhe truth…and see how far that got him. Americans hate the truth. If you look closely you can see the hand up the asses of the other to puppets. I am going to write in Ron Paul.

  4. Suggest reading the book Home Invasion. I just finished it. It is very scary and, though a novel, paints a very plausible picture regarding gun control.

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