Happy Ending Shooter: Like Clockwork we have a New Mass Shooting

Massage Parlor
I’m sure the name is just a coincidence…. I mean if human tracking was going on here surely CNN would tell us, right?

Like clockwork, with the new democrat administration comes the return of the suspicious mass-shooter phenomenon. Hey, COVID fear was starting to wane, so we all knew they were probably about to pull this card out of the hat!

  • Isn’t it ironic that for the last month the media has been breathlessly trying to push a phony narrative about Whites attacking Asian Americans in so-called “COVID” hate crimes, while ignoring the fact that most of this is actually happening in black neighborhoods.
  • There has been a huge uptick of blacks murdering Asians and then suddenly this? OKAY!
  • Don’t forget the Feinstein bill introduced last week which would ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of “assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition magazine. Who wants to wager the media says it was an evil AR15?
  • Not once will the media mention that it was a whore house that was shot up, instead they will continue calling it a “Massage Parlor”, pretending it wasn’t a Rub and Tug! I guess it’s just a coincidence that these so-called massage parlors that were shot up are all listed on known prostitution sites where guys go to find hand jobs!

According to police, shootings at two massage parlors in Atlanta and one in the suburbs Tuesday evening left eight people dead, many of them women of “Asian” descent, authorities said. 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long is suspected in the shootings and was taken into custody in southwest Georgia hours later after a manhunt, police said.

The attacks began around 5 p.m., when five people were shot at Youngs Asian Massage Parlor in a strip mall near a rural area in Acworth, about 30 miles north of Atlanta, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Jay Baker said. Two people died at the scene and three were transported to a hospital where two of them also died, Baker said.

“It appears that they may be Asian,” Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant said.

You don’t fucking say….

Of course the next line in almost every report says “The killings came amid a recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans that coincided with the spread of the coronavirus across the United States.”

Of course the media loves this cause now they won’t have to cover the attacks on Asians that don’t fit their agenda!

It’s all a show!

Isn’t it ironic that potato brain was out there pushing this propaganda last week, and now we have this!

Well, they finally got their White shooter for CNN to freak out over for the next three months. And of course, we already have the usually braindead liberal fuckheads screaming about 4Chan, incels, banning White people, toxic masculinity, white supremacy, MAGA, and every other liberal bit of insanity you can imagine.

And of course, we all no what’s coming — a crack down on the 2nd amendment!

How dare you say it’s a show…

Really now? If the mainstream media can pull off a deep fake President and make the public believe it’s real, anything is possible!

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  1. Nope, I’d bet the farm that this wasn’t racially motivated. Just happens to be that the best legal brothels across America happen to be Asian. My guess is they’ll milk the race card bc hey! COVID! I’m sure the mayor amd sheriff are like Oh F*ck, we gotta keep our sex shops under wraps! Wouldn’t want all the wives to know what really goes on!

  2. Hmm, guess I must be the odd ball around here, but I’ve never been to whore house ( opps, excuse me . I meant a massage parlor ), with my girl friend, and later she was my wife, I didn’t have to go to these places ( probably just as well ).( she has been gone now almost 4 and a half yrs and I still don’t know what the bleep I’m doing. We were married 48 yrs.)

    • Hey, I just came across your comment and I had so many questions about your story.( If it’s not too indiscreet.) You seem to be having some rough times and I just wanted to say that I empathise with you. Not knowing where to go in love anymore can feel like your situation has become hopeless or helpless, but I hope things will turn mostly good and positive for you man. Have a nice day.

  3. The latest update from The Gateway Pundit—>UPDATE: The Atlanta killer told police he is a sex addict and he wanted to “eliminate locations he saw as ‘temptations’ for his sex addiction.” “One batch, two batch. Penny and dime”. I think the dude is insane shooting up a whore house. Hell no it wasn’t racially motivated but this Socialist regime will push that narrative to no end. As for the 2A, they will have to pry mine from my cold dead hands. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Mthrfkrs. OGS, I’m enjoying your writing more and more. I will not use your name due to privacy but we have spoken on several occasions. I may want to write for you one day. Have a good day.

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