Health Workers & Federal Agents Blow Whistle on Nation’s Emergency Preparedness: ‘We’re Not Prepared’

As the CDC and the Obama administration try to reassure the public they’re in control, federal agents and healthcare workers are telling an entirely different story.

After announcing yesterday that the federal government would be implementing new screening procedures at five of this nation’s top airports, in response to an infected Ebola patient showing up in the U.S., federal agents and the nation’s healthcare workers are sounding alarm bells about the country’s emergency preparedness.

According to an article from NBC News in New York, federal U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are saying they are not prepared, and have not been trained to implement the government’s new screening procedures. An agent who works on the front lines at Newark International Airport, where these new screening procedures are supposed to be taking place today, says customs officers at the tri-state hub lack appropriate training and equipment to handle potential Ebola cases.

He told NBC News:

“They are assuring the public everything is being done, but it is not,” the agent told NBC 4 New York, adding there are currently no doctors or CDC personnel assigned to the airport for when flights with passengers from West Africa arrive.

Airport Janitorial Crews walk off job in New York over inadequate training and protection from disease.

Outside La Guardia Airport in New York, 200 airport employees responsible for cleaning airplane cabins began a 24-hour strike on Wednesday over health and safety concerns, including possible exposure to Ebola while cleaning the airliner’s cabins.

The cleaning crews, all of whom operate out of Terminal D, say they’re not properly equipped to handle the hazardous materials they regularly come into contact with — including blood, feces and hypodermic needles. Fed up over what they say are unsafe working conditions, and fearful over having inadequate protection from Ebola, the crews walked off the job.

Nation’s Healthcare Workers Warning of Coming Crisis

Last week National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in U.S., put out a warning claiming that U.S. hospitals were not prepared for Ebola, or any potential Pandemic Outbreak. In their press release they claimed that 87% of their U.S. nurses have received no information or training on how to deal with Ebola – something we’ve been warning about for some time now.

Back in August we ran an article on how prepared U.S. hospitals are to stop a pandemic outbreak; in the article we cited the CDC’s own numbers, showing just how big the problem really is. According to the CDC, 1.7 million people are infected by healthcare related infections every year in this country, with over 99,000 dying from hospital acquired infections.

If our nation’s hospitals can’t even prevent normal everyday infections from spreading inside their doors, what do you think will happen during an actual pandemic outbreak?

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  1. They all laughed at Noah as he built his boat, until it started raining! Just checked prices for gas masks I got awhile back for $17, now going for $100 on eBay… Guess the forecast isn’t all sunshine.

  2. I work in an major ER close to a large airport. Our ebola training consisted of an email, and a “specialized” isolation cart (which is still in the process of being assembled). We are totally screwed.

    • I can confirm that. Hospitals have no idea what the hell they are doing and the staff is mostly made up of people who went to some 6 month medical college to be a nurse. Our medical system is not what it was ten years ago. Most of the real doctors are gone and now have been replaced by excrackhead stripper nurses, illegal immigrant janitors, and high school dropouts who have no clue what they’re doing.

      • Yup only an email with a list of symptoms. No new equipment, training, nada. The best we can due is treat it like TB with N95s, double gloving and PPE.

      • Actually, nurses have a four-year degree. They must take two years (four semesters)of general ed classes that include biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology I and II, and then they have two more years of nursing classes, the clinicals, one clinical each during four additional semesters of college. And then they have to pass the boards, a test that each state uses to license their nurses.

        I don’t know what area of the country you live in, but here in the Northeast, the doctors in our hospitals are some of the best in the world. The problem in our nation’s hospitals is not the medical staff but the administrations looking to save costs. Under Obamacare, it’s going to get worse.

        • Disagree . Been in the field over 30 yrs. DRs ARE NOT what the used to be. For one thing, most drs in the US have any kind of feel for tropical diseases. As for as BSN nurses in hospitals, they ARE NOT the majority, ADN s are! As far as hospitals being the best in the world, I haven’t been a hospital yet I can say it has its act together.What happened in Dallas is a prime example of just how much they have their act together. As far as drs and infections are concerned, per CDC, and I attended their infections course in residence, the biggest enemy of infections in hospitals are staff,mainly drs. As the article says, hospitals have little knowledge of emergency preparedness . I used to revise county emergency opns plans …so I know just how bad the situation is. They don’t follow them anyway. As I have posted several times on this site before for people to READ about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. It is enlightening. The attitude of medical professionals and government officials then and now is/was the same. Both downplayed the situation.And a lot of people died as a result. Little is known about ebola yet virologists, microbiologists, health professionals and the media continue to make statements they know nothing about.A good example are statements that the virus can’t mutuate and become airborne. Who is to say it won’t mutuate and become airborne? IT is a possibility that always has to be considered In 1918, the virus hit twice. In the spring those infected had a mild form and not a lot of people died. Then, in the fall, it hit again, but it had mutuated and the deaths were, in some cities, in the three digits PER DAY!People died faster than they could be buried. Health professionals are concerned in the US …and they should be. They are the ones who will be, as they say in the Army I was in,in the foxhole position or the front line. As for these people, who are downplaying the events in the US and the rest of the world over the last few wks regarding ebola , they need to do some one on one medical care in Africa with infected ebola patients. Maybe a dose of reality will change some perspectives. If I sound upset. I am.There is an old saying “ignorance is when a person does something wrong because they don’t know better; stupidity is when a person knows better and does the wrong thing anyway.”

      • NO RN went to some six-month medical school. RNs have a huge amount of training and education and must take CEUs of training every year, as well as renewing their licenses and certificates on a regular basis. You must be referring to CNAs, or maybe even some techs. Not even LVNs have that little of training. You absolutely have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. No the medical facilities will be crushed under a real ebola or any other epidemic. Not to mention all the idiots that will go rushing because thy have a tiny cough.

  4. The reason we don’t close the border to at least west Africa , is because of political correctness.
    And the news media is willing to go along with it .
    This is a huge wake up call …to what we have become in this country.
    If we cant stand up for our own families and country ….we are in very bad shape.
    God Bless America and God Help us amen.

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