Hell in New York – Media & Politicians Ignore Chaos, Looting & Deaths

Despite the federal government attempts to pretend that everything is under control; parts of New York have devolved into absolute chaos and anarchy.

From gas lines that stretch for miles to wide-spread looting, robberies and violence; The Rockaways, Queens and Coney Island look more like a war zone than they do part of New York.

looters will be shot

City Councilman James Sanders (D-Far Rockaway) is warning that his district may soon slip into complete anarchy.

He told the New York Daily News:
“We have an explosive mix here,” said Sanders. “People will take matters into their own hands.”

The Rockaways

Without Garbage Services, Trash piles up on the streets of the Rockaways

With media coverage turned towards the elections, many New Yorkers will likely die as temperatures plunge into the 30s and an estimated 1.9 million homes are still without power. It’s really pretty sad, and really highlights how totally unprepared and useless the government really is during a disaster.

Government Inaction

Generators and Supplies sit on the side of the road unused as millions struggle to stay warm…..

Generators for the New York Marathon
Unused Generators brought in for the New York Marathon
food and water
Boxes of Food and Water sitting on the streets for days as thousands go without food and water

This is what Billions of Dollars in FEMA Funding looks like during a disaster

Major disruptions and failures in FEMA supply chains have resulted in shortages of emergency bottled water, food, fuel, shelter, power and clothing across the East Coast. In fact, FEMA was so unprepared to deal with the storm that the agency is just now, some 5 days after the storm, placing bids for emergency water.
Fema Please Help Sign

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    • Areas of Central NJ do not have the fuel problems we have in Northern NJ, believe it or not. They do not have power, resources, food, water, shelter, etc. Resources are distributed disparately…

    • Folks had 3 days notice there car should full of gas and going down the road long before it hit.

      people that lost every thing have no reason to come back until it is all secure.

      poeople that didn’t lose everything would have been alright with 3 – 4 weeks worth of prep. And hunckering down now.

      No need for fuel if all you need is enough to run your generator and your not going anywhere.

      secure a perimiter and dig in.

      Let the crazies deal with each other.

      why stand line for 5 gallons of gas you should have had already

      • From one prepper survivalist to another – pls pass along : Homeless hungry cold victims = thousands upon thousands- were just one week ago taxpaying vital citizens. The storm acts indiscriminately- anyone who hasd a vehicle with a full tank ogf gas now has a ruined and unusuable car.or truck. Evac notices were only given to a handful of ppl and the majority of ppl affected were not told to evac- Even if they did- you cannot take your preps with you to a proxy shelter- a gymnasium with no electricity or water. The vast majority of homes and businesses were not 2nd homes but communities. This type of storm has not been seen on the east coast since ’38. There are so many ppl that have been devastated and have no power heat or electricity. Generators need fuel- and not every family has a generator. ppl who are landlocked- elderly – cannot even get their family members in because they cannot fuel up in NYC. It is callous and illogical to blame ppl for being “unprepared” . The light through the clouds is that this is a dress rehearsal for the rest of us who know what is ahead of us.Many of the people waiting for gasoline are also taxpayers who still have jobs and use their cars to get to work.It is a fantasy that preppers have that we have to barricade ourselves in and keep our barrel pointed out. This storm has shown me that our society is so interdependant that we need to start right now weaving the web if we want to live at all.

        • I realize some people have lost everything. As well as many folks lost there place of work to. That’s what fema grants and unemployment are for.

          How easily could Fema respond, if most people had stocked up even 2-3 weeks of supplies. The people with houses still wouldn’t be half way through their stocks.

          And guess what FEMA could consentrate on the truly needy.

          If people were ready to man up and be responsible for themselves, the amount we have for disaster relief woujd go that much further.

          Those that have prepared can get the assistance they need. But to many people fail to plan at all then are suprized whenthe government can’t get to them.

    • this was nothing more than chlorine in the gene pool. non union help was refused so good luck. all you big government,union loving blue states,this is what you just voted for more of.deal with it. you may want to reconsider your political position,if not relax and wait for the government to take care of you …if you dont starve of freeze to death first. On the other hand you could act like a real american patriot and get off you dead asses and clean up the mess. pull together and git er done. Oh I keep forgetting its a union job.

  1. Welcome to what the gulf coast went thru several times these past 10 years. Glad to see that big government and big unions are doing such a grand job! Sorry folks, you need to hunker down and deal with it yourselves…help from them will show up at some point – most likely when the photo ops cease being worth anything. Good Luck! We’re sending supplies up via some of our local charities that you good folks helped, back when it was our turn. Seriously though, don’t wait on FEMA or even your local yocals to do anything…get it done for yourselves and your neighbors.

  2. I feel that people should be better prepared, fill your bath tub with water, have 30 days of food on hand. dont rely on the government to do it for you. they cant even wipe their own a$$ and you expect them to feed and water you. Pathetic

  3. This is horrible and as I can tell is being compared to Katrina. Living in NJ, I can attest that this is not good for the medium term. FEMA slow to respond, Bloomberg, just an idiot, slow to respond, resources, just sitting, Generators, not repurposed post cancellation of the marathon. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Really? If I could get gasoline, I would try to help out first hand, but cannot at the moment… Sad!

    • I’m prepping because I know FEMA and Gov don’t have the resources to just go in and fix everything in days after a major disaster. Gov has a role, a mission, a place in the rebuilding, but none of us want to or pay the taxes to have the sheer volume of resources staged and available to quickly resolve all the suffering, and that doesn’t even count how many people would be required to handle the logistics. If you want the Government to be ready to respond quicker to these types of disasters you better pull out your checkbook. I haven’t read numbers but ponder how many people were affected by Sandy. Even if it was only 100,000 the logistics to support this many people is humongous. Go look at what the Military has been doing to support 100,000 troops deployed. The Military has plans, trains for it, has the skills and yet they have to be using more people than all of FEMA employs to accomplish the mission. The lesson to learn is that we have to be ready to take care of our family and neighbors for weeks when major disasters strike because it will take time for infrastructure to be repaired and supply lines to start working again.

  4. These people are not pulling together as a community. We are doing this to ourselves by even being in the mind set the Government is going to help.

    It is MY duty to help, my duty to assist, my duty to be prepared. If you cannot save yourself, you cannot save anyone else. The Government is not the solution, it is the problem.

    • That first picture reads
      “Keep Out! Residents Only. Looters Will Be Shot.”

      Now that sounds like the kind of community watch my neighbors and I would start up in their situation – it could be less than that, but sounds like they’re pulling together on that block at least. =)

    • You have it 1/2 right. Government is not the solution, but they aren’t the problem either. A natural disaster struck, PEOPLE were not prepared, now we have suffering, people are the problem. I’ve seen floods, so my house is high above any flood plain, I’ve seen electricity go out for weeks, so I have a generator and fuel and propane for cooking, I’ve seen grocery stores go bare and know they rely on just in time delivery so I have extra food at home, I’ve seen water supplies contaminated so I have water stored in the basement, I knew a hurricane was coming so I filled my car with gas, I know hurricanes can hit my state so I’m trimming trees and plan to cut down pines that could fall on my house. Everyone likes to blame the Government for this or that but the problem is not the Executive Branch of Government it’s the collective us, both individuals and Corporate America, and most of all CONGRESS. Make sure you keep your prepping up too, because until we replace CONGRESS with people who stand up for the average citizen instead of doing the bidding of their rich campaign contributors (corporate america) our society will continue to go downhill.

    • You have it 1/2 right. Government is not the solution, but they aren’t the problem either. A natural disaster struck, PEOPLE were not prepared, now we have suffering, people are the problem. I’ve seen floods, so my house is high above any flood plain, I’ve seen electricity go out for weeks, so I have a generator and fuel and propane for cooking, I’ve seen grocery stores go bare and know they rely on just in time delivery so I have extra food at home, I’ve seen water supplies contaminated so I have water stored in the basement, I knew a hurricane was coming so I filled my car with gas, I know hurricanes can hit my state so I’m trimming trees and plan to cut down pines that could fall on my house. Everyone likes to blame the Government for this or that but the problem is not the Executive Branch of Government it’s the collective us, both individuals and Corporate America, and most of all CONGRESS. Make sure you keep your prepping up too, because until we replace CONGRESS with people who stand up for the average citizen instead of doing the bidding of their rich campaign contributors (corporate america) our society will continue to go downhill.

  5. why should anyone expect this would be different from “Katrina” Its still the government Tring to fix problems better dealt with by indivuals (ahead of time)

    How easy would it be for fema to help the truly needy if 80-90% of the effected homes had actually prepared prior to “Sandy” No one would have paniced, No one would be waiting for 6-7 hours for gas.

    Imagine it people prepared so when the heart of the storm wipe a neighborhood off the map You could send the bulk of the relief there.

    Cleanup crews and insurance adjusters could be sent to less effected places.

  6. Funny how there is nothing being shown on national network news.Just before the election. The coverage is “it’s bad but wer’e getting by”

    Think back to Katrina 7 Days in, they wanted “bushs” head pike. Here in “sandy” They’ve been promised help and thats good enough for the media.

    Ohhh that’s right Bush was The evil Republican (sorry I forgot, that makes it okay)

    • I think you also forgot that Barack Obama is the Second Coming. What he says will be done… except for in this case, where he went to the devastated area for a photo opp, and then did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And people still voted him back into office. If there ever was a time to prep, this is it. Tough economic times ahead, people.

  7. With a week’s warning everybody should have had their gas cans filled, and maybe even bought a few more. Actually, many of them should have been out of town – we had warnings of 11 ft. storm surges well ahead of the storm, but they stayed in beach towns 3 ft above high tide. They had time to buy lots of buckets and fill them for ‘flush water’, and cases of bottled water or the WaterBOB bags which hold 100 gallons.

    And it should have been done. After Katrina nobody has any excuse to trust FEMA to respond appropriately, and Sandy merely confirms that. This is just another example of the ‘epic fail’ of government to help it’s citizens while it can spend billions spying on us.

    • As someone in the midst of the aftermath of not only hurricane sandy, but 14inches of snow on top of it- I can assure you extreme measures were taken prior to the storms. Generators sold out from CT to NY to NJ as far west as Ohio 5 days before. I know this because I lived it. In addition, I can speak for thousands of struggling families when I say, there was not an extra $1000 to just drop on a generator at first word of Sandys path. Your general tone comes off incredibly cynical- which is really no real problem for us raised in jersey or ny, we can handle cynical in our sleep! But the issue is not lack of preparation. You could have all the bottled water and canned soups the world has to offer, but if your house and car is washed out to sea, or 8ft of water or major structural damage because a boat is in your master bedroom, or a tree is providing shade inside your bathroom…. Those goods and gadgets really don’t matter. I’ve been on several social media sites trying to get the word out about the families freezing and starving. There are people begging for help, and it has come to the point where it is neighbor helping neighbor. I’m trying to help reach out to the other 48 states, to inform and spread the word of resources or help that is not govt funded programs.

  8. If you didn’t learn from katrina that fema takes days or weeks to get going you had your head in the sand. The government clearly tells you to have a preparedness bag (72 hour Bag) This is the bare minimum needed. Expect this to change to a one week supply kit. Wake up and stock enough to take care of yourself for at least two weeks better if you can store enough to last two months. Times are going to be hard in the areas hardest hit for months, plan on becoming a snowbird and head south for the winter..good luck

    • I think in times like these we all need a 3-30 day kit and plan of what we need and what to do…the government is not going to help you..they want you dead! Stand up…come together as a community, get to helping each other, tell the prez to go fuck himself! I am a low income disabled person and I will not and cannot depend on a system that continuously
      lets us down every chance it gets. Sorry folks time to wake up!

  9. Look on the bright side; If FEMA is so ridiculously incompetent dealing with something as minor as flooding, then imagine how patently useless they would become should a Real National Emergency (ie: dollar collapse) strike…

    All those people who are worried about FEMA concentration camps post collapse surely have been offered a glimpse of the epic failure surely to come.

    FEMA could not organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone control the movement of millions of people.

    Dont worry about FEMA or any crisis management team for that matter, as they are proving to be most impotent.

    They cannot even manage a bit of flooding, what are their chances of dealing with an economic collapse of any magnitude?

  10. It takes weeks to clean up after a storm, and that isn’t garbage – it is debris by the sides of the streets. Quit being retarded.

    I know you really want the government to suck, but the government doesn’t have a magic wand to magically fix everything after a storm. I live in a place called “reality”.

    That food? Yeah, its being staged. Those generators? Again, staged.

    Quit whining about the government. They are doing the best they can; they can’t undo storm damage in a single week. Look at New Orleans as a point of comparison, for when things are really bad.

    • TD thanks for the reality check. After Irene last year we were cut off for 3 days before help could get in(roads & bridges gone).Things are tuff all over.save yourself.

    • Amen brother…..PEOPLE pull your butt up by the boot staps and get yo lazy feet to more clean up the mess and cowboy UP……

    • Reality??? Ok do you know how much fema spends on behalf of taxpayers?

      Once you’ve figured that out then you will realize they have power to do almost anything!

      Therefore these emergencies would be delt with in an efficient way, and those who are suffering because of bad luck or poor choices( however you apathetic folks view it) would get help….like they are asking for and paid for through taxes!

  11. it is sad when you listen to the lady say “First Irene and now Sandy”…are you telling me that you did not learn your lesson the first time around?

    I was a victim of Irene. well, it only took once for me to learned the lesson. and it was pretty hard leasson indeed!! I had to beg, I even cry because I felt useless and could not provide for my kids and family. well, after that experience, I sold my house when the repairs were completed (that was my first home – I was ignorant about flood zones back then). with the money, I bought a new house where I knew flooding was not an issue, bought a Generator made sure an electrician connected to the main so I have to rely on extension cordss, got food, and bought 5 x 5 gollars gas containers. and a couple of days before the storm, I filled them all up along with my cars.

    As of now, I still don’t have power, but I am fine. I had to make line only one time since the storm to refill. I went to the store once this week as well and refill on the necessities. I am not saying it is easy (because is not), especially when you have a generator runnning outside your property for most of the day. However, I am not begging, my family has heat, and thanks to my well and generator, i have water.

    From my point of view, the problem I see here is that people don’t learn and/or easily forget and expect somebody else to fix their problems. I can relate with a couple/family that did not experience this type of devastation. But this lady/family that already when through this… arg!! Tough sh$# lady!… I don’t feel petty for people like this…grow up!

  12. All this is true – get prepared. But, after all…we have PAID for disaster relief services through our tax monies…and NO ONE expected our monies to go for internment camps, and riot gear and tanks, for peat’s sake, not that we have a choice. FEMA could do better if it wanted to and so could Bloomberg. Maybe they’re waiting for things to get bad enough that riots, etc. will start so they can break the camps in….

    • I live in S.I.,New York, hard hit by Sandy, Yes I like many prepped, but how do you prepare for this?It’s never happened like this before, this level of devestation.Yes i could bunker down in my home running my generator and eating well for quite a few months. Now reality, I have to go to work or I don’t get paid and I lose that home I bunkered down in, small problem can’t stockpile enough gas, no gas in S.I., 3 hour waits at pump and you’re lucky if you get any, don’t get gas don’t go to work = no pay. I can run my genny and eat my food, hey what about my neighbors who also prepped, but everything was destroyed, should I pretend I don’t see them, no help them and share what I have. Maybe I should have bugged out, small probblem – I’m just a working class shmo, can’t afford a compound and can’t afford not to go to work, so I prepped, helped my neighbors and go to work to support my family, I pay my taxes, that go towards programs like FEMA – am I not entitled to a little help too. FEMA and the RED CROSS came to S.I. fri.,4 days after storm, the only reason people even knew about us was because of the controversy over the marathon,which staring point was 2 miles from where 2 small boys were swept away and drown. Everyone is right we can’t count of a gov. whom we are forced to pay,who simply isn’t there for us,however neither can we rely soley upon ourselves, we must be there for and help one another, otherwise really what’s the point. If we hide in our own little world we bunker down in then we are no better off,we simply exchange one empty, self serving life for another, making us no better than those in the society from which we are prepping against

        • Even if one is debt/mortgage free, that does not preclude a person from having to go to work. If one wants to keep their job, they have to go to work. And for some, such as my sister, who is a nurse and considered essential personnel, she had to continue working throughout the storm and the entire week, whereas some businesses closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

          There’s no doubt prepping is important, it made a world of difference for our family. But hunkering down for two weeks was not an option. Parts of the city and Island were not as severely impacted by the storm and they resumed business as normal, which required us to resume business as normal. This includes getting to work, which requires gas. We were lucky, we live in a large house as an extended family so we had three cars that were on full the day of the storm. But most families only have one or two cars and there’s only so much gas one can stockpile safely while living in the suburbs, and perhaps less if one lives in an urban area.

          Being prepared for a gas delivery issues is a problem that needs to be solved by our community so that we as a community can be better prepared next time a storm of this magnitude or worse comes ashore. And yes, community in this sense includes individuals, but it also includes our local government. And without the help of the federal government, we would have waited longer for the delivery of gas.

          Doing away with government is not the answer. We as humans chose to form governments because we realized we could create more leisure time in our lives by living as communities under a government – we don’t have to build our own roads and bridges, we don’t have to spend every day defending our lives and property, etc.

          We need to think about ways in which we can use our local government, to help ourselves, our community, and neighbors be better prepared instead of scoffing at their mistakes. Yes, I agree, those people who decide to stay put after they’ve been told to evacuate are infuriating when they call someone to rescue them once they are in danger, but stupid as they are, they are still part of my community. And when times get better, and life returns to normal, I’ll still have to live with them and make decisions about my community with them.

          Extreme individualism in times of emergencies doesn’t help our communities survive. People who thought only of themselves increased prices of gas, ice, hotel accommodations, and other essentials during this crisis, just to put a little more money in their own pockets. People who thought only of themselves attempted to cut in front of others who had been waiting for hours in gas lines, causing fights to break out. There needs to balance of individual responsibility and identity as a community member with responsibility to the community.

  13. You can prepare for even the worst and when the shtf….you are still going to need help, be your brothers keeper and when one is traumitized they are looking for sympathy….not for I told you so!

    And let’s be real, no one will ever be fully prepared…unless they are prepared to die!

  14. “We have an explosive mix here,” said Sanders. “People will take matters into their own hands.” OF COURSE! You cant have people depending on them selves for protection now! can you? God forbid that we get off the govt tit…. When the institution made for the people of the people becomes more important than the people it was made for. Well then it has to GO!

  15. FEMA is a joke and will help no one but bend them over and shaft them like Obama is doing to the whole country. Yet more reason to have guns in New York so people can protect there homes, property and there very lives.


  16. What is always most concerning are the ones that lose all sense of morals and lawfulness when no one is looking and think in their control freak natures that they can start acting like a criminal, this type of group sick mindedness is what concerns me they are the selfish types that will do anything for their own gratitude or for self the type that would threaten that one woman…SICK. Why isn’t there someone being hired to distribute that food and water?

  17. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and barely any media coverage of Sandy is happening here. Except for the first few days, the aftermath has largely been ignored. I feel so badly for the people who are in the midst of this hellish reality and those who were killed by the storm. The media is “owned” and it is not politically favorable to show the REALITY of what is happened to this area and these people.

  18. I’ve lived thru Andrew, Wilma, Charlie, and many many other storms. Florida has this system down, and it seems that the tri state didn’t. We typically keep stockpiles of water, canned goods and of course generators at all times. And, we have underground cabling, which helps. I feel for folks in the area, but u have to stay prepped, until help arrives or have a good system in place with neighbors or u will not survive. I’ve even had to get creative and cyphon gass out of my boat to run my generator. It comes down to prepping and it seems that this didn’t happen. Let’s hope the lesson is learned, and the govt. gets these people the assistance they need.

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