New Obama plan to Fight Home Grown Terrorists calls for schools & school children to spy on families.

police stateOver the last year we have detailed many examples of how preppers are being targeted and demonized by this administration as potential terrorists.

From the FBI demanding military Surplus stores spy on and keep records of those who purchase bulk goods, to Rand Paul warning preppers that the government considers them to be a target of the new military detention bill, things are certainly getting scary out there for people who want to be prepared.

Well today, the administration has turned the heat up on preppers and Americans again….

White House launches new plan to find Home Grown Terrorists by having schools & churches spy on families. Part of the plan includes using school children spy on their parents.

Sounds farfetched huh? Think again.

The plan is already in full swing and is even being promoted by liberal media outlets like NPR.

In a recent NPR article the new White House program is outlined as using a combination of local partners — schools, community boards and leaders — with both local and federal law enforcement and other agencies to keep tabs on the public. Many of these new partners, like the Department of Education, have never participated in national security issues before.

“We had a long conversation about what kinds of things education can do,” said Quintan Wiktorowicz, a senior director of the National Security Council at the White House, who spearheaded the initiative. “In the same way they fight gangs, or bullying, they can help here. The challenge is going to be trying to put the violent extremism initiatives into existing programs. But there are lots of ways to do it, and we’ll work with the schools to tailor the approach to what they need.”

I guess this really shouldn’t be a shock since Rand Paul warned preppers last week that they were targets…


And in another article from Oathkeepers we have also learned that The Nashville Tennessee Department of Health is in the process of performing “door-to-door assessments” on people’s disaster preparedness levels. These assessments are being conducted with tools designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that will track people’s levels of preparedness, health status, and basic needs of the community.

The program is taking place in 30 randomly selected neighborhoods throughout Davidson County, Tennessee.

School Children asked to document what food they have in their houses:

We were also sent a notice from a mom in Knoxville Tennessee who was very troubled by a school project that required her children to:

  • Take pictures and document the amount of food in their house.
  • Detail how much is spent on food every week.
  • Take pictures of the family to include in the project

She sent us this image from the schools website but asked that we block out her information….

school assignment to spy on preparedness

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  1. WE ARE SCREWED!!!! Why did I move back to the US from Ireland? Because I thought it would be better here than there…I am a fool!!!

  2. Why is it we the people are doing nothing??? WE have the right to impeach, overturn, and a number of other rights listed in the constitution. Why are we sitting on our hands saying, “yes sir, may I have another.” I’m in no way a violent extremist, but how much are we going to take. Especially if this fool gets re-elected again in 2012. The mayans are predicting an event never seen before, its not going to be the end of the world, its going to be war in the United States. The American people are already running out of jobs, money, food, bank forclosures, and many other ways that spells out poverty in a nation. The congress, senate, and other elected officials are only supporting this and it doesn’t matter what we say. Sorry for ranting, but this crap makes me sick. And to think, we are supposed to be the land of the free.

  3. Just curious — is it really the government asking the schools and school children to spy on prepper families or is what I see above just a home ec project?

    • Think about it- did you ever in school have your elementary school ask you this? I sure didn’t.
      If you put this together with everything else that’s going on – yes, they’re spying on us.

      Tell ’em to go to hades.

    • It’s an invasion of privacy to require pictures of your family and their pantry contents. However, to be able to complete the homework, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your child can make up some food information. Why would they require photographic evidence? Your child can write down whatever they want. It’s possible the teacher is going about the assignment the wrong way. It could simply be a budgeting lesson that the child can relate to and have real world numbers to back up their results. If that’s the case, the teacher made up a strange way of documenting the children’s findings.

  4. Great article.

    It seems that everywhere we turn there is something new and exciting coming from our federal government. A single incident occurring could be chalked off as wacky conspiracy theory, but when you consider everything from Patriot Act through today you can see a pattern has emerged.

    Slowly but surely our personal privacy is being stripped away – in fact, it’s probably gone at this point. The next step is to punish those who exercise their rights contrary to the purposes and principles of the elite’s grand agenda.

    Will this happen in America? Can it? Yes, it can happen, just as it has happened throughout history. It’s a scary thought, an almost unbelievable thought. But it is what it is.


  5. we have been dealing with this shi. in the north of Ireland for 100s of years, By your GOV. spying on its people, This will breed a group of people like the IRA but will blow up no warning car bombs in US cities. Then your goverment will start killing its own people to stop it

  6. This country looks closer and closer to Nazi Germany everyday. I know you’re not supposed to compare these people to Nazi’s, and every liberal idiot who reads this is going ot be jumping up and down, but I think it’s time to wake up and see the facts.

    The same people who shouted about bush doing this stuff, Which he is just as guilty, are the same people who are now looking the other way. It’s time to stop propping up fake political leaders who are hell bent on taking away our every last bit of freedom.

    This is exactly what Germany looked like before WWII and look what happened when everyone in Germany looked the other way.

    • Agreed… And as one who had family over there at that time that were mass executed… And as one who had family fighting.g against such opression, also as a US Veteran… We CANNOT allow this sort of thing to happen again…

      It’s easy to see, just pick up a history book and put down the remote, the xbox, and the other distractions… WAKE UP SHEOPLE!!!



  7. Look Out! The National Socalist party, (formerly known as the NAZI Party), have empowered the Geastpo, (formerly known as Law Enforcement), to be able to come and take any one us to a concentration camp! My Family members fought this in the second world war, now it appears that the 4th Riech is on the rise!

    “What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists, and the Republic has become the very evil we’ve been fighting to destroy?”

    “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause…”

    PADME AMIDALA, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

  8. That’s a really great line from the movie and oh so relevant to what we’re facing today. This country has been so divided by these idiot politicians that most of the country really believes their party is the force for good.

    In reality it really doesn’t matter, either side you serve has now become the evil that you thought you we’re fighting against.

    The republic has become the force to squash us and unfortunately the rest of us who long ago stopped serving either side have now been labeled as the rebellion or the Anti Americans when nothing could be farther from the truth. We are the true Americans, this perversion we see today is not America

    • Isn’t that how most invading forces do it? Divide and conquer? It has been rolling down a hill since the sixties or before. It is up to all of us to realize fighting each other over something as silly as skin color or belief systems takes away from the one commonality of being human.

  9. Duckie… The Oathkeepers seems to be having problems with their site right now. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and hopefully it will be back up shortly.

    Mac, I agree when you look at one of these incidents by themselves they can seems innocent and most people would probably think nothing of it. But when you start to take a look at the overall pattern people need to start asking themselves what’s really going on.

    Also… For anyone who hasn’t checked out Mac’s site I highly recommend checking out He does a great job detailing a lot of these issues.

  10. @Col. Stryker , Be careful, I taught my Kids not to say anything either but my Daughter still ran her mouth and they got her to tell on the sly.

    Since the start of the School year one of my Daughters Teachers acted like he was all Pro-Gun and bragged about how he loved to Hunt and Fish and he gained the trust of many Students, Well he bragged about his Gun Collection and how good of a shot he was and my Daughter started talking to him about my Gun collection and how I loved to Hunt etc.

    She got a failing grade in Math and I went to a Conference at the School and the councilor started naming off all the problems she saw that might be effecting her grades, for example she said my Daughter most likely felt unsafe at Home because I owned Guns, I later found out this Teacher that bragged about hunting was keeping track and reporting everything these kids said about owning Guns and reporting them. So please be careful.

  11. We are to believe this is a simple homework assignment?. I do NOT believe this fabricated explanation of spyying on our individual food consumption. As a founder of a watchdog group for extremism I have been disturbed at seeing everyday citizens profiled like lone-wolf terrorists. It is a very disturbing trend. When did the government decide that this was the best way to combat terror?. I am asking myself if there is any validity to conspiracy theories I hear lately. Iris Mentus “American jihad Watch”.

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