Hyatt Hotels Plans to Make Guests Use Digital Health Passports for Meeting Attendees

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is the latest firm to embrace the Mark of the Beast technology and is in the process of setting up systems that will require meeting attendees to carry a digital health certificate before they are allowed to conduct commerce.

The company announced the plans today, saying they are exploring the use of explore VeriFLY + Stay, a mobile health passport for the hospitality industry. The App, which is loaded on  iOS and Android devices, will allow Hyatt to deny accss to those who are not marked safe. Users Receive a green check mark, when they have uploaded vaccine verification and/or negative COVID-19 test results.

Earlier in the year, American Airlines partnered with VeriFLY and is already using the app in airports throughout the world.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, we have believed that accessibility to testing and resources would play a critical role in the travel industry’s recovery,” Frank Lavey, senior vice president of Global Operations, Hyatt. “Collaborating with Daon, a leader in identity assurance, to test VeriFLY + Stay for colleagues and meeting attendees furthers our commitment to our guests’ and colleagues’ wellbeing and represents an important step in providing peace of mind to meeting attendees before, during and after an event.”

As part of these exploration efforts, Hyatt will work closely with meeting planners to identify criteria for meeting attendees, which could include presenting a recent negative COVID-19 test. The criteria can then be communicated to attendees in the VeriFLY mobile app prior to arrival so they can fulfill their requirements and complete all necessary forms. Meeting attendees who satisfy a meeting’s requirements will be able to use the app to display a green checkmark for entry into the meeting or event.

“Throughout the pandemic we have stayed close to our customers to understand what’s most important to them and focus on solutions that meet their needs,” said Steve Enselein, senior vice president of Events, Hyatt. “In listening to our customers, we know attendee safety and wellbeing remain top priorities for meeting planners, and we look forward to exploring VeriFLY + Stay with meeting planners to provide a new resource that assists with event execution.”

Digital Badges, Digital Passports… the Modern Day Mark of the Beast?

Your COVID Papers Please

Over the last couple of weeks, governments around the world have started implementing similar digital passports, putting plans in place where its citizens will not be able to travel or conduct commerce without having a digital badge. Ironically, Israel and Germany are a few of the pilot countries who have rolled out these so-called digital badges.

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  1. Good site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find excellent writing like yours these days. I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  2. If you don’t like it, write your congressman and senator. Ha, ha…that’s a joke.
    I’m very surprised that Israel would do this. Their leadership better think about it.
    I wish these so-called free societies would treat everyone like adults instead of like children.
    There will be more emergencies in the future whereby our government will continue to persecute us.
    The 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments are under attack. We must take our beloved nation back. Preeminent attack is the only thing “they” understand.

  3. And just where is a person suppose to get these ” digital ” passports, who does person have to ” know ” and how much will you have to sell your soul for?

  4. This great Nation is going to h*ll in a handbasket and the Socialists are making the sandwiches. I’ll be glad when I can finally leave society behind and start truly living the way I used to live. I’m in the process of restarting raising meat rabbits again and plowing the dirt for a year round garden. If you have never heard of tree collards, you better get busy because gas has risen quickly and food prices will follow. God Bless America.

  5. Where’s the government’s certificate explaining why it’s not in jail? To make one, they would have to do what they always do: LIE. As soon as Covid allegedly came on the scene, the common flu and other respiratory illnesses such as phneumonia etc mysteriously dissapeared! This is all about control. Go to Banned.Video and see for yourselves what these vaccines are doing!

    • DON’T TAKE THE VACCINATIONS. They stimulate your body to create a “spike” protein. This is supposed to attack the covid that enters your body, but often also attacks your cells in the lungs, kidney, and liver most often but will also often attack your small intestine, heart, and brain. This statistic is supported by Dr. Tenpenny, who is well known worldwide as an expert in three different fields, board-certified in those fields, and has patients in all fifty states and about 17 different countries. look her up. Also, for my fellow Christians, look up Flashpoint News. It is a Christian news station and looks behind the scenes of the government’s propaganda.

      • Why You Shouldn’t Get the Vaccine

        The covid-19 vaccine may look like a way to turn back to normal after what has happened in the world. However, the vaccine is still in the experimental phase and may be deadly. We have not yet tested the long-term effects of the vaccine. The FDA has only issued an Emergency Use Authorization, or EUA for short (“Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions.” FDA. response/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/covid-19-frequently-asked-questions. Accessed 6 Mar. 2021)

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