White House Immigration Policy Allowed Terror Attack: FBI Director Says Thousands of Terrorists Likely in U.S.

More information is coming out today confirming that the Mass Shooting in San Bernardino was a carefully planned ISIS inspired terror attack. And in a press conference this afternoon, the FBI confirmed that this “was a terror attack,” and that they were now officially investigating the California mass shooting as an act of terrorism.

But even more disturbing than how they have lied to us for the past couple of days,  is how the terrorists got into the country, and how there may be thousands more just like them hiding in neighborhoods throughout the United States.

This morning, information came out tying the San Bernardino shooters directly to the ISIS terror organization. The Muslim woman who carried out the horrific terror attack in San Bernardino on Wednesday had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and its leader on Facebook, according to a U.S. law enforcement official.

The law enforcement official said that evidence showed Tashfeen Malik made her posts under an alias, but deleted them in the days before she and husband Syed Farook killed 14 people, and wounded another 17.

Malik, a 27 year-old Pakistani who came into the U.S. on a K1 Visa, is thought to have recruited her husband Syed Farook online in 2014. Co-worker Patrick Baccari told the Los Angeles Times that Farook recently visited Saudi Arabia to meet a woman he met online. According to authorities, that woman was the second suspect, his wife Tashfeen Malik.

terror suspects in San Bernardino terror attack

We would show you pictures of Malik, but apparently the media and the FBI are refusing to release her pictures because it might be offend Muslims to show her face without the Burka — that is why every news report you see shows her as a blacked out figure. I guess political correctness and not offending Muslims has now become more important than showing the American public who the enemy really is.

Terror Ties Discovered via Couples Digital History

In the days leading up to the attacks, law enforcement officials are saying the Muslim couple started erasing their digital footprint; deleting email accounts, smashing cell phones and hard drives, scrubbing their social media pages, and trying to delete anything that tied them to the terrorist organization.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence, including proof that Farook was in contact with a number of international terrorists before the attack, The Obama administration is still refusing to call this a terror attack – instead, they are still trying to do everything they can to pin this one on American gun owners.

But information is starting to leak out today that shows the Obama administration might be more culpable in allowing these terrorists into the United States than they are letting on.

Senators Demanding Immigration Records on Terror Suspects

Ted Cruz in Senate

A number of Senators are demanding that the Obama administration immediately release the immigration records of the two suspected terrorist shooters. In a letter sent to the Obama administration, Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) accused the Obama administration of ignoring multiple requests for immigration records of 72 recent terrorists found to be in the United States.

“We demand that you immediately provide the same detailed information requested in that letter for Farook and Malik, which would include the immigration history of their parents and any immigration documents related to their marriage and her subsequent travel to the U.S,” the senators wrote.

“We are dealing with an enemy that has shown it is not only capable of bypassing U.S. screening, but of recruiting and radicalizing Muslim migrants after their entry to the United States,” the two wrote to the secretaries of state and homeland security as well as the attorney general.

“The recruitment of terrorists in the U.S. is not limited to adult migrants, but to their young children and to their U.S.-born children—which is why family immigration history is necessary to understand the nature of the threat,” they wrote.

“Farook is the child of immigrants who came to the United States from Pakistan, and Malik [his wife, a native of Pakistan] travelled to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia,” according to the letter.

The Senators claim that at least 12 people with ties to terrorists have entered the United States in the first eleven months of 2015 through the Obama administration Refugee program.

Earlier this year, FBI director James B. Comey confirmed that they had evidence that ISIS had already infiltrated every state in the country. In fact, he claimed there were already thousands of Islamic State supporters inside the United States.

Obama administration vowing to go after those who speak against Islam

Instead of taking the threat seriously, and going out and finding the thousands of terrorists who the FBI claims have already made it into the country, the Obama administration is instead threatening those who speak out against Islam.

Loretta Lynch Warning Americans not to talk badly about Muslims

Speaking to a group of Muslim activists at the Muslim Advocate’s 10th anniversary dinner Thursday,  Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a group of Muslim activists that she would take aggressive action against anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.

Assuring the pro-Muslim group that “we stand with you,” Lynch said she would use her Justice Department to protect Muslims from “violence” and discrimination.

Earlier this year, the Obama Justice Department claimed the threat of Radical Islam paled in comparison to homegrown extremists – specifically white anti-government types, and right-wing extremists. They even created new a new national security position tasked with focusing on these types of extremists inside the United States.

How about protecting the American public from the flood of Islamic Radicals who are telling you they are coming here to attack us?

But instead of protecting us from Islamic Radicals, this administration continues to attack law abiding citizens and continues to threaten us with more gun control executive orders that will do nothing to stop terrorists from attacking us. In fact, all these laws do is make innocent American sitting ducks for the wackos of the world.

Gun Violence Declining Everywhere in U.S., Except in Gun-Free Zones

While the Obama administration would like you to believe that the evil NRA is causing these mass shootings, according to the actual data, it’s Obama’s gun-free zone policies and anti-gun executive orders that are causing the problems.

Over the last 20 years, while we have seen a massive increase in privately owned firearms, actual gun crimes have plummeted to record lows in this country; expect in these high-profile shootings and terrorist attacks in gun-free zones. Those types of shootings are actually on the rise.

Since 1950, all but two of this country’s mass shootings have taken place in gun-free zones. These gun-free zones are making Americans into targets, and the terrorists know it.

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  1. Thank you so much for your site and your reporting, you and sites like yours are doing the job that journalists are supposed to be doing. You called it 2 days before anyone in the media had a clue.

    I saw some of the wacky liberals attacking you on your Facebook page over the last couple of days, telling you that you were wrong becuase nothing you were saying was being reported by the media. Are these people completly retarded? Every single thing you reported has now been conformed.

    It’s a shame that people are so scared of being called racist that our country is no longer recognizable. Had the idiot guy who was scared of being called a racist reported on what he saw maybe they could have stopped this. Although Obama would have probably charged him with hate speech and invited the terrorist to the White House like clock boy.

  2. I am fearful what Obama will do before his term is up. He doesn’t appear to be concerned with the nations security, only protecting his islamic religion.

    • Jonie, I too am very concerned of what Obama will do during his last year, especially after the November ’16 elections. There should be no surprise if he opens our borders completely, as in pull back border patrol, immigration control, and just let people flood in undeterred. It would not be surprising either if he actually issued and Executive Order confiscating all guns and ammo. Rather the confiscation would be successful or not, is not the point. The point is he made it mandatory to turn in our guns. After that we are felons if we don’t. Another issue that people think is impossible is that one morning Obama may wake up and simply disband the military. He has that right, and the power to do so. We are in very dangerous times, and every day the noose seems to tighten more and more. There are almost endless possibilities as to what this Kenyan born President can and will do to destroy us. God bless you Jonie, and keep on prepping.

  3. Ted Cruz demanding my ass,,all sen. and cong. need to get off thier collective asses and start defunding any and every thing that ofumble what’s,,unless he steps up and stops ALL any ANY peoples from coming in to america untill we get back on track as a country….

    • It is a pretty sad that these people have been reduced to sending letters instead of actually doing their job. They 100% have the ability to start defunding these program.

      • I don’t understand how the left gets away with all the lies,,the sheep can not see what thier “friends” are doing to them,,or they really are satisfied with living the way they are,,on the govt. dime.

  4. Just a thought…..Could it be that Obama is wanting gun control so that we would not be able to defend ourselves when the refugees of radical islam start shooting us because we are not their religion. Obama is only concerned about his refugees and gun control. And why is it when the christian refugees wanted safety – it was obama that refused them safety in our country.

    Because Obama is so against guns, I have decided next week I am going to start the procedures to own/purchase/carry a gun and training. Any suggestions. One police office suggest a glock. When I looked at them they have 21, 34, etc. I don’t know what these mean.

    • go to a gun range that has rentals and try different types of guns and calibers,,no one can tell you what is good for you until you have a idea of what feels good in your hand,,,after you find one that you like come back tell us it is and someone will give you help with your purchase.

  5. Obama must be stopped before he does further damage, but with this Congress it appears that we have no one to enforce the remedies available to remove and out of control president. However, I don’t think we can wait for another year to replace this maniac.

  6. I got so mad tonight, just be for lying leader took the stage, the channel I was watching the man talking made the statement that this was a terrorist attack, the woman had sworn to ISIS, and almost first words out of obomas mouth was trying to convince us that it was not a terrorist attack but a work place violence. I just went off, I agree with some ones message earlier that I do not see how we can leave him in office for another year, I thought after the 2014 elections that things might be better, not so, maybe worse, all are cowards at the whitehouse or are getting paid bunch of money under the table, when they come to get my guns , I will die, but they got their work cut out for them. And yes I am very afraid our leader will do something majorly stupid in 2016, even worse than what he has already done to us.

  7. One pic of her comes up when you Google it, but yes, the blackout just goes to show how far over the left end we have gone. Our country is becoming like western Europe. Extremely left leaning and political correctness to the point that it will literally kill us. Search Youtube for video of anti-immigration into Europe. There is a short video showing the criminals coming in there and how their “religion of peace” doesn’t mean peace for non-believers. Watch as they chant about killing and raping and taking over the country. Not just a few of them, but huge groups. Those poor people in western Europe have no defense however because they were neutered long ago with their gun laws. Just look at the change in Norway, where it used to be so safe women could walk alone at midnight in Oslo. Not now, they will get raped by these animals. I think Obama and crew would actually like for that to happen here. Yes, I think they are that sick and twisted in their head. It is so bad in Europe that you can actually get arrested for speaking the facts, they won’t even allow the news to report that it was a Muslim in an attack, they just say foreigner.

  8. When you think Obama, think Goldman Sachs.

    People forget that today’s President’s are mere
    Spokesmen for the rich Isreali’s who payed to get
    Them in office. Isreal has fought for land throughout the Middle East with the help of our tax
    dollars. Syria and next Iran and nuclear war. These refugees were created by Isreal who now
    claims that they don’t have room for them. Isreal is
    right for not accepting refugees. They do destroy
    the culture. So say like Isreal, we don’t have room
    for these or any refugees, immigrants, terrorists.

    We need to first accept that Israel, the Rothschilds bank, and Isreal’s plants (Obama, Lynch, etc.) are
    our masters. Then maybe we can start to reclaim
    America. Now most are in denial and TV braindead.

    Look up on the Internet David Duke on Rense Radio archives. Benjamin Freedman 1961 speech.
    Eustace Mullins New World Order.

  9. Someone at the FBI said, “Blair bla bs”.

    Right about now, I wouldn’t let it get around that you
    have anything to do with the FBI. It could be

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