Incompetent CDC allows passengers from Cruise Ship with Suspected Coronavirus Cases into New Jersey

A ship that has a passenger capacity of 4,180, allowed passengers who were potentially exposed to coronavirus to leave a cruise ship docked in New Jersey, despite the fact that 27 Chinese nationals have been quarantined inside the ship and four have been taken to a New Jersey hospital for Coronavirus screening.

Four Royal Caribbean Chinese passengers, who had traveled to the cruise directly from China, were taken off the ship for testing for coronavirus. At least one was carried on a stretcher by medics who were shockingly were not wearing protective gear or masks, aside from gloves.

According to WNBC-TV, the four passengers were taken to University Hospital in Newark, which has negative-pressure isolation rooms.

The news comes as 61 coronavirus cases have been confirmed on board a different cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. That cruise ship is filled with thousands of passengers and is currently quarantined off a port near Tokyo.

The 23 Chinese nationals who were aboard the Royal Caribbean are going to be escorted to Newark Liberty International Airport for a flight back to China.

Mayor Jimmy Davis, Mayor of the City of Bayonne, NJ seems to be doing damage control for the CDC by claiming the video and images captured from the scene that displayed personnel moving patients without masks were people that were sick with a different illness. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any video of them moving the suspected cases.

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  1. Thanks Trump you moron!

    This guy has no screwed us harder than obama did when he let ebola into the country. so the cdc says mandatory quarantine yet these dipshits let thousands of potentially infected people into the U.S. and send medical workers without masks on to the ship?

    • Trump had nothing to do with medical workers not wearing masks transporting patients, but of course I’m sure if you fart and it stinks you blame Trump also? You sound like the moron here. Even having masks and protective equipment hasn’t been helping Chinese medical personnel as they appear to be getting infected too! I know,bTrumps fault again!

  2. Well trump is a traitorous scumbag like every other politician.. This is cdc and local law enforcement and national law enforcement not doing their jobs. The coast guard should have barred entrance.

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