Iran and Russia threaten War with U.S. if President Trump takes further Action in Syria

Iran and Russia are threatening to take military action against the United States if President Trump takes further action in Syria.

U.S, Military Strike on Syria

Tensions are heating up after last week’s military strike on Syria, where President Trump launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat air base in Western Syria. In a joint statement, Russian and Iranian leaders threatened military action saying they will “respond to any aggression”.

The statement read: “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”

The statement comes as US ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, said President Donald Trump is considering implementing new sanctions against Russia and Iran.

In an interview with Jake Tapper, the host of CNN’s State of the Union show, Haley said “I think that’s conversations that he [Trump] will be having and have started to have, going forward. But I think he will have to look at the situation,” when asked whether Trump “wants tougher sanctions on Russia and Iran.”

Nothing “is off the table at this point,” she added.

You saw this terrible tragedy on innocent people, a lot of them children, and the first reaction from Russia wasn’t ‘how horrible,’ it wasn’t ‘how could they do this,’ it wasn’t ‘how did this happen,’ it was: ‘Assad didn’t do it.’ Why was that the reaction?” Haley said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the administration’s main goal is going after ISIS. “Our priority in Syria,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “That really hasn’t changed.”

“I think the president has been quite clear. First and foremost, we must defeat ISIS,” Tillerson said on Face the Nation.

McCain Says Trump to Blame for Assad’s Chemical Attack, Calls for all out War with Syria

In an interview with CBS, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said comments made by people in President Donald Trump’s administration are “partially to blame” for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s apparent use of chemical weapons. He slammed the administration’s position of concentrating on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) before it addresses Assad’s leadership in Syria.

McCain said, “We will take Mosul,” McCain said. “We will take Raqqa. And we’d better have strategies as to how to handle those places once we have won it. But they’re not disconnected from Bashar Assad and the Al Qaeda – the war crimes that have been taking place.”

Pressed to clarify the administration’s position in Syria, National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster said the goals of fighting ISIS and ousting Assad in Syria were somewhat “simultaneous” and that the objective of the missile strikes were to send a “strong political message.”

“We are prepared to do more,” McMaster said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The president will make whatever decision he thinks is in the best interest of the American people.”

According to the Hill, the Pentagon is investigating whether Russia participated or assisted in the chemical attack in Syria, as well as an attack on a local hospital. They cited Syria’s 2013 use of chemical weapons to show the Russians failed to rein in the Syrian regime.

“Russia stepped in at the time and said they would guarantee the removal and elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons capability,” an official said. “At the time they reported that the Syrians had turned in all of their chemical weapons.”

The Russians “failed to control the activities of their Syrian client,” the official said.


  1. ted
    April 9, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Paul Joseph Watson, how could you and the infowars crew be so easily sucked in…? Trump is obviously a globalist. You don’t get that kind of money without steeling from the general public. He’s a total criminal just like the rest. When greed is the order of the day, all this other stuff becomes moot. You guys have always skirted the real issues anyway — because Alex sees this a money making venture. As long as he’s getting rich, what does he really care about what happens to anyone else. The general population are going to suffer greatly if the US keeps letting these psychopaths into positions of power. The swamp has to be drained all right…of all them, trump included.

    • jorge a gonzalez
      April 18, 2017 at 8:07 am

      I don’t believe Trump is like others I believe he has genuine cocern for the American people and won the elections through a grass root campaign. Trump may have Globalist strategies but not in the style of Hillary or Obama. He wants global commerce but by placing America first. He buys the interest of other countries by making favorable trade deals unlike Hillary who was selling favors to other countries as Secretary of State and having the Clinton Foundation receive the money payments through Bill Clinton pricey public speeches. Which is worse? My concerns are that Trump is a Narcissist and has thin skin , Hillary is a sociopathy with psychogenic seizures and psychosomatic behavior. I still believe Trump is a master of brinkmanship and is the man for the times much like Churchill was for WWII. I don’t want a war and Obama was dodging the North Korean situation through appeasement which in return has emboldend Kim Un till this present day. It takes a very strong will and determination to diffuse this situation. I believe Kim Un must be removed or if not possible neutralized. Kim Un is more capable than Trump when it comes to starting WWIII but Trump is more capable of diffusing it or if it came to war he is also more capable of prevailing and winning it. It would be a pyrrhic scorch the earth victory.

    April 11, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Well, lets all gas Putins and Assads families and see how they like it.

  3. moman
    April 11, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    better buy some iodine pills.. looks like nuclear winter is coming.

  4. lane
    April 22, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    I’m with Ted on his comment. I did reluctantly vote for Trump in the general, but only did so with the lack of choice. As bad as I think Trump is, I believe he is better than the old witch. May never know, but I would venture to guess had the old witch won we would be in far worse shape at the moment.

    I’m not a fan of Putin, but appears to me even before the election the war mongers in Washington and media have been on a full court press to provoke Russia into war. Something is going on, they trying to cover up something or divert our attention.. Whatever it is, those in Washington are up to no good as usuall..

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