IRS Says they have Right to Ignore Constitution and Access Your Email Without a Warrant

Another government agency now thinks it has the right to illegally spy on you without a warrant. In papers obtained through a freedom of information request by the ACLU, The Internal Revenue Service believes it has the power to spy on all of your electronic documents, including emails, without ever having to obtain a search warrant.

Last month we reported how the Department of Homeland Security had hired an outside agency to scan and monitor Internet traffic and emails from U.S. private, civilian-run infrastructure; now the IRS has taken things a step farther by claiming they have the right to access any emails that are stored on an email cloud service like Google Mail or Outlook online, as long as those emails haven’t been deleted after a few months.

The IRS is claiming that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 allows them to access any email that have been sitting on a server for longer than 180 days without a warrant. In fact, the official IRS search warrant handbook from 2009, clearly states that the agency believes the Fourth Amendment does not apply to the IRS:  The Handbook states:

“…the Fourth Amendment does not protect communications held in electronic storage, such as email messages stored on a server, because internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications.”

At this point the American public should have no doubt how the federal government feels about their constitutional rights, they don’t care!

It’s painfully obvious that every branch of the government long ago stopped caring what the Constitution of the United States actually says. When you have a congress proposing legislation that would give them Unlimited Access to your personal email & social media accounts, a Senate who refuses to pass a Non-Binding Resolution saying the President doesn’t have the right to Kill American Citizens with Drones, and a President who thinks he can take Executive Action to go around the 2nd amendment, is there any doubt how these people feel about the average American Citizen or the Law?

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  1. OMG!!!!! Considering that my 15 yr old autistic sons IEP-individual education plan, just came in my e-mail from the school psycologist (MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IN A CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL CAPACITY) with PROTECTED medical diagnosis & information, THEY BETTER KEEP THE F*!K out of my e-mail!!!!!!! I am so effin’ pissed by this I can hardly type. I really am sick & tired of gov’t overreach!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did you vote, for these people? Just a question don’t get angry. If you did then, bravo, and I am angry too. But if you didn’t vote then we can’t complain. I ask this to all people who have a beef with our government (crooks)

      • Not mad at a question. It’s a good one. I always vote, mainly to have the right to complain. I look at the candidates voting record & try to pick the lesser of the evils. Unfortunately there is no place on the ballots to mark No Confidence to keep them out. It seems there is really no good choice & hubby & I were just discussing this last night.

        • NEVER pick the lesser of two evils. They are simply the two heads of the War Party, that seeks to suck the life out of everyone. They both answer to the big banking families. Only supporting anti-establishment candidates will work. Almost none are in the two War party branches. NEVER VOTE LESSER OF TWO EVILS! Vote for the good.

          • I have yet to find anyone running for office that I totally agree with. ALL have some sort of agenda, even the “independents”, ultra conservatives, & tea party if you look close enough. By the time most have made it to office, they are intent on keeping their job instead of doing their job which is to protect the constitution. I have not found ONE who does not “try to interpret” that to further his/her own agenda. (Yes, even among the “good guys”)

  2. No reasonable expectation of privacy? There’s so much I could say, but it should be obvious to anybody who isn’t willfully ignoring the truth.

  3. It appears that the Consitution of the United States nor the Bill of Rights matter to those in charge. They should just come out and say “Welcome to the New America comrade”.

  4. Now that a day has passed and I have calmed down from being so ticked off from reading this article and seeing it on the local news here in TX, I feel I must apologize for the language in my previous post. I normally reserve such vitrol to the privacy of my home when I am alone and just venting and not on public forms where I may offend someone with my crass vulgarity. I am sincerely sorry if I offended anyone with the choice of explicitives.

  5. Yet another government power using the guise of security or national concern to spy on violate your rights. They are using the Home Land Security Act, to circumvent the law. Doesn’t surprise my any, “Give us your rights and privacy, and we will give you security”. What a load of crap!

  6. IRS is not a government agency. it is part of the federal reserve, well they are tied together somehow. Neither are part of the government.

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