Is the Media Pushed War on Cops a Government Plan to Nationalize our Police Forces?

Over the last couple of months we have seen numerous high level government officials, national news organizations, and so-called civil rights leaders push a narrative that has now cost the lives of two police officers in New York.

What started earlier this year in Ferguson, Missouri, and spread nationwide because of government/media propagandists who sent out a constant stream of unrelenting propaganda, has now turned into a runaway train of chaos that is turning increasingly violent.

So-Called Protestors nothing more than Street Thugs: Protestors call for more Police Deaths

For weeks now, police throughout the country have been on high alert as so-called “peaceful protestors” have begun targeting officers.

Largely ignored by the mainstream media, so they can continue to push people into the streets, police have been under constant attack.

Street Agitators Pushing for more Violence

Even before the tragic death of two police officers in New York, organized groups of street thugs have been strategically attacking police officers at these so-called “peaceful protests.” In fact, Obama Superfan and street agitator Russell Simmons called for more police killings on his Twitter account, right after the death of the two New York officers. He quickly deleted his tweet, but not before others captured exactly what he pushed his supporters to do.

Russell Simmons Deleted Tweet

Earlier this month in New York, officers were assaulted on the Brooklyn Bridge as they attempted to calm the crowds.

Several people then began assaulting the officers, said John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism. The lieutenants were “knocked to the ground, kicked by various people, kicked in the face and in the head, while the group attempted to steal their portable radios and tear away their jackets.”

The Nationalization/Militarization of our Nation’s police forces.

Military Equipment

It’s a topic we’ve covered numerous times over the years; from small local police forces being given military battlefield equipment, to the Department of Homeland Security using Terrorism Grants to basically take over local police forces, this country’s police departments are being targeted for takeover. I believe the protests, and the mass chaos that has resulted over the last couple of months, are all part of a carefully scripted plan meant to further nationalize our police forces.

Don’t buy into the media propaganda that all cops are bad!

Yes, there are some bad officers out there, just like there are bad people in every profession. But when you have people calling for the execution of police officers who are just out there trying to protect the public, and then you have a government who invites these same people to the White House, and a media that gives them further creditability by allowing them to spout their views on T.V., we have a serious problem in this country.

Obama Creates National Police Task Force

Last month, in the wake of the Ferguson riots, President Obama used the nationwide chaos to create a National Police Task force ­­­– something I believe is the first step in nationalizing the entire country’s police departments; it’s also something that we saw another so-called “political leader” do in the 1930’s.

As we pointed out last month, the hypocrisy of the federal government trying to demonize our nation’s police forces is sickening, considering the fact that they are the ones who helped militarize them to begin with.

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  1. oddly enough you never see these MRAP’s up for auction on gov liquidation. yet you can get M35A2 trucks and ever the M900 series..

    what if we want tome ballistic plate welded together on a heavy duty chassis like this? why can’t we buy it? on the plus side people wouldn’t back out in front of you in the mall parking lot..

  2. There is no other option but to take the gloves off, and start internment and resettlement operations on those who would protest.

  3. Well, we can look at this in a variety of ways. A common thought process is delineated here in that the protesters are the ones bringing about this encroaching police nationalization effort. That somehow, it is the protesters fault that the police are coming down even harder on the citzenry.
    It is my belief that the nationalization of police forces has been going on for a number of years and would reach full spectrum dominance regardless of what the people do or have done. It was coming no matter what.
    But now, a critical mass of people have awakened to what has been doled out by police in terms of abusive behavior ie tasing grandmothers, pregnant women, children, paraplegics, etc. The killing of unarmed mentally handicapped people, women, children and even pets. Choking deaths, beating deaths, it goes on and on. Now people are aware of it and are fighting back albeit on a small scale for now. It won’t take but one or two more killings on the part of the police to tip the scale over into a national epidemic.
    To say that the protesters are responsible in some way for the police actions is disingenuous. Instead of blaming the symptom, let’s work toward fixing the cause.

    • I find ironic how the public and the news criticize the police departments of the country terribly until people need them! Then when something bad happens, people call on the police to help them. And sometimes policemen even put their lives on the line even save the lives of their own critics! The police are people too! They have families that worry when they leave for work to make a living to support them. Just like any office worker, car salesman, construction worker, or anyone else that has a job to support themselves and their families. The police are here fore a reason, to protect the public from danger! not to be the subjects of endless criticism from protesters. So next time you think of saying something bad about a policeman, think about you and your family and put yourself in their shoes! would you like someone saying that to you?

  4. Police are as diverse as the people since they are the people. At least in my home town the police are related to half the town and are drinking buddies on days off and on BBqS This relationship is not bought of by a second hand truck no matter how neat it looks. The police will side with family first

  5. I find it odd that the same people that want the cops to be easy and gentle are the same people that want your guns taken away.
    Yet when something happens to one of thier kids, they want the cops to beat the hell out of someone.
    You can NOT have it both ways, it takes time to decompress from a car chase or running after some guy that just killed a kid, you can not just turn it off like a light switch.

  6. There are a lot of great police out there risking their lives for us. There are a few bad apples spoiling the crop. The media is further creating chaos,fear and hatred by only posting the bad. Please pray for all involved, They need our prayers, let God crush this hatred on both ends. Please Jesus stop the violence and protect the many good cops trying to do their job in this messed up world. Amen

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