Islamic Terrorists Strike event in Texas: Gunmen open fire outside anti-Mohammed Art Exhibit

Two Gunmen opened fire this evening at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas during an anti-Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest.

Police said the suspects, allegedly armed with explosives, pulled up in a vehicle in front of the center and began firing at a Garland ISD security guard. Garland Police returned fire and killed both suspects.

The building and surrounding area have been placed on lock-down by a SWAT team, and the bomb squad was called in to secure the area.

Groups associated with ISIS are already taking credit for the attack on Twitter.

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  1. The scariest thing is, America is not calling out for blood, and/or trying to purge the country of muslims with free plane tickets back to muslim based countries.

    OR with a firing squad ( as they would obviously prefer Since they would do it to us without a second thought, sans this article)

    I may live in the USA, but damn I miss my country.

    • Care to elaborate? probably not, after all this is NOT mainstream media, and as such isn’t as bound by the chains of lobbyists, and government intervention.

  2. This is America. If you do not like the laws here then go back to your Muslim country and leave us alone with OUR LAWS not shariea. We have a constitution to govern us and it’s worked for over 200 years. Our laws are supposed to be binding upon anyone living inside of our borders. Be American or be gone.

  3. I’ll fly the stars and stripes anywhere and anytime I want. If anyone is offended by that, LEAVE.

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