Did the government just name the first Death Czar?

john brennanAccording to an article from the Associated Press, White House counterterror chief John Brennan has been given the power to decide who can be targeted for assassination under the White House top-secret assassination program. Brennan, a former Bush-era CIA official that now heads the White House counterterrorist unit, will now be the lone authority on deciding who can be targeted for assassination.

Without due process or even being formally accused of terrorist involvement, John Brennan will now become the Lead White House jury and executioner of whoever they deem to be an enemy target. His role also puts him in charge of establishing new military and CIA procedures for the assassination of enemy targets.

This news has a number of people very worried, especially when you consider this is the same government who has been trying to make a legal case for killing American Citizens overseas.

A couple of months back Attorney General Eric Holder suggested in a speech, that the President of the United States has the power to kill anyone outside the United States he feels might be dangerous. When FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked by congress if this policy extended to citizens living in the United States, he was unable to answer the question. In fact he said just that, when pressed he told congress that “he was not certain” if the government had the right to kill our own people.

What’s even more frightening is who the government considers to be potential terrorists.

Last year we ran an article where Rand Paul warned, “Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is whether proofed, or even someone who has 7 days of food in their house” can be considered a potential terrorist by the federal government. Sounds an awful lot like preppers to me.

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  1. Very telling that the FBI director would not or could not say that Americans here at home would not be targeted.

    This country is starting to look worse that Communist Russia. How unreal is it that none of this gets covered by the mainstream media and that no one in the government, besides maybe Rand Paul, has the balls to talk about this.

    • I thought the same thing when I seen the video last month of Muller looking like an idiot in front of congress. But you are so right, where are the patriots?

      When no one followed up on the questioning it allowed this to happen with little fanfare or notice.

  2. I bet you this is a bush thing that obama now has to deal with. I dont think he would do something like this to americans i think he is trying his hardest to get rid of these kinds things that bush did to the country. if he does use this power I trust he will use it on only those who do wrong.

    • U really dont get it at all do u…..Bush nd Obama are the same. Obama hasnt even closed Gettmo….just expaned it. Just try alittle to wake up….PLEASE

    • You better start doing some research on your pal obama and NOT only research the left wing media doses out. Obama is a marxist/facist puppet. Do you know who Hitler was?

      Well, people like you put him into power because they believed all the crap he spewed.

      • Hitler was a Catholic and a fascist. Does that make all Catholics bad?

        Also, Marxism and fascism can’t exist together. The ideals of the two are completely different.

    • Are you kidding? you honestly think this is a Bush thing? Lets blame Bush ! At what point in time Does the Great Obama (bin laden ) accept responsibility for his decesions and quit passing the blame for his falure (and his followers)Look at the immoral things that he has already done. Open your eyes pal before its to late, if it isnt already >Obama dosent give a damn about this country or any of us! Ijusthope the damage can be undone and return this country to the people. Wake up call ! One man now has the power to target whom he chooses, careful you dont piss him off !

      • What “immoral” things do you believe Obama has done? He’s made some decisions I don’t agree with, but I’m hard pressed to see how “morality” comes into it. The only thing I can possibly think of is his statement that he supports gay marriage. But so far, that is just a statement, and his approval of it has had absolutely no effect on its legality. So, what else have you?

        You are aware, are you not, that the President cannot make any laws, right? He can only approve or disapprove laws that Congress passes. And really, in a representative government, the president should generally sign most laws Congress passes, as that body is, at least ostensibly, mirroring the will of the people as a whole.

        This site has some great information. Comments from ill-informed individuals such as yourself, who only repeat the generalizations they’ve heard others say, and who are ignorant of any specific evidence to back up these parroted words, serve only to distract and anger other individuals who are just as ignorant of any facts as they are. This devalues the conversation.

        Before you comment, read just one full in-depth article on the subject your commenting about. Don’t just read the headlines, and use a dictionary for the words you don’t know so that you might actually understand what you’re reading, for once. I’m not saying change your mind, I’m just saying that until you actually think about it, your opinion is worthless.

        • “You are aware, are you not, that the President cannot make any laws, right? He can only approve or disapprove laws that Congress passes.” Have you been on Mars for the last decade? EXECUTIVE ORDERS. In the 18th century meant only for dire emergencies when response couldn’t wait for outlying congressmen to make the many week journey to D.C. to vote. Today, it allows the president to make ANY “law” he wants to (but called Executive Orders). Have you read the E.O.s Obama has deemed “necessary”? Most of our Constitution is negated by his Executive Orders. Not called laws but lose your life and all you own after enforcement of one, or more, E.O.s will it matter it technically is not a “law”. You’re still dead and/or you’ve had all you own in life taken from you. With all due respect you are the one who needs to read and wake up to reality.

  3. you are all idiots if you think this is a bush or obama thing the government has been assassinating americans for decades. keep falling for the 2 party con, obama a marxist, how many hard core marxists are buddies with bankers and give money to corporations.

  4. The country got so upset over Clinton getting a BJ, Clinton almost got impeached. Yet, Obama and Holder get away with this? What has gone wrong with this country?

    • Clinton did get impeached. He just wasn’t relieved of office. And it wasn’t just the fact that he got a BJ, it was because he lied about it, and that he did it in the oval office. It is an abuse of power, on his part.

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