Kentucky To Record License Plates At Church Services, Mandatory Quarantine if you Attend Church on Easter

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Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear is ordering the Kentucky State Police to go around and record the license plate numbers of cars in church parking lots who are having in-person Easter services. Those plate numbers will then be used to determine the owners’ names which will be turned over to local health departments, who will then issue 14-day self-quarantine orders, according to an April 10 press release from the governor’s office.

“This is the only way we can ensure that your decision doesn’t kill someone else,” Beshear said, according to the release. “That your decision doesn’t spread the coronavirus in your community, that your decision to go to a mass gathering doesn’t undermine the sacrifice of every other house of worship that is choosing the right thing,” he continued.

“Folks, we shouldn’t have to do this,” the Governor said. “What we’re asking is for you to love your neighbor as yourself. We shouldn’t have to do this.”

Oddly, the Governor has yet to order the same draconian edicts for those who stand in line with thousands of people at their local Walmart or Costco.

Stopping a virus, or a Crackdown on Religion and Liberty? 

We have a so-called pandemic that is supposedly so serious that the World Health Organization has actually said we need to start thinking about removing sick people from their homes.  But if you take a rational look at the actual Coronavirus infection numbers and death numbers, in 5 months,  this super “deadly contagion” has only been able to infect .018% of the global population.

But the insane overreactions have local and state governments telling Christians they can’t attend Easter service. To get around these insane draconian edicts, a number of churches started offering drive-in style church services where members could attend in their cars, and listen to the service over the FM radio from the safety of their vehicles.

But apparently that has angered freedom-hating politicians, who have now started trying to ban even those services. The Kentucky Governor was not satisfied with just warning people to not attend in person services but he also ordered cars at drive-in services not contain “groups” of people. In Greenville, Mississippi, police actually ticketed churchgoers who attended a drive-in service, where they had their windows rolled up and never left their vehicles.

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  1. While the Governor is at it, why doesn’t he also file premeditated attempted murder charges against the worshippers? This COVID-19 has certainly showed us the true colors of our politicians. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”!

    • This is not one town or city this is the entire state. Seems to me the Kentucky State Police must have more important law enforcement duties to perform. But this tyrant governor has zero respect for the citizens of Kentucky nor the U.S. Constitution. Have you ever noticed that tyrants treat grown adults like sheep or Third Graders? This guy Beshear has what is known as God Complex…which is characterized by “consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility”. In Beshear’s case it’s “a boundless lust for power over others”. According to many doctors out there he would be suffering from a form of phychosis. This means that Beshear has trouble distinguishing what is real and what is not. A very disturbing circumstance for Kentuckians. And Texan is right, many politicians develop this condition over time.

  2. God and Jesus isn’t going to care if you show up in a church so a preacher can get more money from you, or if you worship in your own home. Plus I can go online to participate in a service. This BS that you have to go to church is just that BS and I agree with the comment they should be charged. This is a horrible dangerous disease. I’m taking it very seriously and I’m sheltering in place as required by my state.

  3. You can always tell a Liberal, they don’t like Trump, they have a disdain for things of God such as His Church, and it’s always I,I,I, I’m taking it serious and I,I,I, I demand that you do to. I, I, I, I CAN go on line to participate in a service but I don’t, I,I,I don’t own a gun and I, demand that you don’t have that right either. It’s always “I” with you Libs. Trekker Out

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