Crackdown on Preppers: Killer’s Mother being called a Paranoid Survivalist Prepper

In the latest attack on the preparedness movement, the media is now claiming that the mother of the Connecticut killer was a “paranoid, gun-crazed survivalist” and is theorizing that here “crazy” lifestyle could have been responsible for her son’s killing spree.

In my opinion, preppers need to take this very seriously. It seems like some people are trying to use this tragedy to demonize preppers, gun owners and anyone who is self-reliant. They are yet again trying to make you look crazy and dangerous.

The Daily Mail Reports:

“The mother of the loner… may have played a major part in his catastrophic mental breakdown… Friends and family portrayed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy as a paranoid ‘survivalist’ who believed the world was on the verge of violent, economic collapse.

Lanza’s aunt Marsha said Nancy was ‘self reliant’ and that they talked a lot about how she was preparing for the economic meltdown.

Over the last couple of years, the media has amped up their efforts to make preppers look crazy, and it seems like it may be working. In fact, we have covered a number of cases where prepping was actually used against individuals in court.

In one case, law enforcement was able to obtain a search warrant simply by stating a person was a prepper. In another, a man was declared mentally defective and had his firearms seized by law enforcement officials.

With talk of new gun control legislation coming as a result of this tragedy, I wouldn’t be shocked if preppers are somehow targeted in this new crackdown. We’ve been warning that peppers and survivalist would eventually become a target, and now I believe the media is using the tragedy in Connecticut to yet again make preppers look like the problem.


  1. I surely don’t trust the government at all, and while I don’t like to point at conspiracy theories… I’m beginning to think there is too much coincidence going on here. Strange how every movement the government frowns upon is being linked to so many tragedies the last few years. I think they are trying to play the general public like a cheap fiddle. Now more than ever we need to be on our guard and not buy into any of the government spewed media bullshit.

    • I fully agree. In fact, I am growing suspicious about these mass shootings and the fact that almost every one of them have the same patern. The shooter is a nice, quite kid, some reports have them acting “spaced out” a day or two before the shooting, they plan their attack by starting with a relative or employer, after the shooting starts they seem to stop for some reason when they are interrupted and they almost always shoot themselves. It almost seems as though someone is manipulating these events.

    • Coincidence is simply code for “cover up”. I personally do not believe in coincidence. 3 random gun attacks in a year publicized. The last one, for some reason they only talk about 1 of the shooters in the media. The other shooter is yet to be identified even though they CAUGHT him??? Meanwhile, the attack shortly after the Movie Theater incident (the one that was stopped short by an armed civilian) is not mentioned once. Gun control is an OBVIOUS agenda. The first step to forming a Dictatorship is to disarm the people. I am amazed to sit back and watch this unfold. I get a sense of deja vu because they are following the same routine Hitler used right before he shipped the Jews off on trains. Give the majority of people a common enemy (terrorists first, now TEA party and gun-loving Americans. The list even includes anybody who is slightly radical in thinking.) As long as they have someone to HATE together, then they can remain united. The Nazi’s did this as well. They started with Jews, then moved on to all religions, and towards the end, anyone who was not Arian… As you said, too many coincidences. As I say, too much coincidence is code for cover up. If someone kept happening to win the lottery, would it remain coincidence?

      • Richard lustig won the lottery 7 times. I can’t help but think that was chance. I agree each case is eerily similar suggesting a coverup.

    • The government had evry thing to do with it. Something in the verry near future is about to go down they want to make sure we can’t put up a figjt.

      I saw a movie not to long ago were the government is using expermantal drugs to control them them something gos wrong they send in a cleaner make it look like a school shooting. To close to real life.

  2. Thats not gonna go well for a govt that cant explain why we are on the verge of total economic meltdown and they purchased untold pallets of rifles and 1.7 BILLION rounds of ammo and enough food for 10 years.

  3. I know it sounds like conspiracy drivel, but every time something like this happens there is always a bill in the works to limit guns. What makes it worse is that it is not only in the works for our government but the united nation is pushing for them universally. As for things that go against peppers it is the nature of the ones in charge to want to control it’s people by preparing for any given situation you gain independence financially as well as mentally and this is thing that governments want the least.

  4. When the upcoming gun registration begins, claim your gun as stolen or make up an online transaction. If you register it, they will come take it. We have a president in power that has shown he will do whatever he wants, simply by passing Executive Orders. This man has not even been criticized ONCE by the mainstream media for bypassing Congress to violate our Constitution; all the way to the Bill of Rights. Open your eyes. Wake up from the nightmare. Keep transactions cash only, leave no paper trail. Don’t use ANY form of electronic card when purchasing things you don’t want to be government knowledge. This includes grocery store/pharmacy discount cards (membership or “Club” cards), AAA membership cards (for discounts), Gift Certificates, and/or Credit/Debit Cards (prepaid or not). Intelligence agencies pay companies for this information and can learn everything about you from it; what you like to eat, your political views (magazines, books, tv shows, and movies), and can assume you have weapons (registered or not) by ammunition purchases. Do not let them know if you are prepping. For that matter, don’t let them know what you are buying PERIOD. We deserve SOME privacy after all… Remember, the government doesn’t want us to survive in a disaster. They want us to depend on them so they can kill us without any possibility of defense. Do not forget. Do not forgive. Do not be ignorant. Big Brother is coming. Do not give in! If we don’t stand up for what we believe now, we won’t stand a chance later.

  5. I fear this is just the beginning. There are so many organizations and companies that hate prepping they will doa anything to hinder a critical mass. Monsanto for one. They’re trying to lobby for legislation to make it illegal to grow your own garden. This unfortunately will become more common over the years…

  6. New prepper here.

    Have come to the conclusion that the only solution is to run. Run and hide. Metropolitan areas continue to expand at an alarming rate, creating unforeseen danger to your person even when trying to drive to work. Imagine trying to escape a natural disaster, war or oppressive government. Soon, the government will take everything you own from underneath you, to protect you from yourself. Living in an area where you can’t run or hide from it is equal to suicide

    Pack your shit up, and run somewhere that you cannot be found. Be self reliant, be self aware, and be safe

    • Alaska is the only place you can truly go,and not be found. But remember, people are creatures of habit and will get fund me day…

  7. LOL. Take a look at the picture of the people in the gas masks. You dont need any help looking crazy. You people are really sick. Take a look in the mirror for the breakdown in society that you fear. You are the breakdown. Please get help before you hurt someone.

    • And then there are morons like you, ignorant to the possibility of disaster or corruption. You are one of the people that blindly follow our government and trust them to do what’s right… How can you trust a bunch of STRANGERS with your freedom? Enjoy your loss of freedom because of your self imposed ignorance. I’m sure the Germans felt “safe” when the Nazis were in power too. Sadly the majority of the world is like you and THAT is the problem. “Conspiracy” is the word that the government uses to discredit sane fact loving citizens. Oh, we’re all crazy and apparently pull evidence out of our asses. Meanwhile people like you believe anything Fox News pulls out of their hat. What you believe is the illusion. Its a fucking magic rabbit. And just like the magic rabbit, what you believe is IMPOSSIBLE, not supported by fact. Since when is everything you hear on TV true? Stop trying to impose your ignorance on us. Go back to your flock.

    • The gas masks are stupid right? So is our crumbling infrastructure and if the electric grid gets f-ed through any means natural or not, there’s these things called SPENT FUEL RODS at every nuclear power plant that are kept under and fed cold water to avoid being exposed to oxygen enviornment, and guess what ignoramus, these plants are all over and the pumps run off, you guessed it ELECTRICITY! and if they stop pumping water, the rods evaporate the cold water and bang exposure, NUCLEAR RADIATION, DEATH. but you knew this and you’ll keep the water running at 500 plants right? Ok forget prepping lets trust the ignoarant people to save our lives, because theyre educated, like football, Paris Hilton and squander over materialistic items. Thanks but id rather be called crazy and keep my hair n life cuz I educated myself.

    • Tim, I would consider someone who comes to a website with the sole purpose of spreading hate and starting fights to be the person that has a problem. You need to consider your own actions before you start blaming anyone for a breakdown in society.

      But I do thank you for proving the point of my article. The media has managed to brainwash people like Tim into believing Preppers, patriots, and law abiding gun owners are somehow dangerous. Instead of focusing on real dangers, they have managed to turn Americans against each other in order to push their political agendas.

    • Yeah…let me guess Tim S- You will be part of the gangs of looters beating down doors to steal the food from us “crazy” people. Just remember that door you kick down is for you protection…not mine

  8. Theres nine good prepper post to ur one fucked one 9 to one who sound crazy and the only one these people would hurt is people like you who are unprepared and will try to take their things in a natural disaster..ur sick for not being self reliant..ur sick for not wanting to protect your family and loved ones…ur only hurting yourself…

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  10. “Friends and family portrayed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy as a paranoid ‘survivalist’…. “.

    This is yellow journalism at its worst. I live in CT, I watched the TV interviews with those friends, and I didn’t hear anyone say “paranoid”. Survivalist – yes, ‘feared a collapse’ – yes, but ‘paranoid’ – no. I believe that is an interjected opinion by some meat-headed commie infected reporter. At any rate, unless stated by a certified psych professional who treated the woman for paranoia, it’s purely an opinion.

    Yes, preppers, watch out. The commie media is after you because you don’t want to be merely a tool of the state. Opsec is now even more important. You’re only paranoid if ‘they’ are NOT actually out to get you – but the commie media statists ARE clearly out to get you.

    BTW, you can disregard nearly anything you hear from British media. Those poor suckers are so cowed by their own fear that it’s now illegal to defend yourself in your own home with almost anything, let alone a gun. I’m told this by a friend who is British, lives there, and currently serving in the military.

    • NOT allowed to defend themselves…..your not allowed to defend yourself here in the states A few years back a gun welding thug just 30 mins. before had shot a police officer tried to jack my truck at my apartment after releaving him of his firearm I tried to shoot him with it to no avail the gun did not discharge so I clock him in the forehead with it sending him to his knees with blood flowing he speed off on foot making it to the hospital the cops arrested me and charged me with assault with a deadly weapon after hearing the case an evidence the judge getting up from his chair turn to the DA an stated the charges are dismissed but I still spent 3 days in jail before they let me go…

      • Church – did you call the cops to report the attempted truck jacking? If not, then the punk got his chance to tell the story first, so you got arrested and charged, and your story became ‘the alibi’ even though it was true. That’s why current advice on such things is to call the cops immediately, even if no shot was fired.

        It’s not enough protection for you now to think ‘I taught him a lesson and he ran’ – because the bad guys watch TV too, and they know they can run, tell a lie, and the cops will come after you and make your life miserable. The only way you’re safe from the perp’s lies is to kill him on the spot, or call the cops as soon as he turns and runs. Or so I’ve been reading… and if you kill him, you may still be charged with something. If you let him live, he’s gonna lie.


  12. When someone preps for themselves this only helps the community. Everyone should be responsible for themselves. Isn’t that what all parents work towards while they are teaching and raising their children. Why should it be any different in an emergency situation. We should all be fiscally responsible and do what we can do first. Too many people think someone else should take care of them. The media is personally picking on preppers. Our country is in so much trouble because everyone wants to blame someone or something for the problems we are now facing. Start with yourself and try to make a difference. Quit blaming everything around you.

  13. I will not shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods and others any longer for taking such a negative position on firearms due to the Sandy Hook School tragedy before all the facts were in. Here is the real issue.This kids doomsday mother was taking her mentally ill kid to a gun range to learn about and shoot guns when she should have taken him to see a doctor and then lets him play (Violent) video games. Was she also a nut case ? and why is the father in hiding? Because of this disfuctional family now we all lose more of our freedoms. AOL, Huff Post, Face Book and others will not post this comment

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