KNOCKOUT: Sick Game Spreads across country as Teens Attack & Kill Random People

Only in today’s sick culture could a game like this happen. The Game is called Knockout, and unfortunately it’s becoming very popular in urban areas around the country.

The Game, if it can even be called that, has mobs of young thugs randomly targeting innocent people on the streets. The sick bastards pick a target and then try to knock the person out with a series of vicious blows to the victim’s head.

The object of the game is to try to knock the person out with one punch, if that’s not enough another teen comes in with another vicious blow until the person falls to the ground.

The Knockout trend has now been reported in at least six states, leaving people seriously injured, crippled and in some cases lying dead on the street.

Trend has Law enforcement around the Country on Edge

Groups are popping up around the country, all with one purpose, to hurt as many innocent people as they can. One teen, who is part of a group called the “Knockout Kings,” is claiming to have knocked out over 300 random people on the streets of St. Louis.

Law enforcement suspect that teens around the country are trading videos of their “knockouts” via social media.

It’s really sickening, and a very scary sign of where this country is heading. One teen told WTAE News in Pittsburgh, PA, “It’s for the fun of it. It’s like when you were a little kid, running around and hitting people. Only now you’re grown, so you can knock ’em out.”

In the video below multiple teenagers explain how the game is played, and laughingly tell the news media why the game is so popular.

What you can do to protect yourself.

  • Arm yourself! If ever you needed a reason to justify carrying a gun, this is definitely one of them. In my opinion, the violence in this country is getting out of hand, and everyone needs to be prepared to protect themselves and their families.
  • Study the art of Self Defense: Being prepared means being able to defend yourself in a variety of situations; that means you need to learn how to do it right. Any idiot can carry a gun, but knowing how to use it properly in a self-defense situation – or knowing what to do should it fail –  is something that takes practice.
  • Situational Awareness: Being able to protect yourself begins with having a good sense of what’s going on around you. As I suggested in a previous article, about protecting yourself during a flash mob situation, being keenly aware your environment is one of the most important safety precautions you can take in any situation.
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  1. Wow things have sure changed since I was a kid. These people are animals. Do you need any further proof that our culture has ruined an entire generation?

        • Although I do not agree with generalizing an entire group of people and descrminating against them by using derogatory terms, this is a race issue like it or not. Young BLACK kids are randomly assaulting WHITE adults!!!! If the situation were reversed there would be civil rights people all over this. Worse yet is when some white person shoots and kills one of these degenerates its going to turn into another liberal anti-gun witch hunt where some poor person who was defending themselves gets dragged through the mud. I really wish our country could figure out that racism can go both ways, the culprit is not always white! When a white person commits a hate crime its a racial issue but when a black person does the exact same thing somehow its a socioeconomical issue, its not their fault, its because of how they are forced to live. BS!!!

          • Except in the first clip that is shown the person being knocked out is black, and a few of the other clips also show black people being attacked (in case you missed it there are a few white kids in some of those groups…surprise surprise that Fox News glosses right over that fact but then is the first to play the race game while acting like they are not trying to play the race game). I think I can safely assume you only watched 10 seconds of video before formulating your amazingly concise opinion (yeah that’s sarcasm). Saying something like, “I don’t agree with generalizing an entire group of people” is just a half-hearted attempt to self-justify your own racism. But guess what, it doesn’t absolve you from being a bigot, which you clearly are and you are also clearly an idiot if you think racism is solely the use of derogatory terms. Your last sentence just drives home your racist tendencies when you quite literally imply that it’s the color of ones skin that dictates their behavior and actions. I assume you think I am being biased because I’m black (I’m probably whiter then you…i know my neck is anyway) and I truly feel sorry for your ignorance. I would go on to argue that the ignorance of these kids and their resulting violent actions is no different than your own ignorance and resulting naive racism, but something tells me that’s a parallel you could never wrap your head around. But hey, won’t it be nice when the tables are turned and we can play the race card. Hell, maybe one day them darkies will even pay us less because we’re white and intentionally under-educate us so they can take all those high-paying hard jobs off our hands. Shit, if we’re really lucky maybe they’ll d give us our own bathrooms to use and sections to sit in at public places. I mean damn, it’s been 50 years already and they still haven’t returned the favor. Wishful thinking I know, but until then do me a favor Nate and GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!

          • I agree with you 90%,If they musted with me and I was packing, I would blast, if I was able to get my car, I would run them over. Would race play a part in how I am treated, problably. Both from society and people who look like me. Lets just agree that they are @##holes though. Lets also not forget that groups of white kids to the samething, but because of thier color it gets less attention. Try hanging out in projects in boston, where it is mainly white. Its rough as hell. Ask Mark walberg

          • @Jordan
            Although some of the things that you are saying may have truth to them it would serve you well if you know how to respond without sounding ridiculous. Ending a response with “GROW THE FUCK UP!!!” makes me discredit your ideas because obviously you are angry and are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Less pointless outbursts and extreme views (that you would not share with complete strangers in real life) would make what you are saying plausible. From a objective view point Nate’s statement > Jordan’s statement because of how it is worded, without even looking at content. The content is obviously subjective and different people can interpret differently.

            -Just a 24 year old libertarian

          • Well Jordan this is exactly why I typically do not get involved with internet forums and can say that I am once again reminded to just avoid them. I really don’t have any tolerance for internet tough guys because I can promise you, you would not be talking to me like this face to face “grow the fuck up” …. really? I did not attack anyone in my post, I simply stated my oppinion. But first off, I have watched many many full length clips and news releases and in EVERY one of them it has been a black kid doing the assaulting, every one! All of the info i have found on persons being charged with i crime for this have also been black. I will concede that there have been white kids in the background, for whatever that is worth. Secondly, I have seen ONE report/video on a black man being assaulted in all of the info I have been able to find. I guess i will again have to admit that there is most likely additional information out there that may conflict the conclusions i have made, but i have not seen it. I at no time even suggested that slander was the only form of racism, I simply made that response to an earlier post referring to giving “niggs equal rights.” I am very aware of the physical, mental, and emotional atrocities that blacks were subjected to, I however have NEVER been a part of any of it!!! I do find it interesting that we have laws like affermative action which grant people employment or promotions based on race rather than skill yet you believe that reverse racism is not present in todays society. I always thought our country was supposed to represent equality for all, not retaliation commited by people who never experienced most of the things you brought up against people who never were part of the commision of those horrible things. Finally, my opinions are derived from my personal experiences with men and women of many different races in many different socioeconomical classes and i don’t ask that you understand or even respect them for that matter. However, I won’t tolerate you personally attacking me from the comfort of your computer screen, so regardless of what you say or if you even respond I’m done with this show. You say that I’m ignorant yet you are the one who feels like they know me so well that they can try to attack me on a fundimental level after reading one paragraph from my life …. bravo!!!

          • Hey Jordan: You are aware that in some cities, the “knockout game” is actually called “polar bear hunting,” right? Does that give you a clue?

          • As some of the videos of the perpetrators and victims of the “knock-out” game indicate, however, there are plenty of young blacks attacking innocent black adults, meaning both men and women, as well as innocent children. Nobody should have to worry about having something like that happen to them when they walk the streets of their own community, or of any community, for that matter.

        • As i do not agree with the use of such words, that is my right just as using them is [ me’s] right. That being said it looks like the individuals that are playing the game are not white so,,,,,,

          • Such generalizations based on a few clips…. I am more than willing to bet that there are actually JUST as many white kids playing this……

          • I have combed the internet for days on this matter. I have not been able to find ONE incident of a white kids all of a sudden attacking an african american guy in coorelation with the “knockout game/polor bear hunter/knockout the jew” thing that is going around. When young african american teens are calling it names such as what I just listed, then you know it is a racially motivated attack. hence—A Hate Crime. The Media can’t publish what is not there. So don’t say anyone is beig brainwashed by the Media. Facts are Facts. This is predominatly a young unsupervised African American male issue. Period!

          • Since most of the media are far left ran propaganda machines, i can only make my opinion based on what i see,,and the only people i see are black hitting older defenseless women from the back i guess you idea of me being manipulated by the media is crap.

        • It very well could be about race….seems to be a trend with African American youth…or didn’t you listen to the same segment as everyone else did?

      • first I must say, the n word comes in all races and seeing that you don’t know the true definition of the word, that makes you one as well. second of all, this trend that is just now starting here in the Americas was first recorded in Greece amongst the 300 and amongst the Persian army to keep your fellow soldiers on guard at all times. This is nothing new, hell even the KKK did it but they took it one step farther, just ask the hanging trees.

        • The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
          -William Shakespeare

          “To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.”

          “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

      • I am with you on that one mate, It is all going to shit in a paper bag and this is the whole bloody word that is the problem!

      • No,James this what happens when OUR society stops giving a damn about eachother. We think in terms of separatism and we have become a “what about me society”. We are supposed to care about eachother extending love and compassion. Our Government plays a hand in separating us with the mindset that there are not enough resources or funds for all of us to live comfortably, pushing us toward selfishness and greed. If we all begin to think in terms of Oneness it becomes difficult to harm another. When we have the understanding that all things are connected harming another human being would be the equivalent of harming yourself. Be kind to echother only this will change the world–Peace

  2. Stay alert and like you said Situational Awareness is Key. Take out the earphones, stop texting and pay attention to who is around you at all times.

  3. Unfortunately, not even situational awareness could have prevented the young lady in the first video from being knocked out. The coward hit her from behind, and she never saw it coming. Walking in pairs or in a group offers some protection, but how low we have sunk as a nation for people to have to even worry about such an evil “game”. The hideous thing -beyond the harm this has done to the victims and their families – is that these “youths” (aka THUGS) laugh and think it is funny. Even what was once described as the “fairer sex” thinks it is just hilarious, and they are not horrified to think the young men they hang out with that do these things will surely do it to them! Sickening beyond imagination! Oh -and so sick of the media covering the criminals’ little smug faces with blurs because they are “juveniles”. OUT the creeps!

  4. If the idiotic media would stop publicising this stuff other areas wouldn’t know about it. They get a kick out of seeing what they’re responsible for doing, put on TV and other medias.

    • i totally agree they are blowing this up BUT how else do u suggest we become aware of it? mind u i agree, just simply wondering

    • Mike you can’t be serious can you? This has barely been talked about by the media. Maybe if the media spent a little more time actually covering what’s going on in the liberal cities, instead of pretending this isn’t happening, then maybe just maybe things would get better.

      How about the 500+ murders that happened in Chicago this year? I haven’t heard anyone in the media mention that. But I guess that would get away form their story that Chicago is a safe gun free zone.

    • Wow! You are an idiot. These kids are posting their “game” online. Have you completely forgotten how wired into the internet people are these days?

    • This has nothing to do with media reporting. These animals don’t watch the news. This is all being shared via social media.

    • “Stop publicizing this.”

      You are enabling thugs. The media HAS covered this up, and as a result the violence and attacks have become rampant. The story has only come out with the publication of “White Girl Bleed A Lot.” We must now fight back. Learn to defend yourself, pack heat where legal, and strike or shoot to kill.

  5. Idiots, uneducated fools, chances are momma never wore them out with a switch, better hope that no one is carrying a concealed weapon.

  6. If this is becoming a problem then that is terrible news. But why use a CCTV image recorded in London, England. The attack by the lone black male on the female from behind was well publicised in the UK. It was not a game, just a brutal unprovoked attack by a man who didn’t like the way the girl had looked at him. He pleaded guilty at court and was sent to prison for 4 years.

  7. This is just heart breaking… How funny will it be if one of their family members they love has this happen to them?.. Wont be so funny anymore will it?….

  8. bring that stupid crap to florida and get your chest blown away.this is exactly why we need the stand your ground laws to give us justice and the final say that we wont put up with bs from this punk mentality..

    • Barbara:

      Thank you for siding with the gun grabbers. At least you are showing your true colors. CCW is the only thing protecting whites in urban areas.

  9. I blame all the parents yes most of them have to work from daylight to dark just to make a living for their family but it is no excuse. You need to have someone there with your kids all the time so they do not go out getting in trouble. Bust their ass too no one else is going to teach them right from wrong and in the end the parents are the ones being judged any way so bust that ass and get a grip on your hoodlums

  10. The world is evil, and growing more so by the moment! As shockingly ignorant and cruel as this is, it shows how truly Godless we’ve become! These actions will take their place…for a season…then watch it gradually fade, and be replaced with something even more shocking! Come Lord Jesus!

  11. YOU see this is what happens when people are to f**ing scared to whoop there kids. they get it in there heads that nothing is going to happen. if these kids grew up with responcable parents that would have whooped there asses to keep them in check they might have grown up with the mentality the: whoo i better not do something like that or ill get my ass whooped by an adult or my parents. NEVER Have I EVER heard of a kid or group of kids from the 50,60,or 70 ever doing crap like this. why cause there parents that tanned an ass if they did. and if someone said something they were likly to get a whoopin to.

    • This used to happen in the 50’s- early 70’s. Blacks were attacked by Whites like this in the South. My mom told me some hair raising stories.

  12. Allow me to be skeptical.
    Similar sorts of things have been reported before. “If you flash your headlights to tell that other car their lights aren’t on, they are supposed to get out and kill you. It’s a gang initiation thing.”
    Chances are good this is the media and some kids, both actually ignorant of the truth, propagating a story they heard. Like all good rumors, it’s just barely believable, probably has a seed of truth somewhere, and grows with the telling.

    All the same, stay out of my six — but there’s nothing new about that. The difference between “chosen at random for an attack” and “wrong place at the wrong time” and “I need $20 for my next hit and I need it now” is very slim. Don’t be paranoid, but pay attention to your surroundings.

    • You’re wrong in this case. This isn’t like a decade ago the streets have changed and this is VERY VERY Real. You can find hundreds of social media groups where these thugs share their sick stories.

      The Knockout game is actually nothing compared to what’s really going on. Lookup Chiraq on youtube to see how bad some of these cities have become. These kids are animals.

    • oh it’s real. I live in a small city in upstate NY and this happened to a friends uncle. just walking on his street and two teens came up and one knocked in the head. the fall to the sidewalk killed him. big play in the local paper. this was 7-8 years ago and when I first heard the term knockout as a “game”. we have a lot of NYC transplants is maybe why it happened here ahead of the trend.

  13. What else can we expect from a generation brought up to believe that abortion is okay? Is it really that much of a surprise that we have sunk so low as a society? Life has no value anymore.

  14. It goes to show you that parents of these types of kids were never disciplined. The worse part is seeing anyone by themselves not being able to defend themselves from these kids who pose no threat to anyone else. I do hope that one of these punks gets shot and hopefully the media will blow it up because the kid wanted to be stupid and the tables are reversed by being dead.

    • Pathetic… violence like this 99% of the time is due to/ the results of parents abusing their kids!!! NO kid turns out violent unless their parents were onto them…especially spanking and hitting and locking them up and not giving them enough LOVE and attention.

      • No one that grew up in my world turned out like these fools,even tho we were spanked with switches and belts. You theory is why we are this mess now

  15. My best friend lives in Atlanta & they have a lot of this going on..They call it Polar Bear Tracking there…It is the black youth hunting men, women they don’t care which one it is..Women are an easier target..They get the upper hand because they come up behind you..You never see it coming she said..They have at least 1-3 of these on the local news @ night you can go to youtube & see tons of these..She carries a conceal so she is ready but only if she she’s them coming..she NEVER walks alone to the parking garage after work..She is an E.R. Nurse & sees a lot of these people in her Trauma E.R. @ least 3 nights a week.. VERY SCARY…

    • As a nurse and mother I find this to be terrible! How children gave become do desensitized to causing harm to others. Parents, communities, schools, churches etc. must be held accountable for the youth of today. “…It takes a village to raise a child…”

  16. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT,,,with all of the attension about theese attacks,,if an older white woman was being approached by six or seven people of color and she pulled out her fourtyfive and shot them would she be at fault?

  17. From the “chroniclet” web site

    Lorain, Ohio woman charged with assault of 70-year-old man

    November 20, 2013

    LORAIN — A woman who allegedly forced herself into a friend’s apartment and beat her friend with a metal pipe was charged for the assault on Saturday.

    Lindsey Collins, 30, of Lorain, was charged about 3 p.m. Saturday with felonious assault, aggravated robbery, breaking and entering and theft in Lorain. The arrest followed a Nov. 8 incident when a Lorain man said Collins and another man beat him with a metal pipe and stole his television.

  18. Violence, corruption, hatred, no compassion hardly and not a lot of love. What a world this has become. It makes me very sad to see and hear what this beautiful planet has become. We know it has not always been perfect and far from it, but now it is just getting ugly. Shame on the people who do this, shame on the people that are behind all of this. I think the creator must be weeping at what his wonderful creation has become.

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