Don’t let us Become Sweden: The Refugee Crisis that threatens Europe is Heading this Way

Swedish Riots
Riots, Violence and an epidemic of rapes are spreading throughout Europe. This image is from 2013, when violence started exploding throughout Sweden.

While the mainstream media launches into yet another hysterical frenzy over something Donald Trump said, President Trump’s reference to an attack in Sweden, while speaking at a rally in Melbourne, Florida, has highlighted a worldwide Islamic migrant crisis that is not only destroying Sweden but threatens to destroy large portions of Europe.

Yesterday at his Rally in Florida, President Trump used the refugee crisis that’s tearing the European Union apart as an example of why his extreme vetting process was so essential to American security.

President Trump told the audience.

“We’ve got to keep our country safe,” he said. “You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.”

Not shockingly the mainstream media found something to pounce on.

All day they have been hysterically running articles, taking to the airwaves, and crying like little school girls on Twitter, decrying President Trump’s Swedish Claims. But what the fools in the fake news media aren’t telling you, is last night in Sweden is EVERYNIGHT in Sweden.

What President Trump was probably referring to is something the mainstream media has been ignoring, I would say covering up, for years. Sweden, just like much of Europe, is in chaos.

So what happened last night in Sweden?

The same thing that has been happening every night in Sweden for the last couple of years; an epidemic of violent crime and rapes committed by an influx of Muslim refugees. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Rapes in Sweden Compared to the rest of the World

Over the past 15 years, some 650,000 refugees made their way to Sweden. Last year, 163,000 flooded into the country, and 32,000 were granted asylum. What the mainstream media won’t tell you, is this migration has left the country in a crisis that threatens the very fabric of their society.

Earlier in the month, Peter Springare, a Swedish police investigator and former deputy head of the division for serious crimes at the police in Örebro, tried to blow the whistle on the crisis in Sweden. He took to his Facebook page in an attempt to expose the “chaos” caused by an epidemic of violent crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.

Officer Springare Wrote:

“Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment,” Officer Peter Springare posted.

“Suspected perpetrators: Ali Mohamad, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed, Ali, again, again, again, Christoffer … what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name sneaked its way in on the fringes of a drug-related crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.

“What I will write here below is not politically correct. But I don’t care.” he said.

“Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but no one dares or wants to say why.”

Unfortunately, in Sweden the politicians care more about political correctness and protecting refugees than they do about their own citizens. The officer was charged with “racial agitation” by his department, and an investigation is underway.

But Springare’s post has caused other Swedish police to open up about the crisis. Days later, in a Facebook message posted on a page set up to support Springare, Tomas Åsenlöv, a police officer for Greater Gothenburg, explained how Swedish police are being forced to implement a “Code 291” procedure to cover-up information about crimes committed by Muslim migrants.

“The Swedish public has to be told all the facts now,” writes Åsenlöv, adding that Code 291 is used to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime,” including a ban on publicly releasing photos of migrant suspects.

“I understand that the younger officers may not dare to go out and criticize the leaders, or go out openly and support Peter. Then it is over for a future career. Then, when they apply for jobs, they will be classed as disloyal to the employer,” explains Åsenlöv.

Europe is on Fire, and the Media refuses to Cover the Migrant Problem!

So while the Mainstream Media attempts to label President Trump and his supporters as a bunch of immigrant bashing racists, much of the world is waking up to the realities of what uncontrolled mass immigration can do to a country.

You won’t see this on any Cable News broadcasts, but here are a couple of scenes from areas throughout Europe.

Migrants marching in London against: Jews, Christians, and the West. Yelling, “The followers of Muhammed will conquer America!”

And in Paris, France:

Also in Paris, the police fear going into certain areas that are considered No-Go Zones! Here are a couple videos from this week — bet you didn’t see this on FOX, MSNBC or CNN.

You can be Pro-Immigration and Still Protect your Country!

This has nothing to do with being Anti-Immigrant. It has to do with protecting our country from people who have no interest in assimilating.

These aren’t like past immigrants who came to this country looking for a better life, and these are not the days of Ellis Island. We can be a pro-immigrant country, but we better realize that there is a huge difference between welcoming immigrants who love this country and opening the floodgates to people who want to invade and conquer.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I am not shocked but at the same time I am. It makes me feel more reassured one what President Trump is doing is for the protection of the U.S.A. If people think it is racist, then don’t lock your doors for your home and your car if you think they are refugees just trying to make it. For me, I am prepping, slowly but surely for the past year since I got really started on prepping. Just need a truck now honestly, but money is so tight.

  2. President Trump, in his speech yesterday in Florida said, he is working to set up a safe space in Syria for refugees, to be paid by wealthy Middle Eastern Countries. Seeing as we are 30 trillion in debt.

    Sounds reasonable to me. Hopefully the people in Sweden will start standing up to the Commie traitor infiltrators ingrained in their government who have put an evil spell over their conscious mind, blinding them to the danger of radical Muslim invasion of their Country.

    If the White Swedish people want to come to America until things become safe again, I would be pleased to welcome them. These are peaceful beautiful people. It is very sad to learn about the rape of Swedish girls and women.

  3. It is called civilization jihad. Google “Islam’s rule of numbers” However,in South Carolina, our women own and carry guns. I expect there be a large number of Moslems going to claim their 72 virgins in paradise.

  4. MR TRUDEAU see what’s happening in Germany And Sweden is that what you want for your country , you better change your mind about letting all these people in the same thing is going to happen in our country and your going to be responsible .

  5. They are already here and we already have our own ” No Go Zones ” … Lewiston , Maine .. Portland , Maine… Minneapolis. , MN. In Maine the State A.G. Refuses to prosecute any Refugee much less convict them… The Biggest enemy is Catholic Charities , They are conduit that brings these disease ridden , 7th Century Vermin into our country… Cut off Catholic Charities Money and we’ll slow the tsunami..There are communities in Michigan and Texas Where Sharia Law is the Rule .. Don’t think it’s not happening here already !

      • In a Dallas Suburb the Muslims have there own Sharia Court and only recognize that as law.. Pull your head out of the sand Bat.. Texas is being targeted by these vermin for multiple reasons one of which is it’s electoral votes.. They have long range plans .. They can see beyond their own nose .. Can you Bat ?

    • Prairie wolf:

      Catholic Charities is funding Muslim immigration.

      If so, get this info out. Stop it at the donation basket. Drop in a note stating no contributions until funding Muslim immigration stops.

  6. We here in Sweden have radical leftists also, they deny facts and roll over backwards to accommodate these invaders. They make excuses, destort the data and charge you with hate crimes if you talk about it, and they actually blame the victims.

    This article is not only right, it is I’m afraid only a fraction of what’s going on here. Police don’t travel in certain neighborhoods, they actually went on live tv to tell women they shouldn’t go out after dark or they risked being raped, and the unreported rapes here are staggering. Women are afraid to report the raped because our psychotic politicians have actually started charging them with a hate crime if they say the man was a Muslim.

    It’s worse than you know. Just look at what they did to the officer who tried to get the word out, he is no charged with hate crimes and will lose his job.

  7. my Father and i got into a huge argument over muslim immigration in the european union, and guns in the hands of citizens, and i told him to look at germany, and the U.K. and he goes off on trump lying about sweden… but he looked up crime reports.. germany has higher crime rates now apparently from citizens assualting refugees, which would seem to be right in lien with citizens being fed up with refugees causing issues.

    anyway glad to see the sites owner here digging into the details and providing tweets and facebook posts with links, as well as finding code “291” for departments to “cover up” the refugees criminal causes.

  8. Last year the US military dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 sovereign nations (all Muslim). Now Trump is ready to wage war against the sovereign nations of Syria and Iran. Who do we thin we are?

    I challenge Americans who call themselves Christians to answer this question: Would Jesus support wars against any of these 9 sovereign nations?

    • Diane :

      We are attacking these Countries for Is real hell, to expand its borders. Iran does not have a Central Bank. Rothschilds own the banking system and the blood stained State of Is real hell.

  9. Diane D.

    Last I checked Obama was the president last yr. You know, the guy that got a nobel peace prize yet still picked a fight with Syria and Lybia while we have troops in Iraq and Afganastan with their hands tied behind their backs.

    I challenge you. Do you support war with Russia? Open your eyes, most the liberals, a good chunk of the rebublicans and media have been trying to provoke Putin into a war for a long time, even before the the electon. Is Putin a bad guy? Yes. But do not kid yourself, Putin’s misdeads are not why they trying to provoke him into war. Russia is the most powerful nation that is fighting against 1 world order/globalism. The globalists that actually rule us have their puppet elected officials on a full court press to provoke Putin.

    But to answer your question.. No I do not believe American boys and girls should be sent to muslim nations to attempt to liberate them. Those countries have proved throughout history they do not want to be liberated.. And until some Americans realize war is ugly and people die, and the way to fight wars is to shoot the enemy until the enemy stops shooting back, Its my beleif our boys and girls shouldnt be sent to fight. I’m so sick of these political wars were your troops have to fight by rules with their hands tied behind their back.. Maybe if and win someone invades our soil people will see up close and personal how ugly war is.

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