Latest Gun Company to Betray Freedom! Hornady Ammo Manufacturing instates Mandatory Vax Policy.

Hornady Ammo

It’s something we have been saying for years, sadly when the shit hits the fan, most so-called patriotic companies and people who prance around on T.V. claiming to be super patriotic and conservative will cave, turn their back on you, and show their true colors!

Today, we learned that yet another firearm industry company has thrown in the towel on freedom and will be forcing their employees to be vaccinated in order to stay employed.

Hornady Manufacturing sent out an internal memo, telling their employees that they would be complying with the Biden workplace vacation mandate and told their staff that they must be vaccinated by December, 8th 2021 or face career devastating decisions.

Steve Hornaday memo
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  1. My son works at hornady. He will not be taking the kill shot. I will also be no longer be using hornady ammo. Steve Hornady is a a**hole and should tell Biden to piss off instead of kissing his a**.

    • never bought Hornady, and now, I never plan to. frankly most of their workforce should just pack up and walk off the work site.

  2. Will never use their ammo or products again. Listing my press for sale tonight too. These companies expect us to stand up for them when they are under pressure but they will not stand up for themselves. I am done with Hornady. Any company that forces the poison will not get one more cent from me

  3. It appears that Steve Hornady is running scared. (Are you begging Steve?) I use many Hornady products and believe in the company but please Steve, understand that if your insistence to comply to this unconstitutional dictate is not met with patriot resistance then I will gladly forget that you and your company ever existed. Do not be fooled to believe there is nothing your employees can do. And yes there is something you CAN do about this – take a stand for freedom, your employees and a great nation of proud and free gun owners will support you in return. Shut down your business, take your profits and start up a business that you won’t have to get down on your knees to operate.

  4. I also will not be purchasing hornaday ammo it is outrageous to mandate a vaccine that causes death to some people this is a choice of each individual

  5. Management: This is an unforgivable decision, especially in the community you serve with your products. Plus, that tone was over-the-top threatening.

  6. Let’s start out by recognizing that running a business is hard—so many complex layers. However, Hornady is a mess internally and externally. Besides this radical and cowardly decision, Steve sadly is a poor leader and his team that shares his table. This isn’t someone off on a rant; this is from someone who knows him personally, his staff, and has used his products for years and in the early days of my career, sponsored by the brand. It’s hard not to bash him at this moment; however, I’d say it’s well deserved. The brand has completely gone to shit, the backlog on products is nearly a joke, marketing is down the drain horrible, and well now… he’s bent the knee and complied because he’s scared. It doesn’t sound like that’s a company anyone wants to support yet, along with work for. We can all collectively agree on what steps he should have taken, but his leadership team also surrounds him in this call. All cowards. All. Marketing should have had a field day with this and told the government to shove the mandate up their ass. Why not? Predicting a future forecast of the brand will continue ammo shortages, ammo prices will be increased/gouged, and they’ll walk back in time, losing their market share to Vista. Sad to see such a stupid move happen. The word for that is idiotic. Best of luck, Hornady, and ill be drinking with half the staff Friday.

  7. This is government overreach. Steve Hornaday is not following this mandate because he wants too!!! He is being forced by the Biden administration to follow this mandate. I work for a company that is going through the same thing, it not by there choice!!!! Bottom line is rather than punishing company affected by this mandate why don’t you put the blame where blame is due which is on Biden and if you voted for Biden your part of the problem!!!!

    • Bullshit! If you follow the mandate you are no different than the people who voted for him, in fact, you are a giant pussy! You morons who say you have to do it because of the mandate are PUSSIES!!

  8. Big Hornady fan here. I’ll be canceling my account with them and removing their decals from my work bench. So sad what is happening to our country. The order is totally unconstitutional. I wish people would get a set of balls on Capital Hill and put a stop to this insanity.
    Prepare for the coming shit storm.

  9. We lovers of freedom need to get in the mode of voting with our dollars. I was a buyer of hornady products, not anymore. I believe that companies that bend the knee to this kind of thing should die on their knees.

  10. Stand up and fight or bend the knee and kiss the ass. We see what this company is. Ass kisses. Unconstitutional mandates must be fought against at all levels. A company of that size should be fighting on a national level.

  11. I liked there ammo in the past and I was going to use them for a big purchase. I will now take my money to another manufacturer. I can Not support any company that would mandate any injection of any kind and especially this one. It’s pathetic who these companies give no shit about doing the right thing for there employees or what’s best for them. I hope everyone walks out on them.

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