A Look back at 2016: Our Top Preparedness Posts and Stories from 2016

2016 was definitely a turbulent year; from riots and election-related violence to dozens of terror attacks that were covered up by the media, here is a look back at some of the top stories and articles on OFFGRID Survival from the last year.

A Look back at some of the Crazy things that have happened during 2016:

Christmas Chaos: Mall Riots Across the U.S. in Planned Attacks

Mall Evacuation

The year ended just as turbulent as it started, with yet more social unrest and violence as organized gangs and domestic terrorists attacked 14 malls throughout the country on December, 26th.

Disgusting Media Covering up Mass Violence, Rioting, and Looting by Anti-Trump Activists

Activists takeover the Las Vegas Strip

The election played a huge role in this year’s chaos; here is a look at some of the worst election-related violence and chaos throughout the country.

Obama Admin Pushing War with Russia: CIA Preparing to Launch Cyber Attack on Russia

U.S. Cyber Warfare Command

This is a preparedness alert that we issued back in October that now seems to be coming true. According to multiple sources within the U.S. government, the CIA has been tasked with preparing an unprecedented act of cyber warfare against the Russians.

Charlotte Riots: Looters Burn and Shutdown Major Highway, Attack Motorists and Police

I-85 Ritos in North Carolina

In September, Black Lives Matters Activists/Rioters created absolute chaos throughout Charlotte, North Carolina; organized gangs attacked motorists, set fire to the highways, attacked cops, and looted local stores.

Censorship 2.0: Online Giants to Censor Online News to Combat Misinformation

Tech Company Logos

Remember when liberals used to be the first ones to defend the freedom of speech? Well, 2016 is when they decided to completely flip the switch and attack anyone that didn’t conform to their political ideology. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google started stepping up efforts to censor the web. It’s also the year where the mainstream media’s “fake news” campaign kicked off, in an effort to kill off alternative media.

Germany & EU leaders call for European SUPERSTATE

European Superstate

2016 is the year where the forgotten voices started to rise up. From the election of Donald Trump to the Brexit revolt, people across the globe started to take a stand against globalization. But 2016 is also the year where the globalists went into panic mode and tried to consolidate their power. European Elites used the BREXIT vote to help push for the creation of a European SUPERSTATE.

Police Officers Shot during Black Lives Matter Rally in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Police

In July, after Black Lives Matter activists started calling for the murder of police officers throughout the country, a radical black activist shot numerous police officers in Dallas, Texas — kicking off a summer of riots, chaos, and almost weekly demonstrations throughout the country.

The Year of Unreported Islamic Terror Attacks

2016 was also the year of unreported and covered up terror attacks. Here is a brief rundown of just a few of the attacks; keep in mind, this is only a small fraction of what happened as many of the smaller attacks were swept under the rug.

Hell, the Obama administration went so far to cover up the problem that they actually scrubbed the Terrorist Watch List to “Protect the Civil Rights” of suspected Islamic Terrorist Groups.

Our Top Gear Related Stories:

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Survival Tablets

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The Gift of Preparedness: Gifts to Help Prepare your Friends and Family

Santa holding Preparedness Gifts

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Why Baofeng Radios are a Bad Choice for Preppers

Baofeng UV 5RV2 Ham Radio

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Out Top Article on OFF Grid Living Articles

A Shipping Container Home that you can actually Ship Anywhere in the World!

Shipping Container Home

Over the last couple of years shipping container homes have been growing in popularity; green and alternative builders from around the world have latched onto these unique containers as an easy way to build quick and somewhat custom homes.

Things you can do to become Self-Sufficient even when living in Urban Areas

An Urban City From the Sky

Going off the Grid and living a self-reliant lifestyle is something that many of the people who frequent this site dream about, and while a lot of our readers have already taken the plunge into self-sufficiency, some even going completely Off the Grid, a vast majority of our readers still live in an urban environment and don’t want to completely give up their city lifestyle.

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