Looting Begins in Houston: Thugs Pose as Rescuers to Rob and Assault Vulnerable Families

As Houston is pounded by record level flooding, the worst of humanity has hit the streets looking to take advantage of an already horrific situation. While a countless number of good Samaritans have flooded into Houston, the kind of people who the media has spent the last year demonizing and trying to convince you are “racists,” the liberal media is ignoring the truth about what’s really going on in Houston.

: Man with confederate flag boat saving minorities in Texas.
These are the people who the media don’t want you to know about: Man with confederate flag boat saving minorities in Texas.

While heroes work day in and day out to help rescue people who failed to heed the warnings of the coming storm, dirt bags have begun roaming the city looting, robbing people, and posing as rescuers so they can commit their crimes. You won’t hear about this in the mainstream media, but it’s something that happens with almost every one of these natural disasters and is why I warn people this is something they will have to deal with during the aftermath of any natural disaster.

Looters in Texas

The Truth about The Storm

There are a number of things coming out of this storm that are being ignored by the mainstream media:

  1. The scumbags who are yet again taking advantage of vulnerable people.
  2. How unprepared a certain segment of our society is to deal with adverse conditions.
  3. How hard working Americans can respond to these disasters far better than the morons in government.

If you’ve been watching the coverage of the storm you’ve probably seen people being rescued by hundreds of ordinary looking boats. These boats are not federal or local government rescue teams; they are some good ol’ boys from Louisiana who formed their own rescue team which they call the Cajun Navy.

The Cajun Navy

As soon as the storm started to hit, they piled in their trucks and headed into the storm. They’ve saved countless lives and got to the area before most government agencies even knew what was happening. Unfortunately, they have been targeted by criminal garbage.

Members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy, a group of private citizens from Louisiana who jumped in their trucks and brought their own private boats into Texas to help Harvey victims, have been shot at, impersonated, and even have had their boats targeted by degenerate thugs/looters, the group said on Facebook.

Houston police union officials told The Daily Caller that a group of firefighters were targeted by looters while helping people escape the catastrophic flooding.

“We had firefighters out there helping people, and looters started firing on them,” Officer Joe Gamaldi told TheDCNF Tuesday morning. “We sent officers down there on a code 1 (which means as fast as you can) to assist, and they too came under fire.”

Media Covering for the Thugs

ABC News Reporter Tom Llamas initially reported on the looting, taking to Twitter to inform the public what was going on saying, they “informed police of the looting” that they witnessed. Hours after the tweet went out, ABC and the reporter deleted the Tweet after Thugs and alt-left terrorist groups started sending threats to the reporter for “snitching.”

Deleted Tweet about Looting

While the mainstream media continues to cover for the thugs, many of them are openly bragging on social media, posting pictures of themselves looting and breaking into houses and encouraging others to loot the “white neighborhoods” and to target “Trump Supporters.”

Lootcrew on Twitter

But some in Texas have a message for the scum!

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  1. CNN, the Communist News Network reported on seventeen black families going through horrific tribulations. At the same time the Corrupt News Network, CNN, totally failed to highlight the story of even one white family. CNN is guilty of genocide. That’s right. CNN has virtually erased the white victims. Only blacks, no whites.

    Obviously, there is a reason for this. One reason could be so that when blacks are seen looting, America will think it is because only blacks were victims of Hurricane Harvey, which is not the case.

    George Soros will pay some whites to loot so CNN can video them and show the video two hundred times until Americans learn that white people are evil; and the only difference between races is the color of skin. That’s a lie. There are as many differences between the races as there are differences between poodles and pit bulls.

    Enough about race and reality. Shout out to the Cajun Navy.
    Proud of you, fellas.

  2. Thank you for showing the truth the media won’t show. I’m so sick of hearing how we are racist as we are the ones actually helping.

    • Good point! After publicizing the picture of the rescuer with the confederate flag on his airboat rudder, democrats mugged, robbed, beat up the rescuer, and put him in the hospital. So far, all the criminal looters have been democrats. The mayor sided with the looters and turned the town over to the democrat criminals after dark by making up curfews as he went along. …he included the cops in the democrat looter area curfews to give the democrat looters free reign!

    • Corrections to fake news reporting. Cajun Navy- originally the Trump volunteer Navy. Reporters changed the name.
      Thugs and looters- 100% of the thugs and looters are typical democrats. 99% of the people being victimized are also democrats!
      Result- minimal reporting, mayor covering for democrat thugs and looters, no reporting of many citizens protecting themselves from democrat looters and thugs, with corresponding democrat losses.

  3. Argh, the darkies are at it again. It’s all us white folks fault because of our past injustices towards these poor unfortunate buggers who no matter what you do to help them continue to be degenerate beings whom we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Shoot on site any looting scum I say.

    What we fail to realize is that we’re already in a new civil war in this country. The lines have been drawn, the battles have begun. People, were at war now. If you can’t feel or see it your going to wake up one day and find your country taken away from you. It’s to a point now you can’t even speak your mind without the fear of being harassed, threatened, or physically harmed. It’s time for the silent majority to rise up and defend this country.

  4. Same s@#t different day and day and,well u no how it goes!I KEEP forgiving for years and years but quit since trump won,no more,just stay away and never help THOSE people ever again ,dont watch any sports and not going to give any monies towards anything THOSE people are involved with, THOSE people on my tv channel it is changed,THOSE people on a tv company advertisment ,not spending my money with u.Im one of the baby boomers we are the ones with all the money,retired,and no bills.Good true americans u should do the same,and tear down THOSE mlk statues,arent they part of history way back long ago!

  5. Don’t keep falling for the same divide and conquer tactic. Do you really believe anything on CNN, even partially? Nothing on CNN is true at all, including their supposed favoring one racial group over another. If you had paid attention to the honest victims in Katrina, they told you that CNN lied about looting, that even police were grabbing supplies from stores because no one was coming to save them. U.S. military personnel shot Katrina victims with no provocation, and they knew America wouldn’t care because CNN and the other lying media put the images of “thugs” looting stores, and many believed it. They were really practicing martial law for their next and bigger target: Houston. The same script, bigger hurricane, and here you are believing it again. It’s time to put aside skin color divide and conquer BS and team up against the common enemy before they come for you, and you won’t have anyone to help defend you.

  6. If you back to the great Galvaston flood it was much the same federal troops were sent in with orders to shoot to kill an looters on sight Being a different society at that time black people were to be shot on sight. It was a hard time and many looters at the time were black hence the orders to the federal troops

  7. Black, hispanic, blue, green, white, or yellow. The color of the looter is irrelevant! The cause, and source of the looter mentality is the democrat entitlement, laws are only for non democrats- mental training and education. Hold the democrats responsible, and thie problems will stop!

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