Looting Starts in Wake of Storm

Reports of widespread looting are starting to stream in via social media outlets like twitter.

NYPD confirms at least nine people have been arrested for looting businesses in Queens, including a Capital One bank on Cross Bay near 156th Avenue. Reports of looting in Brooklyn, Queens and Conney Island are also starting to stream in via Twitter.

Twitter Looting Reports

People Planning to Loot Via Social Networks:

There are also numerous examples of people actually planning their looting sprees via these same social networks.
Here are a few examples….

People Threatening to Loot Via Twitter

National Guard Units On Alert

Michael Gargiulo, an anchor for WNBC New York, tweeted late last night that the New York National guard has been put on alert in case of looting activity.



  1. Hate to say it but who didn’t see this coming? These scumbags are just waiting for an excuse to riot.

    Isn’t it amazing that not one person rioted in Japan during the Earthquake and Tsunami? Yet every time there’s a disaster or someone wins a sporting event here in America the lowlifes come out in full force.

    • They should instate mandatory 10 year prison sentences for anyone caught looting. These people are the lowest of low and deserve to be imprisoned for a good long time.

      • Who’s going to arrest them the police yes the POlICE were charged in Katrina for looting. But they were let off with slap on the wrist, because their superiors told them it was okay. I’m not kidding that was their excuse

      • Howard-these people ARE NOT the lowest of the low. Take alook around the world son and you will find true evil beyond anything your imagination provides. This story is about survival. Will you have the balls to take what is neccasary for your own survival?

  2. Planning for looters and roving gangs is part of prepping, of course. When I’m feeling optimistic, I feel like it’s because everyone will be trying to take care of their own WTSHTF – but then, this kind of stuff happens, and I remember that’s there’s lots of folks just waiting to do it as recreation. It’s just sad.

  3. It’s sad, it’s not close to the worst of the worst, but it is a poor reflection of the people who do it. Everyone who does below average behavior can cite someone who does something worse, and uses it as an excuse. For those in the NY area, I have heard people cite the rumors (even if discredited) of looting by rescuers at the WTC scene as their justification. There is a mindset of many, many people to mentally record news of the worst actions of man. Most of these people (us) remember it to be aware and to warn. But a small number use this information to excuse their actions.

    There will always be those who are selfish, who use the easy way out, who scavenge and exploit vulnerabilities.

    Those who have tweeted should be prosecuted. That’s evidence. But, likely, the community will just let it go, tolerate it. Boys will be boys…

  4. Tolerate, tolerate, i don’t think so those folks should be shot on sight. Preying on the weak and defenseless. To someone trying to get back the items being hauled away are all they have left.

    Yet the looters are there stealing from the victums. You say people make amental record of news to justify their actions. Maybe that is true.

    So lets give them a different mental picture. ” yo Bubba You shouldn’t loot that stuff remember all those dudes that got shot after Sandy !!! That ain’t going to be me!”

    They do what they want because they don’t fear anything. Give them something to fear .

  5. The problem with looting is it gets out of hand and once people start getting out of hand, then rapes and mayhem start in. Murders are next. What people need in cases like this is the necessities like food and water, and blankets. And probably most of all HOPE!!!. I have seen what its like too go without power and the food run out, and too see desperate people doing desperate things! Wish i was a multimillionaire cause i would ship in food and supplies and help all i could. Hang in their. We have you in our prayers here in the midwest. God be with you all. peace

  6. I’m telling you, don’t give a dime to the red cross. The looters, and ignorant people who think big government is their answer, and the millions funneled away by scams, while my money is still good, NOT ONE DIME! Let this be their wake up call and reality check. Maybe the first thing they should do when power is coming online is start getting themselves empowered and learn about preparedness, that is unless you like Martial Law while your freezing in your dark home.

  7. Since Romney is promising to help everyone when elected why dont he start giving some of the billions of dollars he has to the poor older people that lost everything.He is a snake in the grass people just as bad as a looter.He loots big business and helps out china.

    • Even better, when elected President maybe he will give some of the billions of bulletts bought by the government, to the police with orders to shoot on site, looters who are stealing from the poor, the old, hungry, or maybe those who have worked hard and put everything on the line to be successful.

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