Los Angeles County Bans the Celebration of the Fourth of July

Freedom Banned

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is ordering L.A. County beaches closed from July 3 through July 6 at 5:00 a.m. they are also banning public firework displays and celebrations.

“Closing the beaches and prohibiting fireworks displays during this important summer holiday weekend was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it’s the responsible decision to protect public health and protect our residents from a deadly virus. The Fourth of July holiday weekend typically means large crowds and gatherings to celebrate, a recipe for increased transmission of COVID-19,” said Barbara Ferrer, Ph.D., MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “We all need to take this virus more seriously and residents and business owners must do their part. Physical distancing isn’t optional, wearing a face-covering isn’t optional, spending time only with those you live with isn’t optional — these are requirements in the Health Officer Order and are the tools we have to protect each other, our families and those most vulnerable in our communities.”

All public beaches, piers, public beach parking lots, beach bike paths that traverse that sanded portion of the beach, and beach access points will be temporarily closed to the public as of 12:01 a.m. on July 3, 2020, until 5 a.m. on July 6, 2020. Long Beach has its own health department and this announcement does not apply to that city, at this time.

For the record — and for you brain-dead turncoats who can’t see what’s going on — Costco, Walmart and major corporations are allowed to pack untold numbers of people into their buildings, BLM and Antifa are allowed to riot and loot, but OUTDOOR celebrations on Independence Day are banned…

Somehow I don’t remember them banning riots or fake holidays like Juneteenth!

Do you still think this is about stopping a virus?

This is nothing more than an all-out assault on our freedoms, our culture, and our way of life. Like we said in our article earlier today, there is a reason they are targeting bars and taverns, now that they are targeting the very day that celebrates our freedom and independence it’s amazing that anyone can have any doubt about what is really going on here!

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    • Hey, Joseph stalin,

      What points presented here are “bullshit” as you claim? Do you just hate facts not spoon fed to you by your favorite media talking head? Or do you hate when a man expresses his opinion on his own website? No media is truly unbiased anymore, and the fact that we have ,possibly payrolled, internet trolls like you crying fowl without using facts and arguments to support your opinion shows the caliber of today’s armchair political commentators. The vast majority of the population will not get seriously sick and ,because we successfully flattened the curve, there is space for the people who do in our facilities. There is nothing scientific about the latest crop of attempts to restrict the Freedom of the pepole , it is a purely political ploy to dictate to the pepole how they can and cannot live their lives. And it is shameful that any red blooded American would sacrifice essential Liberty for a little temporary security theater.

  1. Good luck with that. How will they enforce their edict? Who will enforce it?

    Little people with little minds.

    Fiefdom: an area over which someone exercises control as or in the manner of a feudal lord (Merriam-Webster)

    Welcome to the fiefdom of VA…

    • Well if they have or intend to “defund the police” how in the sam hill are they planning to enforce this rule?
      I know, all the rioters from the BLM are going to enforce this, right? LOL
      How utterly ridiculous, to say the least.
      As the story states, it is OK to go to the nearest Wally World, but don’t think you are going to go out into the sunshine, and fresh air to enjoy the day, after all, all of that fresh air and sunshine may help to kill off the virus and then how are they going to control us, if the fear of the virus is gone?

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