Mainstream Media Ignores Cincinnati Riots: Police attacked by Mob While Trying to Rescue Severely Beaten Man

The summer of chaos, largely egged on by the mainstream media and the Obama administrations never ending focus on so-called racial injustices, brought rioting and vicious violence to the streets of Cincinnati over the Holiday weekend.

Cincinnati Riots

Several officers were severely wounded after trying to rescue a man who was viciously attacked and beaten by a mob.

The man was beaten unconscious following a Hip Hop Fourth of July concert, which exploded into violence and chaos. In the video below, which I warn you is quite disgusting and disturbing, the man can be seen being surrounded by a crowd who is laughing and celebrating his condition.

Simply disgusting to see so many vicious people celebrating that poor man’s beating.

This should serve as warning, and a lesson to those that think this can’t happen. The sad reality of the world we live in is this type of violence is increasing. These types of mob attacks are becoming commonplace, largely because the mainstream media and ignorant politicians continue to excuse this type of behavior, just like they did after Ferguson and Baltimore.

When you have the President of the United Stated making excuses for people who burn down their own neighborhoods, what do you think that does for the criminals of the world? It gives them an excuse and it emboldens them to commit more crimes.

These are not isolated Incidents; this type of violence is happening throughout the country, but is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Self-Defense Tips:

Don’t underestimate these people: Don’t ever underestimate the criminal mind. While some of these people can seem drop dead stupid, in an urban environment their ability to size up a victim is uncanny. They can smell a victim from a mile away.

Be aware that large events attract chaos: The first mistake this guy made was being anywhere near this type of event. The moment you hear Hip Hop Concert, is the moment you should expect some type of trouble. This has nothing to do with race; it has to do with reality.

But keep in mind that even innocent sounding events can attract trouble. High profile sporting events, political rallies, and even large parades and celebrations can be a major cause for concern. If you do attend one of these large events, make sure you take the proper safety precautions.

Train regularly and with repetition: Being proficient in anything requires repeatedly training yourself to be able to use your skills in a high-stress, high-pressure situation.

Develop your Situational Awareness: Stay off your phone, remove the headphones, and pay attention. The number one thing you can do to protect yourself from criminal threats is to be aware of your environment and what’s going on around you. Here are some other tips for dealing with and spotting mob violence.

Train in a Real-world setting: During your training exercises, you want to put yourself in situations where you feel a bit uncomfortable. When looking for a self-defense school, make sure the school teaches you using real-world situations. For instance, a firearms school needs to go beyond just shooting at paper targets, and should add some sort of stressor to the training.

You need to go beyond firearms training and learn how to defend yourself during a close-quarter attack: Carrying a firearm does not guarantee your safety, and carrying a firearm without training is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, many gun owners have never bothered to take a single self-defense course; these same gun owners insist they’ll be able to stop an attack because they’re “armed”.

While carrying a firearm definitely levels the playing field during certain circumstances, the reality of self-defense is that there are certain situations where you’re firearm is not going to be able to prevent an attack, especially if you haven’t trained in real-world self-defense tactics and close quarter combat.

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  1. And so it continues, and continues and continues. America’s destruction is self inflicted. How sad, how truly sad the end will be when we look back and ask “Why?”, maybe I’m just to stupid to see….. so will someone really explain the “why”.

    • This IS, what the EBT “Entitlement Brigades” do in their “play time”.
      Why, should anyone be surprised at all? This is the result of the miserable “Social Justice policies of Socialism/Marxism/ProgBovineExcrement” that has been fpoisted on these non-performing graduates of public(unionized) education. I am sure that their spawners are proud of this demographic milestone in their lives.
      How despicable that few if any, tried to move the mob back, instead, these chimps(apologies to actual simians) mugged for the cameras, regaling in their being on youtube and the rest of the devolving “social media” bilge. These are the “useful idiots” and future SLAVES of the Marxist/Prog-Plantation-Massas, and they are indeed far too stupid to see how far they have devolved down into the primordial ooze. Their Community Organizers should be extremely proud of them. Social Justice acceptance of mediocrity breeds this shining example of Prog/Marxist/CommunityOrganization. What will these amoeba do, when their EBT cards run dry? Hopefully, they will turn on each other and their SlaveMasters who willingly led them onto the Plantation.

      • Teach your family how to spot the signs of a forming ‘Chimpout.’ Many times, trouble can be avoided by ‘reading the streets.’ This skill has to be taught. Become friends with a street cop. Do a ‘ride along’ with your local department, if offered. You will be amazed at what the ‘Thin Blue Line’ has to deal with on a weekend night.

        I also questioned ‘WHY’ would anyone attend something billed as a Hip-hop concert…ESPECIALLY, if they represent any resemblance of western civilization lineage. Crowd behavior can turn ugly, very quickly, if the crowd is low IQ and emotional. In animals, this is called PACK BEHAVIOR. It is NOT politically correct to mention, but…your life, or those of your family, may depend upon at least one person understanding human, and non-human behavior.

        • Phil, You are correct – if you don’t know your neighbors then it’s time you go meet them because entire neighborhoods will have to defend themselves as this anti-white movement gains momentum. The real criminals are in the White House and are the ones to blame for this violence against the Police – educate your families and friends quickly and teach them how to shoot and fight back !

  2. I only deal with reality so this will offend non realists, but I have zero sympathy for the white guy that was beaten, none at all. Only a complete unadulterated idiot would go anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances without at least two guns and extra clips. Only a complete unadulterated idiot would walk around with guns and not have the training to use them. Whatever happens to any and all of you out there that don’t own guns and know how to use them then what the hell should anybody care about you. Yo can recognize reality and work with it or you can ignore it and it will automatically work against you, and as often as not, with fatal consequences. So you make the attackers fall down and bleed or you can let them take you down and watch your life’s blood spill onto the concrete. If you want to be the next youtube ‘cracker bleed a lot’, then go for it. Period. Blessings

  3. If you guys truly want to better yourself read the tips above. Those are great tip, and ideas to go by. Make sure you add stress to your training, in makes you focus more and it will make you better at what you are training for. When I was at SWAT school the instructor stood down range range about 2 feet from the target, that added lots of stress and made the student focus more. You have to understand one thing, the people that attend that school are not your average shooter, you need to be an excellent shot to begin with, so I do recommend just anybody doing that. I also agree with the above poster, if you can do a ride along with your local department, then do it. You will learn the bad areas of your city and what type of people are in those areas. You can also learn a lot from the officers. Good luck to you all if the time to fight comes.

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