Get Ready for Major Civil Unrest: Protestors Shut Down Highways, Attack Cops, Threaten Violence

The New Black Panthers party and members of The Black Live Matters movement are clashing with police throughout the country, in some cases violently attacking, ambushing and shooting police. While the mainstream media is refusing to cover what’s really happening, instead pretending these are peaceful protests, we are not going to tiptoe around what’s really going on here.

Radical Hate groups are threatening to spread civil unrest, chaos, and killings across the country in some sick and twisted perversion of the civil rights movement. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with civil rights, as most of these groups are being financed by rich White liberals like George Soros and other socialist groups. In my opinion, this is all part of the federal government’s plan to nationalize the police force that was put in place shortly after Ferguson. These groups don’t care about all lives, they simply want to spread their radical ideologies and create chaos.

This is A Preparedness Issue: You need to take it seriously!

Since the Massacre in Dallas, where a member of a radical hate group gunned down 12 police officers, there have been a number of massive demonstrations that the media is refusing to cover. Last night in Baton Rouge, members of the New Socialist Party combined with the Black Panthers and the Black Live Matter Movement to shut down a major interstate highway in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Anyone who is serious about preparedness needs to take a good look at what happened last night, because it is exactly what I’ve been warning about for years, and is a perfect example of why I tell people they need to have a solid bug out plan that includes multiple routes out. If these people can close a major highway system in seconds, what do you think is going to happen when this movement of violence and chaos spreads?

For over four hours Interstate 94, west of downtown St. Paul, was completely shut down by violent protesters who chucked Molotov cocktails, fireworks, rocks, and chunks of rebar at police.

Interstate 94 Shutdown by Rioters

This is Happening Throughout the Country; but the mainstream media pretends these are all peaceful protests.

This isn’t an isolated incited. This is happening throughout the country and will continue to happen because we don’t have anyone who is willing to admit there is a problem brewing.

In Chicago city streets were shut down for hours:

In New York, a number of major streets, highways and Tunnels were shut down. Here they are shutting down the Tunnel on FDR Drive.

In Fresno California:

Black Panthers Party and BLM shutting down Airline Highway in front of the Baton Rouge police department:

And for those who still aren’t convinced of the need to have a solid evacuation plan with multiple routes out. Here is a video from two nights ago in Oakland, where these groups shut down the 880 highway system for over 5 hours.

These are not just peaceful groups

As we exposed yesterday in our preparedness alert, these are not peaceful groups. In fact, these groups are trying to unite street gangs from around the country to form an urban army bent on spreading chaos and violence.

In a series of posts on Facebook, the African American Defense League — a hate group afflicted with Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers Party — called on these gangs to unite. They wrote, “It’s time for Crips and Bloods to start shedding blood, and called for them to start attacking police. In another post, they called for these gangs to also go after firemen and “racist crackas”.

Threats from the AADL

Protest Leader calls for The Killing of Cops: You won’t see this video on the mainstream news!

Police Being Ambushed Across the Country

You won’t hear this on FOX, CNN or MSNBC, but since the massacre in Dallas violent street gangs have begun ruthlessly targeting and ambushing police.

What You Can Do to Prepare

In my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, one of the things I wrote about was situational awareness and knowing how these criminal groups operate. Once you hear that things are starting to get bad in your area, you need to know how to find out what’s going on.

Many of these groups use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to organize. These are not spontaneous protests; they are planned for weeks, sometimes months in advance. The media would like you to believe it’s about a random police shooting, it’s not. A lot of these people are professionally paid protestors flown into these areas to create chaos.

If you want to get a good look at what these people are saying and the violent rhetoric they are spewing look at the #Fuck12 Hashtag they use on Facebook and Twitter. It will also give you a good idea of what other hashtags they are using so you can get situational intelligence during these events. That way should something bad happen, you will at least have some clue to what is going on because the media and your government are not going to tell you!

Bugging In vs Bugging Out: You need to have a solid plan that includes what you’ll do if you plan on sheltering in place, and what you’ll do if things become so bad that you need to bug out.

You need to take Self-Defense Seriously! There is no substitute for real-world self-defense training. Check out these articles:

Have a Communication Plan: Emergency Communication is an extremely important part of any good preparedness plan. It’s something you cannot afford to overlook.

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  1. This is all organized by the socialists at the top: potus and friends. His incendiary words exarcerbating racism follow a purpose: create division, hate between different social groups to create chaos and civil war. This is the perfect broth to cook a martial law decreet and a state of emergency to activate executive order 13603 which entitles potus and the government to own all our properties and dictate which job we are supposed to do without compensation. In other words: dictatorship, communism, abolition of private property, slavery, confiscation of weapons, potus militias doing their repressive job, no elections, and totalitarian regime for long long time. Fall in the mistake of a civil war or civil chaos and you will see comunism in the USA installed in just one day. May God bless America and impede these evil plans!

  2. This is a shit starter group if I have ever seen one! These are the problem shit starters that need to be eliminated. Go back to your European countries. You’re not wanted here anymore!!!!

    • With respect, sue me, but isn’t your comment itself a “shit starter?” I respect your opinion and your right to have it (and to express it) but I don’t think you like “shit-starters” at all. I sure as hell don’t! And that’s why I try hard NEVER to start shit.

      Naturally, we try not to “let shit happen” but on the other hand, we know that SHIT HAPPENS whether we like it or not. We don’t let it happen, because things can get very shitty, and then shit piles up. We try not to “make shit” happen, because that can get you into deep shit, and then you feel like shit. And that ain’t no shit.

    • With that attitude I will tell you this. GO BACK TO AFRICA! You are no longer wanted here or needed. Now see how fucking ignorant that sounds?

      • That shows how valuable we are and were to you poor dumb Europeans. You people would not have got
        this far if it were not for African people. And buy the way; Why are you people running there now?

  3. Has it never occurred to you that – JUST maybe – you’re blowing this all just slightly out of proportion, and in multiple directions? The BLM definitely is, but I’m not addressing them – I’m addressing this to YOU. Ultimately, it’s about patterns, which you yourself have alluded to: “Happening all over the country.” In response to events. Unmistakable. I assume you want this to STOP….right? If so, then LET it stop. Don’t MAKE it stop. Same goes for “preparedness” if you think about the word. It’s about BEING ready – not about GETTING ready. Granted, you have to DO something in order to BE something. But everything you DO in preparedness – every single thing – MUST lead DIRECTLY to the goal of BEING prepared. That’s a pattern too, direct to direct. Do EVERYTHING safely. Carefully. Wisely. Or NOTHING will be safe. You’re clearly intelligent; you know that one tiny mistake can completely destroy absolutely anything. On something as profound as that of which you speak, the tiniest mistake made, and God only knows what could be completely destroyed.

    As you well know, when people are scared, they tend to make poor choices. A DIRECT relatioship; more of the first, leads to more of the second. And so we walk that backward: LESS of the second, leads to LESS of the first. Therefore, if we don’t want poor choices, we don’t scare people. It’s easy…..anyway, it’s not too difficult. Of course, by all means, speak your mind – thoughtfully and calmly. And do what you feel is best – thoughtfully and carefully.

    I’ve said a lot. You have too, above. I know I haven’t convinced you. But having read this far, I think it’s fair to say that you are a reasonable person. REASONABLE. What the hell do I mean by that? You have read this far, because there was a reason. It wasn’t my reason – I wrote this. It was YOUR reason. That’s what REASONABLE is. Good luck, sir, and God bless.

    • You sound like an apologist for these out of control monkeys. This country has just, ” let it stop” every time over the past century and those monkeys just esculate it more each time. And then they wonder why they get shot?!?! What really needs to happen is a full on asault against these criminals. Yes, that will esculate it for awhile but eventually they will get the message. Of course that wont happen because people in charge like to use these monkeys to further their agenda.

      • You are an asshole calling people monkeys. Your stupid attitude provokes.
        You have a brain of a monkey saying shit like that. ASSHOLE

        • Who the fuck are you to judge this man for expressing his opinion. Why aren’t you screaming about what blm’s and panthers are saying? Back the fuck off unless you’re going to criticize everyone, shithead!! Just because you can curse don’t make you bad. From now on I would take care about writing checks with your battleship mouth that your rowboat ass can’t cash!!

    • There is an old saying, and it weas said with experience and wisdom.

      If you want peace, prepare for war.

      in other words those of us scared for ourselves the police and our families will have to sack up and go to war with these criminals to create the peace we all NEED.

      however NOW is not the time, there is not enough demand for it, because it is hidden by the media. when it escalates to the point it can no longer be ignored, and the media can no logner hide it, then there will be little or no repercussion for such an event, until then however, it is just murder.

  4. These gangs colors are red and blue. Years ago I heard they were the creation of the CIA and when the white flag of truce is waved you will see the governments plan revealed as the colors of red, white, and blue signifying the manifestation of a conspiracy at the highest level by Zionists to overthrow the European-Anglo white founders of the Republic so that these Zionists can make slaves out of these useful idiots who think because they hold up traffic and throw Molotov cocktails at police and beat up defenseless crackers(whites), that they really pose a threat so great that they can take over. How stupid are they?? We know the answer to that.
    They are being given carte Blanche. When they’ve made enough mischief, the highly armed with tanks and drones will come in and massacre their poor black asses. There will be shock in the black man. And curfews and land confiscation. Go see the movies Hunger Games. You’ld be smart to stock up on food and avoid this nonsense.

  5. I’m dumd founded. I’m not sure of how to react to ones thought process of violence for violence. That sounds like a predominantly black community killing each other even to the point that we ourselves can’t say black lives matter! I’m sick of making excuses for my people when we do more damage to our own growth then ten thousand police officers. I am aware there is a big problem with the justice system however if for the most part we don’t place value on our own freedom apart from violence how can a justice system take us serious?

    Our leadership pops up when there is a police incident and don’t when we slaughter each other. Let’s us not be confessed or misled. We need to get our own people in line and stay in line. Unit as one then move forward using our brain while abiding within a system. We can’t loose united. God speed

  6. Say black people started a race riot.They kill whites and break into stores and steal the goods.Where will blacks be in a month.Dead white people lying all over the place ,their rotting bodies stinking to high heavens in a couple days with bloody shot up bodies everywhere.The children will see all this.There will be no food as it is mainly the white people who drive the trucks who bring in the food.Mainly whites who know how to run the water plants which bring you drinking water.So Mainly whites run the electric,cable and internet services.So there will be stinking dead rotting white people lying everywhere with the rat population having a boom because no trash service,no food,no water,no electric,no tv and no internet,no cell phones,no air conditioning,can’t cook,no hot water, no electric or gas to run the stove.And what are we going to do?

    • ever gone camping?, the ability to cook is still present, you just need a viable fuel. the fat from the decaying bodies would be one good source, trees and shrubbery another.

      hope they stocked up on cast iron.

  7. Blacks have been “played” but the Democrats for decades and, the sad part is, they still don’t realize it. Democrats tell Blacks they feel their pain when they are running for office, then they get elected and do nothing for them except more handouts, which enslaves them even more to their Democrat masters. But Blacks are too smart to fall for Conservatives that sincerely promise jobs and a life of dignity and prosperity. Yes, it’s tough to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying, but these people weren’t invented from thin air. They have a history, and most of us have access to the internet. Within minutes I can find stuff on candidates that is amazing. Problem is, apparently spending 10 or 15 minutes on the internet to check out a candidate “before” you vote for them, is asking too much. If blacks would investigate Obama and his gang of Socialists and Communists, they would discover that Obama has made many moves that directly hurt minorities very badly. Blacks are suffering worse conditions today than 7 years ago, when this traitor was elected president. But still 90% of blacks will vote Democrat again. Very frustrating. Obama has to hate America and its people terribly or he would not have done to it what he has over the last 7 years.

      • Its true. We are played by the elite. Who we should be turning on is our top leaders. I mean the Pres and all of his peers, Jesse Jackson and all his peers as well ALL OF THEM. THE AGGITATORS> If all races stick together and peacefully remove the top leaders using a real plan. let them know that we now understand what they have been doing.

  8. Charles Manson must be delighted with all this. He wanted a race war and now it looks like one is happening.

  9. The American Negro – America’s original home grown terrorists.
    Never has so much been given to so few with so little asked of,
    or received in return.

  10. Through the years I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of hard working, decent black people. They aren’t all thugs and morons. I hope they see the way to better education, jobs and prosperity is by never voting Democrat again. I’ll remind those reading this post, LBJ said when he instituted welfare he’d keep the “ni=×€rs” voting Democrat for years. They don’t want them educated, they don’t want them to prosper they want them be under the slavery label of welfare, slaves owned by the libreals. Panthers are a communist movement using their own kind. BLM is run by morons who would better serve their fellow blacks by policing neighborhoods where black on black murder is the norm. If they want to help their own, get out on the streets and work with kids to stay in school. Stop the drugs selling.Stop young girls from thinking baby making is a career. Get off the highways. Help the innercities or die in a war with whites who outnumber and outgunned you.

  11. I say to ALL you reading this post we need to UNITE against the Obama’s the Sharptens, the black panthers the socialist communist aholes who are causing all these problems. What has Obama done for the black people since voted in as president….NOTHING……What have the other above mentioned people done for the black people….NOTHING except cause turmoil.
    I am white and hate to see us Americans no matter what color or race be played by these MORONS. We as AMERICANS need to wake up and see what these elites in Washington are doing and by voting Democrat and for Hitlery Lying Clinton you will get the same thing but worse voting her in as president. This woman has NO credibility and she will divide us even more than Obama has
    I hope you ALL know what is at stake in this election. We the people can win and we can make things better by voting out these MORONS that are causing the problem. Things will never change and or get better while these fools are in office…..VOTE EM OUT in 2016

  12. Well Well Well; Please read your own constitution. It says for the people buy the people, but the people who put there fellow man in chains are not really people. they are mankind. Not man but a type of a man.They are the wild man cavy.You trespass steel and take from others. This is your history and you can’t deny that fact.

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