Majority of U.S. Senators back President Obama’s ability to Kill American Citizens.

McCainIn case you missed what happened yesterday, because it was not covered by the Mainstream Media, Senator Rand Paul led a 12 hour filibuster of CIA Nominee John Brennan, after the White House refused to say they don’t have the authority to kill American Citizens on American Soil.

In what should have had 100% support by every member of the Senate, only managed to garner the support of a handful of senators. In fact this morning, the Senate, led by Sen. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, took to the Senate floor to denounce Rand Paul’s demands. Senator McCain said he was doing a “disservice” to the country.

A disservice to the country?

Since when is standing up for our right to live a disservice to the country? Every last one of these people needs to be voted the hell out of office. The fact that we couldn’t even get a majority of the U.S. Senate to agree that the President does not have the authority to Kill American Citizens on American Soil (without a trial), is an absolute travesty of justice. What a sad day it is for America when it’s even up for debate.

What the hell happened to America? The sad reality of what happened yesterday, on the Floor of the Senate, should send chills through the spines of every red-blooded American. Can you believe we have come to a place where it’s now being debated whether or not the federal government can ignore the Constitution and kill Americans without a trail?

For the last couple of years we’ve highlighted the drone programs, the effort to disarm America, and how the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling massive amounts of Ammunition. What some called wild conspiracy theories, don’t seem so wild anymore do they?

Senate Refuses to Pass Non-Binding Bill Saying President doesn’t have the right to Kill Americans

To bring the Filibuster to a close, Senator Rand Paul offered a non-binding resolution opposing the President’s ability to kill Americans in drone strikes on US soil. Something that should have received 100% support in the Senate, couldn’t even get enough votes to pass. We are living in a country where only a handful of our elected representatives seem to have a problem with our government conducting the targeted killing of American Citizens.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, speaking for the majority, was designated to say he objects to Paul’s non-binding resolution. The fact that a majority of the U.S. Senate could not even stand together in opposition to something as simple as opposing (in a non-binding resolution) the President’s ability to assassinate citizens in drone attacks on US soil is simply inexcusable.

This is not a Partisan Issue: Both Sides are to Blame

For those that want to claim this as a partisan issue, I want to remind people both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, overwhelmingly supported President Obama’s ability to kill American Citizens without a trial. In fact, at the same time Rand Paul made his stand to say that, “No President has the right to say that he is judge, jury, and executioner”,  a huge number of Republican Senators decided to ignore what was going on in the Senate, and instead attended a swanky dinner with President Obama.

The Following Republicans decided it was more important to be seen eating dinner with the President than it was to Stand with Rand Paul and Support the Constitution and your right to live.


When asked this morning whether the president has the power to kill Americans here at home, Senator Lindsey Graham said “I find the question offensive, I do not believe that question deserves an answer.” Senator John McCain then went to the Senate floor and defended President Obama’s ability to kill American Citizens on American Soil, by arguing that America is part of the worldwide battlefield. He publicly stated that the President has the right to kill Americans (without a trial) who are deemed to be “enemies” of the country.

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  1. Who are the stupid people that keep voting these traitors into office? These people are all criminals,thugs and traitors and they all HATE the American public.

    • As sad as I am to say this your vote dose not count, it comes down to the electoral college who are all payed off and corupt.

    • It sounds like it’s time for the American people, to stand up and take back their country. I’m a Quebecer I live up north. And I find it ridiculous that this was even in motion by your gouvernment. The U.S. of America no longer stands for freedom and peace anymore.

      • Inagree with the person from Quebec,and what haappens south may not be that far from happening here. we know where the head of our prime Minster lives.

    • The stupid people voting them back into office is themselves. Election fraud is so rampant in this country that hardly anyone notices. Until we the people DEMAND a paper receipt of our votes the electronic voting machines will keep flipping the flippin vote in their favor. ever since touch screen voting has been acccepted this has been the case. We the people have allowed this to transpire so we the people Deserve what we’re getting.Put down your glass of poison water,turn off ABCNNBCBSFOX and do your freakin homework on the subject and you will find that the whole system is corrupt 100%. Im just sayin!

  2. The Dems. in Repub. clothing are going to allow the Pres. to do any thing he wants. The Pres. has been tring to find enough votes to pass his no term limit plan, looks like he found them, who knew they would turn for a piece of chicken. When he passes the [let the illegal stay} bill the Dems will rule the country for many many years to come. Why has no sitting member begain impeachment process, with all he has done,,are they so afraid of the others?

  3. All of the people above are enemies of this country …AN should be (( BLASTED )) to hell by drones….well thats what he said….. “I Qoute” the presadent has the right to kill any and all American “deemed enemies of this country Without a trial…. they are the enemies fire um up….

  4. Lemme get this straight….these people(!?) owe their very well being to the Constitution-protect citizens of these United States and these puffed -up, self-aggrandising sons of bitches say, that our President should be authorised to execute them as threats to the Union? Why is the Hell are we not sending a mountain-sized load of pink slips to these egregious members of our Senate!?

  5. I am extremely pissed off that our congress (elected officials) don’t really give a shit about the people anymore! Our votes don’t matter anymore, so why even bother with elections? This country has gone to Hell! As far as McCain goes, if you really want to find out about this Senator, there are a lot of guys at the VA, that can fill you in!

  6. I was proud of Rand Paul for standing up for us Americans or us U.S. Citizens. Those that did not stand up with Rand should be shamed of themselves. Those that did I think made us sane people proud.

  7. Wait a minute, we got this wrong. Lets hack the Drone program and some missiles into the next dinner party. End of problem

  8. I support you 100% on this…but for the love of God…T-R-I-A-L

    The first time I read it…shrug…typos happen. But I was twitching by the third.

    Regardless, sad indeed…we are on the verge of a second American Revolution…and this is just going to bring us one step closer to that tipping point.

  9. So John McCain and all of you Republicans that sat on your butts in the company of obama while your fello Congressman was literally Fighting for your Lives… if the government killed the wrong person by accident like they have raided homes by accident many,many times…do we just shrug it off and blame “Lack of maturity” ??? Did you forget that in the Constitution,the USA has NO KING !!! The Country beggs you…Step Down,you have lost your right to speak for us.

  10. Excuse me please and correct me if I’m in error… I thought all elected officials worked for us, not we work for them… If we elected them, can we not find a way to un-elect them and get them out of office???…Much like the real world of hiring and firing…

  11. They are all afraid of the President… They know if they don’t agree with him…he will take them out…literally…

    • It appears that the people whom place him in office are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that he stays, and if the no term limit passes he will be a DICKtator in office for a long time that is why he is so againist deportation or closing our borders for a short time untill we get on a good path, instead of the one we are on.

  12. are you really going to register or turn in your weapons…really ….after listening to the leadership of this country…voting has not improved this country…debate has been muzzled…leaves only one box left…..may God bless the 3%….Molon Labe

  13. America is a “Battlefield?” Did Insane-McCain actually say that? This is a classic “Bait and Switch.” Our elected servants said we would fight the enemy over there so we wouldn’t have to over here. The real enemy is in Washington DC. Becomes clearer everyday!

  14. Did any of these folks read the Constitution before they ran for the Senate?
    Apparently Sen Rand is one of the few who did read it and it shows!

    • They ALL read it! They’re lawyers and studied constitutional law when in college.
      You’re right, Sen. Rand and a handful of others read it and abide by it. The rest hate it, reject it and ignore it. There’s a word for them T.R.A.I.T.O.R!

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