Manufactured Food Shortages: The Next Wave in Coronavirus Hysteria

Pork Farm

As more and more Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that this so-called pandemic is not the global killer the media told them it was, the mainstream media is now trying to push the next wave of fear, the crash of the global food supply.

The scary thing here, is this is something we have been warning was coming for quite some time – not because there is an actual problem with the food supply, or because Coronavirus is an actual global killer, but in our opinion because of a coordinated attack to destroy Western culture and Freedom!

U.S. Meat Shortages: We Have more than enough food, so what’s really going on?

As farmers throughout the country are actually destroying enormous amounts of food, because they supposedly no longer have a way to get it to the market place after many of their distribution methods were shut down due to Coronavirus hysteria, the media is now trying to push the food shortage narrative.

But this is not a food shortage crisis, it’s a manufactured crisis that would be solved instantly if we stopped pretending this virus was a global killer.

U.S. Largest Pork Supplier, Owned by Chinese Company, Leads Coronavirus Meat Plant Closures

Meat processing plants in the United States are shutting down at an alarming pace, claiming employees have contracted Coronavirus and it’s no longer safe to operate the plants. What started with Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer has now spread throughout the United States to other meat processing plants.

“During this pandemic, our entire industry is faced with an impossible choice: continue to operate to sustain our nation’s food supply or shutter in an attempt to entirely insulate our employees from risk,” Smithfield said in a statement Friday. “It’s an awful choice; it’s not one we wish on anyone.”

Is this meant to Crash the U.S. Economy and spread Fear and Hysteria?

After seeing how China manipulated the entire world into shutting down for a virus that has still failed to reach seasonal flu numbers in most areas of the world, you have to ask yourself if this is the latest shot fired in what seems to be a psychological war against freedom-loving people.

The first company to push for the plant closures and start these shutdowns in the United States was Smithfield Foods. Back in 2013, in what was the largest-ever Chinese acquisition of an American company, Smithfield Foods was bought out by Wan Long, a Chinese billionaire businessman and chairman and CEO of WH Group.

They paid 30% over market value; it wasn’t just an acquisition of a company, it was the takeover of our food supply!

At the time, a number of lawmakers questioned the implications of letting a Chinese company takeover 25 percent of the pork industry in the United States. As usual, they were shouted down by democrats and their minion in the liberal media as racists for even asking the question.

But today, we have to ask. Why would we let a Chinese owned company control so much of our food supply? These companies have deep ties to the Chinese communist government; why would we put ourselves in a position that leaves us vulnerable to a government that hates liberty and freedom?

As of today, a third of U.S. pork capacity is down and the first big poultry plants started shutting down on Friday. If these plants aren’t immediately reopened, we can expect to see domestic shortages in a couple of weeks.  

“It’s absolutely unprecedented,” said Brett Stuart, president of Denver-based consulting firm Global AgriTrends. “It’s a lose-lose situation where we have producers at the risk of losing everything and consumers at the risk of paying higher prices. Restaurants in a week could be out of fresh ground beef.”

The most sickening thing about this “crisis” is WE ARE NOT running out of food; we are being scared into destroying it.

With slaughterhouses closing, farmers no longer have a place to sell their livestock. That’s forcing many of them to dispose of animals that should be heading to the slaughterhouse. Food is being thrown out and destroyed at the same time that grocery store shelves are running empty.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley said Tuesday he’s heard estimates that the country has about 100,000 pigs that should be slaughtered each day but aren’t. “Apply that over 10 days, and with a million pigs, you’ve got a big problem,” the Iowa Republican said in a call with reporters.

Grassley and others have called for an investigation into the nation’s four largest beef packing companies — Tyson, National Beef, JBS and Cargill — alleging they’ve manipulated the market during the pandemic to tamp down beef prices even as demand surged.

The situation for U.S. farms is “so severe” that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is setting up a center to help identify potential alternative markets and assist on “depopulation and disposal methods.” You can’t make this shit up, we are destroying our food and then pretending there is a food shortage!

We are destroying livestock, dumping milk and leaving vegetables to rot in the fields!

Craig Hill, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, said no farmer wants to consider destroying animals. “That’s not what we do,” said Hill, an independent pork producer who farms with his son near Ackworth. “But it may be the harsh reality that we face.”

“The thought of it causes a huge amount of anxiety,” said Hill, who has some pigs that will be ready for processing in a couple of weeks. “Farmers feel rather helpless.”

Mike Naig, Iowa’s agriculture secretary, said producers are asking questions about how to dispose of pigs if they’re forced to euthanize them. They’re considering rendering, composting and burial.

Preparing for Manufactured Food Shortages and the Coming Economic Disaster

The key to preparedness is knowing what the real threat are, and then taking actions to protect yourself from those threats. While the crisis is manufactured, it is still a major threat. The coming food shortages and economic collapse caused by the media and people attempting to destroy the American Dream are a threat!

From the start, we’ve warned that none of this was about a virus… read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers.

Never forget: This is the first pandemic in the history of the world where doctors and nurses are being laid off due to a lack of work. And now we are facing the first food shortage in history caused by an overabundance of food and purposely destroying our livestock, dumping milk, destroying eggs, and letting food rot in the fields!

We know that hysteria has made it hard to find a lot of supplies, and now that they are pushing the food shortage panic it’s never been more important to make sure you have enough supplies on hand to sustain yourself for a long-term crisis. Just look at what they were able to do with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, now imagine what’s coming!

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  1. Something is mighty fishy in Denmark, for sure. Time to plant a Victory Garden as I haven’t been able to get a tomato delivered through on line grocery shopping in two months, but I saw a farmer plowing under a whole field of good tomatoes. WTF is wrong with this picture? I’m seriously thinking about ordering another freezer Meat bundle just in case as the press is starting to build up to the great meat shortage. This shit happened with TP, Masks, Canned food, and countless other food items that used to be welll stocked and available on line!

  2. Hmm, I’ve thought many times though the yrs about this same situation that we are in now and when i’ve brought it up in the break room, I’ve been told that I’m full of s–t, or that I’m crazy as all get out or just plain nuts. And the people that were telling this were the more ” knowledgeable “, “more experienced” co-workers ( when two of these guys retired, they had 99 yrs between them ). I worked in the packing industry for 40 plus yrs, John Morrell / now Smithfield ( Sioux Falls ). I was told on more than one occasion, that it would never happen, it can’t happen.Well, never can and is happening. I can tell you more about that place but. I’m in my 70’s now, so screw it.

  3. I hate to say this, but much of this problem is our own fault. U.S. and other western powers stupidly started investing in China in the ’80s and ’90s, due to miniscule labor costs. Thus, instead of collapsing from its own weight and stupidity, the People’s Republic of China started doing very well economically. It has continued exponentially to the present time, with Communist China stealing intellectual property, making counterfeits, using industrial and government espionage, etc. So now Communist China (once known as “the sick man of Asia”) owns much of America’s infrastructure and business. Saying that Democrats allowed this is not accurate. Wealthy Republicans are just as much to blame. Anyone who invested in China participated in this takeover. There is a pretty easy fix, actually. Congress can just pass a law that all foreign investment here in the USA by Communist China is forfeit to the federal government. They will seize all of our stuff in China, of course, but we’ll probably still come out in the black.

    We have to look into the serious possibility that Communist China developed the Covid-19 virus and unleashed it as bio-terrorism. If you are familiar with everything that Communist China has done under the table starting with the Korean War, it’s a significant possibility. Everything coming out of there is propaganda. They always deny everything. Whatever they say, the truth is usually the opposite. The fact that they deny making the virus is almost a sure indication that they are guilty.

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