Man VS Wild – How listening to Bear Grylls will get you killed

Why Discovery tries to pass Man vs Wild off as a survival show I will never understand. In my opinion, the show has very little to do with survival, and 90% of what’s shown is the complete opposite of what should happen during a real life emergency. The host, Bear Grylls, presents misleading and dangerous information in just about every single show.

Bear Grylls eating raw meat

Bear Grylls Doesn’t know Squat about Urban Survival

It wasn’t bad enough that this fraud was presented to the public as a wilderness survival expert, but to pretend that he is now some kind of urban survivalist (as shown on the newest episode of MAN VS WILD) is insane. This show is not about survival; it is nothing more than a stuntman performing carefully choreographed stunts. This may sound a bit harsh, and I usually try to stay away from even talking about these types of shows, but it this case I really couldn’t stay silent. Unfortunately, there is a segment of people out there who buy into this nonsense and are going to be hurt or killed if they follow this man’s advice.

Bear Grylls oon Power LinesIn the latest so-called “urban survival” episode Bear Grylls advises:

  • Crawling across power lines to explore old abandoned buildings.
  • Climbing down old rusty pipes, and risking a fall that would kill you if the pipe broke.
  • Crawling through Sewage (does this sound smart to you?)
  • Blowing up doors to gain access to abandoned buildings
  • And countless other stupid things that have nothing to do with urban survival.

Bear Grylls Hanging from Window
Nothing says survival like hanging off the side of a building

HEY MORON…. STOP RUNNING AND JUMPING AROUND – It may not sound like a big deal, but in a survival situation even carelessly running around can get you killed. Episode after episode shows Bear Grylls running down mountains, jumping across boulders, diving into freezing cold water to save time and countless other idiotic things that will help ensure your death. While this show might be entertaining, it has little to do with survival, and almost everything presented should be ignored in a real life survival situation. It’s a shame that discovery presents this nonsense as advice, and passes people who have no actual experience off as “survival experts.”

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  1. Here, here, I agree 100%, the guy is an idiot. The things he eats are dangerous to your survival, better to be hungry than incapacitated because of scetchy food. Plus, I hate his accent.

    • yes i agree, your stuck 100s of miles away from nowhere,no shelter or any idea what to do or which direction to go.youve no water and your starving.night is coming and whats more you cant stand his english accent,.glad im english cos i listen. if you were in that situation and bear was there you be “help us bear, i love your accent”
      Take what you need from the show and just just.

    • let have a competition share we, u vs bear grylls in a survival challenge and see who will get out of there alive. Don’t just judge people when you don’t know what they are going through. i’m pretty sure u can survive with out food for 7 days when u have water but your body will be paralyzed and u can’t move. So good luck saying no to eating bugs but say yes to stay out in freezing cold night in the middle of NOWHERE waiting for rescuer(with out a signal to assist the rescuers)

      • Amen!! The only reason he does the running stuff is because no one would watch the show if it wasn’t entertaining. Like the episode in the Sahara desert, when he kicks the debri out of the way at the end. That’s just for entertainment. He was special forces and could definitely survive longer than you people who keep calling him an idiot. And then when you are lying on the ground starving, he’d do a back flip, land on one knee, grab a bug, and jam it in your mouth so you can survive!! XD

        • I agree completely, as to a reply for why he jumps into freezing water sometimes, he does many things that you would not normally come across to present to you how you would survive this situation if it were to happen. He doesnt jump into freezing water to improve his chances in surviving, he does it in case you were in that situation and slipped into some water so you would know what to expect as well as how to get out. This is just one example, he does this type of thing many times throughout the show.

      • If there was no crew in site. Or anyone there to assist you or bear. In a real life situation. who would survive? Probably you. Bear will be busy getting stung by bees yet he is allergic to them and eating camel poo. I am pretty sure if you stuck to common sense you might even save him a couple of times.

      • Now I know this is an old comment, but I am going to reply to fix your knowledge of Grylls. The Kilauea volcano and the so called bridge he crossed, he was within a few hundred yards of a highway. He has slept in a hotel numerous times and the stupid showing off stunts he pulls has nothing to do with survival 90% of the time. Yes there is proof, especially in videos that shows where he was at the Kilauea and shows the road from his exact point. The hotel one it is kind of obvious as well by carefully looking at his clothing and such. Surviving is common sense and anyone can do it as long as they are not stupid and do what this guy does. I spent most my time out in the wild and I’ve been in a few types of biomes camping. Now being sent with nothing still requires common sense but as long as you stay sane and do not panic then you should be fine as long as you use your brain and brawn when you have to.

        • Ok what about the shara dessrt like to see you try escape with out anything bear has said where as you would survive if you listen to him, he may not be correct the whole time but majority (100%) is correct

          • Oh you mean where he pissed on his shirt and wrapped it around his head? This show is just purely for shock. It’s Fear Factor disguised as a survival show. And he does all this stuff knowing that at the worst, he would be helicoptered out in an ambulance. It’s complete Daniel Boone fiction.

      • You all deserve your fate (a horrible death from starvation, injury, or illness) if you listen to bear THE MAN ATE RAW MEAT OFF OF A FUCKING ZEBRA CARCASS. Damn near suicidal if there wasn’t a camera crew and medics on standby.

          • “You cannot catch any illness from fresh raw meat except poultry”

            Is this your legitimate viewpoint? If so, you desperately need a microbiology course or two! There are so many things that can (and will) kill you about consuming raw meat that, even in a survival scenario, it simply is not worth the risk.

          • Oh really, well I guess then we don’t need the USDA to rule out meat that is riddled with parasites, nematodes, bacteria, pathogens, and any host of other toxins which will kill a person faster than you can’t imagine. You clearly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
            But you know what kills all these things? Fire. A simple fire would allow him to cook the meat prior to eating it to make it relatively safe. But this so-called survival expert kit do this, because they’d rather show him eating like an animal, to show that he is “one with the wild” or something like that.

        • Would you rather die of starvation or eat meat from a zebra carcass (I know what I would rather do (survive) it might not be nice but there would be more time to find something better to eat)

          • No Kirsty, I’d make a bloody fire to cook the bloody meat because I’m not a thoughtless idiot.

            The isue isn’t the zebra, the issue is the raw state of the food. You never know what sort of parasite is inside, and there are shitloads that can hurt you too. Better kill them by heating them up.

        • Exactly, if you don’t have a lion’s stomach then you will be consumed by the parasites that those animals always contain.
          What kind of “survival expert” can’t build a simple freaking FIRE, to cook the meat and kill all the various toxins that it contains?

      • Actually, I am pretty sure just about anyone could survive longer than Gryll’s if he behaved in the manner that he does on man vs. wild. If he actually used his supposed “special forces knowledge”, I’m sure he could survive longer than most of us. But the stuff presented on the show will, in all likelihood, get you killed. Don’t get me wrong, I find the show entertaining – I just also find that I often shake my head in the idiocy of it all. The things he recommends, such as drinking your own piss for hydration, putting yourself in unnecessarily dangerous situations (like his parkour shit, which will almost certainly get you injured) is not good survival advice.

        I’m not opposed to show – it is entertaining. I just wish that Discovery would portray it as nothing more than entertainment, and not actual survival; cause lets say Joe Blow gets stuck in a situation where he actually needs to survive, and he thinks back to some episode of Man vs. Wild he saw – if he actually tries to use things that he saw there, it will do much more harm than if he just sat in one place, doing nothing, waiting for someone to stumble across him and save him.

        • So you tell me you would sit and wait for hours in an Ice cold area without food water or shelter and wait for someone to find you, which the probably won’t instead of trying to do something and try to get to civilisation?

        • Bear grylls is not special forces, he was voluteer reserve, based in inner city london driving a truck for the special forces, he did this for 2 years, he is a fraud and dangerous with it

          • Paul it is one thing to have an opinion but quite another to lie. He was an SAS reserve and not a truck driver. All SAS reserves are support as are the TA to the full on Army this does not mean they are not fully trained. BG was actually s specialist in recon missions that would have involved having to survive and fend for himself for long periods of time. There seem to be a lot of sad, jealous little “wanna be” survivalists out there who have never done much more than “go camping”. Get real grow up and admire a man who has used his skills to make an entertaining programme. He has more than proved himself and has not had to hide behind little bloggy forums like some of the saddos complaining here.

        • Bear Grylls would not sit around he would find shelter
          And are you saying his way of getting out of quick sand is wrong well for a matter of fact it actually works and other survivalists use the same method

    • you are very stupid. i just watched a show where hes diving down a rocky hill sliding over rocks after he climbed a tree to get to the bottom of a cliff when there was most definitely a safer way down. after his run through the woods, expending as much energy as possible. he jumps naked into a river that has formed ice on the branches near the surface. heres a survival tip (when the body gets cold,it needs to use valuable energy to warm itself back up). so he barely makes it to the other side and grabs a tarp and comes back, where he expends more energy again to exercise and warm back up. This guy is retarded. if anyone ever gets in this situation and does what this retard does, they are going die. no doubt in my mind.

      • I think everyone should stop bashing bear and start on his producers and marketing strategists trying to suck all of the money out of his fame that they can marketing Bear Grylls watches, knives, and survival gear like he is duke from G.I. Joe. Dont attack Bear none of you know him personally, nor do you have the right to call him an idiot hes human. We all have flaws and do things our own way Bear uses the entertainment idustry to get some creative info on survival out there to tv junkies. Yes his stunts are reckless and dangerous whats your point? Do you really think survival in the jungle is safe. Surviving is dangerous in critical situations. A lot more dangerous than the side of the tv that you are on. Give him a little credit.

          • But we don’t all happily embrace them for the dosh. He doesn’T care that what he shows is wrong. He really is just another snake oil seller, no better than people who suggest a homeopathic treatment against cancer.

      • Oh Tim – please let it be you. You drone like a little girl. The man could survive you to death!! Yes Pun intended – now grow up and go back to collecting garbage rather than typing it.

        • And Mark you drone on like an idiot. if he actually had to survive he’d probably calm down and think rationally, but you fan boys would likely die in the first day listening to the BS he sells on TV.

      • Why are you people so stupid. He is not saying do what I do. All he is doing is showing you what to do in a certain situation. He never said if you come upon a freezing river jump in. In fact before he got in the freezing water he said how dangerous it would be to do that. However if someone does get lost falls through the ice by your logic they should just stay in cold water that is killing them instead of get out. If something in the show saves even 1 life than I think it should be considered educational. Have you ever saved a life. F@*$ you and good night. I hope a BEAR eats you.

      • And what about when he walks through the desert in the blazing sun, rather than finding shelter and walking at night when it gets cold he needs the heat? A simple sand pit on the Shady Side of a sand dune would offer fairly good shelter for the day. But he would rather piss on his own head and work on his tan.

    • Bear Grylles is a different guy than his CHARACTER in his show! People shouldnt criticize him calling him names like “idiot” because he has to follow a script. Is russel crowe an idiot because he fights with chains in a gladiator ring instead of using guns in the movie gladiator? Is Jason Stathem an idiot because he jumped off a bridge in the movie “The Mechanic”? Anyway, he has enough skills to aquire more money than most im guessing and that is the best survival technique. As far as his show goes its scripted but that doesnt mean his advice is all invalid. His antics on the show are entertaining me while he passes on useful tips on how to mentally handle a stressful situation while physically surviving it.

      • He is not an idiot…HE IS A DANGEROUS IDIOT! People get lost and stranded in the wilderness literally daily, and listening to this guy will likely get someone killed. Given his fame, its almost guaranteed that one retard WILL USE A PIECE OF ADVICE THEY LEARNED FROM THIS “”SURVIVAL EXPERT” AND “SHOW” AND GET THEMSELVES HURT OR KILLED! If you think he is passing “USEFUL TIPS” you are highly unintelligent or misinformed. Go follow the boy scouts around and you will learn more in 5mins than an hour of this retard on TV.

          • The word retard is not offensive. You’re confusing it with handicapped folks who are NOT retards. You are the one being offensive.

            Bear is a JOKE. He stays in hotels and kills animals for no reason(he doesn’t need to eat them, he has his pancakes and bacon in his room). He forgets that in a REAL survival situation you’re going to need to find shelter and make fire which he rarely does. He intentionally jumps up into trees and WHAT THE HELL was with that back flip into the swamp? He could have impaled himself on something. Also, why the hell would he go toe to toe with a boar? Does he want to be dead? He obviously can’t hunt, He had to have locals procure a reindeer for him and tie it to a tree so he could kill it. Just a pathetic excuse for a man. One more thing, is it in his contract that he HAS to put half a bug in his mouth so that it squishes out when he eats it?

          • This is old but….You my friend are a fucking idiot. Go call the parents of a child who have dealt with a child with DS all their life & see what they say about your use of that word. Fucking heartless bastard. Suck my fucking dick you dickhead

          • No need for your remark. This is about bear grills not on some topic on how calling someone else a retard is bad.

        • ARE CAPITALS YOUR BEST SURVIVAL TECHNIQUE? I think there is a Circus in Town missing its clown Gabe!! You are a silly boy aren’t you. I assume Gabe is a boys name – or is it like Gabrielle? – sorry if you are a girl but the comments are still stupid and Capitals don’t help you hide that.

    • Man vs Wild is little more than Jackass in the Woods. Instead of Johnny Knoxville they have a british monkey playing the fool for them – go on Bear, drink the juice out of that elephant turd, now eat this giant grub raw even though you have a fire going already. SAS? No, just ASS. This guy is special forces like Elvis was a federal marshal. How could anyone with a serious military career present themselves as such a buffoon? This guy has no self respect and will obviously do any dumb thing the producers tell him to do. What a way to make a living. Its a little sad to watch really, even sadder to think that there are so many fools out there who cant discern that this show has nothing to do with survival.

      • Bear Grylls is a spoiled little rich boy — his family are wealthy and politically connected in northern Ireland — who has never had to work for a living.

        His “achievements” have come out of a deep chequebook. His one genuine talent is the ability to swallow disgusting food and drink for the camera, before heading back to the luxury hotel for a shower, hot meal and a bed with clean sheets.

        He has no integrity. And he’s laughing at his fans, all the way to the bank.

    • In some of his performances reminds the main character of the movie Hannibal (2001).
      An alarming and disturbing personality.

      • I thought it was just me thinking that ‘Bear’ took unessary risks. I watched ‘urban surviver’ the other day and was shocked at some of his advice like walking across a steel 4 inch ‘support’ high up in a factory for a couple of pigeon eggs. He goes into caves when he could explore other safer ways. And why is he always running?

    • I really have to agree, everything this idiot does is meant to sensationalized. Good TV you know? Where as I enjoy a person like Les Stroud (hope I spelled it right) because of the honesty and true emotional equivalent where he reminds us that where he may be is beautiful, but always there is danger and lacking the camera crew of Bear’s show, loneliness is apparent. Also, he never denies that some situations he was unable to continue in, he would get to the place where the rescue crew could intercept him and made no claim that he didn’t fail the situation. Bear is such a fake, he sleeps at the local holiday Inn at night when “surviving” I mean this is the guy who had Will Farrell roughing it up in the wild. What a joke!

    • You know nothing about survival, Period! Bear eats things he has to, in order to survive, he knows what he’s eating as well, you complete and utter idiot. Also the British accent is easily the best accent in the world, the American accent is easily the worst in the world you all sound whiny and just to let you know everyone else in the world hates America we all pay it out. You are obviously a typical American who knows jack shit about survival, and the person he is hating on. Anyway if the food is so dangerous why isn’t he dead? And whoever the person writing this obviously knows jack shit about survival either because the information that comes out of Bear’s mouth is directly from survival experts. Also just a little background information, Bear holds the world record for being the youngest to ever climb Mount Everest, Went sky diving in Africa and broke his back in 3 places and doctors told him he will never walk again, and was in the SAS for a number of years serving for his country, and he is also involved in a lot of charity work. So stfu and know your information before you say shit.

      • Wow…butthurt, nationalist fanboy much? If you are willing to so vehemently defend someone who is really just a media personality, it seems to draw the conclusion on it’s own that you know nothing about survival.

        As far as the America hating; must be real easy to jump on that bandwagon huh? Seems you can’t create an original thought or opinion while also being a hateful, miserable, ignorant twat. Oh…and American accent? Please do indulge us on that one. You do realize that North America and South America arent just the U.S.A, right? And there’s a good 20 – 30 accent/speech types in North America alone… I believe what you were trying to get at in the most uneducated and blithering way possible was the accent of a United States citizen. Which again, can’t be generalized.

        Although, as I reflect after all that, it makes perfect sense that you would be that person, seeing as you love your “media-created” hero so much… how is irrational and ridiculous “America” hate a stretch at all?

        • I ha e to say Jay – you did just make it obvious why some people dislike the USA. Most of us know that the US is half to 2/3rds full of reasonable folk, but sadly the rest is full of people like you who antagonise relying on the size of your Country to fall back on. It will most likely be your personal down fall if you persist through life like that. You are not the US you are one tiny part of it and I am sure it would not want to portrayed by someone as unpleasant as you.

          • Amen Mark. Jay, you’re a shitty excuse for an American and absolutely the reason people don’t like us. You’re not better than everyone else like you think you are, in fact you’ve probably done nothing to get your country where it is now but you think it somehow puts you above others while your hiding behind a message board bashing other people and bear grylls who could undoubtedly kick your ass with his left nut.

      • Daniel, you seem to have picked up on the hype of Grylls’ website, swallowing it without criticism. He was never “in the SAS”…he was in the SAS TA Volunteer Reserve, AKA “Artist’s Rifles”. They do the same basic selection as Regular SAS but they are NOT fully badged SAS troopers. Any TA SAS who wants to be fully badged has to do the full Continuation Training. Very few TA SAS who attempt that actually get n. Chris Ryan is a bit of an exception. “Breaking” hs back in 3 places is also a hype. He had hairline cracks in 3 vertabrae. I know maybe a dozen people who’ve had similar and it’s just nowhere near as serious as “breaking in 3 paces”. He was never told that he’d “never walk again”. He was not the youngest ever to climb Everest….an Aussie lad the same year was younger. And in any event he was a paying member of a giuded expedition, ie, essentially hauled up by guides and sherpas. I’m a mountaineer and though not very good myself, I know may of the top people in the sport….none of whom have any time for him at all. I’m a Brit too, but I just don’t swallow the over-hyped publicity bullshit of this dangerous chjarlatan like you have!

        • Rob – please get your facts straight and stop using “Derekapedia” as your information source. For those of us who actually do know the man and what he has achieved and been through the only thing that will offend is the blatant nonsense that one or two (hundred) of you insist on selling as fact. You clearly do not know about the SAS – reserves or otherwise – so you should not pretend that you do.
          Grow up and man up. Accept the man is great at things you don’t know about. He wouldn’t try to show you how to carry a trash can would he!!

    • I understand that you have to make a show interesting but how about a disclaimer? Perhaps something like, “Never run down mountainous terrain that you have never traversed before,” or “It is better to cook your meat if at all possible”. True survival means taking as few chances as possible while working your way out of the wilderness. A broken leg is far worse than slowly making your way to civilization. Common sense really. Another good tip is to let people know where you are going and when you will return. If you don’t show up a search party will begin looking. In most cases, it is best to stay put and build a signal fire.
      We have loads of people who get lost in our mountains every year. Those that survive are the ones who stay in one place and don’t get hurt. Others that are not so lucky generally do something stupid like run down a mountainside falling to their death because they did not see a sudden drop off.

    • The issue is bear grills says he will show you how to get out alive unfortunately when you cant start fires build shelter hunt or trap(which is unnecessary for 2 days in the woods) have a Safety team a few feet away and admittedly do not sleep outside and also do the opposite of what you should do in almost every situation for entertainments sake you should not fall yourself an instructor but an entertainer. All of that I could let go if real people hadn’t died by listening to bear grylls misinformation and misrepresentation as an instructor. How does he sleep with the blood on his hands he seems like a nice guy so I will believe he at least sends money to their families. The wild horse had horseshoes. He has a Ferro rod(better than a lighter) the crew builds and disassembled all rafts and shelters, the animals are tied up for him to kill which is disgusting etc etc etc. Do not swing across chasms on vines just walk around the way his crew does people. Thanks

    • He shows really use full tips to survive. If we stay hungry for many days, we might die. It’s better to eat raw food other than starving. He is a professional scout.

  2. Great post. It seems like TV and movie producers can’t do anything without trying to make a stunt out of it. I suppose they think their audience won’t watch unless there are hair-raising close calls and stupid risks.

    One of the first rules of wilderness travel should be: Never Jump.

  3. “Yeah, the scavenging part is good, but can you make it a little more ‘Jackie Chan’ looking?”

    Much of it is in the spirit of “good entertainment” – people don’t want to tune in to see some old codger tell you how to play it safe and invoke the “spirit of the coyote” – they want to mix “Best Ranger Competition” with “Fear Factor” and throw a few parlor tricks in there.

    Agreed – not much education in there, but some people learn all they think they need to know about sociology by watching “Jersey Shore,” too.

    • Not the 22nd regiment, he served in the 21 sas for three years, which is TA. He would probably lose his life in 22nd selection. If he wasn’t right in the head to do it in the first place. water logging bear grylls would break him. he is good at what he does though.

      • He’s not actually doing anything on his own, in a really situation you wouldn’t have anything to help you, like a knife, rope, bag full of essentials. Let’s see him try to get down a mountain with no rope that he magiacly has. He will get you killed, Yh maybe some good tips are given but the extravagant stunts will kill you

    • Being in the sas no matter what 21st or 22nd has nothing to do with who Bear is and what he does being sas doesnt make him a badass his mentality,strength, will to survive and do what he has to and finally endurance. Those are the things that make him badass. Some people i know are computer geeks that will kick anyones ass others i know are marines that couldnt fight if you let them beat you. Man vs. wild isnt about bear grylls fighting its about the preservation of human life in critical situations and the dangers one may face in a critical situation and how to best adapt to your surroundings and utilize your environment to ones advatage. I give man vs. wild two thumbs up.

  4. I’ve never really watched it to learn anything – it’s always been really obvious that a lot of the things he advises and does are kind of stupid. That being said, I still watch it when I happen to find it on TV. Maybe it’s the “watching someone do something dumb” factor… Ha! I view it more as a comedy or a list of things not to do. That’s not to say EVERYTHING he advises is wrong, but a lot of it is… and if it’s not wrong, it’s not the BEST advice or technique.

  5. Bear was a survival instructer for United Kingdom special forces. I’m gonna take a guess and say that he knows more about survival than you. And he is running and jumping because it is important to get from point a to point b as quickly as possible. Time is against you, you dont want to lose sunlight before youve set up camp and you want to get rescued as soon as possible. But, OF COURSE the show is ENTERTAINMENT…things are set up to show you what to do in worst case scenarios…

    • Exactly bear has survived many extreme senarios because he is educated …….. I never knew a certain grass was buoyant enough to make a raft…. Etc. Bear obviously knows what we are able to eat in the wild…… He doesnt share the mere details but his actions speak louder than words. Maybe coronation st or neighbours is what you critics enjoy or Kim kardashian porn on line with ray j. Please enjoy the ride and you may learn something from bear most of all live life to the full……if you are smart enough to survive xx

      • Ahahahah. I am with David on this one. I have watched many of his shows. And soon to find out that a ton of his advice is equivalent to real life scenarios in the show. And yet you never give examples when he gives bad advice. Which amuses me, to an even greater extent when you compared him with Kim Kardashian.

    • you are right this stuff is good advice and these are idiots that will never know till they die cause they didnt follow his advice

    • You’d be better off going to a 2year old for survival advice! He’s just a lunatic who probably can’t survive alone without camera’s on him. The famous 5 are only books and I trust them more the him!

    • Yes he does know how to survive, that is what makes his shows so wrong. Showing some good advice thrown into the mix of stupid thongs he does makes him more dangerous thanjust having a show that is all wrong. Wild game especially snakes and fowl are desease laden and will in more cases than not be more dangerous than not consuming that unneeded protein. Eat a fistful of buckwheat or other seed available and get enough protein and enough carbohydrates to live off of. You cannot survive on protein you have to have carnal for energy

  6. The show is stupid and dangerous. On the latest travesty, he would have done better to show the audience how to trap rats than climb along the steel girders to eat one unwashed pigeon egg in the shell. And as for exiting via the sewer…I hope his hepatitis shots are up to date. Survivor Man is way more realistic and valuable.

      • You got confused bear is the one that admits to sleeping in hotels which is why he never has nighttime footage. les is the one who doesn’t sleep in hotels and always has the night footage. I get your point about bear you just put in the wrong name. No biggie

  7. Are you guys really that dense? The urban survival episode is meant to be satire and poke fun at surviving. Some of you guys really need to get a brain. He’s not telling you to crawl though a sewer. Learn to think a bit, ya?

  8. Hey Jacob, before you go and attack people who come to the site maybe you should get your facts straight. The show on Discovery was not meant to be satire.

    The spots that he did for the beer company on Youtube was satire but the actual Man vs Wild TV show that aired last night was presented as factual advice. That is what the article is about not the commercials.

  9. Big frickin deal who cares if he was SAS it doesn’t all of a sudden make all his stupid advice right.

    The guy’s advice is going to get someone hurt or killed, it’s one thing if the show is entertainment but when they pass this stuff off as actual advice it crosses the line.

    And when they use the SAS stuff to sell him it is a slap in the Face to real special forces people. It also makes suckers who fall for marketing like the guy above believe that this stuff is somehow relevant.

      • i cant wait intill you idiots get stranded and have no clue what the heck to do and by the if your not in kindergarten you should relize that this all works and it is set up for the worst case sonario and guess what is this guy dead NO cause he knows what the crap he is doin

        • no no no. he was in the 21 sas which is TA. not the 22nd regiment which is renound for being the worlds best.

    • I’m SAS all day babe babe babbbbby. I’m so Sassy. Classy and not white trashy. Smelling assy and sassy but just call my ass SAS for short you fruznucking dorks. The king has left the building. Bye bye . oh yeah bear is huh duh like huh dumb and stuff huh. Like were so much cooler talking about others on a friznicking website comment section. I feel so good about my hood my nig. Take a lick from my dick you pigs.

  10. When Bear Grylls first hit the scene I thought it was awesome. I mean to see a guy bite directly into the back of a living salmon was pretty awesome. What gets me is that just about every episode the dude climbs into a cave and just so happens to find his way out. What idiot trying to survive would risk getting stuck in cave???

    Urban survival, I do have to say that the guy was special forces so I’m sure he knows more than the average bear about making your way in a urban environment. Maybe more so than the outdoors.

    Got to say though, his clothes are pretty bad ass!

  11. There seems to be some confusion as to this blokes credentials.
    He definitely does not come across as either Special Forces or SAS. The British Special Forces are sceptical of his claim to have broken his back parachuting while on a mission in Africa.
    They claim to have not heard of him until he started popping up on TV and the SAS won’t confirm or deny. His only claim to fame is that he has been appointed chief world scout.
    There were so many raised eyebrows that his production team had to come clean about many of his stunts being set up.
    I agree with others who claim he takes unnecessary risks.
    Some of his advice is plainly wrong. In Australia the rule of thumb is if you get lost, even in the desert, and someone knows you are out there, stay in one place eg. broken down veicle, because survival is always more likely if a search is started and you wait to be found.
    When he goes into the Sahara and is losing a litre of fluid an hour he couldn’t survive without his film crew when he carries only a litre to begin with.
    His emphasis on getting “protein” conflicts with the need for carbohydrates which restore sugars for energy.
    I think the SAS guys would find him a bit of a “pussy” when he whines on about his fear of snakes and bats.Also his suggested treatment for snakebite is outdated. Living in a country with the worlds top ten venomous land snakes people are aware of snakes and snakebite treatment.Research (here) has shown that you should wash the bite(s) to rmove venom and then wrap the bite in a compression bandage and apply a splint to immobilize the site. Venom moves through the lymphatic system and the restriction of movement restricts the entry of venom into the blood stream.This system has been shown to add many hours to the survival time. I shudder when I see the old “cut and suck” methods still advocated and the use of tourniquets is also more likely to cause damage and can’t stop the flow of the venom.
    My last word on Grylls is that he is a showman and I only watch the show if I need a laugh.
    And I hate his accent too-and that’s coming from an Australian.


  12. Mind you, Discovery channel is still pushing global warming as an actual threat. Everything and everything on TV is a set up. Especially “reality shows.”

    In the same aspect that you cannot cook the same meal a TV chief cooks the same can be said for any reality show. It’s all edited, shot several times from different angles and then spliced together to make footage.

    Ever watch dirty jobs? Ever see how many camera guys that guy has with him. Far more than one.

    All TV shows are meant to be entertaining rather than educational. The scary part is how many people actually think they learn something from TV. The TV set has become our Achilles heel. It’s a box that will only tell you what it wants you to know not what you should know.

    Anyone really interested in survival skills will find info on blogs and books. Not TV.

    • first of all your how old 9 right ok listen up people are not gunna sit down and read a book to learn how to survive STUPID and if you have seen the behind the seens one this is not animated they are just good camera men and they know a thing or two about surviving a lot more than a 3rd grader

      • Hey dude! Have you ever heard of punctuation and spell checkers? If your survival depended on your written English, you’d die half an hour before you got stranded in the first place!

  13. Just an update… they were making fun of the Urban Survival episode of Man vs. Wild on “The Soup.” Normally, this time is reserved to mock the inane antics of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and Tyra Banks.

    According to Joel McHale (Soup Host) [paraphrased] “… so if you’re found in an urban post-apocalyptic survival situation the best skill to have is: gymnastics” – they then proceeded to show about 5-6 clips of Bear performing parkour-like stunts, hops, and rolls around the rooftops and debris.

    I used to like Man vs Wild… now it’s just a joke.

  14. The only rational and logical debate about global warming is rather or not humans are the cause or have influence. The globe IS warming, and as plankton and algae die from exposure fish will die.

    As survivalists, you should know that in order to continue surviving you must have a food source. If your only food source dies, you die.

    As for Grylls, he has made some pretty substantial claims including climing Mt. Everest. If his resume is real, then he’s due some credit. It’s producers that want certain situations to be shown, even survivorman was set up. Even though he was alone, he constantly set up shots and retraced his steps for the sake of his film making.

  15. ok ok calm down this guy isnt a fraud and you would now that if you simply didnt only watch the shows and go to his website you would learn that bear grylls is the youngest person toclimb mount everest. and if you took a minute to think the real verdict is that all tv is fake and its for entertainment purposes only

    • Actually, he was the youngest Briton to climb Everest, and I say ‘was’ because that record was broken by a 19-year-old. But I am a fan of the show, and I have a lot of respect for Bear. People here are marginalizing his SAS credentials because he was in 21 and not 22… It’s the freakin’ SAS! Which branch of SF were YOU in??? Also, Bear often mentions that what he’s doing is contrary to the “survival manual” but he’s attempting self-rescue. Would it be entertaining or informative to watch him wait by a broken-down vehicle in Oz? Probably not…

      • I agree. It is fairly simple to describe how to stay put and wait for rescue. But if you know that no one is looking for you, its better to attempt a self rescue. While I don’t advocate running and jumping I the backcountry, Bear gives lots of valuable info. And as for people who keep bashing him for eating bugs, it is better to get get energy than to starve trying to find “better” food. You can’t be squeamish i survival.

  16. Doesn’t really matter what his accomplishments are if the advice he gives gets people killed.

    The guys advice is Ridiculous & Dangerous.

  17. You do grasp the point that what you see on tv is entertainment? Only a dolt would take what they see on a tv show as serious instructional material.

    Sounds to me that people are jealous of Grylls’ success and need to whinge and whine. Lighten up. Bear Grylls’ show is great fun to watch.

    • It’s funny when his show’s tactics are attacked that people resort to “it’s only entertainment” That’s not what he says. He’s telling you how to survive. And we have people in this country that go to Yellowstone and try to put their kids on the backs of grizzlies to get a picture. With that in mind, he’d better start saying that it’s entertainment only, and these are not proper survival techniques, or this idiot will get other idiots killed. Oh, and don’t take my comments too seriously, they’re for entertainment purposes only. I’ll use the same out.

      • Maglide – you’re a really funny guy. You are so sad that you think you would know where to start with what BG does. You couldn’t plan the mission let alone execute. Get real. Grow up. The reason the U.S. wanted the show from a Brit is because he was the best available and the nearest US equivalent fell short of the mark. Deal with it.

      • All you people do is say his techniques aren’t proper but none of you offer better ways of doing it. You guys sound like you would just sit it one place until you die of thirst or starvation because you’re too uptight to try to get food or water.

  18. Do you get the point that the TV Show passes this garbage off as advice?

    There are a lot of stupid people in the world that will take this guys advice if the end up in a survival situation. It’s one thing to have a show that entertains people it’s another thing when that show tells people how to survive in an emergency and the proceeds to give advice that will get those people killed.

    Wake up, no one is jealous they just don’t want people to get hurt.

    • If you’re so concerned with people’s safety why are you sitting on your ass complaining behind a message board? Put down the mt dew and delivery pizza and do something with your pathetic life. You complain about bear and doing stupid things while you sit, completely ignorant of actually being in a survival situation, thinking you could do better.

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