Man VS Wild – How listening to Bear Grylls will get you killed

Why Discovery tries to pass Man vs Wild off as a survival show I will never understand. In my opinion, the show has very little to do with survival, and 90% of what’s shown is the complete opposite of what should happen during a real life emergency. The host, Bear Grylls, presents misleading and dangerous information in just about every single show.

Bear Grylls eating raw meat

Bear Grylls Doesn’t know Squat about Urban Survival

It wasn’t bad enough that this fraud was presented to the public as a wilderness survival expert, but to pretend that he is now some kind of urban survivalist (as shown on the newest episode of MAN VS WILD) is insane. This show is not about survival; it is nothing more than a stuntman performing carefully choreographed stunts. This may sound a bit harsh, and I usually try to stay away from even talking about these types of shows, but it this case I really couldn’t stay silent. Unfortunately, there is a segment of people out there who buy into this nonsense and are going to be hurt or killed if they follow this man’s advice.

Bear Grylls oon Power LinesIn the latest so-called “urban survival” episode Bear Grylls advises:

  • Crawling across power lines to explore old abandoned buildings.
  • Climbing down old rusty pipes, and risking a fall that would kill you if the pipe broke.
  • Crawling through Sewage (does this sound smart to you?)
  • Blowing up doors to gain access to abandoned buildings
  • And countless other stupid things that have nothing to do with urban survival.

Bear Grylls Hanging from Window
Nothing says survival like hanging off the side of a building

HEY MORON…. STOP RUNNING AND JUMPING AROUND – It may not sound like a big deal, but in a survival situation even carelessly running around can get you killed. Episode after episode shows Bear Grylls running down mountains, jumping across boulders, diving into freezing cold water to save time and countless other idiotic things that will help ensure your death. While this show might be entertaining, it has little to do with survival, and almost everything presented should be ignored in a real life survival situation. It’s a shame that discovery presents this nonsense as advice, and passes people who have no actual experience off as “survival experts.”

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  1. I hope that every single one of you that are sitting there calling him an idiot get stranded in the wild to teach you a lesson. Half of you arE suburban fucks that don’t know a clue about nature. Yes his moves are risky like eating raw meat but sometimes you don’t have much of an option if you’re starving gasping for energy to fuel your body. It’s easier to sit there and criticize “I’d just burn a fire and cook the meat cause I’m not an idiot” really I’d like to see one of you fucks build a fire out of nothing (cause that’s for the most part the point). As far as the travelling down the river idea that isn’t that bad of an idea it can easily lead you into civilization because there may be people along the river. And if you are knowingly in the middle of nowhere I’d rather take a trip down a river (cautiously) then aimlessly walking through jungles and whatever the fuck else there is and get deeper into nowhere. Every one of you that are sitting there criticizing would be the first to die with your little “common sense” survival skills… fucking jokes lol… common sense my ass I’d take a special forces advice with actual survival experiences over some stupid fuck tards that think all it takes is common sense to survive the MOST DANGEROUS PLACES ON EARTH. That is all, like I said I hope you critics get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  2. And one more thing congratulations on the critics that said he uses way too much energy, well guess what you couch potato fucks the man has climbed everest and was in special forces his endurance is fantastic so you might as well give him shit for being in very good shape and not a fat slob while you’re at it. Alright I’m done.

  3. It’s just entertainment. Anyone with half a brain can easily see it’s not a whole lot more realistic than pro-wrestling. When you’re lost in the wilderness you don’t just happen to stumble over a king cobra, and then 100 yards further down the path sits a Grizzly Bear, and around the corner from there, a deep cavern. Nobody has to announce to the public that a lot of the show is fake, or setup. Everyone who watches it can easily see this. It’s just an entertaining show: nothing more, nothing less. To me it’s a lot more fun to watch than most of those boring realistic survival shows they have on today. Bear kicked ass in the woods. His high jumps, the things he ate, the dangerous places he would venture through, those parts were all real: setup maybe, but still real. Yes, most of that probably wasn’t necessary for his survival, I think most people are smart of to establish this, it was just damn fun to watch, and that was the whole point of it. He could have spent every night in a luxury hotel, and I’d still rather watch his reruns, than Les Stroud reruns, Dual Survivor, Naked and Afraid, or any of that other boring survival show crap they’ve had on since Man V. Wild. And he did provide a lot of good outdoor tips also. Nobody’s going to try jumping 80 feet into freezing water, or eating elephant dung just because they saw Bear do it on TV. We know those parts of his show were just for entertainment. But many of his tips on building fires, and shelters, and finding safe things to eat were helpful to people seeking advise on surviving outdoors. Anyhow, I’m only commenting here because I happened to notice he had reruns on the Discovery Channel last night. After watching so many different survival shows since his show was cancelled, and watching his show again, I can still honestly say no survival show to date can rival Man V. Wild in terms of entertainment. I for one think his show was the best program Discovery ever aired.

  4. Bear Grylls approach to survival is often unnecessary and risky but it is also quite dramatic and that is what sells and keeps people tuned in. Walt

  5. He doesn’t even stay for a single night, shows like Survivorman and Dual Survival actually teach you basic survival techniques

  6. Guys, if you are going to follow the episodes of his show closely, I am certain that if you are stuck in such a situation, you won’t panic at all because you’d be having this fact in mind that Bear survived this kind of situation in this manner and you will be able to get out of a jungle. You’ll try and find a river and follow the same to move out of the forest. What he shows in his programmes is a basic survival training and things that one should always keep in mind. The importance of fire, water, food and shelter in a forest are basic amenities to stay alive.

    However, I’ve never seen him visiting and spending time in the jungles of India. I understand that he can’t because world’s 70% of the TIGER population is here in India. I am still waiting to see him loitering around in Indian jungles and having fun with the Royal Bengal Tigers. LOL !!!

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