Man VS Wild – How listening to Bear Grylls will get you killed

Why Discovery tries to pass Man vs Wild off as a survival show I will never understand. In my opinion, the show has very little to do with survival, and 90% of what’s shown is the complete opposite of what should happen during a real life emergency. The host, Bear Grylls, presents misleading and dangerous information in just about every single show.

Bear Grylls eating raw meat

Bear Grylls Doesn’t know Squat about Urban Survival

It wasn’t bad enough that this fraud was presented to the public as a wilderness survival expert, but to pretend that he is now some kind of urban survivalist (as shown on the newest episode of MAN VS WILD) is insane. This show is not about survival; it is nothing more than a stuntman performing carefully choreographed stunts. This may sound a bit harsh, and I usually try to stay away from even talking about these types of shows, but it this case I really couldn’t stay silent. Unfortunately, there is a segment of people out there who buy into this nonsense and are going to be hurt or killed if they follow this man’s advice.

Bear Grylls oon Power LinesIn the latest so-called “urban survival” episode Bear Grylls advises:

  • Crawling across power lines to explore old abandoned buildings.
  • Climbing down old rusty pipes, and risking a fall that would kill you if the pipe broke.
  • Crawling through Sewage (does this sound smart to you?)
  • Blowing up doors to gain access to abandoned buildings
  • And countless other stupid things that have nothing to do with urban survival.

Bear Grylls Hanging from Window
Nothing says survival like hanging off the side of a building

HEY MORON…. STOP RUNNING AND JUMPING AROUND – It may not sound like a big deal, but in a survival situation even carelessly running around can get you killed. Episode after episode shows Bear Grylls running down mountains, jumping across boulders, diving into freezing cold water to save time and countless other idiotic things that will help ensure your death. While this show might be entertaining, it has little to do with survival, and almost everything presented should be ignored in a real life survival situation. It’s a shame that discovery presents this nonsense as advice, and passes people who have no actual experience off as “survival experts.”

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  1. WOW… such experts…if you really listen to what the man has to say you would hear time and time again the advice he gives is always the same order ” Water..Shelter..Fire..Food. and …Rescue. its basic survival.. as far as how he does it , so its a little off the wall. but I have made shelters and fires using his teachings and they work…Would I grab a snake and bite its head off…not likely but I have eaten things from under logs and cooked some are not bad. and will save your life. and if I have a choice of walking around or walking over a frozen lake I would go around, But hey I’m not on TV. and besides most people are not capable physically of doing the stuff he does or would they have the guts.

  2. I DVR and watch MvW and at this point I bet I have seen all of them. The show is entirely set up (running from a train? come on), but I think that is obvious to anyone who has seen the show. He calls them “challenges”. He’s not finding the best way to get from point A to point B, he’s looking for the nearest waterfall/cave/mountain/ledge/etc to entertain the viewer by tackling it and demonstrating thinking outside of the box and using what is available to your advantage.

    Trashing all of his advise is wrong, it’s not entirely BS. He does do some really dangerous stuff that anyone with half a brain should know not to do to survive. As far as I’m concerned if someone attempts to do everything he does to survive out in the wild it’s just natural selection at work.

    Also the urban survival episode was an absolute joke – although still entertaining. They are running out of ideas.

    • Running from a train? come on no one runs from trains anymore. All the cool kids are just standing in one spot and getting run over.

  3. Chill guys… youloved her show, but would you take lucille ball’s advice if you were working in a chocolate factory?

  4. I agree with this article. This show is very misleading. Sliding down a steep slope can result in strains,sprains and broken bones. Break a leg and you don’t get out of the wilderness. Jumping off a cliff into any body of water is not only dangerous, it’s ignorant. The primary word here is survival. One of the first rules in winter survival is, don’t get wet.Another is to never expose yourself to the possibility of injury. Watch what you drink or eat. Diarrhea=dehydration=death. There are so many things wrong with this show. If you want to venture into the wilderness, take a course in survival and hope this idiot isn’t your instructor.

      • you people are idiots this guy has a point when he says no risk no gain and have you seen the one were he takes two fans into the wild are they dead NO cause followed his advise and it work there just reaguler people if i get stranded watch for me on tv were il be sure to rub it in your face

        • “this guy has a point when he says no risk no gain.”

          Your stupidity is showing sir. The point of survival is minimize risks. Why take big risks when what’s at stake is your life?

          “the one were he takes two fans into the wild are they dead NO cause followed his advise and it work”

          Again, do you really think they are going to air an episode where two fans die horribly? I mean, if you take just 2 seconds to read what you typed here, you’ll see all your points are moot. They aren’t going to put fans in any kind of real danger obviously. So in summation, I’ll be glad to see you on tv, but I doubt you’ll make it there with the critical thinking you’ve shown all of us.

          • If you take no risks in a survival situation you will die every time. If you’re not willing to take a chance on chasing down a squirrel for food or putting an unknown bug in your mouth, you’re going to starve

  5. If you want real expertise on Urban Survival, go talk to your local homeless. Spend a day with them. Learn how they find food and shelter, where they sleep, and how they avoid being victimized by criminals and cops alike.

    • ^ that is probably the best advice for urban survival i’ve seen on this site. Sas or not, who do you think has more actual experience, living out on the streets for long durations?

  6. I think it is just a show.
    I do like his silly accent, and I certainly don’t take his advice on how to survive seriously.
    Of course most of the situations are staged,
    of course he gets logistic support from his crew,
    A britton in Sahara would die even with a litre of fluid per hour – the european metabolism works unsavvy with water, he’s not a berber or a bedouin.
    But the show displays nice places, beautiful views, and I do like this.


    Kids, don’t try it at home, indeed it may get you killed.

    • his accent is british and im proud of it. if you dont like it watch dallas or crocodile dundee but stop moaning. i take it your all outdoor adventurers or are you scared of walking one mile away from your r v. its a show at the end of the day but there is alot to learn of bear, take ray mears who has the biggest gut on telly, has he really climbed that mountain i doubt it. his shows have subsided to firelighting demonstrtions, now hes the one that milking it.
      bear shows you extreme situations and they tell you ,in writing, about the support they recieve during filming . what do you want..e.g bear walked ten miles then found a pub… most of you know how to do this anyway, think about it.

      • “and they tell you ,in writing, about the support they recieve during filming.”

        That wasn’t always the case. Before they didn’t even mention it and passed it off as if he were doing everything with his own hands.

        “if you dont like it watch dallas or crocodile dundee but stop moaning.”

        You should care more about other people’s lives. The issue here is people taking his survival advice seriously in life or death situations. Yes, he occasionally gives some rare gems of sound advice, but that doesn’t balance out all the horrible advice he gives. Stick to what you’re best at ed, and watch the tv shows.

        • “You should care more about other people’s lives”.

          Does that mean sitting at my computer, complaining on a forum that 30 people out of the 7 billion people on earth will see, instead of actually getting up off my ass and doing something in the real world to help people?

          Stick to what you’re best at mitten, bitch about everything and allow people some comedic relief at your complete and utter stupidity.

  7. A true survival show with no risk = boring and no one would watch it. If his show wasn’t him doing crazy jackass-esque antics we would have never heard of Bear Grylls. There is a disclaimer shown a couple times during each show announcing that you should seek professional advice before attempting any wilderness survival.

    Watching this show in order to be able to survive in the wilderness is as foolish as watching Burn Notice to become a spy. If that’s your MO you deserve to be drowning in a frozen lake.

    • Boring and informative like Survivorman, with Les Stroud? I watch Les. I don’t need someone running and screaming to keep me intrigued. But I am into learning skills more than needing constant entertainment. Of course needing entertainment is our downfall. When you have the Simpsons as a long running show, and more people know who won Dances with Stars then who the vice-president is, its’ no wonder.

  8. Bear Grylls is a highly trained survivor! If you got stuck in the wild and followed his advice you would have a better chance of surviving than if never having seen the show. His being able to survive is not a matter of coincidence when he faces these horrific extremes… He uses a lot of common sense and the rest is knowledge and training executed by a highly trained man with extra large ca-hones! What he does is truly a fight all the way and you should be ashamed of being such a pussy for doubting yourself in a life or death scenario! I love this show!

    • People have actually died following his advice. He is an entertainer not an actor. He also can’t start fires without a Ferro rod which is easier than a Zippo lighter sleeps I hotels only kills animals that are pre caught and on and on. He is way more badass than me but he should stop saying he is a teacher since real life people who survive listen to lea or cody or ray meats and the ones who die leave a note saying I did what bear told me . drink good water but only after filtering it through warm blooded animal feces to pick up some jiardia that way when you are climbing vines for fun and to keep yourself occupied you weigh a lot less from shitting your pants for days. That does a actually make sense now that I think about it. Bear is a genius nevertheless camping is fun I wish he would try it

  9. bear grylls is a ninja.. that’s why he jumps everywhere he goes. he was in the sas for boot camp pretty much and is the chief scout of the world. broke his back because he failed to follow procedure and that pretty much sums it up. He is legit and if he were in a real life survival situation he wouldn’t necessarilly jump into a stream of freezing water. He does things like that to show you what to do afterward if you were to encounter such a problem.. and about him jumping and sliding down hills. He tells you that there is a safe way and the bear way. Anyway the thing about the ninja was a joke. cheers. the show is fun to watch and this is the truth about bear grylls.

  10. Did you guys miss the warning at the beginning? I think the only fool here is the guy who thinks he is advising you do anything he does. He specificay warns the viewer to NOT attempt it….sheesh…sounds like jealousy. The guy does crazy stuff. period. Its fun to watch a man drink water from elephant dung and eat a dead zebra’s neck off.

    I bet you watch the “End Of The World-what if a comet/tsunami/hurricane/tornado hits NYC/Chicago/L.A./Antarctica” shows with all their CGI and dont blink an eye to complain about how they over dramatize this ridiculous notion of global warming…..

    • Using the End of the world show is a bad comparison. The difference here is, they only show what if “x” happened to “y.” Man vs Wild tries to pass off bad survival techniques as actual survival tactics that should be used. Do you even listen to the dialogue? While there may be a warning at the beginning, do you think the casual audience is going to pay any attention to that? No, they are going to watch him doing backflips and sliding down mountain sides and think that’s the best method. I might be jealous if he showed some better common sense and more practicality.

      • Mitten…. I’ve seen you reply to a couple posts and you’re taking these comments far too seriously. You’re a joke for replying to these comments thinking you’re putting them in their place. It’s true, Bear is a little nuts but he does show some very vital survival information. Calm down lol.

      • Mitten – it is not portrayed as a documentary on how to. He just shows each scenario and shows you how you could deal with it if you use your noggin and if you are fit and able. It is not meant to trick couch potatoes (presumably like you) into trying to swing from treas. #stayinbedyoufatass

    • He also say “I’ll show you how to get out alive” in every show so he is pretending to teach you but when you get killed listening to him you cannot sue the mermaid network because of this note at the beginning

  11. I feel sorry for the people who are defending this guy and buying into the marketing that made him…… the guys no legend and people who think that this guy has anything of value to say are the same idiots who end up having to get rescued of the side of a mountain for following this jerks advice.

    And as for a disclaimer that’s only there because the lawyers at Discovery made them put it there, the fact is this guy through out the show passes this stuff of as advice, he constantly tells people “this is how it’s done” especially in the urban show.

    Not jealousy, just don’t want to see people get hurt.

    • I care about people’s lives so I’m gonna sit on a computer instead of doing something in the real world. You are a joke. Stfu

  12. Well, I think the people on this site that are serious about survival and advice are correct, his show is a complete joke, for real and doable advice. I don’t recall who said it, but not jumping in a survival situation is wise. BUT, my bone to pick is that for people who watch and don’t know about survival, the question is will they try it? If your only frame of reference is TV, you very well, may try some of it, especially if your under pressure and not thinking straight. Beware – That drinking your pee thing, I honestly haven’t researched but I recall they taught us don’t under any circumstances drink urine, but then I saw that epsoide and couldn’t remember whether it was ok or not. I think that’s a lot of peoples point, it can confuse someone when it’s a serious situation. Now, I suppose have at it for entertainment if you don’t plan to actually survive. Just some thoughts.

  13. I wonder how many Bear-bashers watch the show. I bet there are plenty of people who don’t watch and simply read articles like this to form their opinion of how dangerous the show is. As I said above the urban survival episode was a complete joke and I mean in every way. They really opened the door for some deserved criticism on that one. That show was 100% stunts that were unfortunately passed off in his usual advice format. Stunts are a huge part of his typical show, I would say a typical show is about a 50/50 mix of stunts and actual advice.

    I’d like to see a list of his advice and how much of it stacks up as a half-way decent way of performing the task at hand. Like I said above I agree that his urban survival show was a joke, but his typical tips on jungle/cold/island survival seem relatively legit.

    Basic stuff such as how he makes a fire, builds a shelter, gets food, gets clean water, finds his bearings, even burying the head of a poisonous snake seem like pretty good advice. Hell, I would use his advice to make snowshoes if I needed them. Ok so maybe you shouldn’t squeeze water out of fresh elephant dung to get a drink or eat raw goats testicles, if he didn’t do this stuff it wouldn’t be on TV.

    His tackling of obstacles is the least safe but again he clearly does this for the sake of the show. Climbing straight up cliffs with no ropes, going through caves under mountains or through glaciers, climbing down a tree like it’s a firepole to get off of a cliff, etc. He even says many times the best way to be rescued is to stay where you are and wait for a rescue party, but what kind of show would that make? I for one wouldn’t watch it.

  14. All I can say is thank God for Man vs Wild . IF the numbers in the comment section are reflective of how ignorant even supposedly semi-educated readers of survival blogs can be many MTV Reel World “survivalist” will get knocked out in the first two weeks .

    Anyone “learning” anything from that clown show needs to seriously assess their knowledge base and their so called “skill sets” (if they actually took the hard earned time to have learned any past Power Ranger day dreaming about playing “survivalist” )

    Just for good measure they should also seriously question their own intelligence and common sense . Then set to work doing everything they can to improve both .( You can’t fix a problem if you don’t even know you have it so you can’t say you haven’t been told )

    Or don’t . It really works out either way .

    If the worldwide (or even a regional) herd gets culled it is good to know those who are truly useful can save their limited energy and ammo keeping you away from that which they care about because you got killed early on playing “survivalist” ….

  15. Well I did see a few of his shows and I have to say I never used any of what he showed on T.V. I mean I’ve been homeless for quite some time now and all I used is what I learned from the military and some good old common since really thats all a person really needs.

    hoo RAh .

  16. This is a website about survivalism, and yet this is the most discourse I’ve seen from ANY THREAD!! Wow, I couldn’t help it , I even got sucked in. Its a show. If some idiot steps outside of their skill set and tries what BG does and dies, it thins the herd for me and my family. Survival is for the fittest. Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if some of these posters here tried what he does and don’t make it. Yes a lot-read all-of his stunts are set up….but I bet he’d outlast 90% of the people posting here (including myself). p.s. If you’ve read all the way down here….you’ve got too much time on your hands. Go for a run, work on your survival cardio. Via con Dios muchachos

  17. this is a show for city idiots.
    ya, i could survive without a camera, tech, and medical
    crew feeding and catering to me off camera. if this idiot
    is a uk expert survival guy then the uk is in deep shit!

    • writing this on a tech p.c that your using to pass time. … i know lets do a survival film-all we,ll use is one man on his own with no support, sod the insurance you need to start with, then what w,ell do is not film it at all. sounds like a good show. whats your favourite program..white noise!!

    • Yes…. and far better, no prancing and dancing just solid advice. That’s the idea of survival. When BG gives some good survival advice it all gets lost with his high risk stunts. How do you trust what he does when he teaches hs audience that high risk for little reward is survival. He is likely to hurt or kill some one with tht advice. Survivorman typically gives you information and technique for survival. Les has no need to do a back flip into a lake thats 30ft below you.

  18. Had to get my two scents in. It has to be about jealousy. Bear has accomplished so many things that most of you could only dream of. I bet most of you didn’t know he was an acclaimed motivational speaker who has written many survival books. These survival books have earned awards. I guess he must be some kind of survival expert. Relax, its just an entertaining survival show. If you don’t want to take the advice then don’t watch the show. I bet half you people don’t know the first thing about survival. Please tell me how many of you so called survivalist would pass up on your own show exactly like this? Bottom line is Bear Grylls is a bad ass and your upset because you don’t have you own cool show.

    • You miss the point entirely. The whole “it’s just a show,” line has been beaten to death already. Yea we know it’s a show, that’s why it’s on T.V? The point is, him trying to pass misleading information and downright stupid techniques as true survival techniques. None of us here are probably even “survivalist,” but we have the most basic fundamentals of common sense. Seriously, can we just cut the survival bullshit and just put him in a huge obstacle course with worms and bugs piled high on a huge plate waiting for him at the end? All you people wanna see from him is do hilarious stunts and eat raw bugs.

      • No mitten, you miss the point. You have no idea what it takes to survive. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually being able to do it. When you’re really in the moment and hungry and thirsty you don’t care how stupid something might sound. If it gives you a chance to get out you do it.

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