Man VS Wild – How listening to Bear Grylls will get you killed

Why Discovery tries to pass Man vs Wild off as a survival show I will never understand. In my opinion, the show has very little to do with survival, and 90% of what’s shown is the complete opposite of what should happen during a real life emergency. The host, Bear Grylls, presents misleading and dangerous information in just about every single show.

Bear Grylls eating raw meat

Bear Grylls Doesn’t know Squat about Urban Survival

It wasn’t bad enough that this fraud was presented to the public as a wilderness survival expert, but to pretend that he is now some kind of urban survivalist (as shown on the newest episode of MAN VS WILD) is insane. This show is not about survival; it is nothing more than a stuntman performing carefully choreographed stunts. This may sound a bit harsh, and I usually try to stay away from even talking about these types of shows, but it this case I really couldn’t stay silent. Unfortunately, there is a segment of people out there who buy into this nonsense and are going to be hurt or killed if they follow this man’s advice.

Bear Grylls oon Power LinesIn the latest so-called “urban survival” episode Bear Grylls advises:

  • Crawling across power lines to explore old abandoned buildings.
  • Climbing down old rusty pipes, and risking a fall that would kill you if the pipe broke.
  • Crawling through Sewage (does this sound smart to you?)
  • Blowing up doors to gain access to abandoned buildings
  • And countless other stupid things that have nothing to do with urban survival.

Bear Grylls Hanging from Window
Nothing says survival like hanging off the side of a building

HEY MORON…. STOP RUNNING AND JUMPING AROUND – It may not sound like a big deal, but in a survival situation even carelessly running around can get you killed. Episode after episode shows Bear Grylls running down mountains, jumping across boulders, diving into freezing cold water to save time and countless other idiotic things that will help ensure your death. While this show might be entertaining, it has little to do with survival, and almost everything presented should be ignored in a real life survival situation. It’s a shame that discovery presents this nonsense as advice, and passes people who have no actual experience off as “survival experts.”

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  1. You guys are Retards sure maybe some of the things are unintelligent, but the guy was in the British SAS he’s been trained on how to survive in situations like this. If you don’t want to follow his advice thats fine go ahead and get your dumbass killed. And also he isn’t suggesting that you go swimming through a sewer and climp up 100’s of feet to eat eggs but if you had to choose between following his advice or starving to death i hope, for the sake of humanity, that you choose to starve to death.

    • His credentials with the SAS doesn’t automatically make his advice sound. Yes he has good combat and survival experience, but that’s OUTSIDE the show. What his producers and directors have him do, you really think climbing a rusty pipe or doing backflips off a ledge is good surviving?

      “And also he isn’t suggesting that you go swimming through a sewer and climp up 100′s of feet to eat eggs but if you had to choose between following his advice or starving to death i hope, for the sake of humanity, that you choose to starve to death.”

      He isn’t suggesting that, yet the show is “Urban Survival.” I’d love to see you follow his advice. “For the sake of humanity,” if you get my drift.

      • Some of his advice is very sound, some not so much. Yet you still insist on trying to what… convert/enlighten people to not use his good advice and use all his bad. Pretty simple, don’t do the bad and use the better advice.

      • I can’t wait till you get stuck in a survival situation and die because you’re too scared to try anything. I’ll be there to laugh it up

  2. What I don’t like is when they make a “behind the scenes” they try to fool us and make us think everything is real. Like when he was climbing down a tree he tells a crew member to put a foot on a branch and later on a “behind the scenes” we can clearly see the crew member was hanging on cables. Also when the train was following him someone was outside the tunnel taking pics so obviously it was all staged, but they try to make you think it wasn’t.

    How come the man gets inside any hole inside any cave and finds an exit? If you ever get lost don’t do that.

    But I wouldn’t say he’s a complete fake, he eats poop for us for christ sake!!!

    • i get what your trying to say but this is a program. the guy is trying make a good show and also teach you. there are millions of people that watch this so i think he obviously cant bullshit us, there would be to much complaining. a lot is staged but that isnt hidden from us is it? personally i respect bear and it does encourage people to get out more, it has for me anyway. il like hiking and camping to start with. my dad use to say “son youll get a lot of advice in life, its up to you what bits to use” .i say to others stop moaning and just use what you need.

  3. Oh good grief … did someone post this link on a Bear Grylls fan club site for young and easily impressionable children ???

    The comment section is an absolute knee slapper and gets even funnier as it continues to grow with tweeners running in trying to defend the stupidity that is Man Vs BS as “survival” advice .

    Even pretending to take anything about that show seriously has a level of nativity that is breathtaking . To cap it off you have those who are not satisfied with merely ordinary levels of stupidity . They want to ice the cake and show they can outdo their fellow fans .

    Saying stuff like “Bear climbed Mt Everest” , “Bear ate raw snakes in Vietnam ,” Bear is going to play Superman in Superman VS Shazam ” you really have to wonder why no one bothered trying to do a Bear Grylls vs Chuck Norris comparison and then use that as an example of what a great learning tool this show for idiots really is .

    Let’s just put it this way . If you are running so low on the IQ / life experience scale that you actually THINK you can somehow learn to stay alive by watching an MTV style “survival” show … maybe it is actually helping you .

    On the other hand you have obviously slipped way way way down on the IQ chart . I would argue watching Sesame Street or even just some random TV test patterns would be every bit as effective at maybe … just maybe … stimulating enough neurons to perhaps one day allow you to come out of your walking coma . Keep hope alive !!!!

    • i take it that your so high with your iq score and high with your life experience that you enjoy what youve written.
      i think youve read to many books and actually believed every word youve read, i dont think you have your own opinion- i think youve read it. get out more and try to make some nice friends.there still might be time!

      • Attacking someone personally and not at their material just makes you look foolish. If you’re not good at debating, maybe you should spend your time elsewhere ed.

        • Sorry mitten but you would lose that debate as you will notice it was the other “guy” who was throwing Mud after Ed made a perfectly balanced comment and conveyed his point politely. Then NumbChuck came on (or Stupid Lols whatever he called himself) and started pretending to know something – calling othetd stupid whilst spelling naivety as nativity (or neater than naivety anyhow). Where did anyone say that BG was selling this as survival advice? There is more than one way to skin a cat! Some of you complainers should open up your God given brains to allow the information to go in and gleen what is helpful to you – leave what you are not capable of – and admire someone who is capable of it. A special forces operative would clearly have a different survival agenda to an old Canadian camper like Les Stroud. Does he really just sit and wait to be rescued? Boy that must be a great watch.

        • Again mitten, you think you’re putting people in their place but you’re really just making yourself look more sad and laughable

  4. Suggested strategy from Bear Grylls on what to do when stuck at a dead end on a glacier:

    “Climb INTO the glacier.”

    Oh, and… “Glacier tunnels are *extremely* dangerous. First check that the ice is solid…”

    Thats akin to saying, “ok, you have a gun, right? Now remember, they’re extremely dangerous. Now just put the gun in your mouth, and squeeze…”

    He actually recommends the “descend into the ice” strategy on two different shows (Yukon & Alaska Mountains)…

    While he’s sliding into a tunnel, he mentions, “this is actually not where you want to be. I was almost killed on a glacier..”

    And “the further you go in, the harder it is to go back”…

    There should be captions saying, “WARNING: Never do anything you SEE Bear Grylls doing; this is for amusement only”

    His show is amusing, but 90% of what he demonstrates is totally useless as real-life wilderness skill.

  5. Sure is alot of haters here.
    I like the show man vs wild mostly cause 50% of it is staged but it can kill as hes just showing what and whatnot to do if you ever end up in a similare situation.

    On the other hand there 50% of the show thats not staged like where he jump into the glacier and the near death in glacier that was at Everest and such as he swims over a cold river just to make a sample out of the situation.

    I honestly dont think peoples gives a rats ass about the haters since they are the onse we hear about on the news a few months/years later “Couple rescued after 7 days, lost in the woods”
    Or by gods hopefully the “Couple found starved to death in woods”

    Also noticed some comments about how this would never be any use in real life about 90% of what he dose and says is a life saver in a harsh survival situation.

  6. He does those “stupid” things to show you how to re-coop from them. Remember when he jumped into the freezing water? Yea? Well, do you remember right after that how he showed how to recover from it? He does that to show WORST CASE scenarios. Not semi bad situations. He shows his viewers how to handle the most extreme.

    • We’ll I’d like to see him survive having an open leg fracture due to his stunts, profusely bleeding while being chased down predators.

      • Vin -seriously – did you have 5 lines of free time but not actual thought process of what you wanted to say. Grow up little guy. He’s better than you. Straight and simple. And the truth is he is not better at survival than 90% on here (as someone said earlier) but better than 100% of us. Just accept it but know your limitations.

  7. You guys can say what you want. The man peaked everest at 23, the youngest brit ever to do so. Thats allready enough to give him the respect he deserves. He broke his back on a jump for SAS somewhere in Africa, semi paralysed he got back on his feet and is still filming more than 6 seasons of man vs wild. I think you idiots forget that the point of the show is not for him to execute everything a 100%, the point is to show YOU, the viewer, what to do in a situation where your survival skills will depend if you live or die. Im not saying everything is real, offcourse its not. But the advice he gives you is for you to decide if you will listen to it when your life is at stake or dont listen to it, and die a stubborn foolish bastard. Maybe you ignorant delinquents didnt know that Bear is rated amongst the top 10 world wide motivational speakers for companies?? or that his 3 books are all 3rd year in a row nr 1 best sellers??? Or that he gives 75% of his man vs wild income to 3 different child care-charities?? I bet not one of you going against his motives have been in the wild, computer geeks!!

  8. most of you miss the point the real key here is to use your own brain to determine what is for entertainment and what is not .. some things he says is very good tips like using your fingers to determine the time left in left day or ways to make shelter or beading and if it gets too bad u just might need to eat something to keep up strength. these are the survival tips the rest is entertainment. and the things he does for entertainment is sweet i reckon he is a legend … get a life

  9. Having read this thread I detect a massive degree of jealousy on the part of these ‘Armchair Experts’..the sort of backwater American Fat-Ass Lumberjack shirt wearing beardie-weirdies who sit in their Uncle Jessie dungarees, piling on the pounds scoffing beef jerky & nachos whilst guzzling fridge-loads of beer. Real men (so they think) as they scoff & scorn at Bear Grylls latest TV episode.

    “That’s not how you shoould do it boyy” I can see them now, telling their wives, and the dog and anyone else who’ll listen the ‘correct survival procedure’ as if they’d ever done anything remotely as dangerous as Bear’s on screen frolics.

    Then when the show’s over and wifey switches over to a re-run of The Waltons, they shuffle to their feet, and stagger, part drunk to the computer, where they put their greivances out there on their grubby grease-riddled keyboards.

    Why? Because deep down they envy Bear Grylls, his resume reads like an action heros. They hate him for his slim physique, his lack of baldness or greying, his positivity & good humour.

    He is everything they are not, and everything that a gun cabinet packed with guns, and a house full of hunting knives, and a wardrobe full of ‘Realtree’ camo cannot, and will not make them.

    These people are so chronically housebound they see Steven Seagal movies as training videos for imaginary fight situations they ‘may’ get into, and vent their spleen on crappo websites inhabited by like-minded tossers, all of whom will prattle on relentlessly about their questionable ‘time in the military’ which is at all true in any cases is most likely some paint-balling with the National Guard.

    My advice to these turd-valves. Get a life, Lose some weight, accept you’re never going to be Bear Grylls OR Survivor Man, or Steve Irwin or Steven Seagal.

    Get off your fat arse, apply for a passport and broaden your horizons a little.

    Take care out in the wilds of your backyards when you’re pissing out the back door, cause you’re too lazy or drunk to make it to the bathroom.

    Bye y’all!

  10. To put it bluntly, Bear Grylls – Style, Ray Mears – Substance. Both are entertaining and experienced, both deserve respect.

  11. I think it’s quite obvious to anyone with half a brain that a lot of what bear does is staged in a way to show viewers what to do in EXTREME situations. The reason he climbs into caves and finds his way out isnt ‘coincidence’ its obviously staged, why? because he wants to show you how to climb your way out should you fall down a cave. A lot of his advice is good, A lot of situations are presented to him, as the disclaimer states in the beginning of the show, in order to demonstrate survival skills. He’s not saying ‘go into the bog and get sucked down’ he’s saying ‘im gonna go into the bog and get sucked down, now if you ever happen to get sucked down into a bog, do this’ etc etc.

    What’s funny is that the ‘experts’ on here are grouching about people being stupid enough to follow bear’s advice, but arent smart enough to realize that he doesnt show the normal survival scenario and rather the extreme danger that u can encounter, and then shows u how to handle that. Of course there are many stunts that are pointless other then for viewer thrills, and he pretty damn well says NOT to climb down or up a cliff WITHOUT equipment unless you absolutely CANNOT avoid it in order to survive, at which point he DEMONSTRATES what you should do. and having topped Everest at 23, im pretty sure he knows more about climbing then u twats.

    Not to mention, having met someone who went on a joint survival training between his RAF unit and the SAS, his training is pretty damn good, considering that they drop you in the middle of nowhere with a knife, a bottle and a flint for something like 2 weeks.

  12. if you dont like it dont watch it, its been openly mentioned that all this stuff is set up for Bear to offer advice , its doesnt mean you need to bolt out and do it all, if your an outdoors sort of person, you may grab one or two things from the show that you could use if in trouble, things that have been mentioned about going into caves etc, it called edting dude, its a tv program, needs to interesting and show what we want to see.. as i said if it bothers people that much, dont watch

  13. I know nothing about survival. Even I know the stuff Bear does is for entertainment. I wouldn’t be foolish enough to try it myself. Most people aren’t that stupid.

    • we’re talking about the so called “mindless masses.” Or the people who only watch t.v. and know nothing about survival, but want to put themselves out there anyways. Just because you could discern it’s just for entertainment doesn’t mean everyone will.

  14. Well, “just a show” could get you killed if you take a bad decision influenced by the man. But what I wanted to say is that they could be more honest and I’d still admire Bear and his team. Don’t feel ashamed to say the truth and instead try to fool us because we’ll notice. About the cave thing I said – I was trying to point out how he/you must know there’s an exit or have a map before doing that, obviously he woudn’t do it withot that knowledge, but he won’t tell you “I had a map” or “a local told me there was an exit, that’s why I did it.”, about the skills to get out of a cave he’s great, you can learn a lot from him, I’m not putting his skills in doubt.

    And yes… they in fact risk their lives for us.
    Keep on the good poop eating!!!

  15. Why do they/does BG do what he does? Not for you, not for me, but for their own survival, their bread on their table, it’s their job! And if you’re doing a TV show, it’s gotta rock in some way, else no one will watch, so no one would even produce it. I can’t wait what stupidity and craziness has to be put on 10 years from now, ’cause it’s gotta top today’s stuff.

    Having been out there a lot, in the wild and in the world: enjoy the show, read up if you want knowledge, and don’t be so judgemental all the time. I have done some crazies myself, sometimes even aware of it. And I can only say as BG states many times: I did that for the fun, excitement, and adrenalin, and it would definately not have helped me survive in any way, if anything had gone wrong…

  16. actually for you all you that thinks the food bear eats will kill you, he served 3 Damn years in the SAS so i think he knows about survival. and his whole running and jumping into things is what you should be doing! you need to not think about the things that will stop you, amd go further than your body limits you! its mind over matter! and as bear has said half the stuff he eats isnt for the flavour its for the nutrients and energy and vitamins. and alot of the survival techniques bear shows you actually work and would help you under the right conditions. anyway i dont think half of you here would survive in the wild. survival isnt about planning what gadgets to bring along its about living off the land! making do when you have nothing.

  17. JimBob .. your own explanation explains perfectly the EXACT problem with an MTV style “survival” show. You have a flood of dimwits who think they actually “know” what it takes to survive in life threatening situations . You know … the kind where one doesn’t have standby paramedics and helicopters for immediate evacuation once you inevitably f*** yourself up . That and absolutely NO “magic” editors to “fix” your “boo boos” in post production while you spend a half year recouping in a hospital.

    You combine that silly show (which speaks for itself for anyone that has lived enough to know better ) with the flood of dumb ass “you said Santa wasn’t real” kiddie comments on this one blog post alone . It is OBVIOUS that the “being a sideshow dips**t is cool” mentality is ALL many of the shows viewers are equipped to take away from it . The only true service the show could be said to provide is to help cull the herd of mental defectives even quicker if the SHTF .

    • i bet you prefer that show called”im a above most,like it or lump it” you know the one – your the star, sorry to say.
      you sound like a know it all with a problem, probably not even strayed far from you pc and thesaurus.
      thank god for normal people!!

      • It’s pretty funny. Your attempts to discredit and attack people are so poorly written, they just make you look even worse.

  18. are you all just couch potatoes? have you any idea what he goes through to make these shows? no wonder you americans keep fighting losing wars you dont know reality from the fiction you create. bear was trained by the best of the british forces and knows exactly what he’s doing. he trys to pass on the information to help in situations that you could get in to, you’re just too dense to understand.

    • How many times does it have to be said. His SAS experience doesn’t mean his advice is automatically good. His tv personality is different from his real life. I suppose if a doctor told you to stab yourself in the heart with a rusty needle, you’d automatically say point to the degree. Good for you. You’re a credit to our species.

      • Do you have more credentials than a SAS, survival trainer. Being almost certain you don’t have more credentials, I’m pretty sure that you have no right to say that anything he does is idiotic or stupid along with the fact that any unnecessary actions he does are purely for entertainment.

  19. Lets take a look at this realistically …. This was not put forward as a “what to do if your bored on a saturday afternoon” type of thing .. he did say on numerous occasions that it was after an urban desaster (ok 9/11, which was also refered to, was localised to south Manhatten so not really relevant to that) but think Threads (if your in the UK) or after a nuclear attack then all these skills may be a tab more relevant (ok I know that some are really stupid like the whole jumping stuff) .. As for the sewers thing ? hell I know Urbexers who do that for a laugh so don’t be dissing the guy stupid, YEAH but does it not go on under your feet You would be suprised. Deffo a pinch of salf program but get into Urbexing and you will see this program in a different ight .. if your high light in your life is getting in the car to travel to work then this will be lost on you …. ;)

  20. I don’t see what the hating going on is. Forst(slight tangent here) to mark. Not all Americans are as you depict them. Personally I support BG, and his career. That being said not everything he does is real. For those of you who don;t know a massive scandal occured during the first season in which he was investigated, and monitored by some third parties during several of the shows. The third parties claimed that he was a fraud. They lost their case. Second some of the situations are purposely sought out to demonstrate i.g. climbing shafts, exploring caves, freezing in water. Third the man got a full damn background check by Oprah. Who let’s be honest would discover a fraud long before any of you. Not to mention the stack of experience the guy has under his wing. Haters back off, he may not be right a hundred percent of the time, but then again you don’t have the balls to prove him wrong.

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