Marines Claim Patriot Purge: All Religious Vax Exemptions Denied, Military Purge has Started

U.S. Marines

As China and Russia assert their military dominance, the U.S. Government has started purging patriots from their ranks, specifically in the United States Marine Corp.

According to a new report, Marines are claiming they are being “crushed” by the Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, with the military branch declining to approve a single religious exemption application.

Several active-duty Marines spoke to Fox News Wednesday and told the news organization that some of the Corps’ “best and brightest” were being forced out due to the requirement. One lieutenant colonel told the outlet the Pentagon was looking to discharge members “as fast as they can and as brutally as they can, damaging every Marine as much as they can on the way out.” 

The officer claimed they were warned by a colonel: “Tread very carefully, this is political, you will be crushed like an ant.”

“Do I want to continue serving in an institution that crushes people for bringing up reasonable points in defending their faith?” they asked.

Traitors now run our country!

Back in October, we warned this was coming. It seems our government has been taken over by Chinese sympathizers who are systematically dismantling our military and attempting to neutralize our ability to fight wars.

“The louder I speak, the tighter the screws are turned against me,” a master sergeant also alleged.

As of last week, 169 Marines had been discharged from service for refusing the vaccine. Members of the Corps had until Nov. 28 to get at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose unless they filed for an exemption.

As of Dec. 23, 3,192 religious exemption requests have been made and 3,080 have been processed and denied, Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Ryan Bruce said. Some Marines who spoke with Fox News claimed their religious exemption applications have been declined without consideration. Eight rejection letters provided to the outlet cited “military readiness” as the reason behind the denial.

Others claimed that some Marines have submitted up to 30 pages of material to back up their application, only to receive a generalized rejection. 

“On the religious side, this is absolutely a travesty what’s happening,” a chief warrant officer said. “People are getting blanket denials, they’re not addressing the individual concerns or beliefs of Marines who are submitting for religious accommodations, and I think that’s just horribly wrong. I honestly believe that they’re not really reading the packages.”

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  1. It makes me wonder what the hell is going on. It’s become a political nightmare here in Australia. Not a single state will agree with each other on omicron. You either get vaxed or your an outcast
    Can I ask a non related question here ?
    Who has had the AstraZeneca vaccine and is now experiencing numb fingers and arms, feet feel swollen, hands feel tight ?

  2. The MC is sighting “readiness” as the excuse for not considering the exemptions. Is discharging them improving their readiness? Hell no. They are being discharged for disobeying a direct order…it has nothing to do with readiness.

    These people that are running our military are “stupid, stupid. stupid” to quote a phrase from a well known movie. Are they going to discharge our patriots for not getting a flu shot? What a bunch of dumb asses. This Web site is correct. It’s all about transforming our military into a weaker organization in preparation for the next conflict.

    • They aren’t stupid they know exactly what they’re doing. They are purging the ranks of those who would refuse when the military is used against American citizens.

  3. Have you all not paid attention of what Agenda 21 is all about? Did you think the elites and globalists were kidding all these years?

  4. This post is nonsense. Any marine that doesn’t have the sense or responsibility to get a vaccine against a virus that’s killed over 500k people is not the “best and the brightest”. Period.

    Second, religious exemption are granted because they are nonsense. No one’s religion prevents getting a vaccine. All marines are vaccinated at birth against many diseases.

    Sorry – if you a science denying conspiracy nut – your too dumb to hand a weapon to.

    • Actually Catholicism grants precention because several vaccines cobtain wi-28 and mrc-5. Personally I’m not a fan of the PEG delivery medium. In addition many giving the shots are not aspiration properly prior to injecting, causing issues like blod clots and central nervous system disorders including spinal cord hemorrhaging and brain swelling, along with other debilitating nerve disorders. Some have even died, and young males can die from myocardial infarction caused by the myocarditis. But you go and tell everyone they’re dumb cause good ok biden and all the pfizer funded news outlets say its “safe” while ignoring vaers and Ron Johnson’s panel on the matter.

    • 1. It’s not a vaccine.
      2. These clot shots do not prevent getting or transmitting COVID.
      3. Have you seen the VAERS numbers recently?
      4. Even Fauci admitted recently that we’ll never know the true numbers of those who’ve died from COVID because from the beginning of this thing they’ve counted “died from COVID” along with “died with COVID” which, of course, is two very, very different things.
      5. Whistleblower nurses are reporting that hospitals are listing clot shot reactions as COVID.
      6. Strokes and heart attacks are up 900% over last year. “Post-pandemic” stress, my eye, lol. What’s changed? Oh, that’s right, the clot shots have been rolled out.
      7. The insurance industry is reporting a 40% increase in deaths people 14-64 and are specifying they’re NOT COVID deaths. Again, think slowly and carefully about what’s changed from last year.
      8. These shots are rooted in abortion. This is why many people are rejecting them. But not just any abortion. The kidney cells need to be as fresh as possible so the infants are delivered alive and the internal organs cut out. It’s not even abortion as we think of abortion – it’s straight up infanticide. Maybe you should consider the end of your life and what excuse you’re going to give to the Creator of these precious little ones, “Hey, that baby was way dead long before I injected it into my body.” Yeah, okay.

      Do some research before you dismiss as “science-denying conspiracy nut” anyone who is standing strong against these poison death shots. Use Bing or Duck Duck Go or another search engine other than Google. It gives cleaner, better results.

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