Mask Wearing Fools Rioting and Looting in the Streets of Minneapolis

People who willingly let the government and police agencies tell them to stay at home for months are now rioting in the streets, only it’s not over their loss of freedom due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s over the death of one man who they never met. But like clockwork, the media has worked them up into a frenzy and with their government compliance masks they have taken to the streets looting stores, robbing banks and assaulting innocent people – because nothing says social justice like grabbing that new big screen T.V. and beating the shit out of someone on the way out!

This is just the latest example of how brainwashed people are; the fact that not a single one of these people lifted a finger to protest our loss of freedom and liberty, or the tyrannical shutdowns and destruction of small businesses throughout the country, shows just how powerful the media propaganda really is. In minutes, the media was able to work these people up into a frenzy, by yet again playing the race card.

What happened to the man that lost his life may be tragic – we will wait to get the full story before passing judgement –how does starting businesses on fire and looting stores help anything?

And nothing says fighting police brutality like beating the shit out of an old white woman in a wheelchair so you can continue looting Target… Where is the outrage over what they did to this woman?

Of course, Los Angeles, had to join in as well! Keep in mind, these are people that have had no problem with their mayor forcing them out of jobs and demanding they stay inside their homes, but again, here we go…

These morons are literally looting and setting businesses on fire that were already struggling to stay in business because of the government lockdown orders!

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  1. This is just beyond words. How can this many people break into target and steal stuff withnout getting arrested? People were just walking in and taking TV, and anything else that they could get their hands on. People who do this are evil and wicked. The young woman who was beating the woman in the wheelchair on the back of the head. I wanted to beat the shit out of her. You can’t tell these people anything because by their actions they are too far gone to care because they no longer have a conscience.

      • Yupmeanwhile the poor man who was murdered is forgotten..This isn’t a protest it is greed,evil and criminals.Get lots of pictures and start charging people.. black and whiteThis does not honor the victim.. Take their welfare and give it to the store owners who have already lost so much.. burning down your own neighborhood? What is accomplished? Nothing.. Dr,King would condemn this behavior..And beating up a elderly lady? The young bitch that did it should be in jail.. This is typical left thinking.. Let the criminals run loose.. Support them and pander.. it’s disgusting…

    • Yes!! That just accomplishes so much!! Answer violence with violence!! Try to get something accomplished, try to make a point to a certain party, yes, that’s the answer, show your lack of intellect!! Show that your are a complete fool and try to get something done!! You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!!

      • Really because this didn’t just start. Its not a new problem that they haven’t had a hundred plus years to work on.

    • Spoken like an entitled hood rat and professional victim. If Floyd didn’t pass a counterfeit bill, he’d still be alive, moron.

  2. Distroy the businesses you need in a roit never made sense. Now these stores they need are no longer open. Seems like 2 steps backwards

    • I want to stand up for Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter so I’m gonna loot a TV from Target.

  3. Really appalling – probably all Democrats with the same mindset “never let a good crisis go to waste”. This is clearly an excuse to loot and the masks make it easier to do so without fear of repercussions.

    So many people in the U.S. and in other countries have been harmed erroneously, unjustly, as a casualty while simply being in the wrong place at the right time – if people behaved like this every time, civilization (as it were) would cease to exist.

    Hey folks, we all have to live together and it is beneficial to cooperate with each other. Refuse to devolve. Remain honorable and decent. If you think a wrong has occurred, protest peacefully, get the word out and write to the appropriate “authorities” – life is not fair but each of us being accountable will mitigate this truth.

  4. This is purely racist, where was the indignation when armed thugs burst into your legislature’s where is your indignation at the mobs protesting threatening healthcare works. No where but a black man gets murdered by the police and another community has had enough and you jump in with name calling and insinuations. If it was 3 black cops that murdered a white man there would be shootings in the street. Racism has no place in public forums or private conversations time to grow up and move out the cave.

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